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Educate. Accelerate. The Tailored Teacher, LLC supports students and families by providing customized academic service and parent development.

Operating as usual


Some of our elementary homeschool students need one on one supoort.
We have a wonderful, engaging virtual tutor. Today, the kiddos got a HUGE surprise when she came in for her sessions.
Changing up method of delivery one in awhile is a fun way to bring joy back into the education.
If your child needs to find joy in learning again, we are here to help.


Even though teenagers act too cool most of the time, it’s fun to catch these moments.
Mr. C, who is often seen with those air pods in, took one out and listened to one of our younger students. ❤️


Our teens have started Dungeons and Dragons on Tuesday and it’s going well!
They are building characters and making their map, thanks to the help of real Dungeon Master!

What creative things do your children enjoy?


Tailored Tip: use whatever you have to make math easier!
Mister B loved using slime blobs to count for his math problems.
Make learning fun, while instilling important facts. Double win!


“Do what you love, love what you do.”
Clearly, these pictures speak for themselves, but we surely do love what we do! From tutoring to class, our kiddos make us smile all the time.


Our first annual Tailored Teacher egg hunt was a MASSIVE success today. Our kiddos had lots of fun, and we had lots of fun watching them.
This year might have been crazy in many ways, but we are embracing joy and making new memories!


Tailored Tip: if a child falls asleep, let them rest! (For a few minutes.)

These two boys took power naps and reset their days, and likely learned and retained more from taking a short break. Your child may nap in the car or after school. Give them a short rest, and see if it helps.


Who needs a chair and a table when you’re 5?
Sweet Miss N was ecstatic to have a tray and to “rest” aka lie down while she practiced her handwriting.
Sometimes, the success is helping a child find joy.


If you or your child aren’t stepping into Monday with this much joy, let us know. We would love to help heal your family’s school experience, however we can.
Your student, young or old, is our priority!


One of the things we love about our “family” of students is how they connect with each other.
These two boys have literally nothing in common: not similar ages, not similar interests, don’t live close to each other, different families.
YET—they still can sit down, play chess, laugh, and enjoy each other.


Yesterday was the anniversary of moving into our first permanent location, 4 years ago. These pictures represent a majority of the locations that we held events in or rented as our own over the last 7 years. See how many you recognize!

Spoiler alert: if you don’t recognize it, the middle one is our current location in the Woodlands (that is now our main location).


Bill Nye and I invite you to join us for summer camp this year!

Yes, I did meet him on the beach about 6 years ago. He’s a cool guy, just as vibrant in person as his show in the 90s.

When some of our team members found out, they said I should share the photo again. Who’s a famous person you’ve met before?
❤️Mrs. Lindsayann


Moto is loving her new location in the front lobby. She gets to see everyone coming and going, and even gets some extra treats, like uneaten lettuce from someone’s lunch.
She is living the life! Be on the lookout for her new turtle home, ready to go by summer.


Thanks again to Palava - Indoor Play Park and Party Venue for a wonderful Parents Night Out last Friday! We are so grateful for a safe place for our kiddos to run and play with friends.
Our next PNO is April 9. Mark your calendars!


Hey friends. Do you know anyone with ADHD? Spoiler alert, you DO. It's me, Mrs. Lindsayann! It's not a secret I care fiercely for kids with learning differences. It's because I'm the grown up version of one of those children who DIDN'T get properly diagnosed or receive support in school. My job now means I can gift your child of a better education. ❤️
Now that we are on the same page, have I ever interrupted you? My bad. It's not personal, it's my brain at warp speed. This video helps explain. It's worth your minute.


If we have the opportunity to help even two of these "wild ones" be prepared for the world, we would love that honor.
To the parents of the wild ones, we see you.


What’s that?
Teen night is tomorrow night, 7-10pm?!

Spaghetti, spy games and obstacle courses on deck! $15 a teen.

Drop a 🦒 for longer details. 🤣


Lions, and sharks, and dinosaurs, oh my!
Zany Zoo Camp was lots of fun, and lots of sneaky learning.

Summer camp registration is under way now, for just as much fun learning and adventuring. See our pinned post for more info.


Awesome Librarians



Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May your day be green and joyful.


Zany Zoo Day 1 is done! Mammals were the focus today.

Pictured here: exploring the feeling of whale blubber (actually, thick amounts of coconut oil) keeping our hands warm in a bucket of ice water.


Do you know a child with one of these learning difficulties? We can help!


Spring Break Happenings

Spring Break happenings
Zany Zoo camp M-W 9-4
Lab M-W 9-3
Minecraft club Th 1-3
Parents Night Out (at Palava) 6-10
Teen Night 7-10


RIF asks a great question! Tell us-who is your favorite children's book character?

#NationalReadingMonth is the perfect time to celebrate the characters that helped make you the reader you are today. Share your all-time favorite children’s book character today – and help spread the love of reading this National Reading Month! Comment below!


Tailored Tip: Let your imagination run wild once in awhile!

We had a stuffy explosion on Monday, and everyone (yep, even teachers) got to “adopt” a stuffed animal. They have made wonderful school assistants and reading buddies this week. They have also been on adventures each night.


Happy International Women’s Day. Yes a few days late. Because we were busy being busy, successful, motivated, hard working women. 🤓


Updates due to state mask policy change

[03/09/21]   Happy International Women’s Day from our woman owned, women run business.

Today, we quote Beyoncé: “who run the world? GIRLS!”


Tour of our new space! Same address, bigger place.


As promised, a breakdown of the last video’s topics. Come join in on the fun!


Programs you can drop in for. We heard your interests in bringing back drop in weekly offerings and we listened! Plus a breakdown of what our enrichments are currently for those students attending lab.


Did you miss our video yesterday? See it and want to know more? Here’s a summary of what we covered.


Did you know we do that too? Learn about our many great offerings!


Shout out to Ms. Alexis for getting all excited about scoring a math assessment. Someone has to be this enthusiastic about math!


Did you know we do that, too? Learn all about us and our programming!

Advocate, Educate, Accelerate

The Tailored Teacher, LLC supports students and families by providing customized academic service and parent development. Our goal is to ensure that all students and families receive the support that they need in order to reach their academic and life goals.

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Spring Break Happenings
Tour of our new space! Same address, bigger place.




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Spring, TX
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