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Anyone possibly know of a place they’d recommend for summer internships?
Hey Guys, I have a Pretty New Megg's book if anyone is taking Graphic Art's History this semester $40
Hey I've got a Megg's 6th edition History of Media Arts if anyones looking to buy for this semester
Attention Graduates!
Experienced Graphic Designer

• Exciting Full-Time TEMPORARY Opportunity
(8-12 Weeks)
• Variety Of Creative Responsibilities
• High Profile Position
• $10-$16 Hour

If you’re looking for an Exciting Graphic Design opportunity, this high profile position with a variety of creative responsibilities could be the position for you. This prestigious Printing and Publishing company is aggressively seeking an Experienced Graphic Artist... Though this position is only 3 months, it is the chance of a lifetime.

Mandatory Knowledge:
Adobe InDesign (Intermediate/Advanced)
Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate)
LightRoom (Intermediate)
Mac & OS (Intermediate/ Advanced)

Applicants looking to apply for this position should have editorial publication experience, be deadline driven and creative, even under pressure.

Will be responsible for the design/look of publication, working closely with advertisers to make custom ad and responsible for all pre-press functions, creates ads for clients as warranted. Graphic Designer also collects all camera-ready ads from clients. Ads to be produced in a timely fashion.

Time is of the essence, apply soon before this opportunity is gone!
If you are interested in this position, please send forward your resume to 1) [email protected] 2) provide a brief summary of your qualification for this position 3) providing a website or portfolio is a plus.

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Operating as usual

CLIP STUDIO PAINT - The artist's software for drawing and painting 06/17/2021

CLIP STUDIO PAINT - The artist's software for drawing and painting
Some of us have it, most of us love it, it's on sale right now!
The basic version is great for digital artists.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT - The artist's software for drawing and painting Graphics software and app designed for drawing and painting, available for Windows, macOS, iPad and iPhone. Get started with the free trial today.

$5 FLASH SALE! "Digital Painting Course!" by Aaron Blaise 05/06/2021

$5 FLASH SALE! "Digital Painting Course!" by Aaron Blaise
Great deal for some digital painting videos.
From his website "Later I graduated from the Ringling College of Art with a certificate in Illustration in 1989. I was then hired by Walt Disney Feature Animation where I spent 21 years helping to create some of the greatest animated films ever made. During that time I was lucky enough to have worked as an animator or supervising animator on “The Rescuers Down Under”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, “The Lion King”, “Pocahontas”, “Mulan” and I was co-director of “Brother Bear” for which we earned an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature Film. Since “Brother Bear”

$5 FLASH SALE! "Digital Painting Course!" by Aaron Blaise Learn Digital Painting in Photoshop techniques from artist, animator and concept artist, Aaron Blaise. Drawing, Painting, Custom Brush Creation & More.

Relief grants available for Louisiana artists; deadline April 16 04/11/2021

Relief grants available for Louisiana artists; deadline April 16

For our artist friends in Shreveport/Bossier!
Many of you may already be aware, but there is some Covid relief money available as a grant to area artists. The Louisiana Office of Cultural Development’s Division of the Arts is accepting applications for grants to provide relief directly to individual Louisiana artists impacted during the pandemic or other natural disasters in 2020. The deadline to submit an application is April 16.
Information and eligibility requirements can be found in this article from the Advocate's website.

Relief grants available for Louisiana artists; deadline April 16 The Louisiana Office of Cultural Development’s Division of the Arts is accepting applications for grants to provide relief directly to individual Louisiana artists impacted during the pandemic or other natural


You are a digital arts nerd when you catch yourself spending 30 minutes creating color schemes at even though you may never use them
(Jason had to stop himself. Although he swears he will one day make use of the 50+ themes he made!)
If you've never tried it out, click on extract theme and load up one of your favorite images.


ADDY AWARDS - Due Saturday, January 16, 2021: The AAFSB 2021 American Advertising Awards entry deadline is this Saturday, January 16! Entries are digital this year so click the link in the AAF post below and get that artwork entered! For more general information about the American Advertising Awards, go to this link:

📣 ATTENTION 📣 5 days left to submit your entries to the 2021 American Advertising Awards! Make sure you submit your entries by 5PM on Saturday, January 16.

Also, we will no longer be at Ace Digital for entry drop-off. Please submit all of your work digitally via our entry portal:

If you have any questions, reach out to us on FB messenger or email our ADDY Chair (Caitlin Perkins) at [email protected]


AAF Shreveport-Bossier

Hey Digital Arts majors! Join the AAFSB this evening at 6 PM on Facebook Live for the announcement of the Jim Leslie Memorial Scholarship winner!

Join us as we congratulate the class of 2020 and announce the recipient of the Jim Leslie Memorial Scholarship.


Pencil Drawing time lapse – 'Mask' by Jono Dry

Just because...WOW!

A time lapse video of a few months of my life while I was drawing 'Mask' I tried to give a glimpse into the process and the time that went into this work. Sp...


[04/14/20]   Digital Arts - Random Act of Kindness
Compliment a Stranger’s Portfolio

I found this idea on another site and I really liked the idea behind it... so I am challenging all our friends to do the following sometime this week.

This might be the easiest random act of kindness one designer can bestow on another: Compliment someone’s portfolio.

You know you spend time every day browsing projects on Behance or Dribbble or Instagram or GitHub. Next time you see something you like or admire, leave a comment of appreciation and let them know you like their work.

Take it a step further than a generic like. Explain what about the piece or project appeals to You. Why do you like it? What about it made you stop and offer words of encouragement to the designer? By offering specific feedback you can help them do better work and even serve as an anecdotal recommendation when they need it.

Student Work 04/05/2020

Student work from 2001 to 2019

Student work from 2001 to 2019


How to Make Dynamic Movement in Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

Another quick video from Adobe. There is a lot you can do with the new blur filters.

Let your subject soar with some quick adjustments of the Path Blur tool. Find out how to add a dynamic blur in photoshop. Download Photoshop here to get star... 04/02/2020

Udemy Free Resource Center: Find Free Online Courses on Udemy

Not sure how many people will see this, but I have used for a long time. I probably have more lessons than I could ever hope to watch. Right now the website has quite a large collection of free courses on topics including digital painting, animation in after effects, and even personal productivity. Simply click "show more" in the topic menu on the left (after clicking on "browse free courses") It can't hurt to look at a few and pick some to possibly learn something new. Free courses from Udemy to help you make the most of your time, from working at home to trending technical skills and self-improvement, wherever you are.


How to Make a Neon Light Effect in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

Sometimes we overthink things. Simple and easy!

Electrify your photos with a glowing design. Create your own neon light effect in Adobe Photoshop: Start from s...


LSU Shreveport

Wi-Fi Available to Students, Faculty and Staff in Fine Arts Parking Lot. To help prevent the transmission and spread of the COVID-19, LSUS is taking precautions to protect students, faculty, staff, and the community. In order to assist those needing wireless internet access, we have set up a Wi-Fi network that can be accessed from vehicles parked in the Fine Arts Buildings Parking Lot, which has been temporarily re-named Student Faculty Wi-Fi Parking Lot (see red arrow on the map below).


Professional Artist Colors a CHILDRENS Coloring Book..? | Captain America | 6

So, I spent last night watching this video. Yes, I spent almost 20 minutes watching someone color a coloring book. The artist, Anthony is amazing! (full disclaimer: I squeaked by with a low "B" in my college marker rendering course. After watching this I probably deserved a "D")

Put on The Suit! …… Or Pick Up the Pencil. Today's video takes the colouring series to new heights, attempting not One but TWO different images in one video!...


How to Make an Editorial Collage in Adobe Fresco | Adobe Creative Cloud

If you have an iPad or a Surface device, Adobe Fresco is a great choice for making quick designs!

Mix shapes, imagery, textures and brushes to create colorful and distinctive montages. Featured artist: Alejandro Chavetta. Check out more of his work here: ...


How to Make a Minimal Vector Portrait with Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Creative Cloud

A quick little video from the folks at Adobe.

Create vibrant portraits with simple shapes, bright colors, and basic geometry. Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for... 03/24/2020

Pluralsight | Limited Time Offer

For all our digital arts friends, I wanted to let you know about a pretty sweet deal for the site Pluralsight. Right now if you buy a one-month subscription, you will get a second month for free. (The interim-department head likes free things!)

Just be careful because of the fact that they definitely auto-renew your subscription unless you cancel 30 days before the next payment. I am not sure when you would need to cancel. Weigh your options carefully and read their terms of use. 11b lists how to cancel and states that any remaining time would continue to be valid. (The interim-department head accidentally forgot to cancel a year's subscription to once. That one hurt!) Sign up for a month of Pluralsight and get one month free. Invest in your career with the technology learning platform. 03/03/2020

A Look Back at 2018: 40 of the Year’s Best Photographs

Hey everyone, I was looking through some really old bookmarks and I found the link to the following "Best of..." photos. They take a while to load but I think they might inspire you... to get that perfect show... to keep working hard... to never stop being creative! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
My favorite is the Polar Bear... but the final one is amazing as well! Join us in a photographic journey around the globe, as seen through the lens in 2018. These are the photos that made us feel incredible joy and brought us to tears, that taught us to appreciate the beauty around us, and inspired us to protect it. 12/02/2019

Humble Software Bundle: Painter - Create With Confidence Encore

Art People,
So the Humble Painter Bundle is live again. It ends in approximately 40 hours and comes with a bunch of items, including brushes, software to make cinegraphs, and some basic design software (very basic... not that great.)

But the crown jewel is the ability to purchase Corel Painter 2019 for only $25. Even if you never install anything else from the bundle it is a heck of a deal!!!

If you are interested in taking our Digital Painting course before you graduate, it can't hurt to own the software. Pay what you want for a bundle of software and support charity! 11/23/2019

Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy

Hey everyone, we know that only Bad Santas spend full price at! The courses are almost always on sale for under $15. Udemy has started their Black Friday sale today and almost 99.9999999% of their courses are only $9.99 for the next 7 days! The courses have preview videos and a list of lessons to look at before you buy. You might only get 3 hours of quality videos from one course, but another has 35 hours of lessons... but are they quality lessons or not? Do some research before you buy! (of course we recommend looking for the best courses, not just based on reviews because many of them have great reviews, but based on how much training you actually will receive.)
Happy Learning! Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 100,000 courses and 24 million students. Learn programming, marketing, data science and more. 11/08/2019

Rebelle 3 : A Real-Media Watercolor and Acrylic Paint Software - InkyDeals

Are you an art major interested in getting into Digital Painting? Do you need software to get started? Here is a good deal on Rebelle 3 a Real-Media Watercolor and Acrylic Paint Software. Only $39. (offer expires tomorrow evening) Even if you are not interested in buying additional software (there are decent free solutions out there to get you started) it is worth your time to watch the video on the website. It made us smile! Meet Rebelle 3. The one of its kind software that creates realistic digital art with its state-of-the-art watercolor and acrylic simulation.


LSUS Ad Club

THANK YOU to Laurie Priftis of Williams Creative Group for stopping by to talk with the LSUS Ad Club today! We had a great time learning from and visiting with you!!! 😀


SPRING 2019 GRADUATES - The following students graduated with their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees on Friday, May 10, 2019: James Clark, Zoe Collins, Tyler Crochet, Rachel Dahlem, Owen DeMoss, Miracle Dixon, Ariel Gandy, Jason Genitty, Emily Hatcher, Kagan Isom, Dannion King, John Kuster, Seth Kysar, Jennifer LaFramboise, Nate Landes, Molly Meleton, Spencer Nguyen, and Luola Starks. Kudos to Tyler Crochet for graduating Magna Cum Laude! Also, a job well done to James Clark, Miracle Dixon, Jennifer LaFramboise, and Molly Meleton for their hard work towards graduating Cum Laude! CONGRATULATIONS! We're proud of all of you!!!!!


2019 LSUS PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW (Bossier Arts Council, Bossier City, LA) - Opening Thursday, May 2 at 6 PM - Come check out the LSUS Digital Arts Program's photography students and their newly minted imagery! Special thanks to the Bossier Arts Council for sponsoring this event at their location! We look forward to seeing you there!!!


2019 LSUS DIGITAL ARTS SENIOR PORTFOLIO SHOW (LSUS University Center Ballroom, Shreveport, LA) - Tuesday, April 30, 5:30-8 PM - Come check out the LSUS Digital Arts Program's latest batch of talented designers, animators, modelers, and more! Included in the mix will be some of our latest American Advertising Award winners! You won't be disappointed!!! We look forward to seeing you there!


Hi Everyone! Each summer, the LSUS Digital Arts Program conducts a month-long program at LSUS called the LaPIXEL Academy for students ages 13-17. Throughout the program, students learn to either design and develop their own video games or create their own short films! A flyer about LaPIXEL can be found at the following link:

Spaces are extremely limited and application instructions are on the flyer. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. By the way, LaPIXEL DOESN'T COST ANYTHING to the participants because it is completely sponsored by the LSUS LaPREP Program and the Noel Foundation! :-)


Entry Level Graphic Designer - Haughton, LA 71037 -

HELP WANTED: Entry level graphic design position! Click below for more details. Locally owned and operated small home business is hiring for part-time/internship position. This position is work in-office. Owner is a seasoned graphic designer having worked in print media for 30 years.


AAF Shreveport-Bossier

SCHOLARSHIP: Calling all LSUS Digital Arts students! If you're looking for a scholarship that can help you with school this fall, click the link below to learn more about the AAFSB Jim Leslie Scholarship! Also, if you're looking for an awesome club to join, be sure to join the AAF College Chapter at LSUS. For more information about the scholarship and/or the club, feel free to contact Mr. Garcie ASAP!

The Jim Leslie Memorial Scholarship deadline has been extended to Friday, July 13. Please let any Junior/Senior's who are majoring in a communications related degree know! Apply by clicking the link below! 05/01/2018

2018 LSUS Digital Arts Senior Portfolio Show

LSUS DIGITAL ARTS SENIOR PORTFOLIO SHOW (Robinson Film Center, Downtown Shreveport, LA) - Thursday, May 3, 6-8 PM - Come check out the LSUS Digital Arts Program's latest batch of talented designers, animators, and more! Included in the mix will be some of our latest American Advertising Award winners! You won't be disappointed!!! Click the link below to RSVP and come ready to hire a shining star! We look forward to seeing you there! Dear Member of the Shreveport-Bossier Community: You are cordially invited to attend the annual LSUS Digital Arts Senior Portfolio Show being held at the Robinson Film Center (617 Texas Street) in Downtown Shreveport on Thursday, May 3, 2018 from 6 to 8:00 p.m. During the show, you will have the opp...

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So someone at the conference got bored and added this to our badges. Video is jerky but very cool augmented reality in r...
So,  one of the cooler things showcased was by a gentleman who worked on Gollum's facial animation,  and worked on a bun...





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