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Hey UFS Team - The 1/4 Zip Pullovers are an ABSOLUTE Must! Great quality and a MUST HAVE for your CFI Brothers in the Frozen North! I will wear it with pride this weekend! #CFI #CFII #MEI #Flying #Flight #Pilot
*cough cough
Lucas had a great experience today on his discovery flight with CFI Shelby LaFerney.
Bobby Doss staying current in the sim.
Pilots will continue to be in high demand. Come see us to get started, or to finish up!
Fun to look back at the logbook, all the way to the beginning... in this case June 25th, 1995. My very first flight at UFS in 555UF. My instructor was Kevin McCarty (sp?). I often wonder now, 23 years later, what Kevin is doing?

Providing quality flight instruction and aircraft rentals.

United Flight Systems has been providing quality flight instruction in Texas since 1989. We pride ourselves on providing the most well-maintained aircraft, best facilities, and most professional instructors in the industry.

Gary has been around United Flight Systems for many years and aviation even longer. Previously Gary was a corporate pilot and has done everything around here from flight instructing to managing our fleet. Today he is our Senior Operations Manager. Thanks for your dedication and hard work!! #unitedflightsystems #fly2UFS

This week's throwback goes back to 2004 when Laura Watts, United Flight Systems' founder's daughter soloed! Today she works as a pilot for United Airlines in their training department. #TBT #fly2UFS #unitedflight

These cats don't ever work! They eat, sleep, eat, and then sleep! What a life they have... #ufscats #unitedflight #fly2UFS

Do you love planes? We love planes! We also love pretty days and great pictures of planes! #unitedflight #fly2UFS #ufssunsets

Come on out and enjoy a pretty day at United Flight Systems! #unitedflight #fly2UFS

TBT - Throwing it back to 2003 when Bob Watts awarded Dan Kelly the CFI of the Year Award. If you know him, give him a little TBT Congratulations! #ufsCFIs #unitedflight

Anyone like flying on sunny days? #unitedflight #fly2ufs #sunnydays

I am doing business in this business box in the business office. Serious business! #ufscats #unitedflight #fly2ufs

Days like this one will really make you want to aviate! #unitedflight #fly2ufs

HOBBS loves a good box! Especially one that has pilot supplies in them! Yes HOBBS, we see you! #HOBBS #unitedflight #fly2ufs

TBT - Throwback to 2009, aerial shot of United Flight Systems! #unitedflight2009 #unitedflight #fly2ufs

Need something important for your flight training? Do you just need something fun with an aviation theme? Come check out our pilot supply shop, I am sure we have you covered! #unitedflight #fly2ufs

Kent and Dawn started this week MAKING MONEY!!! After many hours of flight training, check rides, and paying for the fuel they burnt, today they made their first $5 bill teaching me a little something! #unitedflight #ufsCFIs

Question: Does a single-engine land pilot's license count if only one engine is running? Answer: No, but you could train in the best twin in town to get your multiengine rating. #unitedflight #fly2UFS #featheredprop

A beautiful day will make a ramp pretty empty, pretty quick! #unitedflight #fly2ufs

The cats are going stir crazy based on this quarantine. Come see them and do a little social distancing at about 3,500' as well. #ufscats #unitedflight #fly2UFS

#TBT - This week a throwback to 2011 when UFS installed our full-motion simulator. A great resource still enabling our students and renters to be proficient pilots!!! #redbirdsim #fullmotion #unitedflight

Come back soon pretty days and limp windsocks! We miss you already! #unitedflight #fly2ufs #windsocks

Good night everyone. Hopefully, the weather is like this ALL WEEK!! #unitedflight #aviationsunsets

When I fly, I fly with my UFS hat on! Come check out our pilot supply shop for all of your aviation and UFS gear needs! #unitedflight #ufspilotshop

Our flight line team does a great job of putting up our planes every night so our students don't have to hand move planes or get in a plane that was out all night. Thank you, ramper team! #untitedflight #ufsrampersROCK

Don't have a multiengine rating yet, what are you waiting for??? Come fly the nicest multiengine training in Texas at United Flight Systems!!! #N998DM #unitedflight #multienginerating

#TBT This week the new owners celebrate their 2nd anniversary and United Flight Systems has been in business for over 31 years! Here is a look back to UFS's 20th Anniversary! What a cake! #unitedflight

What a day!!! We saw a few blue angels, had great weather, shared aviation with many and another success story from our accelerated CFI-A Course. Congrats Dawn. Everyone at UFS is proud of you!!! #unitedflight #dawnpassed1sttry

That was really neat to watch! Who doesn't want to train and be a pilot now? #blueangels #unitedflightsystems #jetfuel

Some days are just lazy days. Please don't close the drawer! #nappingcat #ufscats #unitedflight

What a beautiful picture of United Flight Systems! Hopefully, things continue to get back to normal and everyone stays safe! #aviationsunsets #unitedflight

Tach seriously wants to be dispatched, but we simply can't do it until he has a student pilot certificate and proof of TSA Citizenship! #ufscats #unitedflight

We hope your evening as good as this recent evening looks! Fly safe everyone! #aviationsunsets #N1966F #KDWH #unitedflight

Does the color of this fabric on this chair make me look fat? #behonest #unitedflight #hobbs #ufscats

It's a very social media day here at UFS. A ramper, turned student, turned pilot, just earned his CFI-A after being in the inaugural CFI/CFII Accelerated course here at United Flight Systems (more on that course in the coming weeks). We are so proud of you Kent Bolton, CONGRATULATIONS!!! #cfiKent #unitedflightsystems

During these crazy times, we had to figure out a way to keep educating kids. Today we hosted @paradigmdevelopmentcenter and all of their students to a unique Virtual Field Trip. There were a lot of great questions and conversations about aviation today! #virtualfieldtrip #unitedflightsystems

TBT - Summer of 1995 at United Flight Systems!!! Our chief instructor is in the bottom picture. Still helping students and CFI's today! #ufsTBT #unitedflight

Our weekday dispatcher Willmarie and her children did a little aviating recently! #flyWillmariefly #unitedflight

CONGRATULATIONS to Ted Long for earning his Instrument Rating yesterday! Way to go, Ted, we look forward to seeing more aviation accomplishments in the future! #ufsMilestones #unitedflight #instrumentrating

Our Story

Behind every business is a story. That idea rings true with United Flight Systems (UFS). Bob Watts was originally a partner at a major law firm in downtown Houston. However, he decided to leave his career and follow his passion for flying, taking over what was Merriworth Aviation in 1989 and creating United Flight Systems. His dream was to improve the flight school and provide quality training for pilots seeking a career in airline training. Through 2018, UFS has graduated 100’s of student who have gone on to a career as pilots for major airlines. It is interesting how history repeats itself. As of May of 2018, Bobby Doss and Matt Shaunty stepped back from their careers and allowed their passion for aviation to become a larger part of their life, taking the reigns at United Flight Systems and carrying on Bob’s legacy. All three men prove that a devotion to flight can easily be turned into more -a career and long-term avocation. The goal for us at UFS is always to create an environment where individuals feel that they are being provided with the resources that not only teach them to fly, but develop a love for aviation.

For those considering a career or flying or to just follow a passion, there are many advantages to choosing United Flight Systems. We are the only school at David Wayne Hooks Airport that has a full motion simulator. This allows students and licensed pilots to develop further training on the ground when weather conditions may not be ideal for flying. Jeannie’s Pilot Shop, a full pilot supply shop, allows for direct access to the materials an individual may need to start their journey as a pilot. Additionally, there are 11 planes in our active fleet and the future looks bright for refurbishing them to provide a higher quality experience through UFS. Another advantage of choosing UFS is the pull through parking for our planes, which many flight schools lack. It guarantees that students do not have to move planes by hand, a huge plus when beginner students lack a comfort level or familiarity with the planes. Our philosophy of “training to maximum proficiency, not minimum standards” will always ring true even through a change in ownership. Our facility, resources, well-maintained aircraft, and highly qualified instructors provide a remarkable experience in aviation. We welcome you to join us for a special flying and learning program you are sure to enjoy!

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