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Our mission is to provide cutting-edge, comprehensive patient care and the highest quality undergraduate and graduate medical education. The LSU Health Shreveport Department of Neurosurgery is dedicated to offering an excellent combination of clinical and research opportunities and providing the highest quality undergraduate and graduate medical education experiences led by some of the most knowledgeable and renowned neurosurgeons in the field.

We strive to develop and support pioneering scientific programs through basic research opportunities and projects focusing on the development of new, cutting-edge surgical approaches or refinement of existing approaches supported by clinical and technique-based projects.

The LSU Health Shreveport Department of Neurosurgery maintains a highly skilled clinical practice with engaged in all clinical sub-specialties of neurosurgery at LSU Health Shreveport’s partner hospitals (Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport, Willis-Knighton hospitals, and Overton Brooks VA Hospital). As part of LSU Health Shreveport, we provide a multidisciplinary, team approach to care and pride ourselves in our dedication to care for a highly diverse population and our commitment to foster an educational environment that is inclusive, supportive, and cohesive. We have strong connection to our history. Some of the major achievements in the field of Neurosurgery in the region took place at our institution, including the national accreditation of the Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport Regional Epilepsy Center as a Level 4 Epilepsy Center making it the only Level 4 accredited Epilepsy Center in North Louisiana. Some of the most recognized names in neurosurgery have walked our halls and performed surgeries in our operating rooms, including Ed Benzel, Robert Rosenwasser, Donald Smith, Anil Nanda, and Prashant Chittiboina, among many others. We feel a strong connection to this history, and it inspires us to continue this tradition of excellence in neurosurgical education and clinical practice. Our Neurosurgery team is led by a productive group of clinically active neurosurgeons and PhD researchers. The nationally recognized Stroke Center, awarded the Gold Plus Achievement Award and the Target Stroke Honor Roll Elite Plus Award by the American Heart Association, is housed within the Department of Neurosurgery in partnership with the Departments of Neurology and Radiology. Our comprehensive residency training program is among the best in the U.S., and our residents are among the most competitive fellowship and employment candidates upon completion of the program. Our leadership team is dedicated to ensuring that our trainees leave LSU Health Shreveport with the surgical skills and expertise needed to manage the most complex of patient needs, the ability to lead others, the highest level of professionalism, and marketability as they move on in their careers in neurosurgery.

Mission: The LSU Health Shreveport Department of Neurosurgery is dedicated to offering an excellent combination of clinical and research opportunities and providing the highest quality undergraduate and graduate medical education experiences led by some of the most knowledgeable and renowned neurosurgeons in the field. We strive to develop and support pioneering scientific programs through basic research opportunities and projects focusing on the development of new, cutting-edge surgical approaches or refinement of existing approaches supported by clinical and technique-based projects. In partnership with Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport Academic Medical Center, we are committed to providing comprehensive patient care using the most innovative surgical approaches for a wide variety of neurological conditions. We offer state-of-the-art neuroscience treatment facilities including Gamma Knife, a dedicated Neuro ICU, and the only 24/7 Stroke Center in the area. Our neurosurgeons perform more than 3,000 complex surgical procedures each year and are recognized as leaders for neuroscience in the South.

Operating as usual

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A patient in his 50s came to our hospital with the worst headache of his life. Images showed brain bleeding surrounding his brainstem (most critical part of the brain). He was then found to have a ruptured aneurysm as the cause of his bleeding. The aneurysm was fusiform in shape and located in a blood vessel that supplies the brain stem (i.e. PICA), which is important to preserve. Unfortunately, that aneurysm ruptured again soon after hospitalization leading to a decline in his neurological status and intubation.

The patient was taken to the OR by Dr. Bharat Guthikonda and PGY-6 resident, Dr. Amey Savardekar, for an aneurysm clipping and reconstruction. Despite the high complexity of this procedure, they SUCCESSFULLY closed off the aneurysm and preserved the blood vessel. The patient remained neurologically STABLE after the procedures and is being closely watched in the Neuro ICU.

Fast Fact: Aneurysms present in 1 out of 50 people, and when they bleed they can cause devastating neurological deficits and mortality. Prompt diagnoses and treatment are MANDATORY. Our Department of Neurosurgery provides advanced treatments of all types of complex aneurysms with a group of nationally-renowned surgeons and neurointerventionalists.

Congratulations to Dr. Anthony Sin for recently being selected to be the next Secretary and Treasurer of the #Louisiana #Neurosurgical Society (LANS)! He will serve in this role for the next two years. This position is typically a step that leads to becoming the President of the LANS.

Today is #NationalWomenPhysicianDay ! Thank you to our exceptionally talented and skilled #physicians !

The LSU Health Shreveport Department of #Neurosurgery presented some incredible cases and research at this year’s Louisiana Neurosurgical Society Annual Meeting. Our very own PGY-5 resident, Dr. Racheal Peterson, received the John Jackson Resident Award for her talk "Gadolinium retention in patients undergoing routine postoperative surveillance for pituitary adenomas.”

Congratulations Dr. Peterson!

One of the key differences between an #academic #neurosurgeon and a community neurosurgeon is the very active role academic neurosurgeons can play in teaching the next generation of medical professionals. Just last week, our chairman, Dr. Bharat Guthikonda, took part in a Medical Careers Panel for Cornell University, mentoring students on various aspects of careers in #medicine.


A 60-year-old man was transferred to our service from another #hospital after he presented with the worst #headache of his life that started suddenly while walking. Images showed bleeding into the spaces within and surrounding his brainstem (most critical area of the brain) in addition to suspected abnormalities it the blood vessels in that area (i.e. AVM).

The patient was taken to the Neurointerventional Suite for brain catheterization, where images confirmed the diagnoses of ruptured AVM with surrounding aneurysms. Those were successfully treated during the procedure by Dr. Hugo Cuellar and our PGY6 Dr. Amey Savardekar.

The patient did GREAT after the procedures with NO NEUROLOGICAL DEFICIT. He was safely discharged home on the 3rd day after the procedure.

Rupture of #brain AVM can be life-threatening or lead to serious neurological deficits. Early recognition and treatment is fundamental in those conditions. Sudden and severe “thunderclap-type” headache is often the first alarming symptom.

Today, we celebrated a new team member’s birthday with cake and confetti. Let’s give a happy birthday shout-out to Dr. Hoang!


An older man was transferred to our #neurosurgery service from Willis Knighton Pierremont with a large clot at the base of his #brain.

*The most important factor when treating a stroke is time. The sooner a patient is treated, the more likely the patient can have a positive recovery outcome.* So, before the patient’s wife and daughter could even get to our hospital, Dr. Hugo Cuellar with our LSUHS Neurosurgery Endovascular Program had the patient was in the OR performing a thrombectomy.

The thrombectomy was successfully performed, and the patient spent 3 weeks afterwards in rehab. After the procedure and rehab, the patient’s family remarked how amazed they were that you couldn’t tell he had even suffered a #stroke!


A 14 year old came to us with a 3-month history of #headache with occasional #nausea, vomiting and loss of balance. Images showed a large mass in her posterior fossa, which is the most critical part of the #brain. The mass extended into the upper part of the spinal cord. A tumor of this size and location is usually one of the most challenging in #neurosurgery.

The patient underwent a long microscopic surgery performed by the LSU Health Shreveport Department of Neurosurgery Chairman, Dr. Bharat Guthikonda, to meticulously resect the #tumor from within a bundle of cranial nerves coming out of the brainstem. A small piece stuck to the brainstem was left to avoid serious neurological complications.

The patient had a REMARKABLE neurological outcome with NO SERIOUS DEFICITS! She was able to eat, talk and walk out of the hospital back to her normal life.

Our Department of Neurosurgery, in partnership with Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport, provides one the most advanced skull base services in the South. Led by Dr. Guthikonda, our department provides our patients with the superior care they deserve.

On behalf of our entire department, we want to wish each of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Employee of the Quarter Awards (Q4 2019 - Q3 2020)

We're taking a look back at the #Neurosurgery Employee of the Quarter awards over the past year. #employeeappreciation


A young lady in her thirties came to our service with gradual decline in her visual acuity and poor peripheral vision for 1 year. She was found to have a large mass sitting on top of her pituitary gland.

Our team, led by skull base #neurosurgeon Dr. Jennifer Kosty, collaborated with the #ENT team, led by Dr. Michael T. Yim, to successfully remove the whole #tumor through the nose (transsphenoidal approach).

The patient did remarkably well after surgery! Her fluid and electrolyte imbalance was managed by #endocrinology. Her vision was stable, and she was discharged home shortly afterward.

Our #neurosurgery team provides such a multidisciplinary approach to #brain tumors with expert-level management in order to provide our patients with the best possible care that they deserve.


An 18 year old male came to the ER at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport with a gunshot wound to the head, left hand, and right ankle. His gunshot wound to the head resulted in an OPEN SKULL INJURY with the BRAIN VISIBLE at the scene of the shooting. The patient was admitted to the #trauma bay where he was hypotensive and tachycardic.

The patient was admitted into #neurosurgery service where the patient underwent a left-sided hemicraniectomy, cranialization of the left frontal sinus and a repair of complex scalp laceration.

He had a complicated post-op course due to the complex scalp laceration and the wound broke down multiple times, causing a CSF leak through the wound. The patient remained unconscious for 3 months and underwent MULTIPLE #wound revisions and had an external ventricular drainage system for 2 months.

In spite of all of the complications during post-op, the patient was eventually discharged to #rehab, and amazingly, he has a 4 out of 5 in strength in his right upper and lower extremity and only has moderate aphasia but is able to say his name and recognize his mother. The patient’s mother has even said that he is able to walk and move about!


Today, we said goodbye to long-time #neurosurgery #nurse and our Gamma Knife Gatekeeper, Christy Lummus. We’re sad to see her go but wish her all the best!



Many do not realize that neurosurgeons treat a wide range of diseases and afflictions including stroke. Our program is one of a select few which offer both open surgical and endovascular treatment. Our surgeons have been nationally recognized for managing all aspects of stroke and cerebrovascular disorders.

Raul is one of our patients that came to us suffering from a massive stroke and barely able to communicate upon arrival. Hear his story in this video.

~with LSUHS Neurosurgery Endovascular Program


Hi Everyone,

Since I can remember, Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays and this year is no exception. I wanted to reach out on behalf of our entire faculty to wish each of you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season!

This year has been unlike any other for all of us and I can't begin to thank everyone in our department for their selfless service in taking care of our patients and moving our department forward.

I am so thankful to all of our partners. Through the pandemic, each of them has remained dedicated to our mission and provided the best patient care, given all of the constraints of this year! I want to thank all of them so much for making our team the best neurosurgery group in this area!

I am so thankful for our residents. As a group, they are such a highlight for our team. We are all so proud of everything that they achieve and thank them for pushing all of us to the best that we can to train you. Their presence makes our team that much better!

I am so thankful for our entire clinic team. It has been great to witness our team grow, spread our wings, and work together better than ever. We are so appreciative of all of the tireless work that they all put in week after week. Our practice could not possibly function as smooth as it does without all of their work and dedication. I cannot thank them enough!

I am so thankful for our entire academic team. This part of our team has done a great job handling all of our academic and editorial needs, thus allowing our department's research and community presence to grow to new heights. They are the reason that these areas are so productive, and I thank each of them for all of their work and commitment to our team!

I would like to give a special thanks for all of the people who have joined our team over the past year! I want to thank them for choosing to join us and for trusting our team with the privilege of helping each of them achieve their goals. I look forward to many more years together.

With new additions also come some farewells. I would like to send a special thanks to Christy Mcgowan Lummus, who will be leaving us soon. Thank you Christy for your years of service to our team. We will miss you and wish you all the best!

Last but certainly not least, I am thankful to my family and to all of our families! It is because of them that we are able to do what we do.

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy some down time with your families and loved ones over the thanksgiving break. We appreciate all of the sacrifices that everyone in our department makes to help take care of our patients and I wish all of them and all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Dr. Bharat Guthikonda
Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery

Today, our #neurosurgery #clinic hosted a baby shower for Dr. Newman and his #babyboy coming soon! Congratulations,




A 23 year old man sought our help after not being able to get other physicians in his hometown to listen to him. He came to us a month after the initial injury that had resulted from a fall.

The young man explained that he had fallen on his left side and had an episode of syncope later the day of the fall in which his legs were numb. When he came to our doctors, he was unable to walk and complained about numbing and tingling in his arms and hands and compared the numbness in his legs and feet to having an injection of novacaine. Once we reviewed his MRI of the cervical spine and examined him, longtime #neurosurgery PA, Susan Parks Steen, informed the young man and his wife that his condition was urgent. The young couple broke down in tears at the news.

Susan consulted with #neurosurgeon, Dr. Christina Notarianni, about the possibility of central cord syndrome based upon the patient’s #medical history. After a review of the films, Dr. Notarianni agreed with the diagnosis and admitted the patient to Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport directly from the neurosurgery #clinic. One of our newest neurosurgeons to join our team, Dr. Christopher Newman, performed surgery on the young man the following morning. After the surgery was performed, the patient was WALKING!

After being turned away from so many doctors before, the young couple was so incredibly grateful to us for listening to him, investigating what could cause his condition, and performing the surgery so he could return to his normal life.


Learn More About the LSUHS Neurosurgery Program


A 52 year old female had suffered from what she described as the worst headache of her life while gardening. The patient went to local #emergency room, was found to have subarachnoid #hemorrhage and transferred to Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport for #neurosurgical evaluation. A cerebral angiogram revealed a ruptured intracranial #aneurysm. 1/3 OF PEOPLE WITH THIS DISEASE PROCESS BEFORE EVEN REACHING THE HOSPITAL.

We took the patient immediately to the operating room where we performed a successful surgical clipping of the aneurysm.

Although the patient was recovering well, she developed a wound infection 2 weeks after the surgery. She was again taken to the operating room where the infection was cleaned out which required removing a portion of the skull (bone flap).

2 days following the second operation, the patient developed severe respiratory symptoms and tested positive for #COVID-19. She had to be transferred to the care of the #Medical #ICU (MICU) team.

After a 65 DAY HOSPITAL STAY, away from family and friends, the patient FULLY RECOVERED, and has had her bone flap replaced.


#FridayFunDay at the #neurosurgery #clinic celebrating this week’s birthdays! #HappyBirthday to Dr. Willis and his longtime PA, Susan!

The Department of #neurosurgery is representing today at LSU Health Shreveport’s #CareerDay2020! Medical #students are finding out just what it takes to be a #neurosurgeon! #neurosurgeons #academic #StudentLife

Our #academic #neurosurgeons are constantly running between the operating room, the skills lab, and lending their expertise in various speaking engagements. Just last week, the LSU Health Shreveport Department of Neurosurgery Chairman, Dr. Bharat Guthikonda, participated in a panel discussion for Health Leadership Brain Trust's "The Matching Game." In case you missed it, you can catch a recording of the panel discussion on YouTube at !


A 29 year old woman presented with a mass within the ventricular system of her #brain. The mass, albeit small, was causing fluid buildup inside her head leading to severe headaches and confusion.

Our #neurosurgery team was able to completely resect the mass with only a small incision. The patient was discharged home 2 days later in an excellent condition. She has been doing extremely well since the #surgery , showing NO #neurological issues!

Happy Halloween from our faBOOlous #Neurosurgery Clinic team!

The LSU Health Shreveport Department of #Neurosurgery is committed to innovative scientific #research and the advancement in the field of neurosurgery through cutting-edge clinical and basic science research programs at LSUHS and its hospital affiliates.


Our department often works collaboratively with other departments to ensure our patients receive the most comprehensive and first-rate care.

This young adult came to us with a large sinonasal mass that was biopsied but unable to be resected at a different hospital. They were admitted to us with worsening symptoms, and we decided to take the mass out before it could get any bigger and cause any more damage. Dr. Bharat Guthikonda and two of our residents, Dr. Devon LeFever and Dr. Racheal Peterson, did a bicoronal craniotomy for the intracranial mass, while at the same time Dr. Michael Yim and fourth year resident, Dr. Sean Holmes, from the ENT Department took an endonasal endoscopic approach to resect the part of the mass invading the sinuses. Both department physicians worked simultaneously and achieved a total resection. The patient did well and was discharged to rehab to work on regaining strength after surgery.

About Us

Our dedicated faculty physicians, residents, and nursing team offer all neurosurgical subspecialties to patients, perform cutting-edge research in labs, and take advantage of Oschner LSU Health Shreveport’s world-class facilities to deliver outstanding care to patients and their families during the most critical times.

Our surgeons are considered leaders in their fields, offering patients extraordinary technical expertise in fields as diverse as aneurysm, pediatric neurosurgery, epilepsy, spine, and stroke. Many are continually publishing articles in their specialties and performing research that explores new approaches for treating neurological conditions.

Patient care and training take place at four partner hospitals: Ochsner LSU Health Academic Medical Center, Willis-Knighton, Shriners Children’s Hospital, and the Overton Brooks Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Students and residents also rotate through rural hospitals and clinics in the region.

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Employee of the Quarter Awards (Q4 2019 - Q3 2020)
Learn More About the LSUHS Neurosurgery Program
A Year in Review
Neurosurgery Celebrates PA Week!
Raul's Story: Surviving Stroke
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