Joel Gregoire Guitarist

Joel Gregoire Guitarist


Joel Gregoire, aka "Master Jedi/Yoda. You sir have wisdom beyond your gear, I mean....years.
Zach Eichenour my brotha and musical soul-mate, JOELGregoire! ~Joel, my drum student {Zach} of 20+ years is interested in THEORY lessons on guitar. *I've mentioned, ONE day with you could lay out possibly months of exercises, to expand his horizons ! {Please contact each other, here}
Gonna get a little philosophical here...but...the thing I love MOST about music is there is no prejudice against race, gender, age, etc. It moves mind, body and spirit. I may not understand the words...but I truly appreciate the melody!!! Keep doing what you love& loving what you do because it certainly agrees with you :-D
Great pic.. Joel my name is name is Felipe. A couple of your friends recommended you as an awesome guitar instructor. I just received a guitar for Christmas and would like to get instructions on playing. Please contact me when you get a chance .
Joel Gregoire Guitar Instruction lick of the day!
hey thats cool. Glade to see you are doing what you love.
My favorite distortion pedal is gonna be the vintage TS-808!
Joel thanks for creating the page, I wanted to get my son some lessons from you before we moved to Colorado, now I can show him what he missed. He's a great player but needs some help with some basics. He's composing his own leads and accompanying music, his issue is he listened and learned to much James Hetfield :-) and has trouble with alternate picking, he plays and learns most everything with down strokes. I know it's basic but do you have a LOTD or exercise that would help him? Thanks
My favorite pedal - Keeley Modified TS-9
Great Instructor

Professional Guitarist

Operating as usual


Early days Stride photo when Scott Smith, Matt Kanzler and myself were fresh out of Musician's Institute in the late 80s..along with Houston local Mike Perez on bass! Great times!


...or taking your cables out of your duffle bag that you thought you wound up properly


A remarkable woman with a remarkable voice. RIP Aretha


Great memory from our Van Halen Tribute show in Kemah back in June...had THAT TONE!!

Photos from Joel Gregoire Guitarist's post 07/03/2018

Huge thanks to Mike from Lonestar Sound Systems for the custom amp head cases!! He built them custom ordered from me and his turnaround time was AMAZING! Thanks Mike O'Dowd for your amazing talent! Highly recommend this company for custom music gear cases!!


Here's the Major/minor/modes scale patterns 3 notes per string. Let's say that you get on you tube and type in C Ionian backing track and find one you wish to play over. You'll have to have knowledge of your keys, but C is the easiest one to start with because they are all natural notes...C D E F G A B....just use that order to attach to your scale patterns.mC Ionian, D Dorian etc...REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN PLAY ALL PATTERNS OVER THIS BACKING TRACK...the sound of the mode is generated by the chord progression in the backing track so ALL 7 PATTERNS WILL SOUND C IONIAN!! Have fun and enjoy! musical with these pattern...bend, slide, run, repeat phrases etc....


Pretty cool write up of our store where i teach at...don't remember this photo being taken, but am forever grateful!

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We played The Dirty Dog bar on 6th street on Saturday. The Grandmiester continues to amaze me. 40W tube power - I turned the master "up" to 3 because I was being told by the crowd they could not hear me. HOLY HELL it sounded great. Thank you so much for turning me on to this killer amp!!!!

....a text sent to me from Gready Hunter from Whiskey Hangover (Godsmack Tribute).

Thanks Gready!!!

We are full on stocked up with Hughes and Kettner amps and cabs!! If you haven't jammed through one of these absolutely amazing amps, then you have no idea what you're missing!! Believe the HYPE!! Come in and see me and i will give you the tour!!

Fender HM Strat - Wikipedia 02/11/2018

Fender HM Strat - Wikipedia

Great information on the legendary HMStrat by Fender....absolutely love mine

Fender HM Strat - Wikipedia The Fender HM Strat was an electric guitar produced by Fender Musical Instruments from 1988 until 1992. A relatively radical departure from Leo Fender's classic Stratocaster design, it was Fender's answer to Superstrats produced by manufacturers such as Jackson Guitars and Ibanez. HM stands for heav...


40 years ago, he and his bandmates released a record that changed the way rock guitar was played...and still influences countless guitarists to this day and most likely will for generations to come! Time to spin some VH1!

The Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark 3 - In-depth Demo and Tutorial 02/06/2018

The Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark 3 - In-depth Demo and Tutorial

The Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark 3 - In-depth Demo and Tutorial The TriAmp Mark 3 is the culmination of 30 years of amp engineering breakthroughs and might just be the most intelligent, versatile tube amplifier the world ...

Greg Howe - Roundhouse [Audio HQ] 01/28/2018

Greg Howe - Roundhouse [Audio HQ]

My guitar hero!!!

Greg Howe - Roundhouse [Audio HQ] "Roundhouse" ending song from the album "Parallax" (1995) by the great genious of guitar Greg Howe. Good listening. ________ The Story ________ Reminiscent a...


Game Changer for sure! Simply THE MOST INCREDIBLE AMP I've ever played!!!!! So honored to be endorsed by this amazingly innovative company! !


The ice and snow is melting off...make your way down to our store..the great Texas Music Emporium, ...let us make your next purchase one that warms your heart and soul!! We are the discount hero dudes!!!!!


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