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Hey UFS Team - The 1/4 Zip Pullovers are an ABSOLUTE Must! Great quality and a MUST HAVE for your CFI Brothers in the Frozen North! I will wear it with pride this weekend! #CFI #CFII #MEI #Flying #Flight #Pilot
*cough cough
Lucas had a great experience today on his discovery flight with CFI Shelby LaFerney.
Bobby Doss staying current in the sim.
Pilots will continue to be in high demand. Come see us to get started, or to finish up!
Fun to look back at the logbook, all the way to the beginning... in this case June 25th, 1995. My very first flight at UFS in 555UF. My instructor was Kevin McCarty (sp?). I often wonder now, 23 years later, what Kevin is doing?

Providing quality flight instruction and aircraft rentals.

United Flight Systems has been providing quality flight instruction in Texas since 1989. We pride ourselves on providing the most well-maintained aircraft, best facilities, and most professional instructors in the industry.

Apply for the Robert B Watt's Scholarship 2020! Every year Matt Shaunty and Bobby Doss will award a scholarship in Bob’s name. Nominations are now extended until FEBRUARY 15, 2020! Submit your nomination at https://www.unitedflight.com/wattsscholarship

These two started February off right! Comment below and congratulate UFS' newest Instrument rated pilots. Congratulations, Jordan and Chris! 🛩️ ✈️

UFS has had a very busy 2020 so far! Congratulations to our newest ratings and solo. Matthew Smallwood flew his first SOLO! Greg Nix and John Frankland earned their Private license, and Faisal Alhebeba is now Instrument rated! Awesome job to all the pilots, CFIs, and DPEs who made this happen. Keep up the good work!🛩️

Congratulations to Emily Norman for becoming a Private Pilot yesterday! Thank you, Pat Brown, for a fantastic checkride! #UnitedFlightSystem

$50 Referral Bonus (applicant must put you down on resume/application)

Looking for a great place to work or know someone looking for a great place to work? We have the following openings and are starting interviews now!!!
- Office Manager, record keeping and more...
- Dispatch, front desk and flight management...
- Flight Operations Support (i.e. - ramper) - fleet support

Please send your resume to [email protected].

#happyatwork #ufs #greatplacetowork

I AM BACK! - N64556 If you have flown at United Flight Systems over the past 10 years, you probably know N64556. Many SOLO's, many ratings and many firsts for pilots. Maybe best known for its appearance in the past few years... Well, transformation complete and she is back on the flight line!

New PAINT! New INTERIOR! New Garmin 430! New GLASS all the way around!

Come check out United Flight Systems and all the good things going on!!! #N64556 #REDWHITEBLUE #UFS

Pictures by Gary Wayne!!

A pilot can't go anywhere without his coffee! #Starbucks #Essential #UFS

Congratulations to our newest ratings! Owner Bobby Doss earned his Multi add on, and Tae Noh finished his Private yesterday! Huge thank you to DPE Wanda Collins for doing so many checkrides with UFS. 😊

Congratulations, Blake Thistlethwaite, and CFI Gordon Morrow! Blake passed his Private checkride today with Rick Rawlings. Awesome job!!! We can't wait for you to dive right into Instrument next! #UFS

One of our Assistant Chiefs and Owners flying the Travel Air! Everyone wish Bobby Doss good luck on his Multi-Engine Add-On checkride he has in a couple days!

You could be next; get your Multi rating with us! Rent the Beechcraft for $325/HR.

At the end of December we had 3 students accomplish HUGE milestones with us!

Congratulations to Mitchell White who earned his Private with Wanda Collins! Roddy Harwell and our ramper, Franz Amann,flew their FIRST SOLO on New Year's Eve!

Great way to ring in the new year, guys! Here's to another year full of success and safe flying. #UFS

Merry Christmas from all of UFS! Who else uses expired charts as wrapping paper?

Merry Christmas from @unitedflight

taxi video

One of our rampers, Franz, took this AWESOME video of N6199B taxiing by the sealane. You really can't beat Texas sunsets! We couldn't ask for anything better - a beautiful sky and a beautiful plane! #UnitedFlightSystems

We have shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts of all sizes! You'll find all designs and sizes behind the dispatch desk. Gift someone (or yourself) their favorite flight school apparel for Christmas this year! #UFS

#WingtipWednesday The elves have come to United Flight Systems! Come check out the school's holiday decorations!

Which is more beautiful - Our flight line or that sunset? #TexasSunsets #UFS

For those of you who don't know, United Flight Systems has been partnering with Expressjet Airlines. We have now also added a partnership with Mesa Airlines! Come join us to learn more about how to join their team. MESA will be providing lunch and will have recruiters and pilots here to answer all of your questions. Space will be limited so register today at https://www.unitedflight.com/events/mesa-airlines-student-luncheon

Congratulations, Ken Chung! Ken is one of our international students from Taiwan, and he passed his Multi checkride yesterday!

Congratulations, Scott Forsha, for earning your Multi-Engine Rating today!

Great job, Jose! Jose Richenberger completed his very first solo last Sunday, under the supervision of CFI Travis Atchley.

Congratulations to Justin Wong's student, James Parkman, for safely flying his first solo on Saturday!

Help us congratulate Gordon Morrow on earning his multi-engine rating. Way to go Gordon. You are one step closer to making your airline dream come true. #flygordonfly

Happy #CATurday! These are Tach and Hobbs back in 2013 when the flight school first got them. Fast forward 6 years and about 100 pounds later (each), and they're still the most lovable mascots we could ask for!

Congratulations Landon! Landon recently joined our team and following a long tradition at UFS, he earned his first money for instructing today! Welcome to the team Landon!

Congratulations to one of our CFIs, Shelby LaFerney! Shelby passed his Multi-Engine checkride with DPE Wanda Collins this morning. He recently passed 1000 hours as well, and is now one step closer to the airlines! We love having him as a CFI, but we are very excited for his future! #UFS

Congratulations to Jongmok Shin for completing his FIRST SOLO! Jongmok is one of our international students, who came all the way from South Korea to train in our 141 program! Great job, Jongmok and CFI, Travis Atchley! #UnitedFlightSystems

The new owners (Bobby & Matt) presented Bob Watts (original founder) with the Robert B. Watts Scholarship commitment when they acquired United Flight Systems. Every year they will award a scholarship in Bob’s name. If you would like to apply for our 2020 scholarship, nominations will be open until January 31, 2020. The winner(s) will be announced at our Spring Open House! Apply online at https://www.unitedflight.com/wattsscholarship

UFS would like to congratulate our newest CFI, Landon Lessmann! Landon is a CFI, CFII, and MEI. Welcome to the team!

Ask any pilot how they began flying and you will mostly likely hear a feelgood story. Landon Lessmann first discovered aviation while taking a discovery flight with his father who is also a pilot. Without question, he quickly realized that flying was the best feeling in the world. It’s often said that “if you choose a career you truly enjoy then you will never have to work a day in your life”. It’s also said that “a mile of highway will only take you a mile, but a mile of runway will take you anywhere”.

On a mission to “travel the world” and to “never feel like he was working”, Landon’s career path to become a Professional Pilot was decided. Landon attended Lone Star College–University Park under the iSchool program where he earned his high school diploma, two years of college credits and his Private Pilot’s License by the age of 18 yrs. He then enrolled in a fulltime professional pilot program where he earned his Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, CFI, CFII, and MEI certificates.

Landon passionately believes the following: It’s a privilege to be a Flight Instructor. A positive environment with respect, enthusiasm and encouragement makes it more likely that the student will both perform better and learn more. Constant and Never-Ending Improvement is a good pilot’s mantra.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? United Flight Systems is here to help! In honor of Black Friday, save on Discovery Flights and Gift Certificates!
Discovery Flight - 20% OFF
Discovery Flight with Video - 42% OFF
$1,000 Gift Certificate 10% OFF ($900)
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Stop by our school and purchase one of these Black Friday deals- or order online at https://www.unitedflight.com/blackfridaydeals

Every month UFS' staff comes together for our Company Safety Meeting! In these meetings, we discuss school updates, questions, concerns, and how we can improve our flight training. We'd like to give a huge thank you to Lacie Croteau and Patrick Carrigan for coming from DWH Tower to lead part of the meeting this month! We'd also like to shout out CFIs, Justin Wong and Michael Lam, whose birthdays we were able to celebrate at the November meeting. Happy Birthday, guys! Lastly, as we get ready for the holidays, we'd like the thank our staff and students, who make our school so successful. Without you, we'd be nothing! Thank you, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!

UFS has new shirts in stock! We have women's and men's fit for all sizes - come by our store and pick one out! 👔 🛩️

Gorgeous night flight to Galveston! You can't beat Houston's city lights at night with a good wing reflection 😉 Thank you, Justin Wong, one of our CFIs, for snapping this picture!

Gabriel Guzman and CFI Shelby LaFerney after Gabe's Private Pilot checkride pass on Monday! Gabriel plans to dive straight into Instrument next. Good luck with your future ratings, and congratulations! 😊 🛩️

One of our students, Diego Villafani, flying his solo here at DWH at sunset! What a beautiful shot taken from his CFI, Justin Wong! We can't imagine ever getting tired of these views ✈️ 🌤️

Great job, Andre and Garrett! This last Friday Garrett Showalter safely flew his very first solo!

Congratulations to these 3 UFS students for successfully completing their checkrides and earning new ratings this past weekend! Youngmok Lee received his Private Pilot Certificate, Brandon White earned his Instrument Rating, and Kent Bolton got his Commercial License! UFS has had many successes, and we look forward to many more! #UFSPROUD

This past weekend sure was a GORGEOUS day to fly! We hope y'all took advantage of the clear skies like 3 of our star students did! On Saturday, Daniel Inokoba earned his Commercial Pilot's License with instructor, Andre Nieuwoudt & John Almonte received his CFI-A with DPE, Joe Kapocsi! On Sunday, Christopher Sossamon flew his very first solo under Travis Atchley's supervision. Way to go, guys! These 3 milestones are all HUGE steps towards your aviation goals!

Thanks to everyone that came out for our Fall Open House! It was a huge success. Thank you to Cessna, ForeFlight, ExpressJet, MESA Airlines, AOPA and all the United Flight Systems team members that helped out! See you again in the Spring!!!

REMINDER: THIS Saturday is our Open house!!!! You will be able to see a T206 and a Bonanza brought in by Cessna, and talk to Expressjet & Mesa Airline recruiters! ForeFlight will also be on site and hosting two events (Fundamentals at 12pm and Power Users at 1pm - REGISTRATION REQUIRED - https://buff.ly/2odRUtW
Food and drinks will also be provided. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! Hope to see you there! 😁

Diego Villafani is one of our students participating in our Private Pilot Ground School Course. Yesterday he, with CFI Justin Wong, completed his FIRST solo! Congratulations, Diego - you are moving along so fast!

Congratulations to Bobby Doss for passing his Commercial Check Ride today! Thanks to everyone who provided their part in helping him get through the training! Special thanks to Travis R Atchley for being a patient CFI and Wanda Collins for making today fun!!! Finally, thanks to Matt Shaunty for covering half the bill! #flybobbyfly

Big shout out for UFS' newest achievements! Congratulations to Dawn Largent for becoming a Commercial Pilot last week. Dustin Calfee, with CFI Travis Atchley, safely completed his very first SOLO. Congrats to both; keep up the good work! 😊 🛩️

CONGRATS, Jeremy Hyde and Joshua Iszory, for successfully completing your checkrides last week! Jeremy is our newest Private Pilot, and Joshua can now fly into clouds! 🛩️ ☁️ #UnitedFlightSystems

UFS' Fall Open House is just a little over a week away! You will be able to see a T206 and a Bonanza brought in by Cessna, and talk to Expressjet & Mesa Airline recruiters! ForeFlight will also be on site and hosting two events (Fundamentals at 12pm and Power Users at 1pm - REGISTRATION REQUIRED - www.unitedflight.com/courses
Food and drinks will also be provided. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! Hope to see you there! 😁

Our Story

Behind every business is a story. That idea rings true with United Flight Systems (UFS). Bob Watts was originally a partner at a major law firm in downtown Houston. However, he decided to leave his career and follow his passion for flying, taking over what was Merriworth Aviation in 1989 and creating United Flight Systems. His dream was to improve the flight school and provide quality training for pilots seeking a career in airline training. Through 2018, UFS has graduated 100’s of student who have gone on to a career as pilots for major airlines. It is interesting how history repeats itself. As of May of 2018, Bobby Doss and Matt Shaunty stepped back from their careers and allowed their passion for aviation to become a larger part of their life, taking the reigns at United Flight Systems and carrying on Bob’s legacy. All three men prove that a devotion to flight can easily be turned into more -a career and long-term avocation. The goal for us at UFS is always to create an environment where individuals feel that they are being provided with the resources that not only teach them to fly, but develop a love for aviation.

For those considering a career or flying or to just follow a passion, there are many advantages to choosing United Flight Systems. We are the only school at David Wayne Hooks Airport that has a full motion simulator. This allows students and licensed pilots to develop further training on the ground when weather conditions may not be ideal for flying. Jeannie’s Pilot Shop, a full pilot supply shop, allows for direct access to the materials an individual may need to start their journey as a pilot. Additionally, there are 11 planes in our active fleet and the future looks bright for refurbishing them to provide a higher quality experience through UFS. Another advantage of choosing UFS is the pull through parking for our planes, which many flight schools lack. It guarantees that students do not have to move planes by hand, a huge plus when beginner students lack a comfort level or familiarity with the planes. Our philosophy of “training to maximum proficiency, not minimum standards” will always ring true even through a change in ownership. Our facility, resources, well-maintained aircraft, and highly qualified instructors provide a remarkable experience in aviation. We welcome you to join us for a special flying and learning program you are sure to enjoy!

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