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There is nothing I can say…. Except I am grateful I knew you. I am grateful we met. I’m glad I got to hold you and love you. I’ll never regret knowing you. I would do it all again, over and over forever. Because you were my world for a moment. You made me know the love of a mother. the joy of carrying you was only rivaled by the joy I felt with your brothers and sisters. Happy Birth Day, my darling Lily. Today I miss taking you out for your first legal drink. I miss introducing you to another step in adulthood. I miss…. You. But I carry you with me. I carry you in my heart.

Grief is not something you get over. It doesn’t get better. It gets different. Sometimes the load drags you down and sometimes it lifts you up. The memories are sweet and bitter and lovely and hard. My feelings wheel and swell as I move through this process, but under it all is Joy.
Go, go, go!
I love showing my kids my memories. I spent hours here as a young woman staring at this very same view. They loved it.
Had an amazing dinner last night at the food was beyond…. The best uni pasta ever. Thank you so much chef Billy and team for making our night so much fun!
with one of my besties.
We coming to our contemporary artists gallery in our home. I feel so happy every time I pass her.
I am so excited to welcome this amazing artist into our home. is an amazing person and artist I was lucky enough to spend time with her last weekend discussing her process. This beautiful painting is on burlap and is beautiful and rich with color. Dan and I both were drawn to it from across the room. I couldn’t be happier to look at it every day.
So much fun last night at the most amazing art by and was purchased and absolutely delicious cookies by
and I had a fun date night last night.

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from our friends at WE LOVE THEM!!! They help families feel better!

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I couldn’t love you more than the day we got married, until I woke up the next day…. And the next… And the next. Every single day. 25 years has changed us, changed our love, made it better, stronger, less scary, but more terrifying. I miss you when you go away still, but now I know I carry you with me, I carry you in my heart. I am so grateful for your love, for our love. I don’t even want to try and think about a world where you aren’t mine. I love you. Thank you.


So thrilled to announce the beginning of something new! Infant feeding support group- where burdens are shared and support is normal. Launching Nov 30 at my Old Town Spring office. Over the days leading up to launching, you’ll find some ‘Mom to Mom’ advice from lots of my previous patients. I want to always be a beacon of hope for you in these tender days. Support group will be weekly, ALL feeding methods welcome. Let’s connect, care for one another, and remind each other we are never alone!


One of my favorite things about being a doula is the way I remember your faces. Not still, but in action. Crying and Joyful. Scared and reassured. Vulnerable and Strong.

I just had a client send me these words: Hehe thank you!! and I immediately saw her face - the way her chin juts forward when she laughs... Like noone is watching her... It's just lovely. And I want to let you know that we folks who work with you, to help you birth your babies....

We SEE You.

We see you giving it everything you've got. Succeeding wildly and struggling every single step. Rejoicing and grieving.Perservering, no matter the outcome, weathering every single challenge, because you are that strong. And Growing and growing...

I am so proud and so honored that so many of you have let me have a glimpse into the hardest and most wonderful moments in your life. And I think of you, each of you, often and always. I am proud to call so many of you friends, if not for a lifetime, for such an important moment. I will always carry it with me.

And as a very dear friend of mine once said:

Hehe Thank You!!


over here breaking his RBF streak.

Home - Labor Enabler 11/04/2022

Home - Labor Enabler

I wrote this over 10 years ago......
Still True.

So - when you become a doula you start joining all these online communities where people ask questions and you maybe answer them or just read the answers other people post. Over the years I have quit answering so much and I have spent more time listening. Recently, on my original certifying agency board a woman asked a question about back up for labor doula services. I have seen this question before and never spoke up…. but this time it was different. I knew I had something to share. My response is relatively concise, but it is important to me… This was my response: “After flying solo for six years… I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a couple of back-ups and they were nice people, but I was always asking myself how I could make it work better. I never knew when they were going to be out of town. Plus, even though I knew them and we had a shared philosophy - I had never SEEN them be a doula. Two years ago I started a group practice. I LOVE it! It has been the most successful thing I have ever done. We all maintain our own businesses, but we work together to provide better care for our clients. We do births together so we can say - I have seen Amanda at work and she is amazing!. We don’t have a set fee division for sharing births or laborsitting or full coverage. Each birth is unique and we decided it must be treated that way financially as well as emotionally. All of our doulas offer different things: labor doula, postpartum, childbirth education, massage for pregnancy and postpartum, placenta services, etc. There is some overlap and frequently our clients will take childbirth education with one doula, have one labor doula, a different postpartum doula, her massage therapist. That way she gets to know several of the doulas in the group should we need to use a backup for any reason. We do not share call - so the doula you hire is almost always the doula who attends. We now have 5 doulas in our practice, plus we have seen a huge increase in business with this model. We all work full time now and turn away business every month. I can’t encourage you enough to find good back -up. People with a shared sense of purpose. But, I also encourage you to build your own skills by attending births with your back-up. Working together to provide rounder, better care for your clients and their families. I have always loved my job, but I love it even more now that I have this beautiful group of doulas to share it with every day!” My partner doulas saved me. They lift me up when I am struggling. They are there when I cannot be there. I lean on them. I listen to them. They are my community within my community. My safest place as a doula is their arms. When I see doulas struggling to make their births and find back up, I want to help them. This is the only way I know how. So I shout now - “Find YOUR people! WORK with them! Learn from them! Build your own community within a community!” You can find out more about our doula practice by asking us! Any of us! ANYTHING! We love what we have created and want to share it with other people - pregnant people, doulas, midwives, IBCLCs - we don’t care. We just want everyone to feel the love and comfort that we feel. Kathleen Wilson, Birth and Labor Doula, Placenta Specialist, Childbirth Educator and Lover of all things Birthy! [email protected]

Home - Labor Enabler


Photos from Labor Enabler's post 10/22/2022

Photos from Labor Enabler's post 10/22/2022

representing at with


happy birthday



Here’s to a


Signage is officially up!!!


Ready for class tonight! If you’re looking for awesome childbirth education we are your crew! This is our classroom. We don’t post often, but we are here empowering families every day!!!

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She wouldn’t let me sleep.


When tells you to say hell yeah…. You say Hell yeah.


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Had an amazing day! Getting my education on with a bunch of amazing folks. Happy Spinning Babies Education Day!!!


My Mornings look a little different from my front porch at the office.



With what a show!




21 years ago…. I didn’t know it would be our last day. I didn’t know that I should stop and smell your hair and take a moment to remember the details of your eyes. I didn’t know that I needed to savor every single moment because all too soon you would be taken from me. Because every day I wake up and try to remember those moments…. Especially the way you smelled. I loved the way you smelled. I tried to save it. I wrapped your blanket up. I put it in a baggie, I took all the air out and I put it in the freezer. Sometimes I would open it up and breathe in that sweet smell. It faded so quickly. I still have it. I still smell it and pretend that I can smell you…. I miss you so very very very much, my love. Grief doesn’t get easier. It’s not something you ‘get over’. You learn to love your grief, because it is what remains, along with the memories, but they fade…. The memories fade, but the grief it stays fresh. It hollows you out and fills you up. You wear it, you carry it, you ride it, but it never leaves. Some days are easy and some days are hard. Today is hard. It’s raining and the rain reminds me of you. It rained so hard the day you were born and it rained the day you died and it rained the day we buried you. Thank you for the rain today. Thank you for giving me that all too short moment with you, marked by rain. It wasn’t enough, but I am grateful for every second. I am always grateful for the rain, because it reminds me of you. From the moment I felt you spark inside my body, until the moment I held your hand and watched the light slowly fade from your tiny body….. every second was precious to me. I miss you so much, Lily. I miss you so much. Tomorrow is the day you left us and it feels like too much to bear this year.….. but I will carry it and I will find joy and I will remember.

Photos from TLC Doula Group's post 08/28/2022

Photos from TLC Doula Group's post


I walked past this encouraging so many times this week and last week as the team welcomed four babies. You can find this gorgeous girl on the floor.


This kid is the best of us. All of us. People don’t always get him. But he gets you. He understands more than any other person I know. He loves completely. He is loyal beyond measure. He is honest, so very honest. I’m so lucky he chose me to be his mom 14 years ago. Happy Gibson Day Everyone. We are all so very lucky he was born.



Why isn’t there a week for people who couldn’t breastfeed?

There is. It’s World Breastfeeding Week.

World Breastfeeding Week is not just for mothers who met their breastfeeding goals. It is also for every mother who ever wanted to breastfeed for a day, a week, a month, a year and wasn’t able to do so.

I know this week is incredibly painful if you weren’t able to meet your breastfeeding goals. I know it feels like the universe is conspiring against you to re-open old wounds and pour salt into them. I’m not going to minimize that. I’m not going to tell you to get over it. I’m not going to tell you that your feelings don’t matter.

You matter. Your feelings matter.

Not only are your feelings valid, they are important. I would argue that those feelings of pain, and loss and grief are one of the most important parts of World Breastfeeding Week.

It is nothing short of cruel that we, as a society, inform mothers of all the benefits of breastfeeding, and then fail to provide adequate help and support for mothers to meet their breastfeeding goals. 80% of mothers who stop breastfeeding in the early days say they would've liked to continue, and felt they could've continued with better support (according to Public Health England). It is nothing short of a travesty that hundreds of thousands of mothers are being let down. Given the very real grief many mothers feel at having to stop breastfeeding, and the fact that the leading cause of death in women in the first 12 months after giving birth is su***de I believe it is fair to say that it is a travesty that is harming, and possibly even killing women.

One of the most damaging results of a lack of breastfeeding support is that mothers are left with no emotional support when breastfeeding doesn't go to plan. There is no one there to give them a hug, a cup of tea, a piece of cake, to reassure them that they have nothing to feel guilty about. To tell them that if they can look themselves in the eye and know they are doing the best they can with their circumstances, then that is all anyone can ever do and it it makes them a truly wonderful mother. No-one is there to tell them to be kind to themselves, to give themselves time to grieve. To tell them that if they want to curl up on the sofa with chocolate and Netflix for a few days they should do that. They are expected to just move on, get over it, it's not like it mattered anyway. So that pain, and that loss, and that grief never truly gets a chance to heal.

And that's exactly why this week is important. Because every mother who ever wanted to breastfeed her baby, for an hour, a week, a month, a year or longer deserves adequate help and support to meet that goal. And for the mothers who don't meet that goal for whatever reason, they have the right to adequate emotional support to heal from that. And I know it hurts this week when you didn't get the support that you deserved, but the aim of this week, the reason we bang our drums, and and get on our soap boxes is so every mother gets the practical end emotional support she deserves. So no other mother ever has to go through this pain.

Words & Photo by: Breastfeeding Berkshire


I love Dr Shirley ped

Newborns - What to Expect - The Weird and The Wonderful Part 2 - P**p

1) Newborn p**p looks like black tar (meconium) for the first 2-3 days. It starts transitioning around day 3-4 to brown, then green, then seedy yellow. Transitioning stool is usually a sign of sufficient milk passing through the gut, so if we are not transitioning by day 4 and there has been difficulty feeding with lower-than-expected wet diapers, contact your pediatrician and lactation consultant.

Normal output looks like the following:
First 24 hours: 1 wet diaper, 1 p**p
Day 2: 2 wet, 2 p**p (still meconium)
Day 3: 3 wet, 2-3 p**ps (black to brown)
Day 4: 4 wet, 3-4 p**p (green to yellow)
Day 5 and beyond: at least 5-6 wet diapers and 4-5 p**ps (yellow, seedy)

2) “Constipation” – newborns can often appear like they’re straining to p**p, but this is usually because they are still learning the mechanics of p**ping, which involves relaxing some muscles while squeezing others. Sometimes, they are literally pushing against a closed door (a**l sphincter muscle), so it appears like strain. However, it is not true constipation unless the stool is formed, i.e. holds shape to it. If your newborn or infant has formed stool, contact your pediatrician.

We also think of going several days without p**ping as “constipation” in the adult and older child world, however it can be normal in a 4-week old breastfed infant to go up to 7 days without p**ping. Breastmilk is efficiently absorbed at this age and leads to less frequent p**ps, but they may be large!!

(Note: in the first 5-7 days of life, not p**ping is a sign of poor feeding and inadequate milk intake until proven otherwise, so seek help from your pediatrician and lactation consultant.)

**p **p **pface **pexplosion

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Who wants this by artist ?!?! I have mine! Go order yours! And we can be twinning for


The healing is going well.


Happy Father’s Day! Every year I write about Mother’s Day. The mothers we don’t think about, the women we miss. The mothers that stumble into it accidentally and those that choose it with purpose. I feel I have been remiss in my address of Fathers. Being a Father is a choice. Standing up for someone when no one else will. Giving a hug or a word of comfort. Not just showing up, but standing up. Maybe you didn’t even know how much you were going to father, before it happened. I’m proud of you.



Another moment from the catalogue. Just being cool with the youngest . Sharing a at the rodeo. Listening to her tell him stories. This is what he does and why we love him. He won’t see this so, so he won’t know…. That we love him more than we tell him. That we all think his stories are funny. That when he picks us up, we feel safe. That when he listens we feel important. That he’s an amazing husband, but an even better father. I’m glad I picked you to do life with. Happy Father’s Day!





There is nothing I can say…. Except I am grateful I knew you. I am grateful we met. I’m glad I got to hold you and love you. I’ll never regret knowing you. I would do it all again, over and over forever. Because you were my world for a moment. You made me know the love of a mother. the joy of carrying you was only rivaled by the joy I felt with your brothers and sisters. Happy Birth Day, my darling Lily. Today I miss taking you out for your first legal drink. I miss introducing you to another step in adulthood. I miss…. You. But I carry you with me. I carry you in my heart.

Grief is not something you get over. It doesn’t get better. It gets different. Sometimes the load drags you down and sometimes it lifts you up. The memories are sweet and bitter and lovely and hard. My feelings wheel and swell as I move through this process, but under it all is Joy.


Go, go, go!

Support for the Whole Family

Kathleen is a dedicated labor doula. Providing support for the whole family before, during and after pregnancy. Kathleen has been practicing for over fourteen years and has attended over 1000 births. While Kathleen specializes in high risk pregnancies, she loves to work in all environments with all different kinds of providers and families. Kathleen is also a co-founder of TLC Doula Group - Houston’s oldest doula collective and co-founder of Rebel Birth Education and Resource Haven, a support Haven for families in the child bearing years. Kathleen is a native Houstonian and has been married for over twenty years.

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