La Prep Actor's Lab

La Prep Actor's Lab


Thanks to our friends at Louisiana Entertainment for helping us get the word out about this year's statewide expansion of the Film Prize shooting zone! Thank you also to Dawn Landrum of La Prep Actor's Lab for sharing with your actors!

Take this extended down time in your career to strengthen your skills or get career advancement advise from a proven successful actor.

Are you looking for a top notch veteran actor/coach to hone your craft and help guide your career? Then THIS is the home for you.

Veteran actor/coach/mentor Lance E Nichols is offering personal ONE ON ONE coaching/consultation sessions. Here's how the program works. You purchase 10 (1 hour sessions) at the special rate of $300. REGULAR PRICE $450. Purchase must be made by March 31st. ALL SESSIONS must be completed by September 1, 2020. YOU HAVE 6 MONTHS TO UTILIZE MY 37 YEARS OF EXPERTISE IN THIS INDUSTRY.

This special can be purchased using Chase Quick Pay, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp or PayPal. There is an additional 4% service charge for using PayPal. Please email me for additional information if needed. Email: [email protected]

Sessions can be LIVE, SKYPE, FaceTime, or ZOOM!

Mr. Nichols has close to 200 IMDB credits. He currently appears as Lucien in the hit series QUEEN OF THE SOUTH. Memorable credits include INTO THE BADLANDS as the River King, HOUSE OF CARDS as Mayor Gene Clancy and TREME as dentist Larry Williams. In addition he and his wife Zardis co-produced and cast the award winning pilot SHEPHERD which won Best Drama at ITVFest in 2017.

Here's what some of Mr. Nichols current and former clients have to say...

"I have been working with Lance E Nichols for just about 2yrs via Skype from NY and kept him as my coach when I relocated to LA. Lance has helped me with sides for short independent films and pilots. I’m fortunate enough to have developed a relationship where Lance offers direction and guidance on the business side of acting and given me industry insight. This is probably the best referral a friend could have given me to work with such a talented and genuine person who cares for and supports his students".

- Charletta Rozzell

"I met, Mr. Nichols, in an elevator for a casting about a year or so ago. He was so kind, and genuinely present when we spoke he made eye contact and gave that wonderful smile at the end. I saw a post on Facebook in a group that stated he had a Private Coaching Program. I jumped on it, and it was one of the best things I could have done. He has so much knowledge that he freely gives. He’s an actors actor. He’s helped me to ground myself, to listen better, to engage more intentionally, and to let go and just have fun. He’s not only a phenomenal actor and coach, he’s an outstanding gentleman and a life coach. Mr. Nichols and his work is my model as I continue to learn and grow as an actress".

- Kanesha Washington

"I have known a Lance for about 14 years. I was fortunate to meet him when I first began acting.
Lance has always been reputable, reliable, kind, and knowledgeable. Aside from that, his classes, workshops, and consultations (all of which I’ve taken several times) are top quality. I’ve learned so much from Lance. I’ve always had support from him when this business presented challenges.
He is sweet, consoling, comforting, and will kick your butt if you need it".

- Jeanne Caldarera

"Through word-of-mouth I first heard about Lance in 2016 and I signed up for his acting for film class.. The lessons and confidence that I built from his class helped me to start booking and getting out there as an actor... I now take his private coaching sessions.. everything from the business side , to learning how to break down a script, breakdown a character, how to think outside the box.. it has been very valuable in building my career.. and he helped me get a new agent... Love it!! Learn something new every session".

- Michael Anglin

" Lance provides a supportive and professional environment that enables my daughter to continually develop and challenge her craft. Lance, an acclaimed actor, provides first-hand knowledge of the Acting business. He is a great coach and prepares his students to “soar”. In less than six months of classes, guided by his excellent coaching and consultation services, my daughter succeeded in signing with a major SAG/AFTRA franchised talent agency! She loves perfecting and learning new skills under Lance".

- Connie Derbigny

"When I began working with Lance I had no experience nor much knowledge on the business. He gave me all the knowledge and resources to jumpstart my career which has catapulted in the two years since I meet him. I wouldn’t be a working actor without him".

- Ahmarie Holmes

LA Prep is an actor's LAB with qualified successful designers, coaches, industry professionals and directors who incorporate easy to learn original methods

WELCOME TO LA PREP ACTOR'S LAB! The Film Commission along with several other Louisiana businesses and industry entities have expressed the need for us to help build the Louisiana talent pool. In building this pool we have traveled the country coast to coast gathering intel and information to help everyone develop their acting skills the fastest and most effectively. LA Prep Actors Lab is a source

Operating as usual


🚨‼February sign up is happening now‼🚨

What makes LA Prep Live different?
-Your $50 per month or $15 per week fee includes up to 3 classes per week
-Our classes are filmed so you can rewatch as many times as you want
-We never tell you "how to act" but instead we workshop how to bring out the best performance from you
-In almost every session you will work on a scene, your slate, interview skills, and a commercial challenge with weekly audition challenges for actors to tape and turn in for review by top agents
-Regular review and assessment by industry professionals
-Weekly live Q&A sessions

Lab fees can be paid here:

Email [email protected] for more information or to sign up!

🚨‼February sign up is happening now‼🚨

What makes LA Prep Live different?
-Your $50 per month or $15 per week fee includes up to 3 classes per week
-Our classes are filmed so you can rewatch as many times as you want
-We never tell you "how to act" but instead we workshop how to bring out the best performance from you
-In almost every session you will work on a scene, your slate, interview skills, and a commercial challenge with weekly audition challenges for actors to tape and turn in for review by top agents
-Regular review and assessment by industry professionals
-Weekly live Q&A sessions

Lab fees can be paid here:

Email [email protected] for more information or to sign up!


Well hello there June!

We have some truly awesome challenges coming in LA Prep Live and a few changes this month

Starting this week our class schedule will be as follows:
Advanced - Tuesday 6-7pm
Junior - Thursday 1-2pm
Teen - Thursday 6-7pm
All Levels - Sunday 5-6pm

A class by class calendar will be posted tomorrow in the private class group that will outline each week's theme

Just a reminder your $50 tution is due before the 5th to sign up for classes and can be paid here

Feel free to message me with any questions

Looking forward to a great month with all of you wonderful actors in LA Prep Live



Hey there all you awesome homebound thespians!

We've had some questions pop up so we thought it may be prudent to just make a post to answer them. Here goes:

How do the virtual classes work?
-Currently we use Google Meet for our sessions. The link to each specific class will be posted at the time of signup on Mondays. You just click a button to join and voila! The actual classes will happen very similarly to how our in studio classes go. Most classes will start off with slate and directors questions followed by scene discussion and run through. Week by week actors will receive various challenges to go along with their scenes. No two classes will be exactly the same but will always maintain the same quality to work and education.

Will class notes or your instruction be available afterwards or do I need to keep notes?
-Well, while I think taking notes is a wonderful idea, it isn't exactly needed as we record every session and post replays to the group after class. This way you can watch yourself back as well as learn from other actor's performances and have all direction easily accessible.

Do you really watch the self tapes we send in?
-Not only will I watch them but we will as a class watch them together at the beginning of the next week's lab.

If I attend in April but don't attend in May can I still access the group?
-The short answer is no. The long answer is also no but with a follow up. Tuition will be due prior to the first Sunday class of the month. If you decide not to renew your tuition you will be removed from the group BUT your taped classes will be available for download.

Are you planning to continue online classes for those of us that aren't close after the pandemic?
-Yes! We may need to shift some of the times around but we will 100% keep our virtual labs going as long as we have actors attending.

Hopefully that helps clear some details up for you guys. We still have some available spots in LA Prep Live for April if you would like to sign up!


Email us to claim your spot today!


UPDATE: There is still time to register for the month of April but spaces are filling fast. Thanks to an abundance of signups our advanced and junior classes are almost full. If you hope to get in before we cut off registration don't hesitate to sign-up!


By popular demand by our in-studio students stuck at home, we have some super exciting news!

Starting this next week we will be offering virtual labs. Classes will be kept pretty small and will be on a first come first serve basis but get this: Actors can attend up to two classes per week with their tuition! If all available classes of your level fill up and we have enough interest we will add additional sessions.

To sign up please send an email with the names of the actors you would like to register to [email protected] and you will be sent the link to pay your tuition. Once payment is received you will be added to the private group where you will receive the registration form and find details about upcoming classes!

We will also be offering one-on-one private coaching starting this week for an additional fee for those interested.

Feel free to message with any questions!



We are using mock sides for EVERY ROLE.

See breakdown below and be fully off book to perform the sides posted below in the ROLE according to character description type.

Slate your name/age (if under 18), height, where you live and ROLE for which you are auditioning.

LOOK THE PART as close as possible. Have fun with it but don't be costumey.


We NEED a list of those coming to audition. Once you audition you may leave. When the last audition is in we will also leave. So no late drop ins and no one may audition who did not comment to request audition on the LA Prep Actors Lab group page. Only those who do so (before slots fill up) will get on the schedule. Do NOT come unless you get verification reply with time slot confirmation.


If you are not yet a member on group page you may request membership and will be added.

If you want to train for this attend LAB this week and AmberDawn Landrum can help you during Lab. When you sign up for her Labs tell her you want to train to audition for Harkey.
AmberDawn Landrum


Ember- CAST do not audition

Jarod- CAST do not audition

Sam- CAST do not audition

Alex-CAST do not audition

Fagan- CAST do not audition

Wilson-CAST do not audition

Mom/Linda- CAST do not audition

MAVIS HARKEY (LEAD) male early 20s who is trouble in a can and always up to mischief. Handsome African American fit and a rascal.If he were a god he'd be Loki. A ghost.

PERSEFANI NORDSTROM (LEAD) a tall thin female 20s with dark hair/eyes and presence giving the first impression of danger with looks to kill and attitude to match. Never a hair out of place and always there to give her opinion and to create havoc with very little effort.A ghost.

CLIVE SUMNER 20-70 a schlubby carefree gentle giant who would throw his body on a gr***de to save a stranger. Soft spoken and sweet with diverse appearance. Human.

AUDREY FAULK 20s-40s an actual star who moved to this small community to care of her ailing mother and cannot wait to go back to Hollywood where she belongs. Human.

AUGUST MIMMS an awkward Caucasian age 15-17 young lady who is brave and friendly. She doesn't seem to care what people think of her but still tries her best. Not really attractive but not ugly. Could be pretty if she cared. A real character. Human. (Could be male or female)

CONTESSA LIMEAR is clearly her stage name but she claims it to be really her name. Caucasian who puts on airs of being well to do but probably really isn't. Looks down on others as lower life forms. If Persefani got along with anyone she would most likely get along with Contessa fine. Human. Open age.

JUDITH MOWERY Older widow who is needing something to do now that her husband died. Very new actor. HUMAN

EMILY ATHENA an African American actress early 30 who is kind yet strong with wide range of ability. Has a past that she does not like to share. HUMAN

DOUGLAS CASSIDY Caucasian 20s a good looking studly jock type male whom no one would guess is gay. He says he is gay and no one believes him...ever! HUMAN

ELRON COUNT African American or other diverse actor with a British accent that tends to come and go). He's an old soul trapped in a younger handsome body 20s-early 30s with widely educated first impression and almost pompous and entitled demeanor.HUMAN

ANNALEE EVANS 13-15 pretty but doesn't know it. Attends acting class to appease her mother. Very pretty, HUMAN

MITCHELL STEVENS male 20-30 deliberate in every action and word. Takes life too seriously and doesn't accept nonsense. Analytical and can become abrupt without emotion unless pushed past the limits. HUMAN

MAY HAWTHORN an educated no nonsense type with a lot of history under her belt. (Will consider unique male or female or open gender type)

MAX a young child who insists on training with adults and often puts them to shame. Any gender or look under age 10. Human.

SIDES TO AUDITION for ALL characters:

Nobody writes anymore… well except for me. I think putting words on paper makes them real. I like writing at night before going to bed because it opens my mind. It’s quiet. The hustle and bustle of the day is over and all I hear is my clock ticking away. Pops always told me to write what I really want to remember and the memory will never go away. So here I am doing just that. I want to share who I am...what I can do. Sometimes I really don't care. I think...are they worth it? They won't care anyway. But some might. Is there anyone out there....anyone else like me? I'm here now and I will show them who I truly am.


VIDEO TAPE is accepted ONLY if you are a LA Prep Actors Lab actor now or in the past and/or have attended Lab anywhere in the country where there is/was LA Prep Actors Lab.

CHARACTER NOTE: Actors should audition for a character that fits their look, strengths, ability, personality, type. Actors could audition for one role and end up getting an offer for a different role. Not all who audition will book the pilot. There will be more opportunities throughout the year to audition for different episodes.

SERIES REG CAST will be invited to future auditions to test chemistry of new potential cast.

IN ADDITION: those who audition LIVE in person will get preference over video auditions. Offers could go out to actors who come in person before any videos are even watched. Videos will be watched IF no one came in person who fits the role.
Keep this in mind!
It’s how most castings go!


-Must be in a studio or appear to be at a studio with solid blue or gray backdrop behind.

-Must be 100% off book and well rehearsed prior to auditioning.

-Must have great lighting and sound.

-Must save file as MOV or MP4 file 150 mb or less.


-Must upload video audition to the button provided before February 9 th 1:00 PM CST. We could cast before due date so do asap.

-Must comment here when video has been uploaded with date/time it was uploaded and your name and role so we know to go retrieve it.

*Sync upload link will be posted soon in this spot.


Harkey is a web series 100% volunteer by all cast/crew production, etc. NO PAY. Select lead actors will be under a deferred pay and receive a % if/when income comes in.


If you would like to DONATE to the production of Harkey please contact producers of GeoLand Films, LLC. by texting 318-415-9031.

Production, cast, crew, writers, directors, any and all participants are under no obligation to view, consider, cast, book, or select any actor who applies. No video audition will receive critique unless production casting chooses to do so.

SHOWTIME is a local program encouraging local Talent to share their abilities as well as giving working opportunity to Talented actors who have limited means to work their craft.

Harkey is the first of many local productions by GeoLand Films, LLC and is a separate entity from LA Prep Actors Lab nor Landrum Arts LA Talent Agency aka LALA Talent. Any and all Talent who have trained, studied with LA Prep Actors Lab may participate as GeoLand Films chooses to select Talent from this training facility primarily. Production welcomes all races, and types without prejudice. Harkey will be a web series based loosely on local folklore and the real Harkey building and a light hearted look at Shreveport's local haunted district.

ACTORS WHO HAVE NOT ATTENDED LA PREP ACTORS LAB may audition if they audit a Lab (no cost) or attend Lab under scholarship (no cost). Production chooses Talent from this Lab to insure that Talent know rules, regulations, criteria of this building, organic acting requirements and specifics required that LA Prep teaches each week. Special allowances may be made on a case by case basis and according to Production.


::Help make something great out of tragedy::

So many are affected by cancer, and it's heartbreaking. An amazing person and local photographer, Jaci Iles, lost her husband early this week to his battle with cancer. He left behind seven children. Another fellow photographer, Sidney Lopez, just found out his cancer has returned, and he is beginning treatment again soon. The financial burden to both of these families is great.

At LA Prep Actor's Lab we want to do whatever we can to ease the pain and financial burden that comes with this awful news. We will be participating in an online auction this Saturday! It will feature many items, including gift cards, local boutique baskets, photography services, beauty services, and more, with bidding starting at a fraction of the items' value!

Please join our Facebook group for this upcoming auction by clicking here. If the link does not work, just copy and paste the following into your browser:

L A Prep Actor's Lab is donating 3 months of classes, a $300 value, for these sweet families. Please join us and other small businesses in our area to support these families!

To make this a huge success, please SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

Thanks so much!


We are so proud of our awesome Intermediate-Advanced Lab actor Jillian Grayce for booking her first SAG commercial. Congratulations!


Anne Brown in the role of Anderson

LA Prep Actors Lab Advanced Lab had a challenge for actors to become one of two roles. They did not know which role they would be assigned until they arrived. Each was given a chance to perform as an audition in their own way. The director gave adjustments and those who brought the best performance following direction the best won the roles. Anne Brown in the role of Anderson.


Ramsey Anderson as the Senator

LA Prep Actors Lab Advanced Lab had a challenge for actors to become one of two roles. They did not know which role they would be assigned until they arrived. Each was given a chance to perform as an audition in their own way. The director gave adjustments and those who brought the best performance following the direction the best won the roles. Ramsey Anderson won the role of the Senator.


Congratulations Ever Landrum ( for completing filming on a feature film in Alabama! Ever is in our elementary level Little Preppies Lab and we couldn't be prouder of her hard work


Congratulations to Little Preppies Lab actress Arabella Landrum for completing her first week of filming her supporting role in a major motion picture!


Congratulations for booking a major wireless commercial Miki Sun (Michael Tran)! We can't wait to see it!!


LA PREP ADVANCED LAB THURSDAY MAY 16 is COMPLETELY FULL! Wow, everyone chimed in early this morning to reserve their spots!

The following have reservations:

Alex Acurio
Caiden Acurio
Charlie Caldwell III
Terence E. Wilson
Jeroen Kales
Michael-David Johnson
Davious Dawson

Thursday Advanced Lab is now LOCKED COMPLETE.

All above please check LAP FB Group Tuesday to get your assigned role, script and instructions.

If anyone wanted to sign up for Actors Lab this week and didn’t get into Thurs group you may sign up for Wed night Lab. Go to LA Prep FB group page (request acceptance if not a member) and ask for details. Or IM Amber Dawn Landrum to reserve a slot.


Congratulations to L A Prep Actor's Lab actor Sam Coleman for his recurring role on the AMC network show Lodge 49!


Commercials, short films, industrials, and features oh my! Congratulations to Advanced Lab actor Anne Nichols Brown on her recent booking streak!!

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--BOOKED--We are so proud of our awesome Intermediate-Advanced Lab actor Jillian Grayce for booking her first SAG commer...
Anne Brown in the role of Anderson
Karoline as Sam in a Box
Sam in a Box
LAB exercise in costume Caly and Cait rock!
Knock Knock exercise day breaking exercise. Before we start the intensive acting exercises we do some group therapy to h...
Jamie Norwoods last night of directing LA Prep Actors Lab in Shreveport. Looking forward to his bringing the Landrum tec...
Kassidy Khloe (only 5 years old) has never had any other training. Even though she's a brand new beginner she is already...





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