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Had some fun in '556 last night!
Great flight school and Dawn Largent is my instructor and she is a excellent!!!!!!! Highly recommend!!!
N75634 lookin’ good with a couple go pros on board!
Hey UFS Team - The 1/4 Zip Pullovers are an ABSOLUTE Must! Great quality and a MUST HAVE for your CFI Brothers in the Frozen North! I will wear it with pride this weekend! #CFI #CFII #MEI #Flying #Flight #Pilot
*cough cough
Lucas had a great experience today on his discovery flight with CFI Shelby LaFerney.
Bobby Doss staying current in the sim.
Pilots will continue to be in high demand. Come see us to get started, or to finish up!
Fun to look back at the logbook, all the way to the beginning... in this case June 25th, 1995. My very first flight at UFS in 555UF. My instructor was Kevin McCarty (sp?). I often wonder now, 23 years later, what Kevin is doing?

Providing quality flight instruction and aircraft rentals. United Flight Systems has been providing quality flight instruction in Texas since 1989.

We pride ourselves on providing the most well-maintained aircraft, best facilities, and most professional instructors in the industry.

Operating as usual

You might be a rated pilot, but when was the last time you really studied airspace. When your flight review comes up you will have to know it. Come join us for this FREE Airspace course with CFI Dawn Largent! #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

TBT - This week we go back to 2004 and 2007 with Laura Watts working hard at her desk! The same desk and corkboard are still there today! I learned a lot from Laura and I am sure many others would say the say. We miss you being around the school! #TBT #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

Another shirttail cut off today! Congratulations Alejandro and CFI Jacoby Hale! #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems #firstsolo

Congratulations Kyle on winning the Halloween door decoration Contest! #Fly2UFS #ufs #comeflywithufs

Big Congratulations to Anthony and Yinlin on their accomplishments yesterday! #fly2UFS #UnitedFlightSystems #ufs

Halloween Door Decorating Contest!!! We offered up a little incentive for CFI's to decorate their door for Halloween. Which of these 3 do you think should win the prize? #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

We have a FREE course tomorrow on weight & balance! You can attend in person or ONLINE. Register now at www.unitedflight.com/courses
#fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

TBT - This week we don't go too far back. Alex Konzack started working as a ramper here at UFS and just over 6 years ago Alex solo'ed right here at United Flight Systems. After completing all of his ratings he instructed here at UFS and went on to ExpressJet. UFS and our students are lucky to have him back until things turn around again. Welcome back, Alex!!! #TBT #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

[10/28/20]   It has definitely been an instrument flying day or two! We are only 2 hours away from our FREE aviation talk for the instrument rating. Come join the discussion with one of our senior CFIs as he answers your questions about instrument flying! Register online, 4 seats remaining for the course! #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

Congratulations to Chase Behrens who solo'ed for the first time yesterday! Way to go Chase! #firstsolo #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

What do great instructors and students do when the weather keeps them on the ground. They work, they work hard to make the best pilots! #weatherstinks #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

This Saturday morning at 10:00am we will be hosting another FREE course on Systems. This course will cover the Pitot Static and Vacuum Systems. If you want to learn more register to attend in person or online. www.unitedflight.com/courses
#fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

It is a LOW IFR morning today! Fly safe everyone! #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems #lowifr

This week’s show is a good one! It’s a near moss story that we can all learn from! #behindtheprop

This week Bobby & Wally discuss A Near Miss Story! This one is one that Bobby will never forget!! Be safe everyone and stay behind the prop! #behindtheprop

Rainy morning, but the training continues! #multiengine #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

[10/15/20]   WANTED: Ramper

United Flight Systems has a need for a ramper! What is a ramper? We have a team of people that work across the day to take care of our facilities and fleet. Most days they start at 7:00AM and work through the day until our aircraft are put away for the evening. We really need someone that is available to work any shift 7:00AM to 8:00PM, 7 days a week and willing to work at least 30 hours per week. Someone with strict schedule limitations that would prevent them from working before a certain hour or after a certain hour should NOT apply. This is an entry level position, but comes with a number of benefits as well.

If you know anyone that is interested please have them shoot an email to [email protected] or apply online here. They can start immediately and will receive a discount in the pilot shop and on plane rentals. Ideally someone working on their ratings or building time in the aviation business would a perfect fit!

As we continue to grow we are in need of at least one more person to join our flight line team (we call them rampers) and we need one more person to help our dispatch team in our front office. Both roles require flexibility when it comes to scheduling and our school needs people that are available to work 25+ hours a week. Apply at: https://www.facebook.com/unitedflightsystems/jobs/ #workatUFS #unitedflightsystems

[10/12/20]   Dispatchers are the face of our flight school! They meet each student for every lesson daily. They are very instrumental in our operations and must provide a high level of customer service. Throughout the day they are responsible for a number of duties including dispatching flights, organizing documents, selling pilot supplies and ensuring our culture of safety! If you are interested in working at a GREAT flight school, apply today!

Help Bobby and Wally with topics you would like to hear about!! You might receive a FREE coffee mug if they do a show on your topic! #behindtheprop

Anyone want a FREE Behind the Prop coffee cup? Bobby and Wally did a little recording today and decided we would ask all of our friends and followers to suggest some show ideas. We have a full slate ready to go for the next few weeks and would like your show ideas. If we use your idea we will ship you a coffee mug! Comment your ideas or email them to [email protected] #behindtheprop

Congratulations Patrick Reade on earning his Private Pilot's License today! #unitedflightsystems #fly2UFS #UFSmilestones
CFI - Landon Lessmann
DPE - Wally Mulhearn

Big Multiengine day yesterday at United Flight Systems. Congratulations to Devin and Lai! Big shout out to CFI Corey Clark who has spent a ton of time training in our twin! Thank you DPE Wanda Collins! #unitedflightsystems #fly2UFS #UFSmilestones

Episode 2 is now available. #behindtheprop

Available now, Episode 2 - Reflections from an Instrument Check Ride. Please subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and share it with your friends! #behindtheprop

Throwback Thursday!!! Around February of 2015, I asked my neighbor Gary Craze to spend a little time chatting with me about the process to get my Private Pilot's license. He spent 3 good hours with me at a Starbucks answering all of my questions. He told me I had to go see the team over at United Flight Systems. I walked in here in May of that year and haven't looked back. Here is a look back at Gary's first solo on August 13, 1995!! #TBT #unitedflightsystems #fly2UFS #firstsolo

Bobby & Wally's Podcast went live today! Check out our first show sharing concepts and hints on things to come. #behindtheprop

Congratulations Smriti!! With all the weather it has been sad not to see pictures like this every day. We all worked hard to get this one done, congratulations! It's a very special day! #firstsolo #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

Bobby Doss and Wally Mulhearn are launching their podcast, Behind the Prop, on October 1, 2020. Follow them on social media @behindtheprop! Each week they will tell a story, share a lesson, or simply train pilots from behind the prop. Together they have over 24,400 hours of flight time (Wally has over 24,000 of those). Both guys bring a unique perspective to many things they see from behind the prop! Bobby is an owner of a flight school and Wally is a designated pilot examiner and major airline captain. Don't miss an episode! Subscribe starting October 1, 2020! #behindtheprop

Should I stay or should I go? A common question we hear from student pilots. Here is a hint on this one - STAY! At least for a little while... #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

When you have to wait on the weather to pass, why not play with the cats! One of our great customers just passing the time in one of or pilot lounges. #ufscats #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

There are few things prettier than others. Sunsets under the wing happen to be one of those! #aviationsunsets #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

Another Instrument Rating added yesterday! Congrats Jeremy Hyde, CFI Corey Clark and thank you DPE Wanda Collins! #ufsmilestone #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

Still, plenty of room if you want to register and participate tomorrow, it's FREE!! #unitedflightsystems #fly2UFS

Another FIRST SOLO!!! Congratulations Derek Logue and CFI Matt Nichols!! #firstsolo #unitedflightsystems #fly2UFS

Another big day yesterday at United Flight Systems. One Commercial Pilot - Edwin Hernandez, our flight line supervisor - CFI, Landon Lessmann, and two first time solos!!! Travis Utz - SOLO his CFI is Kent Bolton
Zachary Borden - SOLO his CFI is Jacoby Hale
CONGRATULATIONS!!! #fly2UFS #unitedflightsystems

The cats are putting away pilot supplies! New FAR/AIMS and much more have arrived. #unitedflightsystems #fly2UFS

If you or anyone you know wants to learn more about ForeFlight register for tonight's FREE course. www.unitedflight.com/courses. Attend online or in-person!!! #unitedflightsystems #fly2UFS

Our Story

Behind every business is a story. That idea rings true with United Flight Systems (UFS). Bob Watts was originally a partner at a major law firm in downtown Houston. However, he decided to leave his career and follow his passion for flying, taking over what was Merriworth Aviation in 1989 and creating United Flight Systems. His dream was to improve the flight school and provide quality training for pilots seeking a career in airline training. Through 2018, UFS has graduated 100’s of student who have gone on to a career as pilots for major airlines. It is interesting how history repeats itself. As of May of 2018, Bobby Doss and Matt Shaunty stepped back from their careers and allowed their passion for aviation to become a larger part of their life, taking the reigns at United Flight Systems and carrying on Bob’s legacy. All three men prove that a devotion to flight can easily be turned into more -a career and long-term avocation. The goal for us at UFS is always to create an environment where individuals feel that they are being provided with the resources that not only teach them to fly, but develop a love for aviation.

For those considering a career or flying or to just follow a passion, there are many advantages to choosing United Flight Systems. We are the only school at David Wayne Hooks Airport that has a full motion simulator. This allows students and licensed pilots to develop further training on the ground when weather conditions may not be ideal for flying. Jeannie’s Pilot Shop, a full pilot supply shop, allows for direct access to the materials an individual may need to start their journey as a pilot. Additionally, there are 11 planes in our active fleet and the future looks bright for refurbishing them to provide a higher quality experience through UFS. Another advantage of choosing UFS is the pull through parking for our planes, which many flight schools lack. It guarantees that students do not have to move planes by hand, a huge plus when beginner students lack a comfort level or familiarity with the planes. Our philosophy of “training to maximum proficiency, not minimum standards” will always ring true even through a change in ownership. Our facility, resources, well-maintained aircraft, and highly qualified instructors provide a remarkable experience in aviation. We welcome you to join us for a special flying and learning program you are sure to enjoy!

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