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The North American Self Defense Institute is Spring/Woodlands longest active martial arts school. Started in 1981. Opening it’s doors July 6th, 1981, we have been in operation for almost 3 decades.

NASDI has been offering the most practical and up to date martial arts systems and concepts in the world today. Using techniques in combat from projectiles ranges, hand held weapon ranges, kicking ranges, striking ranges, trapping/clenching ranges, and grappling ranges, we cover combat in every area an actual fight might happen in. We feel that working “Range Combat” is more effective than training in one single martial arts discipline. Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung-fu, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, etc. are all great martial art systems, and we teach all of those here at NASDI, but limiting ourselves to any one of these styles, limits us to our actual potential and growth in the martial arts. Master Doyle, and the other instructors with NASDI, have black belts or instructor certifications in Seito Ryu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun Kung fu, the 5 Animal Styles of Kung fu, Filipino Kali, Indonesian Silat, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Japanese Ju Jitsu, and we are now certified to teach Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling system.

Mission: The North American Self Defense Institute is a Multi-disciplined Martial Art school. Most MMA (Mixed Martial Art) schools have a base in one system of combat and then pick out techniques from other martial art systems that they think might be useful in their training, leaving out the base concepts that brought that system into reality in the beginning. The foundation of each of these systems and working our way through each of them is what gives the NASDI student a very firm foundation in which to build his own personal martial art.

Operating as usual

Ground to Standing

This video took about 10 hours to fully film, edit, put together and post on YouTube. Mostly because YouTube took forever. Normally its about the same time to post a video as the video is long. 10 minutes takes about 10 or 15 minutes. I guess because everyone is stuck at home right now, they're all online and clogging up the internet.

Kali Karenza (Free Flow) Shadow Boxing

These little video clips take about an hour to film, refilm, edit, put together, and post on YouTube. I'll be happy when we get back to regular classes again. ;)

[03/16/20]   Everyone stay safe. I don’t think this virus is going to be as bad as everyone believes, but, better safe than sorry. I would hate to lose someone I know and care about because a person in another country wanted to eat at bat.

Photos from North American Self Defense Institute's post

Timeline Photos

[03/31/19]   At Master Rondy’s White Tiger Martial Arts business seminar. Amazing information for instructors and MA business owners. Finishing up day 2. So much information


We just added a new page to our NorthAmericanSelfDefense website, for our MMA BUG. By tomorrow, or so the site builder says, you'll be able to click on MMA and it'll take you to our site. It'll be fun adding pics on this page. ;)
If you haven't had a chance to go to our page, have a look and tell us what you think.

Wing Chun Grappling #1

An easy technique for ground and pound. Wing Chun can be applied anytime you're close to your opponent. Standing, on your knees, on top of your opponent and ...

[02/08/19]   If you’re a martial arts instructor and want to take your business up several notches, you should really consider Rondy McKee’s training seminar the last weekend of March in Cary, NC. Check out her White Tiger TKD page. She owns the largest martial art school in the world. The ideas for gaining and keeping students are amazing.

[02/06/19]   Gotta say...Texas has always produced a lot of great martial arts fighters. From back in the early days of our Blood and Guts Karate days to 2019. It's always fun to see the next generation coming up through the ranks. Who was your favorite Texas fighter?

[02/06/19]   I don't get on this page NEAR enough. My NY resolution is to have more of a business FB impact here.

[12/03/18]   Great 4th quarter weapons gathering for 2018. Lots of cool viceos I'll post links to.

[11/23/18]   I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year. Now we get ready for Christmas.
The month of December, unfortunately, sees a rise in crimes. I’m sure everyone has probably noticed this already. We’re going to offer a free female self protection class every Wednesday through the end of the year to hopefully give people some options and things to watch out for.
Take a look at our website and see what we’re offering.

[09/20/18]   Erik Paulson seminar in 2 weeks. Going to be a great seminar. Can’t wait.


Take a moment and look through our website. We're constantly putting up new martial art videos on kickboxing, karate, Muay Thai, Savate, Kali, Silat, Wing Chun, Ju Jitsu, Submission grappling, and more. Let me know what you think.

Also make sure you check out for Kathy Long's association. Great stuff there too. You'll love it.

[07/22/18]   We’re gearing up for our 2018 CSW seminar with Erik Paulson. Always a great seminar. October 6th. The NASDI students have a busy month ahead. Revgear University the 2nd weekend of August, the USA Martial Arts Hall
Of Fame the following weekend, seminars to teach, competitions, etc. Come play with us, there’s always something fun happening.

Half Guard Submissions For MMA

Combat Submission Wrestling

Erik Paulson's new HD Download, MMA Mistakes. Coming Soon. Here Coach Erik is demonstrating submissions while in Half Guard. Available for HD Download soon a...

Basic Ju Jitsu throws in class.

The guys working their throws for competition. Throw when you're tired. It forces you to do them correct.

Knife defenses

kyokushin karate fast knockouts

Fun knockouts.

kyokushin karate fast knockouts Shihan Petro Tel 70804445 Beirut Lebanon [email protected]

[08/12/14]   The US military has a numbering and color code for the different levels of alertness and preparedness called DEFCON's
Defcon 5...normal readiness..color blue
Defcon 4...above normal readiness...color green
Defcon 3...Air Force ready to mobilize in 15 minutes...color yellow
Defcon 2...armed forces ready to engage in less than 6 hours...color orange
Defcon 1...maximum readiness...color red
And some say there's Defcon 0, where you're in the middle of it...color black
Most people's normal readiness is to have their head in a hole. Their cell phone, the trunk of their car, a purse, a kid in the back seat or something else that claims their total attention. Normal readiness is complete oblivion.
People today need to live at Defcon 4 as our normal readiness. Martial Artists call this "situational awareness." This begins with knowing where you are and who's around you.

Single Leg Lock off a hard catch

Working on a single ankle lock off of a round kick to the ribs. Sit and attack the bracing leg with. Your opponent will lean toward you but your "bottom" foo...


Recorded on January 12, 2014 using a Flip Video camera.


Recorded on December 18, 2013 using a Flip Video camera.

Raymond and Glenn

Glenn Germany and Raymond McCallum, playing around. Just before this, Ray gave the group a lesson on the proper way to bow.


Recorded on December 18, 2013 using a Flip Video camera.


Recorded on December 18, 2013 using a Flip Video camera.


Recorded on January 10, 2014 using a Flip Video camera.


Recorded on May 17, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.

Beginners grappling

[11/12/13]   I always hate it after seminars. Everyone is always so great when they're here and I have so much fun, that its always sad to see everyone leave.

[10/13/13]   Only a few weeks away from our CSW camp in Houston. It'll be good to see all of our friends again. The training is great.

[09/05/13]   Hey guys...we're gearing up for our fall seminar with Master Erik Paulson for Combat Submission Wrestling and Savate/Thai boxing X training. (CSW/STX) November 2nd and 3rd...first weekend of November as always. Cost is $165 for our earlybird special until Sept 15th. $185 after that and $200 at the door.
I hope everyone can make it out this year.

Lead hand backfist

Lunging backfist. It's amazing how many opponents I've surprised with this technique. Even in the ring. Throwning techniques from point karate into your bag of tricks can confuse your opponent for a couple of seconds so you can bring out your Muay Thai toys.

This is done from a lead leg drag.

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