Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee

Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee


This Wednesday, Sept. 14 is Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee's first meeting of the school year!

Join the committee at Browning High School from 6-8pm Child care and interpretation will be provided!


¡Este miércoles 14 de septiembre es la primera reunión del CAC del año escolar!

Únase al comité en Browning High School de 6 a 8 p. m. ¡Se brindará cuidado de niños e interpretación!

We've been receiving revised guidelines from the district about indoor events as the peak of the surge is declining, including this yesterday, 1/31/2022: "Hello, LBUSD Community. Last Friday, we shared an 'Update on Indoor Events and COVID-19 Home Tests.'
Today, we wanted to share a brief clarification about indoor events. Admittance to indoor events that exceed 500 people is allowed with proof of vaccination or evidence of a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72 hours." Anyone receive any updates on in person IEP meetings?? I left a message for Dr. Simon's secretary. Feeling singled out for SpEd parents to be forced to zoom and not be given a choice.
TODAY! Special Education Meetup before LBUSD Community Advisory Committee Meeting 12/8. Connect with special ed admins from throughout the district virtually from 4:30 - 5:30pm. Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee
Adaptive Basketball Program for ages 5 and up. For more info email [email protected].
Register at www.5elevenhoops.com/clinics
🚨The Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting is TOMORROW, Nov. 10 at 6pm via Zoom & YouTube!🚨

Watch presentations about IEP advocacy by support agencies Learning Rights and TASK. Details and links to log-in below. Looking forward to seeing you there! 😄

Join Zoom Meeting

Watch on YouTube
KHMER https://youtu.be/h0XdJg27A-o


🚨La reunion del Comité Asesor de la Comunidad Educación Especial (CAC) es MAÑANA, 10 de noviembre a las 6pm a través de Zoom & YouTube! 🚨

Vea las presentaciones sobre la defensa del IEP por parte de las agencias de apoyo Learning Rights y TASK.bDetalles y ligas abajo. ¡Esperamos verlos allí! 😄

Enlace de Zoom

Ver por YouTube
Has anyone done this 8 week Parenting speech course with Tichenor? Please share your experience.
If you are with HRC, there are 3 more kits for children in LB left to sign up.
Today - Now through 3:30 pm:

Moompetam: Native American Virtual Festival

Join in this annual celebration of California's Native people, especially the Salt Water People of the Southern California coast!

Visit the website for particular starting times.

"Sea" you there!
We desperately need info from special education about how they plan to provide IEP services in order to make an informed educational decesion for our children. All emails and phone calls have produced no info. What do you suggest?
Shout out to the CAC. Thanks for always supporting the LBC Hero Squad
Wondering if there is a link to today’s CAC mtg...

The CAC takes community input from parents and advises LBUSD on the needs of Special Education Studen

We support families through workshops about special education, advocacy, and available resources. CAC (Community Advisory Committee) is where parents can give input and collaborate with school district administrators on improving educational programs, fostering inclusion, information on school policy, available services and receive support. Through meaningful input and collaboration from parents a

Operating as usual


Tomorrow sunday July 30th
Only $20 for 2 hours.
Another great Hero Squad event!


Hi Maverick! You are a geat ambassador from HeroSquad! See you at SkyZone!


Always great insights!

These days, I'm an excellent autistic/neurotypical translator. But when I was in my 20s, I wasn't aiming to be a translator- I was just aiming to be like everyone else. It didn't work any better than forcing myself to become French. But I'm *much* better at translating now that I'm doing it from a place of authenticity.

I tell a lot of audiences that "I wish people had spent more time teaching me how *people* work, rather than just the academic stuff". And yes, teaching social skills to autistic young people is obviously a good thing. BUT- only if it's done without encouraging the child to pretend to be non-autistic.
And this isn't always the deliberate aim, by the way. The world is full of well-meaning people who truly believe in doing the best for their autistic students, but see neurotypical behaviours as positive learning rather than forced masking.
Chris Bonnello - Autistic Author

[Black text on faded background of me holding a microphone at a speaking event. Text reads:
“When we teach social skills to autistic kids, it needs to be like teaching French.
When we teach children how to speak French, we’re not forcing them to become French. We’re teaching them how to communicate with French people, and function well in French society. We don’t force them to get rid of their own identity and invent a new French identity for themselves.
So when we offer social skills classes for autistic children, we should NOT be trying to turn them neurotypical. We just need to teach them how neurotypical people communicate and how to function socially among them. Their authentic autistic self doesn’t have to be compromised or destroyed in order to do this.”]

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Excellent examples of appropriate IEO goals.



When I was four, the psychologist 's report about me moaned about how different I was from my peers.
I do wonder how many of my autistic strengths and qualities would have been stamped into the ground, never to be recovered or celebrated, if the adults around me had tried changing me into a second-rate version of all those other four-year-olds who didn't seem to like me anyway.
As I often say (it's pretty much becoming my catchphrase now)- "human progress relies on diversity of thought". When you make an autistic child indistinguishable from their peers, you are removing from the world, not adding to it.

And seriously, take a moment to flap right now. It's quite nice. -Chris

[White text on blue faded background of me speaking at an event. Text reads:
"I’m sick and tired of therapies that boast about making autistic children ‘indistinguishable from their peers’.
Teaching them to wear a non-autistic disguise is NOT a valid replacement for meaningful support with daily tasks.
Want to know my opinion on how to make autistic children indistinguishable?
Seriously, flapping’s great. You should try it."]


Sunday June 25th! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=564809412498508&id=100069083616611&mibextid=CDWPTG

Kicking off summer at Sunday, 6/25 from 9am-11am. Join us as we celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.

☀️ Sunday, 6/25 from 9-11am at Sky Zone Cerritos
☀️ Party room #1: meet other families, set your stuff down and shoes. Free beverages, snacks, coffee, LBCHS swag and fidget toys.
☀️ $20 for 2 hours of jumpy fun. Use discount code: HeroSquad at checkout.
☀️ Link in bio or https://www.skyzone.com/cerritos/lbcherosquad

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This is a workshop exclusive for families serviced by Harbor Regional Center. Call or email to be added to the attendants list.

Timeline photos 06/07/2023

Higher Ed guide for students with disabilities. Keep this one handy!

We made some brand new resources for the campaign including this overall guide to which explains who can go, how college is different from high school, how to select a college, and more-- check it out! https://buff.ly/3BVT4wn

[Image of the cover of the Think Higher Think College Resource Guide for Inclusive Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disability.]


Coffee anyone???

This Saturday! We are hosting a Coffee Meet-up for moms with children of all ages with disabilities and unique needs, who want to connect! ♥️

Interested or questions please email [email protected].




We're excited that SB 445 (Anthony Portantino) passed the Senate 40-0! Disability Rights California, Educate. Advocate. , and Innovate Public Schools sponsor . The bill requires a student’s individualized education program (IEP) to be translated into the parent's native language within 30 days of an IEP meeting.

Currently, families are put in the unfortunate predicament of having to sign a document they cannot truly understand or wait months to receive a translation. This can result in missed support and services for students with disabilities.
¡Estamos entusiasmados de que la SB 445 haya sido aprobada por el Senado 40-0! es patrocinado por Disability Rights California, Educate Advocate, Innovate Public schools y requiere que el programa de educación individualizada (IEP) del estudiante se traduzca al idioma nativo de los padres dentro de los 30 días de una reunión del IEP.

Actualmente, las familias se encuentran en la desafortunada situación de tener que firmar un documento que realmente no pueden entender o esperar meses para recibir una traducción. Esto puede resultar en la pérdida de apoyos y servicios para los estudiantes discapacitados.


Next Tuesday June 13

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Monday May 22nd! Zoom link here.

As a parent said yesterday:

(Most likely butchering the quote)
"Don't tell me your mission statement. Show me your budget, your calendar and show me curricula and then I will tell you what your mission statement is"

Well, let's see the budget!

May 22, 2023 –LBUSD Local Plan / Budget Presentation Time: 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Via ZOOM

Join Zoom Meeting


Photos from Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee's post 05/07/2023

SAVE THE DATE! Last meeting of the year
Aparte la fecha para la ultima reunión del año

Photos from Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee's post 04/20/2023

We have a great event coming up! Save the date for a great community day at Buffum TLC!

Registration is also open for organizations to table the event.


ESY info is out, but no mention of SEAL programs.

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CAC favorite, Camp Nugget is back this year! sign up while you still can!


Camp activities include motor skills, health-related
physical fitness, dance, cooperative games, adapted
sports, and aquatics taught by CSULB Adapted
Physical Education students!

Questions? Contact Dr. Melissa Bittner or Dr. Amanda Young
[email protected]


This Saturday April 8th

This Saturday! Local Hearts Foundation annual Basket & Pancakes at MacArthur Park (Homeland Cultural Center) from 10am-2pm. We’re giving away 1200 + Easter baskets filled with fun goodies. will be serving pancakes.

We’ll be giving away LBC Hero Squad x Local Hearts Foundation fidget spinners and our Heart of a Hero Calm Strips to be included in the Easter baskets. We will have a separate line from the main line for our neurodivergent kiddos.
No registration is needed.

We’re celebrating Spring Break, Easter, Autism month and the kids in our community! We can’t wait for this event. Thank you Local Hearts fam for including us. We are stronger together than alone. Posse up!

Local Hearts Foundation
The Hood santa

Long Beach Unified School District 04/02/2023

True inclusion should make our kids feel welcome, wanted and loved as they are, without the need to mask their disability for the comfort of others.

Long Beach Unified School District The Long Beach Unified School District has earned a national and international reputation as one of America's finest school systems.

Photos from Autism Society of Los Angeles's post 04/01/2023
Photos from Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee's post 04/01/2023
Photos from Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee's post 03/28/2023

Due to Spring Break, our April meeting is Wednesday 5th. Please SAVE THE DATE, it will be a great meeting!

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Let's make April Autism Inclusion month!


Special Education Performance Data presentation by LBUSD

Photos from Autistic Truth's post 03/22/2023
Photos from Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee's post 03/21/2023

Dear CAC community,
Please join us for this zoom meeting where the district will present the STATE OF SPECIAL EDUCATION data.
Wednesday, March 22, 2023, from 5:00-6:00pm. No registration required, just click on the Zoom link below Wed at 5pm


Like and share so this post has a bigger audience!

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No more masking...
It is healthy for people to be just as they are.
Pretending to be "normal" is exhausting, detrimental to their self-esteem and hurting their mental health.

AB 181: Special Education and Independent Study - Laws, Regulations, & Policies (CA Dept of Education) 03/11/2023

ARTICLE shared by Harbor RC email

Recent Changes In California Law Regarding Special Education
On June 30, 2022, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill (AB) 181 (Chapter 52, Statutes of 2022), an education omnibus trailer bill which became effective immediately. There were multiple changes to California special education laws, but the ones that could directly affect regional center consumers are:

New Pathway to a High School Diploma for Students Taking Alternate Assessments
AB 181 creates an alternate pathway to a high school diploma for students with significant cognitive disabilities. With AB 181’s addition of Section 51225.31 to the Education Code, LEAs must exempt eligible students from all coursework and additional requirements adopted by individual LEAs that are beyond what is required by California’s Education Code to receive a high school diploma. A stated intent for easing graduation requirements to include only the state’s minimum course requirements is to increase high school diploma attainment for students with disabilities, thereby potentially increasing their postsecondary and employment opportunities.
A student is eligible for this exemption if their individualized education program (IEP) requires that the student:
Take the state’s alternate assessment aligned to alternative achievement standards in grade 11; and
Complete state standards aligned coursework to meet the state’s coursework requirements specified in Education Code Section 51225.3.
Before a student with an IEP begins 10th grade, the IEP team must determine and notify the parent whether the student may be eligible to receive a high school diploma under this exemption.
Note: eligible students who graduate with a high school diploma under this exemption still have a continuing right to a free appropriate public education (FAPE) until they age out of special education, despite their receipt of a diploma.
Independent Study Considerations
AB 181 states students with IEPs may participate in independent study if the student’s IEP provides for independent study. Previously, the law stated that students with IEPs shall not participate in independent study unless provided for in the IEP. This change to the law does not appear to have significant legal impact; however, AB 181 clarifies that an IEP team should not deny a request for independent study based on a student’s inability to work independently, need for adult support, or need for special education or related services. The CDE issued guidance on AB 181 and Independent Study which can be accessed at: AB 181: Special Education and Independent Study – Laws, Regulations, & Policies (CA Dept of Education)

AB 181: Special Education and Independent Study - Laws, Regulations, & Policies (CA Dept of Education) Letter outlining some notable changes related to special education and independent study enacted within Assembly Bill (AB) 181.

Photos from Long Beach Special Education Community Advisory Committee's post 03/09/2023

Thank you for attending our March general meeting. Today we had great attendance and participation.

We learned and provided feedback about camp Oak for 5th graders, participated on the Equitable Grading focus group and heard a preview about the State of Special Education.

We will be sending the presentations by email by end of week.


March Meeting, State of SpEd and follow up to CAC recommendations

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We are live for the CAC and The Guidance Center LBUSD Board of Education Candidate Forum!!!




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