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Operating as usual 07/03/2016

Striking photos of America's child laborers reveal what work was like a century ago Photographer Lewis Hine traveled the country, documenting the children who made up the US labor force in the early 1900s.

[05/08/16]   Amer Hist 104 class please com on Tuesday, May 10 to take your final @ 12:30pm

[05/08/16]   Amer Hist. 105 class please come on Wednsday, May 11 to take your final at 12:30pm

[04/13/16]   Amer. Hist 104, 105 classes the Multicultural Center of the South event has been cancelled. We will reschedule the event for later next Wed, and Thur. Sorry for the short notice. See you in class.

[04/13/16]   Amer. Hist 104 Tue-Thur 12:30 pm class assignment- 520 Spring Street 318-424-1380 Tues-Fri 8:30am-4:00pm Multicultural Center of the South. Students please type a 1 page summary regarding your visit to the Museum, you are to visit the Native American, African room, European rooms exhibits. Please take photo's and include in your summaries. This assignment is worth 100 points and is due Tuesday, April 19th. Group 2 will continue your presentation on Tuesday, as well.

[04/13/16]   Amer. Hist 105 Mon-Wed 12:30 pm class assignment- 520 Spring Street 318-424-1380 Tues-Fri 8:30am-4:00pm Multicultural Center of the South. Students please type a 1 page summary regarding your visit to the Museum, you are to visit the African room, European rooms, and Asian(Chinese) exhibits. Please take photo's and include in your summaries. This assignment is worth 100 points and is due Monday, April 18th. Group 2 will continue your presentation on Monday, as well. 04/13/2016

Black Farmers to buy from instead of Whole Foods - Yesterday we witnessed yet another confrontation between law enforcement and residents, protestors, and activists in Baltimore. As the people continued to demand justice for Freddie Gray, Whole Foods Harbor East in Baltimore took it upon themselves “to make sandwiches for the men and women keeping B…



How do we heal the wounds of slavery in the U.S.?


The Atlantic

Why America needs a slavery museum: “The history of this country is rooted in slavery. If you don’t understand the source of the problem, how can you solve it?”

[02/24/16]   Amer. Hist 105 Mon-Wed 12:30-1:30 pm class you are excused to participate in the Baton Rouge Higher Education rally, I have received several emails from students stating that they will participate in this event today. There fore class is canceled safe travels back to you all.
Prof. Walker

[02/10/16]   Amer. Hist. 105, 12:30pm-1:45pm class canceled today 09/10/2015. Prof. Walker


The African History Network

"With the Southern economy in disarray after the abolition of slavery and the devastation of the Civil War, conflict arose between many white landowners attempting to reestablish a labor force and freed blacks seeking economic independence and autonomy. Many former slaves expected the federal government to give them a certain amount of land as compensation for all the work they had done during the slavery era. Union General William T. Sherman had encouraged this expectation in early 1865 by granting a number of freed men 40 acres each of the abandoned land left in the wake of his army. During Reconstruction, however, the conflict over labor resulted in the sharecropping system, in which black families would rent small plots of land in return for a portion of their crop, to be given to the landowner at the end of each year."

Listen to the podcast Dr. Boyce Watkins of Your Black World, Whoopi Goldberg and Raven Symone Article by Michael Imhotep on “The Michael Imhotep Show”, Wednesday, January 13th, 2017 at or for podcasts and DVDS.

[12/08/15]   So far 38 students from the Amer. Hist 104 Mon-Wed 12:30 class brought two toys each...YEAH!!! They received 100 pts. Let's see what happens in Tues-Thur 9:30 am and 12:30 am Amer Hist 104 classes today. What a great gift it is to donate to smiling children s faces on Christmas morning.

[12/05/15]   50 points giveaway for Amer. Hist 104-105 classes. Our class has adopted a charitable agency to donate Christmas Toys. I am asking all of my students to bring 1 toy valued at $10.00 or more to your final class either Monday 12:30 pm or Tues 9:30 am or 12:30 pm. In lieu of you donating a $10.00 toy preferably from Wal-Mart, with a receipt, I will give you 100 bonus points if you bring (2 toys) Max 100 points. Also, don't forget my text books are due next week and your need to have your notebooks ready to turn in, it should include your notes and anything I've given back to you. See you next week and let's all participate in helping a little one have a smile on Christmas Morning! Please click the comment section and let me know if you are bringing toy's to class. I will be looking to give the points on Monday and Tuesday!

Prof. Walker



Amer. Hist 104-105 (tell me your thoughts concerning Thanksgiving and Christopher Columbus

We invited Native Americans to respond to "Christopher Columbus."

What did you learn in school about Christopher Columbus?

For weekly videos, like us on facebook:

[11/22/15]   Amer Hist. 104; Mon-Thur 9:30am and 12:30 am classes. Please complete review questions for chapters 8, 11 and 13. This will be due when on Nov 30, Dec.1. Please prepare for your group presentation. Nov 30, Dec.1, Dec 3.

[11/12/15]   Amer. Hist 104 9:30 am-10:45 am and 12:30p-1:45pm class reminder. We will not have class today as you are to be working on your group presentations. Please remember groups 1&2 will present 11/17 next Tuesday. Please comment below to let me know you have received this message and you are in fact working on the presentations as we discussed in class earlier this week. Don't forget it's worth 150 pts.

[11/03/15]   Amer. History Mon-Wed; Tue-Thur classes meet at the Multicultural Center 520 Spring Street 318-424-1380. Please arrived between 9:30 am-3:00 pm please retrieve your assignments once you go to the facility. It is $2.00 to get in.. I want you to preview the rooms on the 2nd floor and describe the style of dress, and summarize important information about each culture.. Take photo's of the exhibits and submit a 1 page report on your visit to the museum. This assignment is due next class period no exceptions.
Remember this is a MANDATORY ASSIGNMENT. It must be completed by each of you individually, there is a sign in sheet that will be at the museum, if your name is not on the list you will not get credit for this assignment.

[10/20/15]   American History Mon-Wed 12:30pm class is cancelled tomorrow 10/21/2015. See you on Monday for your Test Review!!! Please comment here to let me know you received this message!

Prof. Walker


Jil Love Revolution

It is not Columbus Day!!!
#columbus #columbusday #nativeamericanday #diadelahispanidad #america #loverevolution #jilloverevolution #nativeamerican #truth #USA

[10/13/15]   Amer. History 104 Tues-Thurs 9:30am and 12:30 pm classes are cancelled today!

Prof. J. Walker 10/13/2015

Black explorers we should celebrate instead of Columbus There was a time when Christopher Columbus was heavily pushed and accepted as the greatest explorer of this side of the globe. Never mind the little detail of how one could "discover" a place where...

[09/08/15]   Amer History 104 9:30am-12:30pm students please tell me about what you want to know more about history this semester. 07/25/2015

From Mammy To Jezebel: The Portrayal Of Black Women In American Cinema By the 1970s black moviegoers had tired of cinematic portrayals of blacks as Mammies, Toms, Tragic Mulattoes, and Picaninnies. In the 1970s blacks willingly, though unwittingly, exchanged the old negative caricatures for new ones: Brutes, Bucks, and Jezebels. These new caricatures were popularized b

[07/15/15]   Abed Alali...Saudi Arabia students URGENT please get in touch with this student and tell him today is the last day to pay for his two Amer. Hist 104, 105 classes this July...he must pay by today by 6:00 pm...Can someone please contact this student!!!

[07/13/15]   Pay your fees or your Amer. Hist Summer class will be cancelled. You can go to the business office and make payment arrangements today or the class will be cancelled on Wednesday.

[07/10/15]   Amer. Hist 104-105 students PLEASE ACCEPT YOUR FEES by Monday, make a payment arrangement if at all possible with the Cashiers Window but get your fees paid before they drop you off the roll....50pts for emailing or bring your paid fee sheet by my office no later than Tuesday, 7/14/15. 07/04/2015

Black Time Travel | Black woman loves the Confederate Flag, says “slavery was a choice” It’s not so often that you see a black person who is proud of the Confederate flag. But African Americans have a unique relationship with racism, with some members of the black community seeming to go as far as supporting White Supremacy as if they were members of the klan.

[07/04/15]   Grades are posting Tuesday, July 7th everyone! I enjoyed the summer I session with you all! Happy Fourth of July!

[07/01/15]   Amer. Hist 104 and 105 students " It's All Over But the Shouting" Tomorrow is your absolute last day to get everything turned in no later than 5pm. I am submitting your grades July 2nd!!!! Job Well Done! And for those last minute people Get It DONE!!! Chapters 1-10 Quizzes and Discussion Only!
If you need or a friend of yours needs to take either Amer. Hist 104 or 105 in July Register now and earn an additional 50 bonus points toward your final grade. You will have to register no later than July 2nd to receive the bonus points. Here is the CRN # 30076 and 30077. Also, don't forget to complete your evaluations for the class you can earn another 50 bonus points for doing so.

Prof. J. Walker 06/29/2015

Sign the petition: Drop any charges against Bree Newsome, the courageous organizer arrested for... I just signed a petition to South Carolina Officials: I demand all charges are immediately dropped against Bree Newsome, the courageous Black woman who cut down the South Carolina Confederate flag, and her ally, James Tyson.

[06/28/15]   Summer Classes Amer. Hist 104-105! Grades will be posted July 2. You have to complete all Quizzes and Discussions for Chapters 1-10 no later than Wed. July 1. Now let's get this done!


CBC News: The National

"It's very sad to hear what they think it means to be a black male, or black female."

An Ontario teacher has developed a new black history course that's dismantling myths and challenging stereotypes.

[06/16/15]   Amer. Hist. 104-105 Summer Classes...If you have not completed chapters 1-3 get them done asap. Because chapters 4-6 are due Sunday, 6/21/15. I'm getting a lot of good feedback from everyone. Please use these reminders to stay on task. Also, you can email me at [email protected], I check my email regularly everyday! Now let's go! go! go!

Prof. J. Walker

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