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kumon.com 04/10/2021

National Siblings Day: Siblings Doing Kumon Together - Kumon

Today is National Siblings Day! Siblings learn a lot from each other. When it comes to learning in Kumon, younger siblings tend to look up to their older brother or sister as a role model. They see everything that they accomplished in the Kumon Program and can't wait to do the same! Click the link below to learn more about siblings who are doing Kumon together.

If you have a sibling in the program, what are you most proud of them for accomplishing? Let us know in the comments!

kumon.com Happy National Siblings Day! Learn how siblings share a common bond by both being enrolled in the Kumon Program.


We are excited to announce that the application for the 2021 Kumon Student Conference is now open! This year’s conference will be open to 100 students from the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and will take place virtually on July 16, 2021.

Kumon Parents: If your child is in 3rd grade or above, studying Level G or higher, and a platinum award recipient, they are eligible to apply. Speak to your Instructor for more information. Don't delay! The application closes on April 28th.

kumon.com 04/06/2021

Why Dual Enrollment in The Kumon Math and Reading Program is Important - Kumon

Curious about dual enrollment at Kumon for your child? We have outlined three benefits your child will see once they are enrolled in the Kumon Math and Reading Program!

1. Strong Reading Skills Benefit Math Skills
2. Long-term Academic Success
3. Transferable Learning Skills

Click the link to learn why combining math and reading can double the learning for your child. https://bit.ly/3u4uqnk

kumon.com Dual enrollment at Kumon will help your child excel in their academics and beyond. Discover how the Kumon Math and Reading Program can benefit students’ learning and development academically and beyond.


Meet Michael. When he enrolled in the Kumon Math Program four years ago he began at Level A focusing on addition and subtraction. He has continued to work through the upper levels and is currently on Level N which focuses on developing the skills of working with sequences, limits, and differentiation. Although challenges do come up, Michael strives to work through them.

"Kumon has helped me have more patience with things that take a lot of time. It has helped me persevere and not give up on things that are hard," said Michael.

Michael's perseverance has also led him to be a talented musician in which he plays the violin, cello, and trumpet. Additionally, he's passionate about Taekwondo in which he's won various 1st place trophies and is currently a Taekwondo 3rd Degree Black Belt.

kumon.com 04/01/2021

How to Celebrate National Poetry Month - Kumon

This April marks the 25th annual celebration of National Poetry Month. Poetry has played a huge role in literature. Not only is it a form of expression, but it allows writers to share their thoughts, feelings, and observations to help readers learn a new perspective. Click to learn more about how to celebrate National Poetry Month with a variety of fun and creative activities. https://bit.ly/3dbJPLG

kumon.com Looking for creative ways to celebrate National Poetry Month? Click here to discover a variety of inspiring and fun activities to try throughout April.

kumon.com 03/31/2021

5 Ways to Finish The School Year Off Strong - Kumon

Have you recently noticed your child daydreaming out the window during homework time? It’s no surprise as they may be eager for the summer months as the school year is winding down. Click to learn five easy ways to finish the school year off strong! https://bit.ly/2NU3UgO

kumon.com Now is the time to reinforce goals to motivate your child to finish the school year off strong. Click for five easy tips.

kumon.com 03/29/2021

4 Skills Your Child Will Develop in Kumon to Succeed In and Out of the Classroom - Kumon

At Kumon, your kids will build many skills to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Click to learn how Kumon helps develop:
💡 Focus and Concentration
🙋 Confidence
⏰ Time Management
👤 Independent Learning


kumon.com Kumon not only builds a solid foundation in math, reading and writing, but it also cultivates important work and study skills necessary to succeed in today’s world. Learn more about the skills your children can be developing in Kumon.

bit.ly 03/26/2021

Get to Know Me Template - Kumon

What’s your story? While each of us have different qualities, goals, and thoughts, it can be hard to sum it up in a few words. This Get to Know Me template will help kids share more about themselves and think through some of their goals. Remember that each person’s story is different which is what makes this activity so much fun! Click on the photo to download and print. https://bit.ly/3tUKh7A

bit.ly This Get to Know Me template will help your kids share more about themselves and think through some of their big goals. Click to download and print!

kumon.com 03/23/2021

Learn As They Grow: 8 Spring Activities for Kids - Kumon

To celebrate the start of the spring season, we put together a list of 8 spring activities that can help your child learn as they grow! From planting a garden to discovering new things on nature walks, your child will learn throughout each adventure. Click to learn more about all 8 spring activities for kids to try this spring. https://bit.ly/3qXi3Hr

kumon.com Spring is here and to celebrate we created a list of 8 spring activities for kids to get involved in this season.


Meet Brook. Brook enrolled in the Kumon Math Program seven years ago. Since then, he has been able to learn and grow in so many ways. Kumon has helped him gain strong problem-solving skills that he can apply inside and outside of the classroom. When he is not doing his Kumon, he enjoys robotics, basketball, bike riding, reading, and serving his community through Sunday service as a deacon.

Brook says, “The most beneficial thing that I have learned from Kumon is that the majority of the problems that come at you will not be easy to solve and you must have the mindset to figure out the solution no matter how long it takes.”

Due to his courage and hard work, Brook was one of 155 students selected from Canada, USA, and Mexico to attend the 2020 Kumon Student Conference.

kumon.com 03/16/2021

Everything You Need to Know About Kumon’s Parent Orientation - Kumon

Kumon is unlike any other academic program. Our time-tested curriculum follows a step-by-step approach that leads to accelerated learning. Take the first step in giving your child an academic advantage by scheduling an orientation at Kumon Math and Reading Center of Shreveport. Click the link to discover everything you need to know about Kumon's Parent Orientation. https://bit.ly/3vcjepM

kumon.com Discover everything you need to know about attending Kumon's Parent Orientation! Take the first step towards your child's academic advantage with Kumon.

kumon.com 03/14/2021

What is Pi Day and How Can You Celebrate Today? - Kumon

Happy Pi Day! Today, on 3/14, math lovers celebrate the irrational number of pi. It's an irrational number because it has an infinite number of digits in its decimal representation. In fact, the current record of numbers calculated is 50 trillion digits! Click to learn more interesting facts about Pi Day and creative ways to celebrate today. http://bit.ly/3qxtO7w

kumon.com Happy Pi Day! Click to learn more about Pi Day and three creative ways to celebrate today.

kumon.com 03/11/2021

How Kumon Is Different Than Tutoring - Kumon

Have you ever wondered how Kumon is different than tutoring? While they both aim to improve a student's academic abilities, Kumon works to fix the root of the problem. This ensures that students focus on building the foundational skills needed to continue advancing onto more difficult concepts. Click to learn what sets Kumon apart from any other academic program. https://bit.ly/3kZayhW

kumon.com Looking for a supplemental program to improve your child's academic abilities? Learn how Kumon differs from tutoring and other academic programs to unlock your child's learning potential!

kumon.com 03/04/2021

Motivate Your Child Through Goal Setting - Kumon

It’s time for your children to set their goals! We created a brand-new goal setting sheet that can be used year-round to further motivate your child and keep them on pace to accomplish their goals. Click here to learn more! https://bit.ly/2O8wdaY

kumon.com Want to help your child set new goals? This free printable goal setting sheet can be used year-round to further motivate your child and keep them on pace to accomplish their goals.

kumon.com 03/02/2021

Celebrate “Read Across America Day” with these Fun Activities - Kumon

March is an exciting time for readers. We kick off National Reading Month by celebrating Read Across America Day today! This holiday highlights the importance of reading and how much fun it can be for kids of all ages. Here are 6 ideas on how to celebrate with your kids and encourage them to continue reading throughout the month. http://bit.ly/2Psibig

kumon.com Read Across America Day, the perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading. Here are some fun ways to mark the occasion.

kumon.com 02/26/2021

Kumon’s Spot the Difference Activity - Kumon

Whether you live somewhere warm or cold, in the spirit of winter, complete this critical thinking "Spot the Difference" activity from the comfort of your couch! Can you find all ten differences between these snowy pictures? Click on the photo to download and print! https://bit.ly/3dOvTcl

kumon.com Complete this "Spot the Difference” sledding-themed activity sheet from the comfort of your couch! Can you find all ten differences between these snowy pictures? Click on the photo to download and print!

kumon.com 02/24/2021

Why Timing and Accuracy are Important in Your Child’s Studies - Kumon

Timing and accuracy are two important components in your child’s studies. Click here to discover how timing and accuracy can help determine how confident your child is in the material and if they are ready to advance. https://bit.ly/3dClWi3

kumon.com At Kumon, we enable students to develop advanced academic and self-learning ability by ensuring that they are always studying at a level that is “just-right” for them. Discover why timing and accuracy are critical in your child’s studies.


Kiran enrolled in the Kumon Math and Reading Program at four years old and completed both subjects at ten! When he was in seventh grade, he began to take high school courses. The self-learning skills he developed at Kumon helped him succeed in these advanced classes. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it! Watch the video below to hear what Kiran has to say to current and future Kumon Students.

kumon.com 02/17/2021

How A Preschool Worksheet-Based Program Can Set Your Child Up For Success - Kumon

Preschoolers are curious and eager to learn new things. The Kumon Math and Reading Program is designed to be engaging and fun for preschoolers to help maximize their learning potential. Click the link to learn how a worksheet-based program can help set your early learner up for success in kindergarten and beyond! https://bit.ly/3tSsLlg

kumon.com Kumon Study Tips and Resources is a blog for parents looking for tips, news, and advice, that can help advance their children’s ability in math and reading.

kumon.com 02/12/2021

Kumon’s Lunar New Year Color-by-Number Activity - Kumon

Happy Lunar New Year from Kumon! Celebrations for the Lunar New Year will begin today and will last for 16 days. To mark the holiday, we created this fun color-by-numbers activity. Click the link to download and print. https://bit.ly/3d4mnSe

kumon.com Celebrate the Year of the Ox with this fun Lunar New Year color-by-number activity from Kumon! Simply download, print, and enjoy.

kumon.com 02/03/2021

Kumon Students Aim to Educate Peers Through the Power of Social Media - Kumon

At the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, students across the country were tasked with quickly adjusting to learning at home.

Despite the uncertainty, three extraordinary Kumon Students from New Jersey decided to take on an additional challenge: educating their peers through the power of social media.

Read more about Aarav and Pranav’s podcast for kids, and Darsh’s educational YouTube Channel. https://bit.ly/3anuOVD

kumon.com Three Kumon Students from New Jersey decided to take on a challenge during the pandemic: educating their peers through the power of social media.

kumon.com 02/02/2021

Entrepreneur Magazine Ranks Kumon in the Top Ten of the Franchise 500 List

We're still celebrating Kumon North America's #6 ranking in the overall Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500® List! It's also the 20th year in a row that Kumon was ranked #1 in the list’s tutoring category. http://bit.ly/3pEVSWU

kumon.com Entrepreneur Magazine Ranks Kumon in the Top Ten of the Franchise 500 List World’s Largest Education Franchise Also Ranked No. 1 in the Tutoring Category for the 20th Consecutive Year RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J. (January 19, 2021) – For the first time ever, Kumon North America has been ranked in the t...

kumon.com 01/31/2021

Program Completion: Seven Days of Kumon - Kumon

To wrap up our Seven Days of Kumon series, we would like to highlight Program Completion. Students who complete the Kumon Program develop self-learning skills that will benefit them throughout their school years and beyond. Learn more about program completion at Kumon and read some inspiring stories from a few of our program completers. https://bit.ly/3pyVklf

kumon.com Program completion is the ultimate goal for any Kumon Student. Discover all the skills and benefits students will develop throughout their enrollment.

kumon.com 01/30/2021

Supplemental Learning: Seven Days of Kumon - Kumon

Ever wonder what sets Kumon apart from other supplemental learning programs? The answer to that and more is in today's Seven Days of Kumon roundup! https://bit.ly/3oxnw6T

kumon.com Are you interested in a tutoring or other after-school learning program? Learn what sets Kumon apart from other supplemental learning options.

kumon.com 01/29/2021

Self-Learning: Seven Days of Kumon - Kumon

Self-learning is a core component of the Kumon Program. Learn all about how we help our students develop this key skill. https://bit.ly/2M42rDZ

kumon.com Self-learning is a key skill developed in the Kumon Program. Learn how Kumon Students develop this important skill and how it helps them throughout their lives.

kumon.com 01/28/2021

Kumon Reading Program: Seven Days of Kumon - Kumon

As the Seven Days of Kumon series continues, today we will be featuring the Kumon Reading Program. From fairytales to Shakespeare, the Kumon Reading Program will help your children cultivate a lifelong love of reading. Check out more details on how the program works and how it can help your child advance their reading and writing skills today! https://bit.ly/3oxrZXj

kumon.com Learn everything you need to know about the Kumon Reading Program with this roundup. See how it can help students from preschool through high school.

kumon.com 01/27/2021

Kumon Math Program: Seven Days of Kumon - Kumon

Up next in our Seven Days of Kumon series, we will be highlighting all you need to know about the Kumon Math Program. Whether your child is learning to count or solving high school math problems, discover what makes Kumon the perfect supplement to your child’s learning at every level. http://bit.ly/3prSgY0

kumon.com Learn everything you need to know about the Kumon Math Program with this roundup. Discover how the program helps children from preschool through high school.

kumon.com 01/26/2021

Early Learners: Seven Days of Kumon - Kumon

Today, we're focusing on the Early Learner levels of the Kumon Program. Discover how our Early Learner Program will help your preschooler develop the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond! http://bit.ly/36eMRMm

kumon.com In the second installment of our Seven Days of Kumon Series, learn everything there is to know about our Early Learner Program for preschoolers.

kumon.com 01/25/2021

What is Kumon: Seven Days of Kumon Series - Kumon

To kick off our Seven Days of Kumon series, we're sharing everything you need to know about the Kumon Program overall. Stay tuned over the next week as we dive deeper into our different subjects and the benefits of the program! https://bit.ly/3a2M1n5

kumon.com Learn everything you want to know about Kumon in our seven day series. In this first installment, we cover the basics of the Kumon Program.


We're excited to announce the launch of our Seven Days of Kumon series, starting Monday! Over the course of the week, we'll feature seven different topics to help you learn what makes the Kumon Program special. We'll cover:

• What Is Kumon?
• Early Learners
• The Kumon Math Program
• The Kumon Reading Program
• Self-Learning
• Supplemental Learning Programs
• Program Completion

What are you most excited to learn about?


Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

kumon.com 01/12/2021

Maintaining Momentum in School - Kumon

January is a great time for a refresh—for both you and your children. Here's how to help your kids have a strong second half of the school year, whether they're in the classroom or learning remotely. http://bit.ly/3i3yvmW

kumon.com The second half of the school year can be tough. Here are three ways to keep your child's learning momentum going and end the school year on a high note.

kumon.com 01/05/2021

A Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Goals With Your Child For The New Year - Kumon

The start of the year is a great time to uncover your child's goals and help them jot them down in one place. Check out this step-by-step guide to setting goals with your child for the new year! http://bit.ly/38dJ3fN

kumon.com Setting goals with your child is a great way to start the new year. Here are seven tips to help you create a goal list with your kids.

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