Modern American Women's Shooting Club

Modern American Warrior is the highest rated Martial Arts School in the Woodlands. Modern American Women's Shooting Club was formed by Modern American Warrior; the highest rated Martial Arts School in the Woodlands.

The club was formed to give women the opportunity to learn from a woman instructor and each other the tools to develop their personal protection plan. The club gives this amazing group of dynamic women a chance to have fun, do something for themselves; which will ultimately benefit their families.

Operating as usual

[12/28/20]   Looking back at everything that happened in 2020, skills like personal protection and firearms training to help keep your loved ones safe have never been more important.

So start off the new year the right way by joining us for our monthly Moving & Shooting Class!
Date: Sunday 1/3/21
TIme: 7:30 - 9:30 am
Location: Spring Guns and Ammo, 26115, I-45, Spring, TX 77380
Admission: $85 per person

Space is limited and this class fills up fast, so take a moment to reserve your spot now.

[12/28/20]   It's important to keep your skills sharp, you never know when you might need them! check out these helpful tips to improve your shooting skills:


Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and we are looking forward to seeing you all again in the new year!


he he he

Take your favorite scent with you with our new Air Fresheners! Get yours:


Now we know where plinking came from.

"San Antonio's Plinky Toepperwein was one of the greatest shooters of all time. Famed female shooter Annie Oakley once told Plinky that she was the greatest shot she had ever seen.⁠

Her husband, Adolph “Ad” Toepperwein, gave Plinky her first shooting lesson. Within three weeks, she was able to shoot 1-inch pieces of chalk from between his fingers. She broke numerous shooting records throughout her lifetime. She was the first U.S. female to qualify as a national marksman with a military rifle. She also was the first woman to break 100 straight targets while trapshooting." — Traces of Texas

📷: Courtesy of the George Grantham Bain Collection at the Library of Congress 09/05/2020

Three Triggers Drill (Suck Less Challenge)

Ammo is scarce and expensive, dry fire is invaluable!
*NO AMMO IN THE ROOM, TRIPLE CHECK FIREARM IS EMPTY* Dry Fire Challenge FB Group: and sub to the ASP Extra channel for more on getting better as a self-defender: http://www.youtub...




Project ChildSafe

With children out of school and spending more time in the home, there are many opportunities to talk to them about firearm safety. Watch our “Talking with Kids About Gun Safety” video featuring Julie Golob to help get the conversation started and improve home safety:


Get the training to feed the fire! 07/07/2020

Modern American Warrior -

Anyone looking for an online LTC class? $85 total...classroom, shooting and range fee. Tell your friends Modern American Warrior offers these easy online Texas LTC/CHL classes that can be completed by watching videos on a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.


Cornered Cat

Worry is exhausting. Instead, plan, think, live. Thank you Kathy for your insight.

"Good tactics does not mean taking _no_ risk. It means taking the best risk you can under the circumstances. Risk still exists, and there are no guarantees. So my first rule of tactics is, 'Do the best you can.'" ~ John Farnam

My take: Don't get hung up on the word "tactics," which doesn't have to be some macho oohrah thing and really just means having a good plan to deal with a specific danger, and also having an idea for how you will make that plan work.

As you look around the world right now, I'm sure you can find lots of dangers to worry about. (I know I can!) But don't *worry* about those dangers. Instead, use that emotional energy to fuel your plans to stay safe and keep your family safe. Think about each risk you face, figure out some ideas, and talk with your loved ones about how you will deal with each specific risk.

Then work your plans. If that means buying more ammunition or better lighting for outside your home, do that. If it means getting a little more education in a specific area, do that. If it means changing a longstanding habit or building a new one, do it!

We cannot *reason* ourselves out of worry. But sometimes, looking at the specific danger in a realistic way, making a plan to cope with that danger and then taking steps toward that plan can really help calm the worries too.

Stay safe.




Cornered Cat


[03/23/20]   During uncharted times of life, I hope this finds you all doing well, settled in to ride this out. Staying away from others as much as possible to protect yourselves and others.

Part of personal safety is self care in times of crisis. If you are not keeping yourself in "good shape" mentally and physically, you cannot care for those around you properly.

Do something daily that brings you joy - take care of you!

I am getting this year's garden started as my "therapy." I think I will be getting out the BB rifle and Pellet pistol for some trigger therapy!

Let us know what you are doing for self care!?


Let me know how you feel about opinions like this. I will share my thoughts later


Modern American Warrior


Annette Evans - Beauty Behind the Blast

The future is a strange place where we intentionally meet strangers from the internet so that we can - if we're lucky! - get intimate with them. Getting unlucky with internet dating isn't just a coffee shop date with a (wo)man who doesn't quite live up to their profile pic, though. It can also be crossing paths with someone who can hurt you in small ways and large.

So what can you do about it?

After all, by definition, you're probably about to do something at least not completely smart. With a person you don't know, perhaps in a setting you're not familiar with, and quite likely after dark.

That's why when I reentered the dating scene, I went to my favorite SME on playing the field - Caleb Giddings. The video linked below summarizes a few of the things we talked about at the intersection of personal and protection.


Modern American Warrior

Happy Veterans Day from Modern American Warrior! 10/31/2019

Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9mm - 180021 Smith & Wesson’s new M&P SHIELD™ is a slim, concealable, lightweight, striker-fired polymer pistol.  Available in 9mm, the new M&P SHIELD features 10/28/2019

15 apps parents should look out for on their kids' phones Before kids go back to school, police around the country are reminding parents about potentially dangerous apps.


How To Improve Situational Awareness

First line in self defense! Head up!

The most successful gunfight is the one you're never in. Practicing good situational awareness is your your first line of defense in avoiding a critical situ...


LifeSkills has some new assistants to help with CPR!


Modern American Warrior

We still have some spots available for our Texas Handgun License class tomorrow. Contact Mr. Peterson if you are interested. 281-419-0049 08/10/2019

Dirty Little Secrets | Cornered Cat The dirty little secret about women’s self defense is that women will more often need to defend themselves from people they’ve met – skeevy neighbors, violent exes, nasty stalkers who happen to be formerly sane roommates – than they will from people they’ve never seen before. Somehow, some... 07/26/2019

Teaching women to fight today could stop rapes tomorrow A new study shows self-defense training resulted in a 46% reduction in completed rape and a 63% reduction in attempted sexual assault.


You might be a firearms instructor if you think these melamine plates are a hoot! Then read the description.... it is bees, LOL


Summer makes for small groups, but we have fun. Missed our absentees! Worked flash sight picture today!


National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF

‪“The strength of a nation lies in the homes of the people.” - Abraham Lincoln #IndependenceDay ‬


Modern American Warrior family would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy Independence Day. Enjoy your day, please take time to reflect on the reason. The freedom we often take for granted was bought at a price.


Love my Fancy Pants. May need another!

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5 Situational Awareness practical exercises [Start doing #4 today!]

1st line of defense, be aware! Situational awareness is one of the most important self defense skills. Check out these 5 great exercises to increase your awareness during your daily life! 05/17/2019

Woman victim of violent purse snatching at Woodlands Mall

LET GO OF YOUR PURSE! Stay alert! Not that I think this was in any way the victim's fault, and it is reflexive to fight, but sadly, here is another lesson for us to train our brains "What if." A woman's shoulder is broken in four places after a violent robbery in the parking lot of the Woodlands Mall.


Just a fun day! No set drills, working the basics, trying different firearms. Live these amazing ladies!

Videos (show all)

I was so proud of everyone that participated in yesterday's skills and drills!! Outstanding work ladies!!
Great time with fabulous ladies today!  Working target transitions and focusing on that front sight!  They all did great...
Great range day, times drills, mag changes, new skills!  So proud of everyone!
A little smithing to start the day!
These ladies will tackle anything from dot torture lite to rifles.  So proud of them.  Range day was a blast!
I cannot express how proud I am of the amazing young lady in this video.  She came from a state of pure fear of firearms...
Great day at the range with Modern American Women's Shooting Club.
Even though I went into today tired and motivationally challenged,  this amazing, persevering group makes me want to imp...
Simul Erudiendum Praevelere - Together Training to Prevail!  Thank you to the great group that came out yesterday! Thank...
I love this amazing group! The support they show each other, improving skills and the amazing confidence in see growing ...





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