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Online & in-person piano, voice, ukulele, choir, and youth robotics. Our awards include: 2011 EARLY Team Spirit 2012 EARLY Ambassador 2013 EARLY Ambasssador 2013 Rookie Team of the Year, FLL SW Regional 2015 2nd Place Project,FLL SW Regional Private Piano, Voice & Choir Instruction with the intent of cultivating a passion for music in every student!

[06/10/20]   Do you prefer digital or paper for your music? I have a mix of both and while I love the benefits of technology (air pedal to turn the page, lighter transport, ease of cataloging, etc.), there are just certain cases where I don't want to depend on a screen & battery. For ukulele, I love the portability and the opportunity to be completely unplugged. Paper music is still a must. Where do you stand?

[06/05/20]   I must say the progress that I've seen in students since March has been the best EVER! A few students who started 2 months ago as beginners, look and sound like students of 9 months or longer. It is a GREAT time for starting a new passion. Escape from the noise and find your FLOW!

Our teen/tween Campfire Ukulele class is FULL and was so much fun yesterday! Yay!! If you missed the sign up, we have opened a 2nd class at 4:30 on Tuesdays.
Sign up:
#ukulelelove 😍🎼

Happy Birthday to our Junebug birthdays!

Summer online classes start THIS Tuesday! We still have just a couple of openings in our Tween/Teen Campfire Ukulele and Adults-only Sip 'n Strum Ukulele. Both classes are only $80/month and guaranteed to be fun! I'm excited to see the kids learn a quickly gratifying instrument and the adults have some dedicated adult-only time with music! Sign up today at:

Did you know that YouTube provides free classes on their platform? Another way for you or your kiddo to blossom...

Spring Singers Homeschool Choir 2019 end of season

Our Spring Singers Homeschool Choir was busy this year! We had so much joy in giving back to our community with singing and making friends! We are so blessed to have these wonderful kids and parents in our lives!

End-of-Year 2019/2020 Season

This was our first year of singing and we had an amazing year! It is so wonderful to see such growth and connection in a group of kids in 9 months!! Looking ...

Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s 61st Birthday

Have you clicked on Google's Doodle today? 2 minutes of ukulele, heart-warming bliss!

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in the U.S., today’s Doodle celebrates the 61st birthday of native Hawaiian `ukulele player, singer-songwri...

Summer sign up is happening now! What is going on? Tuesday ONLINE lessons include:

Group PIANO for beginners (age 9 & up): 4:30 CST
Campfire Ukulele Group for tweens & teens: 5:00 CST
Adult Sip 'n Strum Beginner Ukulele: 6:30 CST

The fun starts in a couple of weeks and goes through end of July. Don't miss out!


Do you have a 2020 Graduate? Starting Monday, celebrate them with a free dozen donuts from KRISPY CREME!!

On 5/19 high school seniors can get one 2020 Graduate Dozen FREE by wearing their cap and gown, or other Class of 2020 swag proving their senior status, to their local Krispy Kreme shop. The 2020 dozen is available for purchase 5/18-5/24🍩

Remembering when we met the talented Kylo.🎵🎶😄

Family Plays Beatles' 'Come Together,' And It Totally Slaps - Digg

Do you have a child who steals the show? The best video you'll see today! There's a lot of musical talent here, but we all know that the girl dancing in the foreground stole the show.

Happy Monday! Have you thought about learning piano but private lessons are a little out of budget? We have been asked to provide an online, small group piano class this summer for kids with little to no experience. If you are interested, please pm us or view our FAQ. Lessons will be on Tuesdays at 4:30 - 5:00. 5 star-rated teacher who LOVES teaching others!
Sign up:

MooMoo Math and Science

This morning I'm sharing a great STEM YouTube channel for kids & teens (& adults if you are interested).

Who is your favorite STEM YouTuber? MooMooMath provides fun helpful Math and Science videos to help folks learn Math and Science. We add a new video every day and take great pride in this..

Looking for a Mother's Day Gift, birthday gift or just to treat yourself? Sign up today at:

Yesterday the choirs and I had fun playing "Choir Jeapordy". Can you finish the lyric? :-) #thecoolchoir #choirantine

John Legend - All of Me (Edited Video)

What music are you listening to today? I don't know about you, but I do not want to hear ANY news today, so I'm intentionally listening to music and taking the day to relax and enjoy as much as possible. The song I'm currently "studying" is "All of You" by John Legend. Perfectly written, simplistic piano with beautiful vocals.

John Legend's official music video for 'All Of Me'. Click to listen to John Legend on Spotify: As featured on Love I...

Coding Activities - Vernier

Scratch is a great introduction to programming for kids age 8 & up. There's no cost to download the Scratch app and it is a lot of fun! Vernier has put together a free list of fun activities to do with Scratch to get you started. #freefriday Keep Students Coding with These Scratch Activities Each of the free activities below includes step-by-step instructions and sample code for students and educators. Each activity...

[04/22/20]   How many of our Facebook followers can we get to do us a big favor?

Supporting small businesses doesn’t require spending money. It’s as simple as sharing, liking and promoting us! It really means a lot!


Georgia Joice Music & Tech, LLC

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How are you and what is new?

Yesterday, an informative newsletter was sent out to subscribers talking about all of the changes and expected roll-outs. If you'd like to be in the know, please subscribe here.

Newsletter link:

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Psycho Killer - The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - BBC Proms

Who doesn't like a little Talking Heads on Ukulele?

Get the full concert from ! This is the Orchestra's version of Talking Heads' Psycho Killer, performed at the Royal Albert Ha...

Zoom Shortcuts

If you're like me, you are in a LOT of online meetings lately, specifically, Zoom meetings. I created this shortcut printout and thought many might also like to have it near their computer for reference. I sincerely hope everyone is hanging in there these days and taking time for themselves. Zoom Shortcuts - Microsoft F6: Navigate among Zoom popup windows. Ctrl+Alt+Shift: Move focus to Zoom's meeting controls Alt+F1: Switch to active speaker view in video meeting Alt+F2: Switch to gallery video view in video meeting Alt+V: Start/Stop Video Alt+A: Mute/unmute audio Alt+M: Mute/un...

This class started Tuesday, but you can absolutely still sign up and not miss a thing! Teens and adults, online, from comfort and safety of your home. Come join the fun!

SIGN UP for ONLINE Ukulele Strum & Sing is on-going for our adult/teen series that starts this Tuesday evening, April 7th. NO REGISTRATION FEE ($50 savings), and monthly tuition is per household, not per person. (Ukulele & book purchased separately.)
We are going to be learning some fun songs and you will be amazed at your progress!

Sign up at:

#HamAtHome: Live sing-along of entire Hamilton album with cast members [04/10/20]

Have any Hamilton fans in the house?!? How fun is this?! Join Hamilton cast members for a #HamAtHome singalong of the entire Original Broadway Cast Album on Friday, April 10th. Get those vocal cords warmed up - downbeat's at 8 PM sharp. 🎤 The sing-along will be streamed live on YouTube here: More info: https:...

SIGN UP for ONLINE Ukulele Strum & Sing is on-going for our adult/teen series that starts this Tuesday evening, April 7th. NO REGISTRATION FEE ($50 savings), and monthly tuition is per household, not per person. (Ukulele & book purchased separately.)
We are going to be learning some fun songs and you will be amazed at your progress!

Sign up at:

This week was crazy hat day in my classes. Some took it to crazy head gear. :-)

Happy April Fool's Day!! What is the funniest prank you have experienced or plan to do today? ProTip: I highly recommend the app "Air Horn" if you want to have some fun today. :-)

5 People Who Were Amazingly Productive In Quarantine It's not a myth: William Shakespeare really did write 'King Lear' during the plague. From Edvard Munch to Isaac Newton, here are a few more people who made the most of being isolated.

Hello to our new-comers! I want to introduce myself. I have been teaching piano since 2007 and later added voice, then in 2011 I became EARLY certified for instruction in Robotics from NASA's EARLY program. I then coached robotics teams for about 5 years then continued via summer camps. I currently teach ukulele, voice, piano, youth choir and different STEM courses, like robotics, and I sing professionally. I enjoy teaching all ages, including adults! My favorite thing to do besides singing, is to learn new things and pass that onto my students.
I have been training in how-to for online instruction for about a year now but just didn't make the move. This past month has forced me to take all of my classes online and I have really enjoyed the process and especially the opportunity to make those connections weekly. My degree is in business & technology and my past full time jobs included software testing and technical writing, web design & graphics, accounting, and executive communications/planning & HR. My bio link can provide you with a little more detail.
Anyway, just wanted to say hello since someone mentioned to me that they didn't know I taught anything other than choir! THANK YOU for your likes, shares and support!! Also, here is a pic from my childhood. 🙂

Yesterday's Online Group Ukulele class was so much fun! In fact, all of our classes were awesome!! Thank you to everyone who joined!!
I was asked about when I will offer another Ukulele class again, so I am happy to share another FREE "adultish" class next TUESDAY at 6:00. (if you have an older kid joining with an adult, that's fine too.) Beginning in April, I will offer Tuesday evening Ukulele Online group classes for a monthly fee. In meantime, please come learn & sing LEAN ON ME with us, next Tuesday!

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

14 Songs That 'Rip Off' Classical Music

So interesting!

To get $30 off Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro ear buds use the promo code DAVIDL2P30 at the links below: UK viewers: US viewers: https://amz...



There are so many people we all wish we could see right now. Here is Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" by Choir! Choir! Choir! We hope you join in tonight at 8 PM EDT and sing this beauty with us. Check the Choir!ntine event page for lyrics to all the songs we'll be singing.
C! you tonight...

What set us apart?

Georgia Joice Music & Tech is located in Klein/Spring, Texas, very near the Barbara Bush Library and in the heart of the Cypress Creek Cultural District. For more information about the studio, visit , or use the Contact Form at the bottom of every page to connect with us! We also have a FAQ page that is also very helpful!

We continue to offer high quality, ONLINE and in-person instruction for music and robotics/STEAM, since 2007 & 2011, respectively. Our mission of performing for community seniors and people with special needs, while providing the lowest teacher/student ratios in the area and custom learning paths, is what sets us apart.

If you are ready to commit to a quality education while giving back to your community, use our signup form to get started. Thank you!

~ Georgia

UKULELE LESSONS Want to play that latest, cool song you’ve heard, but aren’t sure of what you’re doing? Love the idea that you can get started for less than a $75 instrument investment cost and you can take it virtually EVERYWHERE? Does the idea of playing with others within two weeks sound like fun? Then you are ready to begin your journey into Ukulele!

Ukulele lessons are provided as a group class that meets weekly for 30 minutes. We learn chords, theory, strum patterns, technique, and collaborative playing while exploring classics, current tunes, and scales. Being in a group class is not only fun, but it is SO motivating and provides a great amount of accountability!

Ukulele lessons are for ages 8+ and adults. We have LOTS of teens and adults who love to learn Ukulele!


Are you looking for a homeschool choir that does not detract a whole day of school from your weekly schedule? Is your child looking for music that is eclectic and fun? Maybe you are looking for a musical education that is clearly communicated, simplistically done, but does not require expensive formal attire?

Then you have found the right choir.

Our music director has been teaching music privately since 2007. Our rehearsals combine technology and music education in a fun, positive environment. We learn sight-singing, solfege, proper technique, harmonies, and mainly, teamwork. Every student really enjoys choir rehearsals!

Spring Singers, while simple in our approach, just DOES BIG THINGS. Our main objective is to perform for the special needs and the seniors of our community. We want our singers and our audiences to feel special and remember that they are valued. We do not charge for our performances and do not require you to volunteer. If you feel the spirit of giving, by all means, do it, but it is not required.

  • Children’s Choir is for ages 6 - 11. Teen choir is age 12 - 18. Rehearsals occur once a week on Tuesday afternoons.

  • Required Materials: Students need only to bring a positive attitude and a spillproof water bottle to rehearsals. At home, they will need internet access and a listening device, plus printer, if they’d like to print the music.

  • Practice Expectations: Children’s choir members are required to practice 30 minutes a week, while Teens are required to practice 60 minutes a week. All music & movements must be memorized.

  • For more details on the Choir Handbook and choir schedule & costs, visit our Spring Singers Choir page.
  • PIANO LESSONS Have you had an experience with piano lessons that was not the right fit? Maybe lessons were too regimented or high pressure? Or maybe piano lessons are something that you have always wanted to do but never did? Finding and staying with the right teacher is one of the MOST important decisions in your musical journey that you will ever make. Our students love to learn, want to progress, and they put in the work that is needed to move forward. All of our lessons focus on setting goals within an environment of PATIENCE, FUN and LOVE for music. Students are not asked to enter festivals, contests, take exams or participate in high pressure performances. We focus on having fun, communicating weekly progress & goals and sharing our gift of music with others.

    Students learn state-based music theory, so they can read and write music (shouldn’t that be a big take-away from lessons?). We spend time composing music, learning by ear, and use project-based learning to work on our favorite repertoire like gaming music, musicals, broadway tunes, and classical music. We use LOTS of games in class to reinforce concepts.

  • Piano lessons are available for beginner through early advanced, beginning age 6 and older. (Online lessons require an adult attendance for ages 9 & under.) Lessons occur once a week.

  • Required Materials: Students must have access to a fully functional and well-tuned piano or full-sized weighted keyboard or digital piano. Students should bring their music method books and repertoire to each lesson.

  • Practice Expectations: A student’s progress is determined by consistent practice, not by simply attending lessons. Ideally, students should practice at least 4 days a week. The quality of the practice should be focused and long enough to hit the goals we create during each lesson.
  • VOICE LESSONS Are you wanting to sing with more control and volume? Is singing a personal skill you’ve always wanted to improve or maybe you have a solo or an audition you need to prepare for? Maybe you are a seasoned vocalist, but are struggling with vocal changes or have reached a roadblock in your performances.

    Then welcome to our studio.

    I enjoy teaching a variety of genres including musical theatre, contemporary, classical, opera, and pop/rock. Our lessons will focus on developing proper breathing, resonance, and tone production, in addition to performance style and interpretation.

    My years of experience performing as a soloist and directing musicals for children’s productions, aids in my ability to assist students to overcome audition and performance challenges. Because I have been an audition judge as well as a stage performer, I have an insider view of what directors are looking for.

    For prospective students, reading music or having experience playing another instrument is helpful, preferably piano, but it is not required.

  • Voice lessons are available for ages 12 and older. Students should have access to an acoustic piano or small keyboard for practice purposes, or be prepared to invest a small monthly amount in an app subscription. Lessons occur once a week.

  • Suggested Materials: Voice students must bring their current music repertoire and a bottle of water to each lesson.

  • Practice Expectations: Voice students are expected to practice enough to reach their lesson goals each week. Practice should focus on both vocalises and repertoire.

    Our summer camps include choir camp, robotics camp, and ukulele camps! Choir and Ukulele are a chance to learn new songs for the coming year, try out choir for a few days, and are all local day camps.

    Robotics camps are SOOOOO much fun that your child will not even realize they are learning! We use a combination of Lego Education curriculum, NASA EARLY Challenge, and some of our seasoned coach’s own learning projects. The students team up, use their creative-problem solving abilities to follow rules (or figure out what the rules are NOT), and they have creative input in the design process to test out their ideas and LEARN from solving any problems. By the last day of camp, they are experiencing a full, mock tournament in a robotics mini-competition.

  • Robotics campers are 7 & up and must have a kind, teamwork-oriented attitude.

  • Camp lasts for 3 hours straight, for 3 days. We focus for a long time, so sometimes it can be intense fun.

  • We provide 3 teachers for no more than 8 students. All of our teachers are experienced in EARLY robotics for many years and are great mentors.

  • Students will have some homework the first evening. Reading & writing fluency is not required, but helpful.
  • Click here to see all of our reviews on Google!

    Sign up for lessons if you are interested in getting started now! If you have questions, please feel free to email us!

    Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Spring?

    Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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