Avenue Baptist Church Sunday School

The mission of the Avenue Baptist Church Sunday school is to enable equip and edify the Believer to be able to carry out the mission of the Great Comission at the direction of the Holy Spirit.

The Avenue Baptist Church is the primary ministry for carrying out most effectively the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ. it reaches all ages and is essential for empowering the Saints for productive ministry through the organized study of the Word of God.

Operating as usual


Beauty of the Spirit

The word beauty has garnered many definitions. In the human culture, a great many fashion shows and pageants have come and gone with the goal of telling us who is the most beautiful. The Miss America pageant and the Miss Universe pageants are the most famous of recent memory, at the end the winner is crowned, and declared the “most beautiful”. Young women everywhere begin to judge themselves by this standard. The one thing that stands out prominently is the idea of outward beauty. We judge a thing like beauty as if it is as essential as oxygen, when in fact it is not, it is as elusive as catching smoke in the palm of your hand. In fact outward beauty only lasts for a short time, subject to the years, and the elements it withers like a plant without water. The Bible takes to task the enterprise of worldly beauty from the onset. According to the bible man has two distinct features, the outer man and the inner man (2 Cor 4:16). The outward man perishes while the inner man is renewed day by day. This tells us all we need to understand about outward beauty. Another positive element to this inward element, in 1 Peter 3:1-5, wives win over their husband with their Godly lives, disregarding the outward beauty, clothing themselves with that Beauty that comes from within and does not fade away, which is so precious to God. Look inward to the Beauty of the spirit, and eschew the worldly beauty that focuses on that which fades away. Be blessed saints. Look to the inward beauty!



What it is not: Christianity is not about success, happiness, popularity, keeping families together, keeping your position at your local church, the 2nd amendment to the constitution, or preserving the role of the United States of America's role in World politics

What it is: Christianity is about restoring the relationship between God and man that was severed when sin entered the world. This relationship can only be restored by paying the penalty for your sin. The penalty for sin was paid in full by the death of the one that had no sin. Jesus Christ paid that debt that you and I owed for our sin. Accept him as your savior, confess him with your voice and believe in your heart and you shall be saved. Without Christ we would be lost to sin and condemned to an eternity apart from God (hell). Be blessed



Salvation essentially does for mankind what the parachute does for a person that has to unexpectedly bail out of a plane. Both salvation and the parachute are absolutely essential for survival. If you don’t have a parachute, when you leave the plane, then you are in big trouble. If you don’t have salvation when you leave this world, you are in bigger trouble. Many people believe that they can just “ask for forgiveness” on their death bed. While it is possible for God to restore the broken relationship between a man and himself mere moments before a life ends, God encourages us to “seek him while he may be found.” (Isaiah 55:6), and “Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart” (Heb 4:7). For no one knows when the plane that they have flown in will suddenly fail, and no one knows when the body that they are living in has lived its last day, or its last moment.

Oh, if only the departed souls could talk! How many would plead with us to accept salvation in The Lord Jesus Christ before it is too late. Be blessed


Triumphal Entry Of The King

The week of the entry into Jerusalem, should have been one of celebration and joy. At first it seems to be very happy, but by the weeks end, the true nature of mankind would emerge. In five days the gravity of the true mission of Jesus would come into focus. He entered to shouts of “Hosanna” by the end of the week, they shouted “crucify him”. Within five days Jesus would be crucified. Withing five days he would pay the price for our sins. I read in a bible commentary that during his earthly ministry lasting no more that three years Jesus walked in excess of three thousand miles during his earthly ministry. Yet leading up to the Passover, which is the celebration of the deliverance of the Israelites from the death angel, the “passing over” of death, sparing the first born while in captivity in Egypt, Jesus he rides the last few miles of his upon a young c**t.

Although our lesson is “Triumphal Entry Of The King”, make no mistake about it Jesus, the messiah was hoisted upon the c**t as the “Passover lamb” not the conquering king (Zech 9:9).

Because it was nearing the Passover, Jerusalem’s population had increased, and the feasts and celebrations that happen during the week of Passover. As Jesus rode by the people they waved palm frond/palm leaves and shouted “Hosanna... which means save us“ as in a term of adoration. The disciples put clothing on the c**t to make the ride as comfortable as possible, people spread clothing on the road as a sign of humble subjects for their ruler.

This brings to mind another event that I see as being similar to it. The inauguration of a president. With the adoring crowds, and the throngs of dignitaries awaiting an opportunity to congratulate the winner. The high profile speakers lining up to lend their voices to the victory speech. We see the community leaders, the influential, and wealthy benefactors step aside to allow the man of the hour the center stage. But this event they didn’t quite understand, Jesus’ mission, many saw this moment as the end of the prophecy, even the disciples, thought that this was the moment, this was the man, predicted in the scripture to lead the Hebrew nation to its rightful place; to break the back of the oppressive Roman empire, and lift up the Jew as children of God, the only children of God, to restore the Kingdom Of Israel (Acts 1:6). So when Jesus rides into the city, He is seen by the disciples (and the people) as a conqueror, a king, a judge, What they did not see was a suffering savior, one who will set to work on the Jews themselves, cleansing the temple, chastising the corrupt Jewish religious leaders and working to set free those captive to sin and doomed to death after the judgment. It is not his Majesty that will be demonstrated, it is his meekness. He is riding upon a c**t, moving slowly so that he is easy to see, easy to access, Not on a fearsome war horse, easy to learn from, he strengthens the weak, he loves the unlovable, he rules with his love not with the lash.

In order to really understand this lesson we must look at the passages before this lesson, and the passages after the lesson. We want the context of the lesson. Foresight and hindsight gives us the proper perspective to learn what this lesson has for us. Look at what Jesus did when he got off the donkey.
• Matt 21:12 Jesus cleansed the temple, he threw out the money changers and overturned the seats of them that sold doves. And he said unto them “you have made my house into a den of thieves.
• Matt 21:13 Jesus began to heal the blind and the lame, in the temple
• Matt 21:14 When the chief priest and scribes saw the wonderful things that Jesus did, how the people shouted “Hosanna to the son of David” they were sore displeased.
• Matt 21:23 The chief priest and elders openly challenged Jesus authority saying, “ Who gave you the authority to teach these things

When he dismounted the c**t, he went about setting the temple in order, cleansing the House of God. Then he began healing in the temple. Remember Jesus’ mission was to minister to the people, no to be ministered to (Matt 20:28). Jesus began by cleansing the temple. Be blessed


Good morning Saints!! The Sunday School class will be on the church conference for next few weeks. We will be getting out the message on when we will be ready to go back to the sanctuary for in-person Sunday school soon. The church conference line is (774) 267-7591.....


On the subject of Hate and Love...

Hate the sin...Love the sinner. Yet many of us find this concept too complicated

Or perhaps we are too unwilling to hate the sin but love the sinner. Even the average man or woman, who doesn’t love God, can see well enough to hate what they do, but not hate themselves. Let us follow what Gods word says in Matt 22:39 to “Love others as we love ourselves”. If we follow Gods word, it should not be a hill too hard to climb to hate the sin AND love the sinner. Be blessed



The book of Deuteronomy is the final book of the Law. Written by Moses it is not bringing new information, but is a repetition of the prior books of the Law. With explanation and emphasis, this book clarifies and expounds upon the prior books of the law. Written shortly before the Israelites enter the promised land, its significance among the books of the Old Testament is not overlooked. As we shall see in this Sundays lesson. "Free Because Of The Lord...".Our savior, Jesus Christ quotes Deu 8:3'....Man doth not live by bread alone..." Be Blessed.


Lesson for March 27 is
Deuteronomy 8:1-11


A heartfelt thank you to the awesome teachers that have remained so faithful during this pandemic, and for meeting and exceeding the challenges of this past two years of reaching the people and teaching Gods word. Even though we are not meeting at the sanctuary, Gods message is still being spread to the masses. Thank you and may God continue to magnify your Gifts.



In our culture, we have a penchant for indulging our creative nature and coming up with memorable and pithy sayings. One such saying is….”Ride or die”…

Now, this saying wraps around the cultures and reaches across the generations. This is not a “young peoples thing”, and this is not a saying that we are not familiar with. For it deals with character traits such as integrity, faithfulness, selflessness courage and fidelity. The commonality of its usage is prominent in recent years, but the message beneath the statement predates it by millennia. In fact, the message resonates throughout the Bible. In the book of Esther, Esther a concubine of King Ahasuerus, made a decision to help the Jewish people who were captives of the kingdom of Persia. Although being one of hundreds of young women in the harem of the king, the providential hand of God touched her, and King Ahasuerus fell in love with her. Taking advantage of the unique position, she decided to help her people, but her decision was not without its risks, a jealous, ambitious politician (Haman), was pressuring the king to get rid of the Jews (Esther 3:6), and if she enters the kings presence without being summoned, she risks being put to death. She decides to appeal directly to Ahasuerus on behalf of her people, even at the risk of displeasing him, and being put to death. The scripture says that in her mind she says “If I perish...then I perish” (Esther 4:16), this example of a “ride or die” friend would certainly please the most skeptical of people. Esther was willing to “ride it out until the desired result happened or die in the process.”

The story of Jonathan (the son of King Saul) and David, the young shepherd boy who would be king, illustrates a high degree of friendship and love for ones fellow man. Jonathan, the son of King Saul, chafed at his fathers efforts to have David killed, openly questioning the ruler. Saul was suspicious of Jonathan and in a paranoid rage tried to kill Jonathan by throwing a spear at him. In the face of hostility by his father Saul, Jonathan’s courage never waned, and he warned David of a secret assassination attempt by Saul's army (I Samuel 20-35). Never once failing his friend David, even unto his death. This brings to our attention the nature of our heavenly father, that remains faithful to us, even when we were faithless towards him. We turned away from God, but he remained faithful, giving his all for us. Even the life of his only begotten son (John 3:16), sacrificing that which was perfect for those who were imperfect. The question for us today is who you have as your “ride or die”. Be blessed.



Years ago, a singer named Bobby Caldwell, hit the charts with a song titled “What you won’t do for Love”. The Song remained in the top ten for nearly a year. Audiences of every type swayed and sung along to the familiar chorus “You tried everything and you won't give up...”

In the Old Testament a prophet of Israel named Hosea heard from God to “….take thee a wife of w***edom”, being an obedient prophet Hosea promptly took a wife (named Gomer) from Diblaim. The first chapter of Hosea, says that not only would Gomer have multiple children, Lo-ruhamah (meaning No-mercy) and Lo-Ammi (meaning not my people) their names would reflect God’s inclination towards the nation of Israel.

In the time of the prophet Hosea the king was Jeroboam II (he was a wicked king), and he led the people to commit sinful acts (2 Kings 14:23-24) away from God. Taking his loving care for granted, disregarding his rules, commandments and ignoring the voice of his prophets. As it happened many times before, God would forgive the unfaithful Israel of her sinful ways. The King was evil, and so was the kingdom/nation. They seemed to like living in sin more than living to please God. Israel was like a Hollywood madam, that took any suitor that played her song. Baal worshiping, and giving sacrifices to Astarte, the children of Israel continued to play the w***e, only reflecting on their actions when the judgment of God and the punishment of sin pressed upon their conscience. The nation was mired in a string of poor leadership (evil kings) that led them away from God. To the topic at hand, God raised up Hosea to prophecy to Israel, but the example of his Life would be as God and Israel. Hosea would take a wife, Gomer that would leave him for the arms of another man. Repeatedly Gomer fled the institution of marriage for the life of debauchery and lust. Even after the birth of children, Gomer continued to go after other men, being unrestrained in her lust, drank to excess (Hosea 3:1), and looked for an opportunity to commit adultery. Because of her lifestyle, the party life, the drinking, the illicit relationships with men and debts that she racked up, she became as a slave of another man. (Hosea 3:2) No instance points to the depth of her depravity more than when God told Hosea to find Gomer and take her back, and to forgive her sinful transgressions against him and bring her back into a righteous relationship with him, to restore Gomer as his bride once again.

Most people would be hesitant to allow a spouse back into their home after an indiscretion, but practically none would accept them back after they left them at home. She left him for a lover, and an “entanglement”, laughing and drinking publicly, running up debts to support her extravagant lifestyle, producing children of questionable lineage and eventually ending up in prison. Adding insult to injury, Hosea had to pay to have Gomer released from the lover that she left him for.

Hosea’s life is a representation of the relationship between God and the nation of Israel. No matter how much he did for Israel, she strayed in search of another god, no matter how many times God delivered Israel from danger, famine, enemies, she found something else that piqued her interest. He provided for Israel in the great famine, he raised up a leader to take them out of bo***ge, He delivered them from Pharaoh's army when they crossed the Red Sea on dry land. He prepared the promised land for them. He gave them victory over the pagan nations, as they occupied the promised land. He provided leadership (The Judges) to lead them in the promised land. This is a story of God doing everything, for the Love that he had for his people, his bride was second to none. Hosea represents God in all his patriarchal righteousness, loving a peculiar, imperfect people and watching that people become unfaithful, repeatedly. We should have a good understanding of the Love that God has for us when you consider that he gave his life for someone that was unfaithful to him. What a remarkable story of a remarkable man, that showed us the faithfulness of God through his own life, one that Did everything for the Love of God, Hosea will forever be one of my favorite stories in the bible. God bless and keep the faith.


"Say what you mean...... but don't say it mean."

Prov 15:1.." A soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir anger


Clear your record...hardly
God has never expunged a person's record of sin, No matter how slight the transgression. The manner of the transgressions of which shall be irresistible to appeal, or commuted is not relevant. Its destiny to be revealed, is certain. The cost, the penance, the penalty is irrevocable and sure. A just God expects every sin debt to be paid, the good news for you is that he has provided a way for your debt to be paid by someone else. John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" Accept Jesus and you are accepting life, no more fear of death, or the unknown destiny. Be blessed

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The Avenue Baptist Church Sunday School is the primary ministry for carrying out most effectively the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ. it reaches all ages and is essential for empowering the Saints for productive ministry through the organized study of the Word of God.




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