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Looking for input. I am a faith-based therapist and my wife and I are purchasing a rental property walking distance to Whitworth. In my work I see some of the more common struggles for young, Christian men and so we started to think about how we could help them. The idea we have is to do something that focuses on classical and Christian living. I know Whitworth has themed houses and while I don't know much about them they inspired this idea. It would be a house for about 6 or 7 young men to live in fellowship with common interest in great books and intentional moderation of technology, including protectors on internet access to reduce temptations to risky things on the internet. It would also encourage a healthy sense of comradeship and virtue, as well as a commitment to excellence and influence. There is a famous line that "you are the sum of the five people you spend your time around." I think that would be part of the appeal. My question is do you think there would be interest from young men in such a fellowship house?
Spokane! Don't miss All Sons & Daughters when they bring their Poets & Saints Tour on September 23rd! It'll be an awesome night of worship you won't want to miss!

Tickets & Event Info: http://transparentproductions.com/events/asadspokane
Please join us on Nov. 19 for a free lecture from Jeremy Begbie on "Out of this World? - Why the Arts Matter to Faith" at Whitworth University.

Begbie is the Langford Research Professor in Theology at Duke Divinity School and a fellow of the Royal School of Church Music. He has published extensively on the topic of the interplay between music and theology. Begbie's books include Theology, Music and Time, and Resounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music. The lecture will be illustrated extensively with Begbie's performance at the piano. No cost or registration required. Please invite others in the community to attend as well!

Thanks to Whitworth Theology Department and Whitworth University Music Department for coordinating this event!

Thanks for the fun memory. You all were awesome (and look great in hair nets)! Let's do it again soon, Whitworth Theology Department!
Thanks to all of the Whitworth theology professors for passing on all of their wisdom to me! I will forever remain indebted to each and every one of you! Thank you!
ASWU Fall Survey! (:
I got The Rog, that would be awesome.

Okay, so here is the plan for Sunday: McClane's Pizza at 7pm. Invite any Whitworth University theologians you might know! (Lauren Roberts Shelby Kennedy Jamie Meyer George F. Whitworth Rachel Toone Jason Soucinek Benjamin Brody JJ Vancil Kaitlin Schmidt David Clark Carlson )
How about an evening gathering for all students, faculty, staff and "other" before the summer ends? Would August 23rd work at a place of business near campus? Maybe McClane's, O'Doherty's or Pint's?
Theologians unite! Pint's Alehouse tomorrow (Friday 23 of May) at 8pm!

This is the official page for the Whitworth University Theology Department.

The Whitworth Theology Department is solidly rooted in the Trinitarian faith of the church throughout the ages. We are committed to the authority of Holy Scripture as God’s word and to the worldwide mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to provide students with an intellectually challenging, academically rigorous and spiritually enriching theological education that will equip them to s

Operating as usual


Join us for our annual S’More Theology event on Tuesday, October 24!

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Jonathan Moo’s Redemption of Creation class enjoyed time at Verbrugge Environmental Center on Saturday, September 30.

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Scenes from our 2nd Annual Theology Backpacking Trip at Upper Priest Lake.


Dr Karin Heller (front left in pink skirt) presented at the Forum Wiedenest near Cologne, Germany in early Sept. Her presentation was entitled “Being Spiritual While Doing Research”.

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Just chillin’ at the Ice Cream Social Kick-Off Sept 7th with theology majors and faculty!

Photos from Whitworth Theology Department's post 09/20/2023

Fall Term is in full swing! Loved seeing our fabulous faculty in their full regalia at Convocation!

Photos from Whitworth Theology Department's post 05/22/2023
Photos from Whitworth Theology Department's post 05/20/2023

So bittersweet to cheer on these awesome graduate theology students this morning. We're gonna miss them! But we also can’t wait to see how the Lord uses their gifts. Best wishes to all of you!

Darrell Wayenberg, Jesse Hicks, Drew Craddock, Sarah Sugano, Marni Nazareno, Peggy Crooks, and Alyssa Stockdill.

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Yesterday afternoon (May 12th) we celebrated Dr. Keith Beebe's 26-year career at Whitworth.

Friends and colleagues spoke about Keith's legacy of transformative teaching, his gentle leadership and single-minded scholarship and, of course, his kilt-wearing! We will miss Keith's presence in the department so much. But we share his excitement over this next season of life. The Lord's work is never done.

If you haven't already done so, please join us in sending notes of appreciation to Keith.

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Tuesday evening, along with a full house of colleagues and students, Emeritus Professor of Theology Dr. Roger Mohrlang celebrated the publication of the entire bible in the Kamwe language. Kamwe is spoken by almost one million people in northeastern Nigeria. And this is the culmination of a project spanning five decades. Soli Deo gloria!

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Last Saturday evening, eight theology majors and four faculty gathered for a delicious Brazilian dinner at Feast World Kitchen, followed by a concert at First Presbyterian Church featuring the Whitworth Symphony and Whitworth Choir. It was an amazing night of Mozart and Mendelssohn!

As a department, we’re always looking for ways to understand and enjoy God’s world more fully. Twenty years ago, the English composer John Tavener wrote the following:

“All music already exists. When God created the world, he created everything. It's up to us as artists to find that music. Of course, that's an exhausting experience, but you have to rid yourself of any preconceived idea about what music is; rid yourself of the idea that you have to struggle over note rows, or with sonata form, or the humanist bugbear, development. Music just is. It exists. If you have ears to hear, you'll hear it! ... I believe we are in this world in order for us to re-find that heavenly celestial music from which we have been separated.”

Amen! (And thank you again to Feast World Kitchen for your delicious hospitality!)

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This past January, Haley Jacob and Forrest Buckner led 16 students through Israel-Palestine. They explored the locations of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee. They hiked the ancient olive groves and the mountains of Samaria. They sat at the foot of the cross and entered Jesus’ empty tomb in Jerusalem. They heard the longings for peace from Israelis, and they heard the cries for justice from Palestinians. They returned having been transformed.


It is already time to consider where you'll be next January. Don't miss out on one of these life-changing theology trips.

For full details, see the Off-Campus Programs page on Whitworth's website.

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This past January, Jonathan Moo and 15 students had the joy of living together in Christian community at Tall Timber Ranch in the North Cascades. They skied and played in the snow and nature journaled and studied Scripture and ecology. They played music and sang together. They kept warm by wood stoves and laughed and sometimes cried together and experienced the wonder of God’s love in Christ, creation, and community.

Photos from Whitworth Theology Department's post 02/24/2023

Dr. Samantha Miller led a Jan term, Backpacking with the Saints, in Arizona. Ten days at Holy Trinity Monastery Center and a week backpacking through the Paria Canyon learning about Christian wilderness spirituality. They looked at why Christians have gone to the wilderness to meet God and how wilderness as a spiritual practice draws people closer to God. Students lived simply and in community, imitating some of the practices of ancient Christians. In backpacking they especially learned things like dependence, playfulness, community, simplicity, and quietness. Students came back not only with laughter, new friendships, and great stories but with more grounding for their own faith and practices and a deeper sense of God's love for them.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel in the Holy Land? Do you have questions about the Israel-Palestinian conflict happening there? Come and hear from the students who traveled there in January on the Israel-Palestine Study Abroad tour, as they share with us about their experiences hiking through the West Bank, living in the homes of Palestinians, and witnessing the work of God in this land today.

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Fun friends. Festive spirit. Fierce competition. It was great to see our theology majors on Thursday night for the second annual gingerbread house building competition. The final products are beautiful. Each has it's own backstory. And you can see them on display in Beeksma. Please stop by and vote for your favorite by December 9th. The winning group will receive the grand prize. Special shout out this year to Dawson Gilbert who, with Samantha Miller, wrote some awesome trivia questions. (Do YOU know what year Washington became a state?) Merry Christmas, everyone!


Theology faculty Samantha Miller and Jonathan Moo spent the week before Thanksgiving attending academic conferences in Denver, Colorado. They both presented papers, and Jonathan had the chance to catch up with Whitworth grads and current PhD students Lilly Davis (Notre Dame) and Heidi Bierman (Duke), and to hear Heidi deliver a great paper on Acts. And if you know Samantha and Jonathan you won’t be surprised to learn that they also managed to fit in a mountain hike, undeterred by a winter storm warning.

All of us in the department are immensely grateful to those donors who make it possible for us to attend conferences and visit churches and share with others the fruit of our research in Scripture, theology, and church history. Thank you!


Since completing his M.A. in Theology degree at Whitworth in 2013, Isaac Hebden has been up to great things: full-time ministry at The Intersection in Spokane Valley, a D.Min. from Portland Seminary, and now directing the leadership and discipleship program for his church's denomination. Well done!


Theology and ecology alum Tristy Osbon (’22) is in Egypt right now for COP 27.

Along with representatives from 9 other countries, she is part of the Christian Climate Observers Program. Their goal is to engage in the conversations that are happening there, while also demonstrating the care for God’s creation that grows authentically out of the Christian faith.

Tristy writes: “We are especially concerned with Loss and Damage, the idea that wealthy countries who have emitted the most and caused the most damage, should be responsible for the damage they have caused to communities around the globe. This is the first time it has ever officially been on the table, and it is critical that commitments are made in this area if we are to change the trajectory of where we are headed.”

In related news, Tristy is also being featured in a documentary about younger, faith-based climate activists. She hopes it will communicate a compelling story and energize people. The documentary should be released in fall 2023.


This January Dr. Haley Jacob and Dr. Forrest Buckner will take a group of Whitworth students to the Holy Land.

Their preparation this fall has been intensive. This week, for example, they were honored by a guest speaker, Dr. Raja Tanas, retired Professor of Sociology. Dr. Tanas shared about life today as a Palestinian in the Holy Land, and he suggested ways the group might engage those realities on the ground. What an amazing opportunity!


Come enjoy a lecture and Q&A with author and speaker Katelyn Beaty. The topic is “Rediscovering Ordinary Faithfulness in a Celebrity-Obsessed Age”.

→ Thursday, November 10th, at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium at Weyerhaeuser Hall.

Beaty is an award-winning journalist and the author of the recent book, "Celebrities for Jesus: How Personas, Platforms, and Profits are Hurting the Church". If you too are concerned about the church and the shadow side to fame and influence, come join us!

Free and open to the public.


For the second year, Dr. Karin Heller is leading a Core 350 discussion group focused on public and social policy challenges related to “Women, Gender and Social Justice.” This week Dr. Heller invited to her class (for lively discussion!) Jan Shannon, an activist at both the city and state levels.


This week Whitworth theology alum Catherine (Cook) Tobey stopped by Beeksma with her husband Adam and daughter Danielle to meet with Jonathan Moo about his upcoming off-campus trip. Tobeys are the new directors at Tall Timber, a beloved Jan-term destination. Shout out! For all of you who know this place, share in the comments how you would sum it up in seven words.

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It was so great to see everyone yesterday, taking a break from studies and coming out for S'more Theology!


Nothing like the smell of damp, decaying leaves and a chill in the air to mark time. Come join us around the fire, and bring a friend interested in theology!


Congrats to Keith Beebe on his recent contribution to one of Oxford’s esteemed handbooks! All those interested in the important role Scottish Presbyterian revivals played in the development of early evangelical movements can check it out here: https://academic.oup.com/edited-volume/44578?searchresult=1


Amen. By God’s grace, that’s the kind of community we want to be.


The Christian liberal arts isn’t about skills training. It’s about lives being transformed by Christ. On campus tomorrow night is Danté Stewart – the theologian, churchman and cultural commentator. Read about him here: https://www.dantecstewart.com/
And then join us: October 18th, 7:00pm, at Robinson Teaching Theater (Weyerhaeuser Hall)


food, conversation, laughs...
try something totally new...
soak in the stars...
connect personally...

Our theology students and professors work hard, but know how to keep it all in balance. What a great weekend!


Theology Kick Ball Kick Off & BBQ—friendly competition, good food and fun! A perfect way to kick off the weekend and the first Friday of Fall. 🍁


Our faculty enjoyed Friday morning’s coffee and conversation with theologian and author, Willie James Jennings (pictured on the right), who lectured May 5 in Whitworth’s Robinson Teaching Theatre.

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Need a new study/hang out spot??

We have NEW furniture, thanks to our donors 🤗

Come say hi and sit in the Beeksma Theology Courtyard!


Whitworth Spring Break is March 26-April 3!

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We can’t wait for students to get to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity!! Haley Jacob & Forrest Buckner are leading a trip to Israel and Palestine next Jan term!!
Apply now! 😍

Photos from Whitworth Theology Department's post 03/10/2022

Do you love backpacking and being outside? Check out this trip with Dr. Miller!! Jan term 2023 trip applications close tomorrow 😱


WE LOVE THIS TRIP! Check out Jonathan Moo’s Jan term trip to the beautiful cascades 😍
Would you or someone you know be interested?
Applications close tomorrow… sign up soon!

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Join Jonathan Moo for the first of our “Open Discussions with Theology Faculty” !!
No need to have gone to Randy Woodley’s lecture to participate in this discussion!

See you at 4:00pm today (March 2) in the Beeksma lounge🤩


Our theology faculty say THANK YOU for helping us reach 2/3 of our One Pine Day goal to furnish and improve the Beeksma courtyard entrance! If you missed the event, you have until March 31 to donate and help us reach our goal at: http://connect.whitworth.edu/OPDCourtyard



A huge THANK YOU to all for supporting our OPD project!! The students and staff of Theology and Campus Ministries are grateful!! 🙌

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