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about metallic bond
Hey all- Out of curiosity , I would like to get a post going for our LSUS chemistry / physics fb page. If you are a graduate, post to this wall and let us know what you're doing these days?


The Department of Chemistry and Physics at LSU Shreveport wants to keep in touch! "Like" us if you're a current student, an alumni of Chemistry, Biochemistry or Physics, or just have fond memories about the time you've spent with us at LSUS!

The Chemistry and Physics Department at LSUS grants BS degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics along with minors in Chemistry, Electronics, and Physics. We are a department of ten faculty - six Chemistry, four Physics - and around 100 majors. 05/13/2020

New system harnesses the strange magic of twisted graphene

More developments on twisted graphene. Fascinating studies, with a lot of potential applications. Researchers have found ways to control the electron correlations that cause superconductivity in graphene sheets stacked at an angle 02/20/2020

Powerful antibiotic discovered using machine learning for first time

A major breakthrough from combining medicinal chemistry with artificial intelligence. Team at MIT says halicin kills some of the world’s most dangerous strains 11/30/2019

The plot thickens for a hypothetical X17 particle Fresh evidence of an unknown particle that could carry a fifth force of nature gives the NA64 collaboration at CERN a new incentive to continue searches. 08/28/2019

Talented 12

Inspirational work. Remarkable people! Whether they’re tracking pollutants in the Arctic or proteins inside cells, these rising stars are fearlessly taking on some of the world’s most daunting problems 08/14/2019

Kary Mullis dies at age 74

Kary Mullis, the Nobel laureate inventor of PCR (the polymerase chain reaction) has died at age 74. Next to the discovery of DNA itself, PCR was the greatest biochemistry discovery of the 20th Century.

Sometimes called "molecular photocopying," the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a fast and inexpensive technique used to "amplify" - copy - small segments of DNA. Because significant amounts of a sample of DNA are necessary for molecular and genetic analyses, studies of isolated pieces of DNA would be nearly impossible today without using PCR amplification. Biochemist received Nobel Prize for invention of PCR and attracted controversy for positions on climate change and AIDS 08/06/2019

Close to 200 new Caddo teachers welcomed with spirit

Congratulations to the new Caddo Parish teachers! One at a time, new Caddo Parish School District teachers were celebrated as they walked down a cheerleader-lined sidewalk towards the entrance of University Hall on LSU - Shreveport’s campus to officially kick-off the year. 07/24/2019

Here's an example of the perfect cover letter, according to Harvard career experts

Helpful advice on how to structure the cover letter for your job application. Never assume that you're the only qualified applicant applying for the job. Harvard career experts share tips on how to write a cover letter that differentiates you from everyone else. 06/23/2019

Miss Louisiana 2019 Meagan Crews plans to use her voice to lift others

Congratulations LSU Shreveport student, Meagan Crews for being crowned Miss Louisiana!!!

And good luck to you competing in the Miss America Pageant. We are so proud of you! 22-year-old is ready to spend her year serving the state and working to empower other young women. 05/18/2019

Could Ultracapacitors Replace Batteries In Future Electric Vehicles?

Ultracapacitors are fascinating. The chemists and physicists of the future may achieve the breakthroughs needed to allow ultracapacitors to replace batteries. Ultracapacitors or supercapacitors, if you prefer, are vastly superior to batteries in certain circumstances. But could advancements like the user of graphene enable them to replace batteries in the future? 04/13/2019

To upgrade quantum computers, researchers look to materials science Scientists need to improve the basic elements of quantum circuits—qubits—to push their machines to the next level of quantum weirdness 03/01/2019

Dark matter secrets could lie buried in ancient rocks on Earth

Dark matter may be right under us. Fossil traces hidden deep underground may solve the mystery of dark matter, the elusive substance that makes up 80 per cent of the universe 02/11/2019

Big Bang May Have Created a Mirror Universe Where Time Runs Backwards

The Big Bang may have created a mirror universe where time runs backwards. While time moves forward in our universe, it may run backward in another mirror universe that was created on the “other side” of the Big Bang. 02/08/2019

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, the godfather of caffeine

Today we commemorate the 225th birthday of Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, the "Godfather of Caffeine", and the discoverer of quinine. Today's Google doodle celebrates Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, who was the first to isolate caffeine and quinine but his contributions to chemistry are often overlooked 12/20/2018

A long-awaited battery that would cut electric-vehicle costs may finally be close 24M is reducing manufacturing costs by stripping out extraneous materials—and just got $22 million to begin building its first commercial factory. 12/10/2018

Fluoride discovery could lead to much longer-lasting EV batteries

Sometimes it’s beneficial to focus on “the negative”.....when it’s electronegative. Battery breakthrough could help fluoride trump lithium.





Science Building, LSUS, 1 University Pl
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The Chemistry and Physics Department Office is located in Science 112, on the first floor of the Science building at LSUS. Physics faculty have offices and labs on the first floor, Chemistry faculty have offices and labs on the third floor.
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