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Happy Mother’s Day! To All who Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day! To All who Mother.


The most delicious moment...

The most delicious moment...

Rebel Birth 04/13/2021

Rebel Birth

Looking for in person, small group childbirth education? We’ve got you covered! Sign up now, space is limited! Don’t see an option that works for you?? We can create a private class tailored to your needs! [email protected]
Classes available in Old Town Spring at Rebel Birth Education and Resource Haven or in Houston at Heart of Houston Birth & Wellness Center

Rebel Birth We teach pregnant women and their support teams how to own their birth by making informed decisions about their care.

Prepare for Postpartum Like a Pro! 04/13/2021

Prepare for Postpartum Like a Pro!

Prepare for Postpartum Like a Pro! Take notes — Make a written postpartum plan. This can take minimal time and be as simple as a list of important numbers (Postpartum Support International warm-line 1-800-944-4773 , doctor/midwife, pediatrician, labor doula, postpartum doula, lactation consultant). Planning for a joyous postpartum ...


Welcome to TLC Doula Group, Stephi Anderson!!!! I am so excited to watch TLC grow and to welcome Stephi into the fold.

WELCOME TO TLC, Stephi Anderson!!! We couldn't be more excited to introduce you to our newest Birth Doula. Stephi has been a welcome addition to TLC Doula Group and TLC Birth Allliance. Keep your eyes open, because TLC is growing!

Stephi is the owner of the Family Prep Doula Co. She has been a doula since 2013. She has trained with CAPPA, Doula Trainings International, and Bebo Mia, and is currently learning from some of the most experienced doulas in Houston. Stephi loves working with parents who break the mold and grow their families on their own terms. She married the first guy she met who could sing the alphabet backwards and loved books as much as she did, and they’re raising five crazy amazing kids together. She loves to hang upside down and re-pot succulents (just not at the same time). She will try any food you give her.

Meet Rowan TwoSisters - Certified Professional Midwife. 04/05/2021

Meet Rowan TwoSisters - Certified Professional Midwife.

Check out this good news.

Meet Rowan TwoSisters - Certified Professional Midwife. This week we officially brought on a second midwife to help out! Rowan TwoSisters, a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), is joining our team part time. She has been a CPM since January 2019 and has extensive birth center and home birth experience. Prior to earning midwifery boards, Rowan worked as...


I was so lucky to get to attend one of the first births at Heart of Houston Birth & Wellness Center and watch, awestruck, as this couple welcomed their first child. Thank you to the family for allowing me to be present and honor their space and big thanks to the Team at Heart of Houston for welcoming me into their space. I can't wait to do it again.

Sweet Maxwell was the very first Heart of Houston baby boy!! Mom walked into the birth center ready to meet her baby and wasted ZERO time. It was such a beautiful birth! As an added bonus, one of our very favorite doulas @laborenabler Kathleen Wilson happened to be attending. Congratulations mom and dad, you two are incredible 💕


We are so excited to be partnering with Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Center to provide educational opportunities for everyone in Houston. #rebelbirth #heartofhouston #laborenabler #thepainteddoula #htxchildbirtheducation #houstondoulas #doulasofoldtownspring #doulasofthewoodlands #doulaswhoteach


[01/28/21]   All Birth Photography courtesy of Stephanie Shirley Photography


TLC Doula Group

TLC monthly meeting. Coordinating care for families in Houston!






What did I just walk up on??? In public?!?! #gentlemengnomes


Did you know that your #23rdanniversary is concrete?? Neither did I. But, #damnitdan has assured me that it is. So for our #pandemicanniversary we bought a new concrete bench and a concrete stand for our front yard. #fancy #elevatedentertainment #concreteanniversary #houstondoula #thewoodlandsdoula #doulasofoldtownspring




#kotabeardontcare hates this picture I played with. But I love it.


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This sweet peach of a girl won’t stop growing. #queenlola is officially #oneyearolder. I couldn’t be prouder of the brilliant person she is becoming. I love you #lolabird. You’re the bestest. #laborenabler #houstondoula #doulakids #worthit #thewoodlandsdoula #doulasofoldtownspring


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Sometimes you have to be a Doula at a hospital during a pandemic. Sometimes you have to watch hard things and try and make them easier. Sometimes you’re lucky and you love your clients so much that their pain is your pain. Today I had the privilege of watching two families welcome their babies in very different ways. Both of them sacrificed. Both of them did everything right. I couldn’t be prouder of both of them. And I couldn’t be more honored that they allowed me to be part of the joy of today. #houstondoula #thewoodlandsdoula #doulasofoldtownspring #laborenabler #rebelbirth


It’s been too long without you, little love. Grief doesn’t get easier. It’s like an ocean and it comes in waves. You are never alone once you have grief - it goes everywhere with you, but you learn to carry it. You learn to love it, because it is part memory and part heartache and it is all you have left. #LILYLILYLILYLILY #sayhername #carryherwithyou #managinggrief #thelittleprince #alwayshere #theweightisgood #itdoesntgeteasier


#skatingawaymyworries found my old skates from when I was a #montrosehoodrat now I’m just skating around my house till I get some protective gear. I’ll see you on the streets soon though. #skatehard #girlsskate #laborenabler #houstondoula #thewoodlandsdoula #doulasofoldtownspring #rebelbirth #rebelskater

[06/22/20]   You’ll always be a hero to someone. Happy Father’s Day!


I see you when I look at the flowers, I hear you when I look at the stars. I imagine your hair and your fingers... your eyes are always dark and open. You would be grown now and on your own, but I would always be there for you. We would have taken trips together. You would have told me about your first love. I would have held you when you cried. We would eat brunch. And we would hold hands. How I want to hold your hand now. You were my world for a moment. You were the door that brought me to my new life. I carry you with me. I carry you in my heart. I miss you so, my little Lily. Happy Birth Day, my daughter. #lilylilylilylilylilylily💙💜🖤💙💜🖤💙💜🖤💙💜🖤💙💜🖤💙💜🖤💗 #sayhername #dontbeafraid #iamwithyou #thelittleprince


#nofilterneeded these pretty flowers were planted by the most jubilant eight year old. #queenlola works in her flower garden most days and I enjoy the beauty. #laborenabler #houstondoula #thewoodlandsdoula #doulasofoldtownspring #lookforbeautyeverywhere #dailyinspiration


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My favorite moment from yesterday. #lostinmygarden #laborenabler #houstondoula #thewoodlandsdoula #doulasofoldtownspring #rebelbirth


Why do #linedriedsheets feel and smell so good?? #laborenabler #houstondoula #thewoodlandsdoula #doulasofoldtownspring #rebelbirth


When I started working with this brand new doula almost 8 years ago, I had no idea the places she would go or the things she would do. Her reverence for birth is amazing!!! Yesterday she had an accidental home birth, held it together, called paramedics, oversaw the delivery and transport and then called in backup for cleanup and childcare. She is really amazing and so are her clients. The Painted Doula

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! (Full story on The Painted Doula Facebook post) ... I snapped this picture of her as she was getting herself onto the stretcher because I just thought it was so POWERFUL, seeing her walk herself out with her baby in her arms, still attached to the placenta that was still inside her body, blood and pieces of the amniotic sac on her legs, while her husband, the paramedics and I just stood by and showed reverence and respect for the goddess before us. #mothersday #badassbirther #VBAC #accidentalhomebirth #beautiful #raw #real #thepainteddoula #rebelbirth #houstondoula #doulaweekend #htxdoula #postedbyjoli @lnewchurch

The ultimate honor for a birth worker on Mother’s Day is to be a part of another mother’s birth story. Liz and I have been talking every day since Wednesday. She has had contractions every night that were strong enough to disrupt her sleep but they would slow down or go away each morning. Each day we checked in first thing in the morning, and each day I thought for sure I would hear from her sometime later that day. Each night I was surprised to still be at home waiting for the call. Yesterday I went and visited with her and we talked about how a watched pot never boils and made a plan to ignore anything that didn’t make her vocalize. I felt her belly to see what position baby boy was in and we did some work to help him to be in the most optimal position. We also talked about emotional release techniques and how the stress of the times and the stress of waiting for labor may be blocking her from going into active labor. Finally, this morning she texted me around 6:50am that she had been having back labor contractions all night long. We chatted around 7:30 and she was going to see what happened when she got up and moving. Then right around 9:00 she called and said she was moaning a little through them and thought maybe I should head her way. When I got to the house around 10:30 she and her husband Steve and their sweet little boy Peter were in the playroom hanging out. Whenever she had a contraction she would lean forward on her elbows and knees and I started giving her some counter pressure. She seemed like she was in nice active labor, contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart and around a minute long but usually less than a minute (the goal for most people by the end of labor is 2-3 minutes apart and 90 seconds long.) Liz started telling me about her emotional release yesterday. She had realized that she was sad that Peter wouldn’t be her only baby anymore and that she was scared that the new baby would change her relationship with him. He was playing with blocks right in front of her and she was helping him and holding his hand during surges. Then a big one came and she roared really big! Peter reached out and put his little hand on his momma’s back like mine was and looked into my eyes like “look I can do that too!” After the surge, Liz said she thought her water had broken. We decided to go to the restroom and see what we could see. Everything moved so fast from there! She had one contraction that took her to her knees on the way to the bathroom. She began to panic, but got control really fast. We made it to the bathroom and I gave her some pH paper to make sure there was amniotic fluid (there was). After about 2 contractions we decided to go to the hospital. On the next contraction she went to her knees again and leaned over the toilet. This time I could see that her labia were parting with the contractions and that she was pushing!! I told her she should put a finger in and feel if the baby was there...she did...AND HE WAS!!!!!! I dialed 911 and handed the phone to Steve and said “we’re not going to make it to the hospital! Tell them we need an ambulance RIGHT NOW!” The ambulance got there so fast and then we all just waited for her to ease him out. She did so amazing. He wanted to come so fast and she would start to panic but then she would slow down and listen to me telling her to do no more or less than her body was doing on its own. She gently eased him into the world in about 4 pushes and then had him in her arms!!! She bulb suctioned him herself and got him crying and onto the breast. A few minutes later we helped her up and walked her out to the stretcher waiting out front so they could ride to the hospital. Momma and baby are healthy as can be and so excited about their badass birth story. I’m so proud of her and so glad I got to spend Mother’s Day this way. I snapped this picture of her as she was getting herself onto the stretcher because I just thought it was so POWERFUL, seeing her walk herself out with her baby in her arms, still attached to the placenta that was still inside her body, blood and pieces of the amniotic sac on her legs, while her husband, the paramedics and I just stood by and showed reverence and respect for the goddess before us. #mothersday #badassbirther #VBAC #accidentalhomebirth #beautiful #raw #real #thepainteddoula #rebelbirth #houstondoula #doulaweekend #htxdoula


#notabaddaysofar #laborenabler #houstondoula #thewoodlandsdoula #doulasofoldtownspring #mothersday2020


I see you. It's not your day, but somehow it should be. You are mother and yet, no one says happy Mother's Day to you because they cannot see your story. Perhaps you held your baby in your arms for a moment, perhaps only in your heart. Maybe you are mother to children that passed under your care in some way. But still - a mother all the same. Happy Mother's Day to you. I will be thinking of you today. People do not mother because they birth babies. People mother because they are defined by caring.


I’ve taken a big break from reading on social media during the #covidpandemic2020 and today I ventured in to see what everyone was up to. I know we are all tired and frustrated, but I think we all need a big dose of #empathy for ourselves and for others. So today try to be kind, try to be understanding, try to be what you want to receive. We never know what the person next to us is going thru or what happened to them today. I’m going to try and post something positive and uplifting every day. I’m going to try and not judge people. I’m going to try and be here if you need understanding. #laborenabler #thewoodlandsdoula #doulasofoldtownspring #houstondoula #rebelbirth


Greater Houston Midwives Alliance

TLC Doula Group has been hard at work in the Houston area to keep us all informed of changing hospital policies, midwife policies and availability for late transfers. We appreciate all they are doing, and they have given GHMA permission to share their valuable document here.

If you are planning a hospital delivery, you can check this document for an update on that hospitals L&D policies, and if you are considering birthing with a midwife, you can find their policies and availability here as well.

Thank you, TLC Doula Group!


Just an average night. For an average girl. Baked some bread, made dinner. But while everyone sleeps, she dons her mask and becomes #thebirthninja driving down desolate roads, teaching comfort techniques, helping people everywhere breathe their babies down, safely. Tonight I got to help a family at home and then see them off to the hospital in late labor. #luckydoula #pandemicdoula #stillworking #laborenabler #houstondoula #doulasofoldtownspring #thewoodlandsdoula #rebelbirth

Support for the Whole Family

Kathleen is a dedicated labor doula. Providing support for the whole family before, during and after pregnancy. Kathleen has been practicing for over fourteen years and has attended over 1000 births. While Kathleen specializes in high risk pregnancies, she loves to work in all environments with all different kinds of providers and families. Kathleen is also a co-founder of TLC Doula Group - Houston’s oldest doula collective and co-founder of Rebel Birth Education and Resource Haven, a support Haven for families in the child bearing years. Kathleen is a native Houstonian and has been married for over twenty years.

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26600 Keith Street
Spring, TX

General information

I have been assissting at births for over twelve years. My goals are to empower women and support the whole family through pregnancy, labor, delivery and the post-partum period, to facilitate communication with everyone involved, to encourage the birthing mother and her family and to advocate on their behalf. I specialize in working in hospitals and with hospital staff to create the desired birth experience for my clients and their loved ones. I also have experience with home and birthcenter births. I look forward to growing with each birth I attend. Every birth is unique and I learn something from every family I work with.
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