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🦋 MindSprout Montessori will be offering you a sample of their Summer Camps this Saturday!

Visit the school from 10:00am - 12:00pm to experience a taste of activities from all 8 themed weeks, plus take advantage of enrollment specials. Learn more here: https://www.mindsprout.me/calendar-of-events
See and some of you thought I just did dissections.

Teaching a chemistry class about matter
Thanks to MindSprout Montessori
We are pleased to welcome new member, Desiree Corbin, with MindSprout Education.

MindSprout offers hybrid homeschool, enrichment, and 1:1 tutoring. Their tailored lesson plans and personal attention plants the seeds that sprout into a lifelong passion for learning.
Hello All! I am hosting a free book party for 3 weeks for MindSprout Education! Every order earns Mindsprout free Books for their classes and school! The online party will run for 3 weeks. I will post customer specials and fun ideas for homeschooling. You can ask to join the group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1509453279415292

Or if you do not want to participate, but would like your order to benefit MindSprout you can order Directly here: https://j12103.myubam.com/2290208
If you have trouble saying no to things, raise your hand. It's such a hard thing for some of us to do. Why do you have a hard time? I can tell you a little about my experience with it. I want to help people. I want to do all the things for my child. I want to do it all. At the end of the day, the bottom line is I can't be everything to everybody. I have to set limits and boundaries, and I have to take care of me. What about you? What's your experience?

We provide a Montessori hybrid homeschool experience for children ages 3-9 in the Houston Area.

Operating as usual


As Montessori children get older, they engage in more and more research. The adult's role is to support the child in taking deep dives into topics of interest. Students often choose to complete projects and present to the groups. www.mindsprout.me/hybrid


We love our teachers! Thank you Ms. Sarah, Ms. Lisa, and Ms. Mandi.


Children see the wonder and beauty in the small things we no longer see. Nature study is a great way to kindle a child's appreciation of the outdoors and for families to connect.

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 10/02/2022

We love it when our families share their heritage with us. Some of our Lower El students dressed up and did a presentation for Mexican Independence Day. The kids were so curious! www.mindsprout.me

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 10/01/2022

The tween and teen Fun Friday is growing. The kids participate in STEAM activities and have plenty of time to socialize. It's a great way to end a long week of school! www.mindsprout.me/enrichment


The kids are enjoying the after school Spanish class. They love how interactive Ms. Sarah makes the class with songs, games, crafts, and even Mexican candy. www.mindsprout.me/enrichment

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 09/29/2022

Last Spring our students learned about the ladybug life cycle and we raised ladybugs from larvae. Once they became adults we released them in our flower beds. Well apparently they stuck around because the front of the Lower El building is crawling with larva, pupa, and adult ladybugs!

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 09/28/2022

Lower Elementary is so busy! They've learned about the timeline of life, used a tape measure to see what animal they are as large as, baked, made beeswax candles, and more... www.mindsprout.me/hybrid

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 09/25/2022

Our Fun Friday for tweens and teens is having a great time. In addition to a visit from our guest scientist, we learned about chameleons and how 50% of all chameleons live in Madagascar. We drew the chameleons in a “Tiffany lamp style” using a black crayon and watercolors. We created boats out of legos and tested to see how many pennys it would hold before sinking. www.mindsprout.me/enrichment


Social emotional learning is an important part of growing up. Skills such as managing emotions, empathy, and nurturing positive relationships are part of the school day. When students are feeling overwhelmed by their emotions, we encourage them to take breaks in whatever way they feel they need to. You can learn more about social emotional learning here https://www.positiveaction.net/what-is-sel

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 09/23/2022

Our FLL robotics team is working hard! They are off to a great start for the season. There's still time to join. Ages 7-10 and 11-14. www.mindsprout.me/enrichment

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 09/22/2022

Children's House students (3-6yr) are beginning to work on their reading skills this week. They are still enjoying the practical life (napkin folding pictured) and sensorial work. www.mindsprout.me/hybrid


Early experiences and education has a lifelong impact on children. Ignite the love of learning! www.mindsprout.me/hybrid

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 09/13/2022

Our first Discover Robotics (4-6yr) class was great! The kids loved exploring the STEAM park. They had fun using levers and pulleys to design a way for the handicapped pet to get to the top level of the building. There was lots of problem solving going on. It's not too late to join www.mindsprout.me/enrichment


We will never forget...


Our elementary and middle school Spanish classes are starting this week and it's not too late to join. www.mindsprout.me/enrichment

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 09/09/2022

We are so happy with how the new classroom came together. Isn't it lovely? www.MindSprout.me/hybrid


How a child is taught is just as important as what is taught.

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 09/06/2022

Our Children's House students (3-6yr) are enjoying their new classroom. The school year is off to a great start.


Have I mentioned we have an incredible robotics program? Well, we do thanks to Ms. Mandi. Ms. Mandi joined us in January to begin our robotics program. She is a certified STEM teacher and a great asset to our school. This fall our teams will be competing for the first time! To find out more about our program, go here www.mindsprout.me/enrichment


Montessori teachers spend a good amount of time observing their students. Why? To better understand their students' interests, motivations, and development.


Fall class enrollment is still open and classes start next week! Spanish, writing, robotics, Fun Friday, and more. Sign up today www.mindsprout.me/enrichment


What better way to celebrate our one year anniversary than to be featured in a local newspaper. See the article here https://tinyurl.com/3n2aj44j Thanks Community Impact Houston Metro


The first day of school is always so exciting. This past year has been a wild ride. Now we are on to year two and with a second building! MindSprout is growing and we are so happy to be starting another school year with our families.


Friday we had meet the teacher. It was great to see our returning and new families. The kids really enjoyed seeing the new building. Can you believe school starts tomorrow?


In honor of National Dog Day, here is Willow, the honorary school mascot.


Throwback to last April when we started cooking in the classroom. Everyday the kids made cornbread to eat with lunch. Montessori incorporates practical life into the school day. We even offer a practical life class for the community. There is so much value in teaching children to do everyday things for themselves. Not only are they learning opportunities, it promotes independence and self-confidence. www.mindsprout.me/enrichment


Maria Montessori believed in peace education. As educators, it is our job to help children to develop into peaceful beings. We do this in the classroom by having community meetings where we resolve classroom issues and a "peace table" for children to go to. At the peace table children are assisted in learning how to resolve problems with peers peacefully. Ultimately they are able to do this independently.


Adding a new classroom also means adding a new teacher! This month we welcomed Ms. Sarah to the team. Ms. Sarah is our Lower Elementary teacher. She is a certified Montessori teacher with over 14 years experience in the classroom. She also holds a BA in Spanish, so she doubles as our Spanish teacher! Learn more about our Spanish program here www.mindsprout.me/enrichment


As we mentioned recently, there are many benefits to learning a second language at a young age. We are offering elementary and middle school Spanish classes taught by a certified teacher with a degree in Spanish! Don't miss out. www.mindsprout.me/enrichment


MindSprout has grown a lot over the past year. Over the next couple of weeks we will be introducing our staff to you. For now, hello from the MindSprout team!


"Freedom within limits" is a common theme in Montessori. Many people have the misconception that Montessori children do whatever they want. This idea is just not true. Children need limits and boundaries. Montessori children are provided with an environment designed for them where they are free to explore within defined limits and rules. www.mindsprout.me


Isn't it pretty! We are so excited about how the new schoolhouse turned out. Now to get set up! www.mindsprout.me

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 08/10/2022

We had a great time during Hawaiian week. You may have missed our camps, but it's not too late to sign up for our fall classes www.mindsprout.me/enrichment


We believe kids are active learners. They learn best through experiences. This is why our environments are designed to allow them to explore and develop independence. Parents can support this at home by designing areas with their child's independence in mind- items sized for children, placing items within their reach, and allowing them to do things for themselves. www.mindsprout.me


Children who learn a second language while under the age of 5 learn the language just as they do their mother tongue. It also helps them learn additional languages later in life. Did you know there are many added benefits to early foreign language acquisition? It increases problem solving skills, creativity, listening skills, memory, concentration, and the ability to multi-task. This is why we offer Spanish classes for elementary and middle school aged kids! www.mindsprout.me/enrichment

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 08/07/2022

Spy week was so fun! The kids went on a mission to rescue a kidnapped president. They got passports and disguises, dusted for fingerprints, and went jet setting around the globe.


Progress. In case y'all were wondering- the schoolhouses are side by side. We now have two classrooms...do you know what that means? You'll find out soon. I've got another announcement next week.



Second schoolhouse. What do you think?


We are here for open house today until 2pm. Come on out!


"There is not just a need for happier schools, schools where the children are free to do as they like or schools where they use certain materials: education today needs reform. If education is to prepare man for the present, and the immediate future, he will need a new orientation towards the environment."- Maria Montessori, 1946 London Lectures


Don't miss open house tomorrow, Sat. July 30 from 11-2. RSVP www.mindsprout.me/rsvp

Photos from MindSprout Montessori's post 07/27/2022

Everyone loved science week! There were sooo many experiments. Here are a few of the highlights- Mentos and Diet Coke (of course), an egg drop, shooting rockets, making slime, and so much more. You don't want to miss this camp next year! www.mindsprout.me


Throwback to last July, just a few days before our first open house. I can’t believe we pulled it all together in under 3 weeks.


Sharing- to make your child or allow them to decide? In our program it is up to the child to decide whether or not they wish to share. As an adult do we go through others things and force the other person to allow us to use them? If we are working with something do we make the other person let us use it? No. Then why do we force sharing on children? In our classrooms, when many children wish to use something we create a sign up list and they take turns. If a child chooses to share with others, great. If they don't want to that's OK too. What do you think?

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"Freedom within limits" is a common theme in Montessori. Many people have the misconception that Montessori children do ...
Throwback to last July, just a few days before our first open house. I can’t believe we pulled it all together in under ...
#tbt to last July when the contractors finished the painting. I still love the color. What do you think?#mindsprout #hom...
Throwback to last July before anyone saw the inside of the schoolhouse. The courtyard is still just as beautiful and the...
It's exciting...
Lots of people have heard the Montessori quote "Follow the child", but what exactly does that mean? It means supporting ...
Come to open house Wednesday July 6 from 5:30-7:30. Learn about our hybrid school, individual classes, robotics, and Fun...
When we give a child the respect they deserve as a person, it models for them respecting oneself and others. Their age d...
If you've been wanting to learn more about our unique Montessori hybrid school, don't miss this opportunity. Come to ope...
Looking for something fun and affordable for the kids to do this summer? Send them to MindSprout Summer Camp for themed ...




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