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Operating as usual


Terry came to us off the street with no previous acting experience six years ago. This marks his FIFTH television episode this year. Straight 🔥

So proud of this guy. He “gets it”. Do you?

Congratulations to Terry Nelson for booking an episodic!


Works Monday 4/11. Submit or ask questions to the email address listed on the photo. Casting questions here are generally not monitored.


Needing 18+ to look younger at the end of this week.





So proud of one of our most dedicated and long term students!!

Congratulations to Emma Willoughby for booking a feature film!


Happy Birthday to our student Matthew Maniscalco! From all of us at Northwood Acting Studio we hope you enjoy your day.


Our student of the week this week is Taylor Davidson. Some of our advice to all of our actors looking to get reel material is to get involved with the filmmakers of Louisiana Film Prize. Taylor attended her first LAFP after starting at the studio and by the next year had taken part in several productions. This year she’s hoping for a lead or strong notable supporting role and we believe she’s ready. Taylor recently signed with Gravity Artists.


Merry Christmas to everyone from Northwood Acting Studio. To all of you who expected a big bonus but life delivered you a “Jelly of the Month in 2020”... This one’s for you.


Our student of the week this week is Hannah Kaufman. Hannah came to the studio two years ago. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, Hannah is smarter than most of us at the studio and has degrees that we can’t even pronounce. On top of being smart she’s wicked athletic as a trained martial artist, MMA fighter, and a former collegiate soccer player. Hannah is currently seeking representation.


Our student of the week this week is Terry Nelson. Terry came to us a little over four years ago when we moved into Millennium Studios. Since then Terry has a had co-starring role Queen Sugar and recently wrapped supporting roles in two feature films. Terry is represented by Action Talent Agency.


Our student of the week this week is Robin White. Robin has been a steady fixture at the studio for two and a half years now and has consistently improved his craft. Robin isn’t a serious guy (he’s really funny and you should check out his YouTube alter ego Bobby Black) but he takes his training serious and we are proud of the actor he is growing into. Robin is currently seeking representation.


Don’t show up to your taping service not knowing your lines. First, if you expect coaching it’s almost impossible when you haven’t done the basics of learning your lines. Second, you are taking up your own valuable time that you are paying for that could be better spent taping the audition!


When you get a self-taped audition and you need to schedule with a taping service it’s a good idea not to wait until the last minute to try and schedule your taping. Several hundred auditions go out at one time and often times taping services will be inundated with appointment requests. There’s no reason you shouldn’t schedule a time as soon as you receive your audition so that you can pick a time that works for you and your taping service.


Loki, our de facto studio mascot. He doesn’t stay at the studio but we found him outside it in 2019. He had a really bad cut that was infected but we took him home and our vet fixed him up. He’s now loving the good life.


It’s beginning to look a like lot Christmas at Northwood Acting Studio.


2020 Stink, Stank, Stunk but your acting doesn’t have to. Visit us at Northwood Acting Studio to see how we can take you from Stink, Stank, Stunk to Bing, Bang, Book.


Hello Everyone,

Due to the new stay at home order issued by the Louisiana Governor today we will not hold in person classes or tapings at Northwood Acting Studio until the order has been lifted.

For those of you that are current paid up monthly students I will shift the remaining two classes for this month to an online component. Please give me until tomorrow to determine what will work best for us. So that we have some consistency, our online classes will occur at the same time as our current classes. Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM and Saturday mornings at 10 AM. This also applies to individual times of private recurring lessons.

We will continue to meet online through at least the first part of April while the order is in effect and if possible shift back to in person classes if allowable. I will offer a steep discount for online classes in April to both help those of you affected financially through this crisis and to reflect the reality that there will be a large component of what you normally pay for with our classes missing when we shift online.

If in the unlikely event that you receive audition requests during this time period I will be unable to meet you to tape in person. I will however be available to you as a reader and technical assistant via Skype for a nominal fee.

Some of the greatest creative renaissances of our world have come after a time of crisis and this will be no exception. Keep up your training and stay diligent because our industry will be back and it will be busier than ever as content creators rush to fill the void left by current and future productions that are shuttered during this time.

I love you all and I appreciate each and every one of you that has ever trusted me to help guide you along your acting journey.

Northwood Acting Studio WILL survive this and we will all come back stronger, more resilient and I hope with a greater love and appreciation for each other and the world around us.

As always please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Until we see each other again... stay safe... stay diligent...stay at home... and wash yo dang hands!


G -


For those in need of updated headshots on a budget.


Congratulations to our student Brianna Matthews!

Congratulations to BRIANNA MATTHEWS for booking a commercial!


Terry Nelson celebrated his three year anniversary at Northwood Acting Studio in style by booking a supporting role in a SAG-AFTRA feature film. Congratulations Terry!


Child Film, TV & Commercial Training

Want to know how to get your child in film, TV and Commercials? Watch our video below and sign up for our week long summer camp the first week of June!


Want to know how to get your child in film, TV and Commercials? Watch our video below and sign up for our week long summer camp the first week of June!


Nothing says prepared like a trained actor and Taylor rarely misses a class.

Northwood Acting Studio: REAL Actors, REAL prepared.

Looking for a young, female actor for your Louisiana Film Prize short? Taylor Davidson is available! She is trained by Northwood Acting Studio in Shreveport.

Interested in booking Taylor? Reach out to her at [email protected]!


Ronald R Bush was one of our very first students. He taped and booked this from the studio. We are so proud of Ron and his hard work. Be sure to tune in and watch!


Watch our very own Nina Leon as Eleanor (THE CREATOR OF THE EVE DOLL) in Life Size 2 tonight on Freeform!

Watch Nina Leon in Life Size 2 on Freeform!


Another chance for students to shoot with Jackson Beals in NOLA. If you’re waiting for a set of headshots here’s your chance.

M/S/H will be in NOLA shooting Headshots SEPT. 28 - OCT. 1! *Limited Availability* Please email [email protected] to schedule!


Northwood Acting Studios is excited to announce a new young actors class, taught by Dodie Brown, exclusively for young actors and aspiring young actors seventeen and under launching this fall!

Classes will be after school on a weekday and will run September through May and be a launching pad for a new Film Summer program we will debut in the Summer of 2019!

We will announce program details sometime in August. Follow our page to learn when and how to sign up.


Northwood Acting Studios is proud to sponsor the Best Actress and Best Actor awards for the Shreveport Urban Film Festival!


One of our first young acting class students, Ms. Emma Willoughby, Actor recently wrapped a week in a supporting role on a SAG-AFTRA feature film. Thanks to Emma and her mother Laura for trusting Northwood and our staff with Emma's acting education. We couldn't be more proud and we are excited that all her hard work is paying off!


Northwood Acting Studios congratulates Terry Nelson who just booked his very first co-star role in a SAG-AFTRA TV series. Terry taped his audition at the studio and booked directly from tape! Terry rarely misses class and has entrusted us with his development as an actor and we couldn't be more proud. CONGRATULATIONS Terry!!!


Camzin Productions


Camzin Productions has begun casting its next project, The Cleanse, written & directed by Cam Owen. Set in the near future, the story follows Landon (Cam Owen) after he is captured by an extreme military force.

This short film will be shot in the Shreveport, La area and submittied into the 2018 Louisiana Film Prize.

Compensation will be discussed prior to booking.

We are currently accepting SELF TAPED auditions for the following roles:

JARED- Male. 50-60s Landon's father. A stern but soft spoken man. He doesn't agree with Landon's actions but never loses his temper.

CARRIE- Female. 50-60s Landon's mother. A very concerned and worried mother. She has the tendenacy to over react and lose control of her emtoions.

NOAH- Male. 20-30 years old. Any Ethnicity. Landon's boyfriend. ( Must be willing to play gay or looking to cast an actual gay male actor.) A very sweet and supportive character to Landon.

PASTOR- Male- 30s-50s. Any Ethnicity. A strong, intimidating presence is needed for this role.

MILITARY PERSONELL- Any age or ethnicity. Military looking men or women. They will play a signifcant role throught the film. *Heavily Featured Background*

Please submit headshots, resume, and/or demo reels to [email protected] with the subject line: THE CLEANSE CASTING / ROLE YOU WILL BE READING FOR / CITY OF RESIDENCE.

Once all materials have been submitted and reviewed, we will follow up with the sides for the self tape. Any submissions that do no follow instructions will not be considered.


Northwood Acting Studio representing Louisiana Film Prize! Any check-in to Northwood Studios during class or tapings from now until October 1st will be entered into a drawing for a pair of Film Pass tickets at this year's Prize Fest.

That's right! Northwood Acting Studio is giving away a pair of Film Passes so you can go see all of the short films at the competition some of which star many of our students!


Northwood Studios representing at the Louisiana Film Prize Top 20 announcement. Nearly half the films in the Top 20 feature Northwood Acting Students. Hugo Christian, Ronald R Bush, Garrett Kruithof (Owner and Head Instructor) Terry Nelson, and CW Charlie Johnson Jr. are just some of our students involved in Top 20 films in 2017.

Come see what training with a working actor can do for your career as an artist. Your first class is always free.


SEND AN EMAIL WITH HEADSHOT AND RESUME to [email protected] subject line "Willow casting"
Top 20 Cinematographer Anthony Gutierrez
shoot dates June 2-4, 2017 in Shreveport, LA
This is a non-union, independent short film
Local Hire Only
******Send PM with headshot and resume******
Willow- We are casting three versions of this character (passing for ages 5, 9, and 18) She is a waif like brunette with brown eyes. She is introspective, intelligent and solitary. We will follow her through her young life as she searches for her people and her place in the world.
Teacher- 20’s to 40’s male or female any ethnicity
Sherriff -30’s to 50’s male any ethnicity
Mr. Moreau- 50’s -70’s curmudgeonly costume shop owner- any ethnicity

Friday June 2 Extras needed:
• various people for park and town scenes (families and individuals)
• 15-20 adult Furries any age or gender, with own costumes if available, but not required (full adult animal costume mascot style)

Saturday June 3 Extras needed:
• school kids that pass for age 12
• three teenagers
• funeral goers

Sunday June 4 Extras needed:
• one drunk barfly (male any ethnicity age 30-70)
• 20-30 attendants at a late 1960’s office Christmas Party (think Mad Men)
• A few children for the party scene ages 5-10


Congratulations Terry Nelson!! You just won a free class for your check in on March 15, 2017 at Northwood Acting Studios. Be sure to check in like Terry did each time you at the Studio for any reason to register for a free class.


Peter Seamus O'Toole

Words of wisdom from a legend.

talks about the importance of LEARNING YOUR LINES, the basic start point for any good actor.


Northwood Acting Studio young actors class continues principle photography on "Tardy" currently filming for the Film Prize 2017. Directed by owner Garrett Kruithof, "Tardy" was written entirely by students in the young actors class.

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