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Operating as usual


This just in... this makes me happy.
"Jennifer, You may recall my son Cooper. Chad’s influence teaching the aviation merit badge rubbed off on Cooper. Long story short, Cooper now has his twin engine commercial rating from ATP flight school and would like to teach the aviation badge with Chad to the current troop. As I do not have Chad’s contact, can you forward this to him. Perhaps Chad started a trend of future aviators.


Departed alliance airport 2 days ago… moderate precip but relatively smooth. As we gain experience combined with good aeronautical decision making, we can safely navigate challenging weather.

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Commuted to work on Saturday. Flew 03V to Spicewood airport, then flew a 2017 G58 to Lubbock for the weekend. Met a great owner of the G58 and enjoyed flying with him.

Photos from IFlyHooks's post 10/10/2023

Experiencing icing at 20k’ recently. It was warm below so I was able try out the C421 equipment and see how it performed.


Congratulations to Joe! He passed his commercial checkride today. He’s an experienced pilot and we both had fun taking him back to the 172 for performance maneuvers, stalls, soft field take off and landings and more.

Photos from IFlyHooks's post 09/23/2023

A good pilot is always learning… I finished required studying and completed take off and landings in a Citation 650 as SIC… a humbling experience! I can now fly as second in command.

Photos from IFlyHooks's post 09/15/2023

Flew houston to Dallas last night. In 2500 hrs of flying, I never heard ATC so busy. At one point, Controller says ‘everyone stop talking. Who’s min fuel’. They took me waaay West. Not for weather avoidance (a had plenty of openings to head north) but for traffic flow. I was glad I had plenty of fuel and have a new respect carrying extra fuel anytime a hard weather system moves thru. Also, check out that turbo glow!

Photos from IFlyHooks's post 08/08/2023

GA took us to Chicago to drop our son for lalapalooza… Jen and I went on to Mackinac Island KMCD to wait out the end of the concert. The island has no motorized cars… walking, biking, or horse drawn carriage taxis.
It’s a looong way in a piston but a great adventure! Not a lot of southerners on the island


Former student flew to Hobby in 03V to drop me off. This clip is a good example of how busy the radio can be but Branden found a gap, got his call in and made a great landing at KHOU.


My student flies us into Hobby Airport today. Great experience and he did a great job. It’s very satisfying to watch someone go from ‘how do I start the engine’ on lesson 1 to flying into Hobby and handling it very well!


Congratulations to Brent for passing his instrument check ride!

Photos from IFlyHooks's post 07/03/2023

Got our crew to Eleuthera Island Bahamas via General Aviation…makes for a magical trip. Flying to the Bahamas is not difficult. A few extra steps but easily done!


Got to experiment with the versatility of 421 power setting. Here is 50% power at 17k’ with 130knots indicated. With the tailwind, I able to do 210knots GS w ‘only’ 29 gph of fuel. That’s one of the benefits of the piston… it can fly high or low depending on winds with a range of power settings.


With the 421 flying, my wife and I looked at the map and said ‘where do we want to go?’ We picked Eureka Springs, Arkansas for the weekend. We are exploring this historic town thanks to general aviation… one of the great reasons to learn to fly!


Great job Brent! He flew IFR to KSAT and flew the ILS at best forward speed (requested by ATC ‘we have 6 jets behind you’ they followed up with). He and I briefed the technique prior. We received departure procedure and arrival procedure both ways. We got PIEGY arrival which has crossing altitude restrictions and used the VNAV function on the G500 AP. (Is piegy new? Must be).
A great cross country to cement all that Brent has learned.

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Got the 421 in the hangar! Still have a punch list of Items but we have trips coming up. Plane flew beautifully yesterday and today.


Next week… 421C will be done. Picking it up Friday. Stay tuned!


Today 17R/35L closed as lots of crews working on lighting. Ceilings at 1000’. Scrub lesson? No need…perfect day to demonstrate the usefulness of a circle to land approach (and discuss when they should be avoided). Out to tnv and back to RNAV17R CtL (sidestep in this case) to 17L. Matt did great!


Weather was low today and perfect for training. Brent brought all the skills he’s learned today to hand fly in IMC down to near minimums at KUTS. We broke out about 700’


421 interior update! Coming along….


Nice job today by Brent who’s working on his instrument rating. Flew the VOR A approach with published hold. Well done!


My student who recently passed his instrument check ride flew me into Hobby airport. With clouds at 1000’, Approach had to get us in between Southwest. We briefed this technique prior to departing hooks… max forward speed thru the approach, request to land long to make quick exit. Great experience!


Found this clip… this is blue hole on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas… General Aviation has provided us such unique family vacations. Flying to Bahamas via General Aviation is not difficult at all… don’t miss the your chance to try it!


Congratulations to Brandon for passing his instrument checkride! A big thank you to DPE Pat Brown!


Nice morning for a solo flight! Nice job Jeff!


Good IMC weather today to have my student hand fly the LOC BC 17 into college station. It includes the DME Arc to the localizer back course. Lots of twisting and frequency changing all while keeping the dirty side down. Real IFR weather experience on departure from KCLL as rain starting coming down w weather to the West. He got lots of experience today!


Today was a great day to get my student in actual IMC. He hand flew the Navasota VOR A approach… starting w the published hold, then procedure turn, to minimums actual missed approach. No moving map… 😄

Photos from IFlyHooks's post 12/06/2022

The turbo was a quick fix and we were able to depart KAXH, test fly, and then land at Hobby where Aeroplus is going to be hard at work on the new interior. Ace and his guys at Temple Avionics did a great job on the panel!

Photos from IFlyHooks's post 12/03/2022

Panel complete! Not quite ready to bring home as we had a sticking waste gate on the turbo to resolve. Returned home from KAXH in the 172… 15kt tailwind made it quick.


Part of becoming an instrument pilot is the requirement to fly 250NM to 3 airports and fly 3 instrument approaches w an instructor. I suggested to my student that we fly them at night and that we use all forms of receiving a clearance from ATC. Here, we’ve landed at Giddings, TX and with no control tower, we have to call ATC on the phone for an IFR clearance to San Antonio International. I included KSAT as a destination to provide the confidence of mixing with Southwest/United on an ILS approach into a big airport. He did great and it demonstrated that we, in small Cessna’s, can use big airports to get where we need to go.


Congratulation to Brent for earning his Private Pilot Certificate with DPE Pat Brown!


Panel fit up… panel is unpainted here still but progress!

Photos from IFlyHooks's post 09/28/2022

It’s actually getting close…

Photos from IFlyHooks's post 09/13/2022

The Cessna 421C is coming along.


Brandon came to me… he received his private certificate a few years back, flew some, but hadn’t flown in almost 2 years. We spent a few hours together getting him back up to speed. He asked to roll into instrument training (which allows a pilot to fly in the clouds). Here he is flying his second instrument approach. I fully brief the lesson on the ground so he has a good idea of what to expect and then let him do it. Here he is making his own radio calls while ‘under the hood (he can’t see outside). He did great and we were both all smiles when he landed.


Video 2… with the runway made, my student does a full ‘slip’… turning the plane so it’s crooked, creating lots of drag so he can descend rapidly without increasing airspeed. He also smiles at the end having brought us nicely to the runway with only an idling engine.


Sooo… my student finds me pulling power 100%… surprise!… now land… next video is touchdown.


421 transformation has begun… stay tuned for occasional updates.


Solo today for my student! He did great!

Photos from IFlyHooks's post 07/20/2022

Finished my check out in the Cessna 421….750HP!

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Departed alliance airport 2 days ago… moderate precip but relatively smooth.  As we gain experience combined with good a...
Video 2… with the runway made, my student does a full ‘slip’… turning the plane so it’s crooked, creating lots of drag s...
My instrument student in good IMC… he knows when the weather goes IMC with 1000’ ceilings… he’s going to get a text from...
RNAV34 into KECP breaking out at 800’
Returning from ft worth Sunday night.
Maybe a new ride for 2022.... stay tuned...😀
The joy of flight...
Pretty strong turbulence at 6000’ NW bound today.
I don’t get near Standard Temperature often enough...here I am at 9000’ at 1C and the Baron can make 193knots TAS at 300...
Coyote(s) having the run of the airport at Abilene Airport.
How I left my kneeboard on RW 32 this week...





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