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Thank you, Sandy and Mark, for being out in the rain, shuttling kids from their cars into school with umbrellas. You both go the extra mile to make our kids feel loved!
Teachers and parents have backed off from discipline. They have been told to avoid consequences, avoid the word “no,” and not to put children in time-outs. It is no coincidence that when adults become unassertive, children often become rude, violent and disrespectful. Children need proper discipline and they aren’t getting it. Effective Discipline the Montessori Way is a book for educators and parents, and explains why children are not getting the guidance and correction that they need. The book makes the case that the correct discipline practices are based on the educational principles advocated by Maria Montessori. In addition to explaining correct and incorrect discipline practices, Effective Discipline the Montessori Way contains suggestions for communication, classroom management, and consequences. Here is the link to the book on Amazon:
Hi Klein-Spring Montessori School, Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into our community. Our Welcome Kits feature and direct these new families to a small number of local businesses for the goods, services & professionals that they need to find. Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one Day Care/Pre-School Center, I would ask you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being the featured Day Care Facility in our local Welcome Kits. It is worthy to note that, according to Dr. Cathy Goodwin in her book “Making the Big Move”, 33% of new residents and families seek out a new Child Care Center shortly after their relocation. As such, approximately 1 out of 3 recipients of our Welcome Kits are actively seeking a new Child Care Center. I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail. Please reply to this message with your availability or call me at your earliest convenience. For a faster response, or if you prefer, feel free to text me on my cell which is listed in my signature. Thanks. Denise Walton (281) 543-0292 [email protected]
Thank you Klein Spring Montessori school for teaching my toddler to be so independent and willing to help. We are beyond greatful! Sarah can't wait to go back in August!
Every student receives a First Aid Kit! Register today for your CPR Certification Renewal!!!
Shop with me today where ALL jewelry is just $5. I will be setup outside at KSM from 12:30pm till 5pm:)
Come shop with me for Valentines where all the jewelry you will see if only $5 + tax. Ill be setup at KSM this coming Monday:)
Shop with me for Valentines where ALL jewelry is just $5. I will be setup outside at KSM on the 11th from 10am till 5pm:)
Attn: Parents and Teachers: Come shop with me for Valentines Day where ALL jewelry is just $5. I will be setup in front of Klein-Spring Montessori. Thank you Sandy Farias Priska for your support:)
Klein Spring Montessori ROCKS! Our School just made 35 years of teaching in the Klein Spring area. I am blessed to work at this school where Teachers and staff are changing lives every day. But there are no words to express the joy, pride, and gratitude in my heart to see the growth in my own Grandson. The benefits of a child being in a Montessori learning environment like Klein Spring Montessori is undeniably a standard of teaching like no other. It brings a very happy emotional tear to see him spelling words at 4 yrs old....YES>>>SPELLING. Thank You Klein Spring Montessori!
It was so great to see you guys at the Fall Festival Saturday. Hope you have a great week! Please check out and like our page. Thank you!

Montessori daycare and preschool for children 18 months - Kindergarten located in Spring, TX. Klein-Spring Montessori is a daycare and preschool located in Spring, Texas.

We care for children 18 months through pre-Kindergarten. We provide early childhood education in a loving environment. Klein-Spring Montessori has been serving the children of Spring since 1984.

Operating as usual

Friendly Reminder
Happy Birthday Dr.King

Why Klein Spring Montessori School?

The Montessori Curriculum and materials cover five key areas, which include:

Practical Life - This area includes life skills to help develop independence, coordination, concentration, self-control, self-awareness, and confidence. (Care of self, care of environment, grace and courtesy, control of movement).

Sensorial - This area allows the child to refine each of their senses. (Sight, touch, smell, taste, sound and kinesthetic).

Language - This area is based on phonetic awareness. Children work through specific hands-on and tactile language materials such as the sandpaper letters to the movable alphabet. The spoken language is the foundation for writing and then reading.

Math - This area is developed with the use of concrete learning materials. The sensorial area is the preparation for math. Hands on materials are used such as number rods, sandpaper numbers, number boards, spindle boxes, number tiles, beads and games. Each exercise builds upon another and the child gradually moves from concrete to abstract areas such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions.

Culture - This area allows the child to explore the natural world around them. (Geography, Zoology, Botany, History, Science).

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[01/07/21]   Why Klein Spring Montessori School?

We start with promoting independence in the child. Independence is about learning to do things for oneself, which includes making decisions and taking responsibility. If children are independent, you have provided them with the belief that they are competent and capable of taking care of themselves. Children will learn to be self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-sustaining, self-reliant and individualistic adults.

Next, we foster Grace and Courtesy in our communities. Grace and Courtesy lessons are essentially teaching the children what it means to be polite and how to appropriately communicate their feelings. We cover being Kind, Respectful and Courteous with the adults and their peers, first and foremost. We then use the same rules when engaging with the materials and community.

Promoting Independence, Grace and Courtesy are the beginning foundation for our children becoming good productive citizens.

Call today to schedule a tour.

Excitement is a feeling or situation full of activity, joy, exhilaration, or upheaval. One thing about excitement - it sure isn't boring!

Come visit Klein Spring Montessori School to see what all our excitement is about!
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Happy 2021!

A reminder that we are closed on Dec. 31st and Jan. 1st for the New Year. We wish you a happy New year. In the meantime here is a cute video for your enjoyment.

Why Klein Spring Montessori School?

We have staff that is committed to our school and your family. Klein Spring Montessori School has tenured staff with years of experience and knowledge.

Our staff is dedicated to providing the best early childhood experience for each child. Each child is treated with respect and love, while we nurture and guide them into independent, responsible, considerate individuals.

Our staff is compassionate, thoughtful, supportive, patient, understanding, encouraging, and sensitive to the developmental milestones and sensitive periods.

Meet are Lead Montessori Teachers and Management Team.
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Merry Christmas from our Family to yours!

[12/23/20]   Reminder that Klein Spring Montessori School will be closed Thursday, December 24th and Friday, December 25th.

For your entertainment, please enjoy the Christmas carolers while you await the school to open on December 28th.

Merry Christmas from our KSMS family to yours!

Toddler 3 - Jingle Bells
Primary 1 - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Primary 2 - I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
Primary 3 - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Why Klein Spring Montessori School?

We are building a "Portfolio of Greatness" in each of our children, so they can learn to identify with their best self. This "Portfolio of Greatness" teaches them first hand experiences of being successful. Any moment is an opportunity to create success. Intentionally foster their self-belief by creating successful moments. Every child has the ability to accomplish success, sometimes they just need a little self-belief.
When we see our children "at work", we see the following character traits and speak that into each of them: focused, independent, determined, confident, respectful, responsible, motivated, patient, problem-solver, creative, thoughtful, reliable, generous, considerate, and leader. The list goes on and on. Our words are powerful! We use them to build a "Portfolio of Greatness" in our children!

We are enrolling in our Toddler and Primary communities. Call today to schedule your tour.

Looking for an AWESOME Montessori school... call Klein Spring Montessori, so we can tell you about our school!
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The best way to see Christmas is through the eyes of a child. We spent the day yesterday doing just that!
This is what a day looks like behind the scenes... Santa visit, PJ day, crafts and games, cookie decorating, making reindeer food, book exchange, Polar Express movie and a pizza party.

A huge THANK YOU to our staff for making all these memories possible for the children. Party days are lots of extra work but the children's faces make it worth every bit of it! We couldn't do without the love our staff pours into our children!!

We had a special visitor today! Just for fun share your Santa picture of your children from Klein Spring Montessori School days or a family favorite!

This is the definition of "Too Cool for School!" A little fun on PJ Day.

Thank you for making us all feel so LOVED today! We are truly blessed! The girls are so excited to have lunch for the week!
Thank you for an amazing luncheon today and for thinking of us during this Holiday Season!
Your friends at Klein- Spring Montessori School

We are very blessed and thankful for our families who help us learn about culture diversity. The children shared about Hanukkah, dreidels, and Menorah's.
What a beautiful way to help build a child's self-worth, while building self-esteem and understanding of others beliefs.

"The child has a different relation to his environment from ours... the child absorbs it. The things he sees are not just remembered; they form part of his soul. He incarnates in himself all in the world about him that his eyes see and his ears hear."
-Maria Montessori

"Pretty much all the honest truth telling in the world is done by children."
- Oliver Wendell

The truth about Klein Spring Montessori School in the eyes of our children. Interview number 2.

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Let's travel the world through Geography! A lesson on North America in our Toddler community.

"Pretty much all the honest truth telling in the world is done by children."
- Oliver Wendell

The truth about Klein Spring Montessori School in the eyes of our children. Interview number 1.
Disclosure- we do not have a swimming pool.

Call to schedule a tour today!

"If we experienced life through the eyes of a child, everything would be magical and extraordinary. Let our curiosity, adventure and wonder of life never end."
-Akiane Kramarik

The beauty of education from the eyes of Maria Montessori...

"The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn."

"The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence."

"The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six."

"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world."

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Ms. Lidia Arguelles you are going to be dearly missed!! Thank you for 19 Beautiful years! May our paths cross again!
Much Love to you!!
Your KSMS Family

It takes a big heart to teach little minds. The influence of a good teacher can never be erased! To the world you may be just a teacher but to your students you are a hero!
It's time to say farewell to one of our heroes. After 19 years with Klein Spring Montessori School Ms. Lidia is retiring today.
We will miss you and think of you. Thank you for the good memories that we shared together. Wishing you much joy and happiness as you begin a new chapter in your life Lidia!
We can't send you off into the world before filling your "Greatness Portfolio." Lidia you are compassionate, courteous, motivated, thoughtful, loving, enthusiastic, responsible, sensitive, patient, outgoing, determined, hardworking, creative, kind, considerate, generous, sweet and absolutely beautiful inside and out!
You will be missed!
Your Klein Spring Montessori family

We are happy... We are thankful... We are family!

Thankful - the definition of thankful is someone feeling or showing gratitude. When you are pleased and grateful for what you have, this is an example of a time when you are thankful.
Klein Spring Montessori School is thankful for our families and we want to thank you for making your family part of our family!
Happy Thanksgiving!

[11/25/20]   Today is "National Play Day with Dad"
Fatherhood is a grand experience. It even leads to great dad experiences. Investing in our children and their memories and adventures teaches them more than just how much we care. It provides them with a foundation they rely upon for a lifetime. They will continue to grow and build upon those gifts we give them. And someday, we will enjoy the rewards of their happiness and success. Sometimes, that includes the love they share with their children of the next generation.
Play a game, dance together, have a photo-shoot together, read a book, help your child complete a project, tell your children stories about your father.

The annual teacher contest "Turkey in Disguise" was a hit again this year. We had a tie this year! Ms. Tara and Ms. Theresa took home the winners ribbons!
The children have fun getting to vote on their favorite turkey and the staff always make the competition tough!

It's Thanksgiving week!
Open Mon.-Weds.
Closed Thursday& Friday
Enjoy your family!

"A smile is worth a thousand words!"

Creating beautiful smiles happens everyday at Klein Spring Montessori School. Come see what our smiles are all about!

The turkey is a funny bird, his head goes wobble, wobble and all he knows is just one word... and that is gobble-gobble!
We love our little turkey's!

There's something about autumn that wakes up our senses and reminds us to live...

"The senses, being explorers of our world, open the way to knowledge."
Maria Montessori

Today is World Kindeness Day! It is a global day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world. The purpose of this day is to help everyone understand that compassion for others is what binds us all together.

"Let us treat them, therefore, with all the kindness which we would wish to help develop in them." Maria Montessori

Take the time to be kind today!
Work with a friend...
Help a friend...
Share a hug...
Listen to a friend...
Laugh with a friend...

To those who have courageously served and those who serve bravely today.

Our Children, Our Future
They have the Whole World in their hands.
Be a good example for the little people.

[11/01/20]   Today is "Family Literacy Day" and "National Authors Day."

Families who read together succeed together! There are more reasons than ever before for families to read aloud to their children from a young age. Besides the fact that reading creates quiet, quality family time, it develops early vocabulary skills. If that wasn't enough to get a family reading together, check out these reasons:

* Expands their attention span and yours. Read chapter books even to your youngest child. They may drift off to sleep, but they are listening and their attention span will lengthen.

* You can read well above a child's level, and they still listen and comprehend.

* Improves listening skills.

* Reading is a tool that can never be unlearned. Once a child learns to read they never stop.

* It improves imagination and creativity.

* Reading opens up a dialogue between parents and children.

Some of my favorite children's authors are: Dr. Seuss, Todd Parr, Laura Numeroff, Bill Martin Jr, Crockett Johnson, Peggy Parish and Jeff Brown.

Who was your favorite author as a child? Your favorite book as a child?

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Spring?

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Where the Wild Things Are read by Annabelle
The Boy Who Wouldn't Go to Bed read by Nicholas





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