Timbers & Thyme

Embrace your own passion for décor & DIY projects. GATHER together...become INSPIRED...and CREATE beautiful works of art with professional training.

Timbers & Thyme is a business focused on empowering women in woodworking & instilling confidence to take knowledge home & use it for a lifetime. Led by 18+ finish carpenter, Tanya Rybicki, you will be trained in numerous areas of woodworking & carpentry. Get hands-on experience using hand & power tools, learning safety measures & being able to build yourselves some awesome projects to take home.


Had such a great night with some completely amazing women!! Just a few images of tonight’s creativity during my planter workshop @ Titletown! I didn’t catch everyone, unfortunately...due to...well...teaching! ☺️ So...if anyone has pics of themselves &/or finished projects to share...I’d love to see you post them!!

Thanks so much for coming out, being awesome & making my night great, ladies!! Hope to see you all in another class soon! And to Titletown...thanks so much for having me!!!! Such a great facility!!


Whew...the last of SO many planter boxes...built! That was definitely a marathon in the shop! 🥴

Now...is the fun part...making samples to share!! (To get those creative minds rolling!)

Can’t wait to see everyone this Thursday evening at Titletown to see how you make yours...uniquely...YOU! 🎨🌿🔨


Current status...buried in planter box building for this Thursday’s workshop at Titletown! Good thing I love shop time...considering I have...well...a ton more to go!! 🥴

Can’t wait to see how my “students” finish them to make them uniquely theirs!! See you all soon!


Good Morning enthusiasts! Today...is...shop day! ❄️
(After a very loaded coffee & a fire started...brrrrr 🔥!)

Let the prepping begin for my upcoming Planter Workshop @ Titletown!! Only 2756 cuts to go for this “Sold Out” class!!! 🥴 See you all Soon!!!


Talk about some fine custom woodwork! We finally finished this vintage inspired masterpiece of a house...& I just had to snap a few pics of our work to share 🥰 (whew...the work in that house was tremendous!!)

So...very thankful to have worked with this guy...for the last 20 years...whom I just so happen to be able to proudly call, dad ❤️(Take a look at that custom staircase he mastered...sophisticated cutting at its finest...simply incredible!)


Whew...I finally finished up my little lady’s new bed...Wahoo!
I believe, she’s in love ❤️

Next up...a pretty unique custom ordered liquor cabinet...which..is, let me just say...going to be awesome!

Shop time in between work time! Love it!!


This is what my daughter expects of me when I have the day off of work...work! 😊 Spent the day building the bed of her dreams while she played foreman! It’s coming together beautifully, I must say! A work in progress...still left...paint (absolutely not...will I leave that stained wood wall 🥴, trim, a roof, shelving, and lighting...this beauty is going to be awesome! (Bonus...mommy days are the best!)


After working out of town disconnected from society in the deep woods...grinding 12 hour days for the past month...here’s a glimpse, as promised...of just a small piece of what my work days are consisting of...breathtaking...to say the least! Man...I love my job...🔨

#dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo #womanwoodworker


Just another day “in the office” working on the guts for one heck of a beam job...oooooh....can’t wait to encase them in maple...what a statement they shall make!

(I don’t brag about my “day job” too often...so...I figured I was overdue to! And come on...this is just plain...brag worthy...!!😚)

💪🏻🔨 #woodworking #lovemyjob #soreisanunderstatement #carpentryskills



Grab your friends, head out for lunch, then stop in and see us down at The Eclectic Market for our Make & Take Event with SAGE Green Bay from 1230p-4p! Weaving, glass etching, woodworking, cookie making, wire bending, and even a FREE coloring station! So many different opportunities at one spot!

Come have fun with:
Batter up bake shop
Timbers & Thyme
Hello Purl Fiber Arts
You Are Loved Creations
Good Energy Art by Heather Peterman

TOMORROW! You're going to make it! And it's not going to be snowing, it's not going to be windy...it is gonna be cold but we might even see a bit of sunshine! 🌞

Grab your friends, head out for lunch, then stop in and see us down at The Eclectic Market for our Valentine's Day Artisan Make & Take from 1230p-4p! Weaving, glass etching, woodworking, cookie making, wire bending, and even a FREE coloring station! So many different opportunities at one spot!

Come have fun with:
Batter up bake shop
Timbers & Thyme
Hello Purl Fiber Arts
You Are Loved Creations
Good Energy Art by Heather Peterman

Cuz a Makers GOTTA Make! ❤️


All in the small details...packaging up custom orders with a little TLC...all ready to be shipped out & enjoyed 💛 A complimentary sample of “Bear’y Happy” Soy Wax Melts with every order...the scent...ohhhh...that’s a surprise 😚


Spent this un'bear'ably frigid day (catch my pun, there?!) indoors making these cuties!!

The newest addition to my 100% soy goods line...The "Bear'y Happy" Soy Wax Melts are available online now!

Head on over to
to grab yours today!


So...I just had to share this...

What an honor...

I received an email yesterday by a woman inquiring to create a candle for her very special (and obviously, fun loving!) grandma fighting cancer...who loves to joke about her “diagnoses” by calling it “A-Hole Cancer.”

From the description of the scent she desired to the Name of the Candle...just beautiful...such a sweet idea!

An idea of Just How Custom you can get!! Need a special gift for someone? (Valentines Day is right around the corner!) Nothing is “too out there!” Trust me!

Available online at tanyarybicki.com under the shop tab or at The Eclectic Market (153 N Broadway in GB)...or simply shoot me a message at [email protected]


This is one of my favorite flips in our home I tackled a couple days ago...here’s why...this room was an addition after we moved into our home (which was not at all move in ready for our, at the time, family of 4). It has been the master suite, a sun room, a dance room, the girls shared bedroom, a play room, an art room...and this time...I...finally feel...as if it’s found it’s perfect space.

Beans has her sanctuary...and I think...she’s in love...complete with a gorgeous white distressed farmhouse pallet wall to frame her bed & a cute little earthy built-in vanity she just had to have!) ☺️

(A little before and after...revealing all of the different paint colors it has been...behind the large dance mirrors! Anyone else guilty of “the paint around” technique?! Lol!) Oh...and the window picture...just for viewing pleasure...ahhhh...fresh white snow...love the windows in here ❄️)

Need a “flip job?” I’d love to tackle your space! Free quotes ✌🏼 [email protected]


Words cannot express the hatred I had for that Formica countertop! Every so often...ok...ok...so a lot...I wake up in the morning & decide to pick a space to revamp. Today...I was inspired by this vintage grate I salvaged & some reclaimed lumber that was just waiting to be brought back to life...and this is the space that needed attention ❤️ a little paint, a new countertop, and some love.

[01/14/19]   My first woodworking classes in the new location are coming up quickly!! Reserve your spot/s today!! Trust me...they're going to be awesome!! A pretty sweet atmosphere to grab some power tools, paints & plants & get your creative DIY selves creating! See you all soon at The Eclectic Market (153 N Broadway, Green Bay)


I’ve always loved music & sketching...so I’ve combined them! Having fun making these pretty little sketch/writing books today (and I needed just a little break from wood & candles...I know, right, who would of thought?)

☺️ #creativemornings #smallbusinesslifestyle #mymindnevershutsoff #musicandwriting #vinyls


Currently loving the simplicity & Earthy look & smell of these tin soy’s...what’s the scent of the evening? “Old school Social Networking”...the sweet scent of bonfires & conversation 🔥🧡 Currently available at The Eclectic Market (153 N Broadway in GB) & online @ https://www.tanyarybicki.com/shop-1

#timbersandthyme #soycandlesforsale #nochemicalsneeded #allnaturalcandlealternative #theeclecticmarket #nostalgicscents


While restocking The Eclectic Market this afternoon...I couldn’t help but snap some pics of all the awesome goods from some amazingly talented artists! Truly is something for everyone in here...this is just a tiny snip-it of just what unique goods are to be found...you’ll have to stop on in yourself to really take in all the magic!


Needed to do a little restocking at The Eclectic Market! Not a bad thing...at all! ✌🏼 Love coming up with new scents!
This batch features the staple fragrances plus newbies including Wanderlust, I Sniff Books, Chip Gaines, High Waisters & Leather Bombers, Exhaustipated, Travelin’ Man & even some awesome Valentines Special’s including Valentines Day Sucks & I Love You even though you Fart in your sleep... That’s just to name a few!

Head on over to the Eclectic Market to sniff away!

#theeclecticmarket #nostalgia #uniquescentsforuniquepeople #timbersandthyme #handmadecandles #soywaxcandles #homemadeisthebestmade #nochemicalsherefolks #allnaturalcandlealternative


Today’s goal...Candle, Candles, Candles...

A few new scents gracing the shelves of The Eclectic Market this week...

Campground: The subtle scents of lush greenery, campfires, dirt & s’mores.

Hard Workin’ Farm Folks: Fragrances of Fresh Air, Round Bales, Greenery, and hints of to***co & coffee...mmmmmm...

The Study: Antiqued woodwork, leather bound books, Smokey vanilla & Earthy clove...so cozy...

Travelin’ Man: Hints of leather, Greenery, Sandalwood & Dirt...

Wanderlust: I can hear Colorado calling...with notes of birch, pine, oak, vetiver, fresh air & lush...oh-so-lush greenery...this one takes you to the peaks of nature...

Shenanigans: Scents of Clove, Patchouli, To***co, Ginger & Bad Decisions...

Dirt: self-explanatory...🌱

Just to name a few...really...ready set...make! You can find these at The Eclectic Market this week! Coming soon to the website for online shopping pleasure...✌🏼


As much as I loved this table when I built it...I decided it was time to do a little "Flip"...
I have re-fallen-in-love to say the least!

Need something re-freshed, flipped or repurposed? I'd love to tackle it!


Happy New Year’s to all of you awesome enthusiasts, makers, DIY’ers, go-getters, supporters, friends & family!! May this year bring much peace, love & woodworking!

So many awesome things planned for this year...stay tuned! ✌🏼💛🎨🔨


SAGE Green Bay

"Coming Together is a Beginning...

Keeping Together is Progress...

Working Together is Success..."

We are the faces of SAGE,
and we Carry So Much Gratitude for Your Support. ❤️


You Are Loved Creations

Come to The Eclectic Market to find the perfect goodies to check the last items off of your holiday shopping list! Makers from SAGE Green Bay are here until 3pm (but the shop is open until 6pm!) to chat about art, life, and all things lovely! 💕


See you there! ✌🏼❄️

Curious what all this SAGE stuff is about?
Wondering how YOU can do your part as we work to create a support system for non-profits in the Green Bay Community?
Want to join fellow Makers in promoting your small business while lifting others along the way?

Creative Immersion with SAGE! is TOMORROW, and its exactly where you want to be....

Join us at The Eclectic Market...the creative energy is gonna be FANTASTIC. 💥


Be excited, Enthusiasts!! Classes are coming! I'll be posting my first one soon!!


The last week has been...well...to say the least...exciting, inspiring & absolutely overwhelming (in a really great way!)

I am officially a part of a great new space located in the heart of Broadway...downtown GB! Along with my new nostalgic candle line, concrete goods, a new line of snarky coaster sets & of course, wood goods...you can find some incredibly unique goods of all shapes & sizes from some absolutely amazing local makers...just in time for that last minute Xmas shopping for all of those "hard to shop for's" on your lists!

Moving forward in this adventure has inspired me to dig deep & do some serious creating this week...
Here is a snip-it into the raw materials I am about to transform into some pretty creative pieces...and will be available at

153 N. Broadway
Green Bay

I highly advise you to check it out!

OH...and...for my woodworking enthusiasts...(I know you've been "workshop" waiting...)
STAY TUNED...be excited...!!


In between shop time working on a couple...(what could possibly be my two favorite pieces...ever)...I managed to create a few more candles...which...I absolutely LOVE the look of!! Bonus...recycled...✌🏼 feeling good...these goodies will be in The Eclectic Market & up for grabs really...really soon! 🤗 Pre-order?? Sure!


This about sums it up for me today...I dreamt of a new product last night...nope...my mind...never...shuts...off...seriously...(here’s a hint, it’s recycled, my fellow tree hugging friends 😉)

A big coffee...a really big coffee..and a day spent in the shop...YES!!!! 🔨🎨🔥

Cannot wait to share this with you at
The Eclectic Market...really soon!!!!!!


Candles...candles...candles...and no “blueberry waffle scent” in sight 😚
Today’s nostalgic scents include:

Misfits: With tones of clove, to***co, coffee, anise, patchouli & wintergreen...this one smells like every awesome musician I have ever met ✌🏼

Rained Pavement: Ummmm...who doesn’t love the scent of rain on hot pavement? 💧

Papa’s Pipe: This one takes me back to my childhood days at the neighbors...whom...let’s just say...I never seen without his cob pipe 💛
Scents of clove, wintergreen, cedarwood, & vanilla...heavenly...

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Just like it sounds...pretzel legged in front of the Tv on Saturday mornings engulfed in Garfield & Friends...dad’s cutting grass & moms hanging clothes on the line...need I say more?

Makers: yup...we all smell similar...scents of nag champa, patchouli, coffee, clove, wintergreen & vanilla...who can relate?? This one...is an artists must have 😉

These will be available for your sniffing pleasure at The Eclectic Market...soon!!!!!!


Super exciting NEWS to share!!

I am officially branching out...and headed to Broadway to join up with some other amazingly talented makers, creatives & artists in a pretty amazing space...

The Eclectic Market.

You can now find me in the On Broadway, Inc. district of Downtown Green Bay for more convenient shopping! You will be able to shop my collection of...well...just about anything & everything my mind comes up with...from my newest collection of Nostalgic Candles, misfit wood art, upcycled & repurposed pieces of all shapes & sizes & 100% Handcrafted wood goods!

Shop from some incredible local makers, chat with the creatives behind these businesses, and get up close & personal with all of the unique handcrafted goods they create!

Be sure to follow The Eclectic Market FB Page for upcoming classes (yup...I said classes 🤗), events & fundraising opportunities!!

The Eclectic Market
153 N Broadway
Green Bay, WI



This is what happens when I don’t stoke a fire in the wood shop...I stay in & create! Today’s adventure...Nostalgic Candles.

Anyone else in ❤️ with nostalgic smells that take you onto memory lane?? I have a list of “must create scents” that I cannot wait to dive into! (Stay tunes for tomorrow’s soy based smell adventures!). And what better time than Xmas...unique handmade gifts are the best!

Today’s creations:

Nostalgic Hardcover: with hints of leather bound coffee stained paper...this one will for sure bring back childhood library card memories.

Wood Shop: of course, right? With the tones of cedar, pine, vetiver & a hint of Smokey birch, this one makes you feel as if you’ve just left a woodworking class 😉

Grand Dads Flannel: Hues of Smokey birch, oak, clove & cedarwood...brings you back to grandpa’s snuggles...with a cob pipe in his mouth.

The Attic: Scents of Vanilla, Sandalwood & Pine...this one has you back at grandmas house playing in the attic of treasures...

Soy Wax candles hand poured in small batches. ✌🏼


Three custom ordered projects coming out of the shop today! Truly love my shop days :)

Looking for a unique custom gift for someone on your list hard to shop for...hit me up! Taking orders for customs! :)

The Story

Timbers & Thyme started as a passion...a 19+ years passion in carpentry. Finish Carpentry to be accurate. I am a woman & I am a carpenter. Having worked this many years with not another woman in sight, I decided it was time to take the initiative to teach other people (especially women, who may be intimidated) just what I know. I started out with the desire to teach concepts...which turned into creating projects...which turned into instilling confidence & empowerment.

I now have branched out & moved forward...my unique & un-exampled Wood Goods can be found online & in The Eclectic Market (153 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI) & continue to love hosting workshops there as well.

I truly put my heart into every piece I build...hope you love them as much as I do :)

Hope to see you in a workshop soon!

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