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Lees Kung Fu and Tai Chi Center


Kids Kung Fu class today (Wednesday), 2:00-3:00pm. PM me for the Zoom Meeting ID.
Kids Kung Fu online class this Wednesday, 2:00-3:00pm. PM me for the Zoom Meeting ID.
Best wishes to the kung fu family!
Came home with the W! Thank you to all of my awesome sifus and friends Lees Kung Fu and Tai Chi Center. I’m super thankful that I get to train with such skillful masters and classmates. Btw I threw a beautiful My Jhong Law Horn back-fist! #kungfufam
I studied under Gary at the Manatee kung fu Dojo in Bradenton Fl. in 1987 88 89 and loved it. I have so much respect even now for Master Lee.

Traditional style lessons in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Study of these arts improves self discipline, self defense, fitness and overall wellbeing. Classes for children and adults.

Please visit our website if you wish to learn more! http://www.leeskungfu.com/

Operating as usual

Friday night classical punch training. #kungfushreveport#kungfu

White leopard Shreveport student Jordan Woodle (left) representing My Jhong Law Horn Nov 13. Live on Combat.

Friday night Kung fu kick combos. #kungfushreveport

Let's all get behind one of our own. Go get it, Jordan!!!

"Bantamweight Gold Hangs In The Balance For Jordan Woodle"

-Matt Bricker

What started as a search for a bout, turned into a search for gold. "So when I originally started in the sport, I had no intention of ever competing for a title. I always thought it would be cool if I made it that far but I just wanted to take a fight. Obviously, I continued to fight, and the title became a goal of mine. At the beginning of 2020, I put it on my vision board, and a few weeks later, I got the call. To be here now fighting for a championship is surreal. I'm beyond thankful for the opportunity," Woodle stated.

Luckily for Woodle, His training road through COVID wasn't as bad as it was for others. "So during the shutdown, I continued to train regularly. Obviously, I was without training partners for the first part, but my traditional based Kung Fu style has a plethora of ways to train on your own, so I am used to it. Luckily my BJJ gym didn't stay shut down long, and I found a private boxing coach!" Woodle added. Kung Fu is a Chinese-based art considered one of the first unarmed forms of self-defense. It typically refers to the arts of either Wushu or Quanfa.

So far AKA has been good for Woodle, earning a 2-0 record under the promotion's banner. Both of those wins are KO victories as well. Both opponents also suffered the first KO loss of their career to the hands of Woodle. So what can fans expect when it's time to kickoff the amateur bantamweight title bout? Woodle told us by saying, "Fans can expect a show as always. Win or lose, I promise to put on a performance every fight. I always fight with urgency to finish the fight. I never want to leave the fate of my success in someone else's hands."

Make sure you are inside Geroge's Pond at The Hirsch Memorial Coliseum in Shreveport, Louisiana. AKA 12 is set to take place Friday the 13th on November 13, 2020. Get your tickets now at www.bishoppromotions.com The event is for all ages, so bring the kids and take in the night of some of the greatest MMA talents in the South.

I guess



All about MJLH thank you Sifu Mark for sharing. #kungfushreveport

brennantranslation.wordpress.com – 少林迷蹤派羅漢拳 SHAOLIN MIZONG LUOHAN BOXING 潘茂容 葉雨亭 by Pan Maorong & Ye Yuting [published in Hong Kong by the 健民國醫學院 Strengthen-the-People National Medical School, April 4, 1955] [translation…

Thursday night Tai Chi fan training. #taichishreveport

Greetings from Shreveport

Friday night Kung fu training hook kicks. #shreveportkungfu

Another masterpiece from Sifu Sheila! Updated photo board at the school. It looks great!! Come see it in person and see if you made the cut.

2000 Shanghai trip in Masters Ma Yeuh Liang and Wu Yin Hua’s apartment. Thanks to Master Lee and Vera for inviting everyone along. A pinnacle moment for me and my life.

Lees Kung Fu and Tai Chi Center's cover photo

Helen Gee Chin Scholarship Foundation

Way to go Samantha! Start college off right!

Thanks to the Helen Gee Chin Scolorship Foundation.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS YEAR'S AWARD RECIPIENTS! With the cancellation of our annual fundraiser due to COVID-19, the Foundation was faced with a huge shortfall, but received many excellent applicants! It was a difficult decision, but we still wanted to offer support to students and martial arts practitioners, and help out families in this time of need.

Awards of $3000 each:
• Alex Ni of O-Mei Wushu Kung Fu Center, VA
• Joshua Lou of Julong Wushu Chinese Martial Arts Training Center, CT
• Robin (Mia) Tian of O-Mei Wushu Kung Fu Center, VA

Honorable Mentions of $1500 each:
• Samantha Gould of Lee's Kung Fu & Tai Chi, LA
• Alicia Sanoyca of Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts, CA
• Max Solomon of Chinese Martial Arts & Education Center, NY
• Karen Tseng of Wu Martial Arts Association, TX

[07/13/20]   The Governor statewide mask mandate means we are required to wear masks at all times, even working out. Unless you have a condition that exempts you and we know that is true of a couple students, we will abide by the mandate. So bring your mask to work out. Let’s keep going for as long as we can. Please let us know what you’re thinking.

[07/09/20]   Update: the Major is not Requiring masks while working out in the gym or fitness business. But..must wear them entering and exciting.

Masks update. See below for our exemption. Andy can you come back now?

Edmund, Sloan and company looking strong.

We have a new student!

Sloan and Edmund getting back in the groove.

Lee's White Leopard Kung Fu School

We more than like you.

272 more likes 👍 and we will be at 1000!! Woah! Would you invite your fam & friends to support the school?

[06/02/20]   Where is everyone? Private class with Cooper. Private class with Mike. Private class with Jordan.
3hrs workout for me and 3 people! They got a lot of attention. 😮

Wishing a happy birthday to our MJLH brother from Hong Kong.

He is the one with the beard. This photo was when he came to visit us at summer camp.

Happy Birthday, Sifu Kok Kuen Yum!

We made our first week back! Hands are sanitized and we are glad to be here!!

For everyone who made it to classes this week, I hope you had a chance to walk out back and notice how clean it is.

Just wanted to give a big "Thanks" to Ed Pozniak for power washing all of the concrete! He is also responsible for the new covering back there. I am not sure if he had anyone come help him, so he will have to post any other names. It looks great.

I know we are all glad to be back and hopefully get a little bit back to normal. This is a second home for many of us, so we are truly grateful when family pitches in to keep us going!

Thanks again, Ed!

First class back (actually 2nd) Sifu Sheila & Mike were in the first, but I didn't think to take photo. Good to be back! No touching...

It's time! I know everyone has been waiting for this, we will be back to class starting Monday!

Obviously, we will have to follow some guidelines, but it will be good to be back!

Master Glenn will be sending out an email with more, and we will post things at the school, but below are a few things to think about as we get back to it.

As you can see, the 6' distance marks are down. Let's do our best to follow them.

We will have hand sanitizer/disinfectant at the door. Use it when you enter!

We may end up limiting class sizes or splitting up classes as needed. If you are eligible for the 2nd class, you may be asked not to attend the 1st. We also may end up with some classes outside. Bring appropriate footwear, just in case.

There will be no sparring, push hands or other contact for the time being. It will come back eventually, just be patient. I know you can't wait to hit each other.

Parents may be asked to drop off kids or wait in vehicle simply because of our lack of space.

More will be explained when we are all together. It has been way too long and I can't wait to see you all again!

[05/12/20]   Happy Tuesday, Lee's Fam!

Good news...we are getting closer to getting back to classes! I will be getting together with Sifus Glenn & Sheila on Friday to talk about how to move forward, but we are looking to be back to class next week. 🤞

No promises yet, and I'm sure we will have some limitations, but it is good to be thinking about it. Class sizes and contact may be limited for a bit but perhaps some defensive Lysol techniques? Staring down from behind a mask? 😉

Please keep checking here and inform classmates who are not usually on here. I will post more as soon as decisions are made and guidelines we will need to follow.

I can't tell you how much we have missed everyone. It has been as tough for us as it has for you. Keep your eyes here...keep practicing...see you soon!

[05/11/20]   Hi everyone,

In case you did not receive the email from Master Glenn, I just wanted to share the sad news...

Our 20th Summer Camp has been postponed indefinitely due to the corona virus. It was a tough decision, but we had to take many things into consideration. We knew June would be too soon, even if we were off "quarantine" Worrying about people's finances as they get back to work, thinking about if the Canadian border would be open, and most importantly, the health of Master's Lee & Marr...and the rest of us.

We kicked around the idea of putting it back a month or so and have even looked into the fall. We can not predict the future, though, and it takes a lot to get everything together. At the moment, it looks like our 20th will be held in 2021.

Hopefully we will all be back in our respective schools soon and getting ready for next year! We will miss our family gathering of MJLH this year, but we hope that everyone stays safe, keeps training, and gets excited when we get back to camp!

Take care, from everyone here in Shreveport!

Sifu Doug
Master Glenn & Sifu Sheila.


Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

Happy Saturday Morning everyone!

Just wanted to share this info. It is happening soon...sorry so late to post.


Good morning!

Master Lee will and Sifu Henry will be teaching today!

Today's classes will follow the normal schedule: Open Tai Chi at 10am,
followed by Open Kung Fu at 11am, and Kung Fu 3 at 12pm.


* Do not use a digital background (just let your background be your

* Change your name in Zoom to this format:
First Name - Form You Working On
For example: "Allison - Saber 1" * Turn on video and be ready to mute

Here are the full Zoom sign on details:

TOPIC: Saturday 10am Tai Chi, 11am Open Kung Fu; 12pm Kung Fu 3
TIME: Apr 18, 2020 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)


MEETING ID: 897 7597 5572
PASSWORD: 131175

Please let us know if you have any questions! See you soon.


Let us know if you join in either of the classes. Would love to know how it works for you.

Master Glenn asked me to relay the message that he misses everyone and can't wait until we can start having classes again.
Hope everyone is keeping up with their training!

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[03/31/20]   Happy Tuesday everyone! Or is it? I am not sure these days! ;)

Just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that we are still here. I know it is tough being stuck and not being able to work out with an instructor or your classmates, but I hope that everyone is managing.

Tim taught a class via zoom to the kids last week and plans on doing it again this Wednesday. He may entertain the idea of adults joining in...or Liz again😜...Send him a message if you are interested or post a comment here. He did a great job last time.

I would try it for an adult class, but as most of you know, my arm is still not working, so I wouldn't be much help. At least in person, I could correct you so you didn't have dead arm like me. However, if any of you have questions about your forms, or any of your techniques/exercises, then feel free to ask. Heck, maybe I should type up some brief history lessons. Any thoughts?

You can send me a personal message here on FB or ask in the comments and I will do my best. I will send my phone # if needed, just don't want to post it here. I don't want that one person just calling me at all hours! 🤔

Just remember that you are not alone out there. We will get through this and be back in class before you know it. MJLH (and Wu Tai Chi) will prevail! Until then, carry on and if it helps, hear me yelling in your head! 😁

Take care,

Sifu Doug

[03/23/20]   Hey everyone,

I hope you are all doing ok and keeping as safe as you can. As I'm sure you all have guessed, there will be no classes again this week. Trying to keep isolated is tough, but we will make it through.
Lucas, from the Dallas school, and Alex & Allison, from the Copell school, have put out some workout videos to help everyone to follow at home. They are private youtube videos, so if you are interested, send me a note and I will send you the links.

Stay home, work on things by yourself and we will stay in touch here. If you have questions, get stuck in your forms, or anything, feel free to reach out. I can probably talk you through.

Again, I stress, if you guys are going up to work out on your own at the school, please be sure to clean thoroughly and keep a good distance from each other.

We will be back soon.

Sifu Doug

As we are all missing our classes at the schools, I am happy to see many of you working out on your own. Some of you get together in small groups and some are flying solo. Alex & Allison, from Wu Yi in Coppell, have even posted some video classes with them leading in their living room. (they are private, so send them a message if you would like to see and follow along)

Keep up the good work everyone and hopefully this time of confinement will pass swiftly. I was discussing with someone today the possibility of it affecting summer camp. I have faith that we will be able to carry on with our 20th camp as scheduled...but will keep everyone updated as we can.

With that, some have been asking, so here is a hint as to what we might expect this summer! More sneak peeks to come.

Until then, carry on with the spirit of MJLH and stay safe!

Take Care,

Sifu Doug

Photo: Jarret O'Shea

[03/17/20]   Kung Fu & Tai Chi family,

We decided to shut down for the remainder of this week. We will reassess next week as more information comes.

We all have elderly parents, and just don't think it's worth the risk with what we know.

There will be no formal classes, but if any of you with keys wish to go work out, feel free. Please just take precautions and wipe down weapons used. If you have questions or need anything, feel free to contact me here on FB or call/text.

Please inform classmates and family who may not be on here.
Thanks for understanding. See everyone soon.

Sifu Doug

[03/16/20]   Happy Monday, everyone.

People have asked, so here it is...

Yes, we will be having class tonight. We will take precautions and not touch each others faces and such, but I believe everything will be fine.

A few kids have decided to stay out until school is back in session. No problem, you can practice at home. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

If we happen to get more than 250 people in class...I may have to send some home! 😉

We will update as we go if other decisions are made. Please keep in contact with classmates and friends who might not be on here and keep them informed.

Stay safe, stay healthy, work hard on your My Jhong Law Horn! Hope to see you soon.

[03/14/20]   Well, the demo we were supposed to perform at the Health and Wellness Expo got cancelled.
Would have been nice if we got the memo!

Thanks everyone who showed up. Sorry for Sloan since it was going to be his first solo. Guess we should have gone ahead and just performed in the empty parking lot!

[03/13/20]   Hey Everyone,

If you are involved in the demo tomorrow, Sat. March 14, we perform at 3pm.

The Health and Wellness event will be held at the Ag building on the fair grounds.

If you have questions, talk to Master Glenn tonight, send me a message or be in class tomorrow morning.

If you know what you will be performing, let me know as soon as possible so I can pull some music together.

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