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Why the piano is amazing for your brain.

(via 06/26/2019

The Complete Guide to Deliberate Practice

Mindless repetition is not enough. Excellent read. We are capable of incredible feats, but they won’t come without focused effort, consistent feedback, and expert guidance.


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Crying through my cello 💔


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Pianist brilliantly combines ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ with a Bach concerto... 👏🎹👏🎹

(📹 AyseDeniz) 04/12/2019

Watch Mike Mangini's Epic Drum Solo on a Kit Made From Buckets

When you are so good you can turn anything into a drumset. If you want to name one of the greatest drummers in all of rock, look no further than Dream Theater's Mike Mangini.


There is so much truth in this!




The Banff School

Our Upper School Director Mrs. Wasser is pursuing her dream of learning to play guitar with the help of Jorge at Firehouse Music. Although Mrs. Sauls doesn’t appear supportive of her new endeavor, all of the Banff team believe that all students can learn - no matter what their age!


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(via 03/19/2019

Metallica's 'One' on viola da gamba sounds absolutely phenomenal

Do yourself a favor and listen to this. Who knew a metal classic could sound so good on an old Renaissance string instrument?


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Double Bass virtuoso Toby Hughes joined by pianist Gamal Khamis play Bottesini's 'Elegy' in the stunning 12th-century church St Bartholomew the Great.
You can catch Toby perform alongside cellist Abel Selaocoe as part of City Music Foundation's lunchtime concert series at St Bartholomew the Less, on 20th March, 1pm 👉


My guitar students know this.



I Love Classic Rock

Let's support our friends @Liliac!! Super talented family covering "The Trooper" Iron Maiden. ROCK ON!


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What sorcery is this?

John Coltrane 'Giant Steps' from Camille Bertault


Het Gents Gazetje

Just beautiful.

Dinsdag 14 januari 2019: Een nieuwe actievoerder op de trappen van Sint-Annakerk Sigiswald Kuijken.
Zonder woorden, maar met een muzikale daad op een barokviool de viola da spalla.

De goedgemutste man had het koud, rugpijn maar vooral een warm hart en de liefde voor muziek/cultuur. Net als zijn collega Mikhail Bezverkhny en vele andere muzikanten zet hij de toon in, een actie vóór het behoud van Sint-Annakerk met een waardevolle bestemming.
Deze topartiest was van 1964 tot 1972 lid van het Brusselse Alarius-Ensemble, dat in heel Europa en de Verenigde Staten concerten speelde. Later werkte hij samen met barokspecialisten waaronder zijn broers Wieland en Barthold Kuijken, Gustav Leonhardt, Robert Kohnen, Anner Bylsma, Frans Brüggen en René Jacobs. Sigiswald richtte in 1973
zijn wereldvermaard barokorkest La Petite Bande op. La Petite Bande toerde intensief en speelde honderden concerten in Europa, Australië, Amerika, China en Japan. Sigiswald Kuijken is een van de belangrijkste grondleggers van de authentieke uitvoeringspraktijk.

En op dinsdag 14 januari speelde hij, de grote maar zo bescheiden man, intens op de trappen van Sint-Annakerk.. collegiaal en muzikaal virtuoos.

Reporter/filmer Nadine Van Parys

Ps wellicht is de muziek beschermd, en geeft Facebook een storing op het beeld. Hopelijk is de muziekweergave voldoende om jullie een idee te geven van de performance


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Bach from Balkan Percussion Duo - there's more on their channel here 👉


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If Bach had written Wham!'s Last Christmas... 😂🎄

(📹 Kjell Magne Robak - more from him on YouTube here 👉


Andy Timmons Official Page

Wise words Dave.

My humble solo rendition of these two iconic Queen songs.
I've tried my best to capture the emotion of Freddie Mercury's vocal and piano performance as well as the incredible feel and power that the great Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon created.
Not an easy feat in one unedited linear performance!


Don't let the Holidays stop your momentum. Keep practicing!


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This is so fortuitous. Can you guess what our music fundamentals video will be about?

Know your intervals.


It's never too late.


Jiu-jitsu and Guitar---Plateaus, Challenges, Perseverence and Success

Professor Travis Tooke sits down with Jorge Maldonado to discuss the parallels between Jiu-jitsu, Guitar and mastering any skill over time. They also discuss...


Hillary Klug

This is my new original, “Allie Cat.”


B C Manjunath

75/16 = 1/4+1/16+2/4+2/16+3/4+3/16+4/4+4/16+5/4+5/16
Fortunate for having amazing Varijashree Venugopal in this video. I have been wanting to do a collab with VV for a long time. Trust me she got this whole thing executed in a jiffy.
Video starts off with single time Teermana by VV, then moves on to two times but alternating between me and VV. Most exciting part of video happens from 0.44 where VV starts off with reverse tala and next cycle I go into reverse tala and then we come back together to the same pattern at around 1.06 in the third cycle of three times teermana. Finally we end with Muktaya or korvai with three kinds of variations.
It has been an exciting thought process and ex*****on doing this video where i did my part in India and VV did her part in USA. Thanks to technology and thanks to social media.
Hope you all are able to appreciate the intricacies and finess behind this video.



Standard Musical Notation made easy part 1

This is an introduction to the fundamentals of musical notation. Standard notation doesn't have to be difficult. In this video we will go over the staff and ...


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Nobuo Uematsu's music to Final Fantasy, arranged for piano trio.

This is @Trifantasy. You can listen to more from the trio here 👉


When you need to practice Konnakol but don't have your metronome... 🕰️
This composition is a 20-count pattern that Rlv Hemanth Lakshman recites three times. At 60 BPM, it fits nicely into one minute.
The second half of the pattern has two interesting compositional devices:
1) A metric accelerando of "Tha dhi ki na" from dotted-eighths, to eighths, to sixteenths.
2) Rhythmic diminution of the 16th+64th-note motif. First, there are three 16ths before the 64th notes, then two, then one, then zero.


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(via Rachel Lee Hall) 09/01/2018

Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ performed on Renaissance lute is giving us life today Metallica’s iconic ‘Nothing Else Matters’ is a masterpiece of accessible metal, and it was really only a matter of time before someone recorded it on a Renaissance lute.


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British guitarist Alexandra Whittingham plays Joaquín Turina's Sonata. 👏


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All the stuff that goes on while you play the piano, from Encore Music Lessons.


Music Crowns

Acoustician's Pink Floyd guitar solo is too good!

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