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A place to experience the joy of music! The Academy's main focus is on the development of children through music.

Belisle Music Academy was founded when Dennis & Julie Belisle moved into the Sayler park Community in Cincinnati in 2002. It is our responsibility as educated musicians to keep music alive in the minds and hearts of children through a balanced approach of the classical and the modern. Through music, chidren develop skills which translate into many avenues in life.

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The Music Lesson with Victor Wooten ❀.


Student Spotlight!

Dennis Belisle's graduate recital is coming up on November 15th and 8 PM, featuring several members of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra.

Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, into a military family, Dennis moved around frequently until settling down in Jacksonville, Fl at age 10. After graduating Orange Park High School, Dennis attended Jacksonville Conservatory of Music on full scholarship for piano and organ performance from 1986-89 and the University of North Florida jazz program for a year in 1989.
For over 25 years, Dennis has enjoyed a successful career, performing throughout the United States and abroad, in particular as the CEO/Road Manager and performer with The Websters, a highly successful corporate music group based in Cincinnati, OH. For 15 years, Dennis had the pleasure of performing for multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as two Ohio Governor Inaugurations. During this time, Dennis co-founded a private teaching school, Belisle Music Academy, as well as serving as Music Minister for Eden Chapel UMC.
In 2015, Dennis made the decision to return to college and enrolled at the University of Tennessee to complete his BM in Sacred Music. He graduated summa cm laude as well as being awarded Outstanding Senior in Sacred Music. Dennis continued his studies at the university and in December 2019, he will be graduating with an MM in Composition as well as earning his Theory Pedagogy Certificate. Dennis is excited to begin a whole new chapter in his music career as a composer and collegiate educator.
Dennis is currently the Music Director for Rio Revolution, a non-denominational church in Maryville, TN.



Denzel Washington reveals the path to our dreams 04/04/2017

Eye-Tracking Glasses Illustrate What A Professional Pianist Sees While Playing A student then takes the bench and the pair analyzes how a beginner visually approaches a piece as opposed to someone more tenured. 03/07/2017

A Man Isolated Himself in the Arctic For 20 Years. What He Reveals Inside this Cave is Incredible. INCREDIBLE footage has emerged of a magical glowing ice cave in the Arctic created by a sculptor who has been carving ice for over 30 years. Tim Linhart, from New Mexico, USA, has been building frozen concert halls for over a decade – and he has filled his latest one with fully functional musical in...


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Avery Drummer Molek

One of the hardest đŸ„ songs I ever learned when I was 7 yrs old.
Tom Sawyer by RUSH.
Please share, enjoy & 👍 Avery Drummer Molek đŸ”„

Also watch my RUSH 7 song Drum Medley.


Easy Ear Training

Never panic

This is fantastic!


Music by Pegge, llc


Camille Bertault

First time i try it on stage. French lyrics on Coltrane's chorus on Giant steps, with Dan Tepfer.
"Pas de géant tu as fait
Quand tu as compris que tu n’es pas lĂ  pour ĂȘtre ce que le monde veut
Pas de gĂ©ant tu as fait quand ce que tu donnes vient du cƓur, pas d’ailleurs ou d’lĂ -bas, et qu’tu sais lĂ  oĂč tu vas
1° grille : C’est c’qu’elle s’est amusĂ©e Ă  chanter la petite un jour qu’elle s’ennuyait, ce genre de jour un peu tristesse bien rĂ©trĂ©ci et qui t’abaisse, un jour qui retourne sa veste et qui t’embarque Ă  grande vitesse, sans que tu aies demandĂ© ton reste des pas de mouches changĂ©s en pas de gĂ©ants, mais t’es sĂ©rieuse ? absolument je n’y croyais pas non plus sur le moment et vlĂ  la bouille de la gosse promenĂ©e sur un virtuel carrosse
2° : Non ! mais si et lĂ  commence un cocasse et atypique road movie, passage par la Pologne, la Serbie, New York, l’Italie, et l’Andalousie, des personnages Ă  la tex Avery ou sortis tout droit d’un cadavre exquis qui se rejoignent sur la piste oĂč la transe rĂšgne aprĂšs tout c’est tout c'qui nous reste pour s’en sortir, non ? d’ĂȘtre ensembles fous et hilares
3° : Je pense que c’est un peu dans cet Ă©tat que Coltrane devait ĂȘtre lorsqu’il a trouvĂ© ses dĂ©moniaques changes, le pauvre Tommy Flanagan doit s’en souvenir encore de lĂ  oĂč il est, il faut dire que se retrouver face Ă  une pareille bĂȘte pour la premiĂšre fois de sa vie ça doit vraiment donner le bourdon "mais quelle mouche l’a piquĂ©?" qu’ils devaient tous se dire en dĂ©chiffrant la partition
4° : Et Ă  la fois son giant steps qui a l’allure d’un exercice de virtuositĂ© est bien au-delĂ  d’ça c’est comme le corps d’un fauve relĂąchĂ© qui se dĂ©ploie , comme si le ciel Ă©tait Ă©clairĂ© soudain’ment par une idĂ©e, et je citerais la fabuleuse phrase d’ Alain Ge**er « Tout ce que tu sais tient dans ta tĂȘte mais tout ce que tu ne sais pas dĂ©borde de ton coeur «
5° : c’est Ă  mon avis la plus jolie image que l’on peut trouver n’est-c’pas ? car l’improvisation est tout d’abord une affaire de sensation, de ressenti ,manifestation de c'que je suis, la musique qui me reprĂ©sente comme dirait la belle Shirley Horn, c’est un peu comme un concentrĂ© d’ñme, comme si on ne devenait qu’une seule chose, l’essence
6° : chanter cette improvisation c’est un peu comme essayer de danser avec cet absolu, dans un seul souffle, prendre le train avec train et surtout ne pas traĂźner, sauter tout entier dans son vide, on verra bien c’qu'il adviendra, on est lĂ  pour dĂ©livrer l’urgence, sa subjectivitĂ© radicale, pas de conceptualisation, on s’en fout, on est juste lĂ  pour dire au self-control d’aller voir si j’y suis
7° : s’éprouver soi-mĂȘme est Ă©prouvant et ce n’est pas en dĂ©talant que l’on s’essouffle le plus vite, c’est en osant laisser parler enfin celui qui se tait toujours tout au fond et si il ne veut rien dire le laisser transmettre ce qu’il est sans avoir aucunement Ă  s’en justifier, c’est un peu ça que j’essaie de saisir lorsque j’apprends et chante les improvisations des autres
8° : pilimpopidip il faut dire que c’est agrĂ©able d’essayer d’épouser d’autres formes que les siennes, poursuivre l’ombre du guĂ©pard, pendant que professeur Coltrane t’apprend les pas de transe essayer d’imaginer les intentions sous les impulsions, mettre ma voix au service d’un flot d’idĂ©es,
9° : et voilĂ  que je cale, arrivĂ©e Ă  la 9e grille, l’objectif de tout ça est que tout finisse par tomber pour laisser place Ă  la seule chose qui importe dans l’histoire, mais il ne faut pas que ce giant steps ne soit utilisĂ© pour Ă©pater la gallerie, le but Ă©tant de comprendre que l’on ne saura jamais lĂ  oĂč on va ni pourquoi mais y aller quand mĂȘme
10° : La vĂ©locitĂ© ne sert qu’à ça, Ă  s’oublier et Ă  atteindre d’autres sphĂšres, comme dans un marathon on double d’efforts pour essayer d’atteindre son centre, on craque on pleure et on relĂąche tout, on voit pas le bout, on n’y croit plus et le doute peut s'installer, c’est ça que m’inspire ce step de gĂ©ant, c’est la capacitĂ© au dĂ©pass’ment de soi parfois insoupçonnĂ©
11° : Vous inquiĂ©tez pas on est bientĂŽt arrivĂ©s Ă  la fin de ce long discours c’était pour tester votre attention et votre capacitĂ© de concentration, sachez quand mĂȘme qu’ils vĂ©curent heureux et eurent beaucoup de Coltrane changes et qu’avec une grille de plus, John aurait reçu une cymbale Ă  la figure et j’aurais pĂ©ri d’asphyxie


The Lion King - Musical

ESPN Sport Science goes backstage to examine the stamina of a performer in THE LION KING on Broadway! 🏃🏿


Seismic Audio Speakers

Are you a musician? Your brain is different - in a good way!


Lionel Richie 05/14/2016

Yankees Legend Bernie Williams Finishes Music School Degree ​Bernie Williams spent his entire 16-year MLB career with the New York Yankees, made five American League All-Star Teams, and made over $103 million in his... 01/23/2016

Why Musicians Need Philosophy Very few composers have philosophical gifts, and fewer still attempt to justify their music in philosophical terms. But it is precisely the absence of philosophical reflection that has led to the invasion of the musical arena by half-baked ideas. Without the firm foundations provided by a live cultu 01/23/2016

New Education Law Would Include Music As A Core Subject The U.S. Senate is expected to take a final vote Wednesday on a law that would replace the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, better known as No Child



A look at the neurological wonders behind playing a musical instrument: 01/06/2016

WORKING FOR A LIVING - Folio Weekly Practical advice for musicians considering doing it full time


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How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins

When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout. What’s going on? Anita Collins explains the fireworks that go off in musicians’ brains when they play, and examines s


Timeline Photos 11/08/2015

Listen to this organ in Croatia that uses the sea to make hauntingly beautiful music. The music from this organ is like nothing you've ever heard. 10/29/2015

He Can't Count To 3, But Keep Your Eyes On His Hands... I'm SPEECHLESS!

Music is enlightenment Derek Paravicini is one of those incredible humans that only comes around once every few hundred years. Born almost three months premature, Derek struggled to make it in his first moments of life, but through luck and faith he managed to survive.


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