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Loved this thankfulness task!!
Thank you!!!!
Do you have a cool skill, love kids and have some time to volunteer? If so, Surfari Pals would love to talk to you! Camp Surfari is happening in June.
Our friends at Surfari Pals on Marshall St. are back with their Camp Surfari again this year, and best of all, thanks to generous grants, all campers attend for free! Register soon as available spaces are sure to fill up quickly.
You need some salsa in your life to get you through this first work week of the new year. Fortunately, Surfari Pals and their Surfari Salsa is here to help. Support a great downtown non-profit and warm up your belly at the same time! They will even deliver it to you in the downtown area!
Hey, hey and welcome to the FIRST weekend of the New Year! Things will be getting back to normal in terms of restaurants and businesses opening back up after the holidays so come out and enjoy! Two special things today- Appli-Ks Embroidery & Gifts will be reopening this morning at 624 Texas (behind Rhino Coffee) at 9 am so if there is a gift you forgot to get or just want to create something customized and unique to 'top off' a gift you have already given, pop by and see Katy! V & B Resale will also be open today for their monthly pop up at 1010 Marshall Street. They are a little difficult to find. They are in the building just behind Surfari Pals- just walk through the wrought iron gate and you will see their door. Cute jewelry, wraps, purses and more. Lena's Shoes at 501 Milam may still have some of those great Christmas sales going, so check things out there. Parish Taceaux welcomes you downtown with bottomless Mimosa and Bloody Marys as part of their Saturday Brunch, Rhino Coffee, Shababy’s Cajun Cooking at 605 Texas, Retro Down Town Cafe at 420 Marshall, Bon Asian Cafe in the 500 block of Edwards St., Retro DownTown BBQ at 500 Texas St., Red River Brewpub at 1200 Marshall, and Abby Singer's Bistro at 617 Texas are ALL open as usual. Robinson Film Center has Wonder Woman 1984 and News of the World on the big screens, multiple showings. Shreveport Aquarium is open today, as is Sci-Port Discovery Center! Welcome to the New Year and welcome back to downtown! Stay safe and see you soon!
Kip and Jennifer: Thank you for being the program foe the May 7 Kiwanis meeting. Let's see if we can find ways to volunteer for Surfari Pals.
Soooo.... a little salsa to go with your popcorn? :) Surfari Pals is giving out what we are told is absolutely delicious salsa for those who stop by at 1010 Marshall Street until 7 pm today (or until they run out)!
I asked, and you answered!

After an overwhelmingly positive response to my question of whether YOU would want a Facebook Live series featuring and highlighting nonprofits who are thriving in the virtual space, I’ve decided to spend the next three weeks doing just that!

In particular, we’ll be learning from nonprofit organizations that are hosting virtual events, digital campaigns, and creative fundraising solutions via social media.

FIRST guest is Jennifer, Founder of Surfari Pals. You don’t want to miss this - tag a friend in the comments below that needs to hop on with you!
Check out this fresh ☀️Downtown Daily Good Deed☀️! Kip Cummings planted an urban garden at the Surfari Pals offices to grow veggies. This summer, kids at Camp Surfari will try all sorts of yummy new things like bell peppers, tomatoes and strawberries.

Thank you to Kip and his pals who donated their time, money and effort to nurture downtown Shreveport.
We love our new neighbors, Surfari Pals! This is how you change a’s all of us working together for the good of our cities.

Surfari Pals is a fun new way to teach elementary-age children manners, social etiquette, life skill Of course, that’s pretty much our motto as well.

Surfari Pals' mission is to equip children grades K-5th with the skills they need to succeed in life! We believe that the Surfari Pals program will provide children with the tools necessary to help alleviate bullying and crime, while increasing self-confidence and the desire to "do the right thing.” We are teaching kids to get excited about serving, saying, and doing things for others, while learning principles, values, good character, manners, and basic life skills.

Operating as usual 08/30/2023

When we find something or someone doing a great job, we always let them know. We also like to let everyone else know.
This sticker company is the best! (And we have tried several)
So here is a shoutout to Sticker Mule and a $10 coupon for you and us if you try them out.


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the infamous and awesome Kip Surfari!!!


Possible scam alert:
No one from SP is starting a clothing line.


Since we reminded you Monday, to get a Back to School routine, started…
We’re here with our Friday Challenge to ask you, did it help?
Are you ready for Back 2 School?


Surf’s Up, Surfari Pals!
We have our friend Dean the Disabled Dungeness Crab with us today, for National Disability Independence Day!
He teaches us to be kind to those with disabilities.

Do not feel afraid or nervous when you see someone who is disabled & do not feel sorry when you see someone who is disabled. Without being pushy or forceful,
Include everyone, when you can. And, do your best to promote kind conversation about those who are disabled.

Surfari Pals reject cruel attitudes and we stand up for everyone to have opportunities at school, when playing, and home.


So for some of us, it looks like school will start, in about 2 weeks. ✏️
So, we’ve got some Surfari Pals All-Stars here to start reminding you, it’s time to plan out a back to school routine and adding to it little by little.
You don’t have to do it all at once!
Set a goal! Do what our friend Amin the Albacore would do and start going to bed earlier tonight!
Two weeks from now, waking up earlier will feel natural and you will be well rested!

Photos from Surfari Pals's post 07/19/2023

You are never too young to be a Surfari Pal!!

Photos from Surfari Pals's post 07/17/2023

We are so thankful to our sponsors who make Camp Surfari and Surfari Pals possible!!
Everything Marketing Southwestern Electric Power Company - SWEPCO
Larry Poole - State Farm Agent
Riverpark Church
Surfari Salsa 5 Loaves & 2 Fish

Photos from Surfari Pals's post 07/15/2023

We are SUPER thankful for Celebration Church and 5 Loaves & 2 Fish for showing out with decorating for Camp Surfari this morning.
We are truly grateful!!


Earlier this week, we mentioned the word: Respect.
Surfari Pals respect all people & all spaces. But, what is respect?
The word respect means: concern for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.
An example of respect would be, to be kind & courteous to a new friend. Or, to help a friend tidy up, not because you helped make the mess, but just to show love for your friend.
Ollie the Octopus has a Friday Challenge for you! Tell us how you show respect to someone or something!


Surfari Pals like to show respect, for all spaces.
Even if you see someone else, who doesn’t. The time is always right to do the right thing!
At home, at school, at a friends house, & everywhere in between, Surfari Pals like to take care of things & help whenever we can. Even if no one is looking!
Taking care of every space you’re in, makes you feel GREAT, makes it easy to welcome you, when you’re visiting, and also makes your guests excited to invite you back!
Having respect for all spaces leaves anywhere you are ready for others to enjoy and makes you a joy to be around!
Ollie the Octopus teaches Surfari Pals to always leave things better than you found them!


Good Morning, Surfari Pals! Rainy Day? ☔️
Think about your friend Esther the Egret!
Be thankful for what you DO have, if you’re stuck inside.
Do you have any fun indoor games, you can play?
Tell us, in the comments!


Global Forgiveness Day is not over yet!
Is there someone you need to forgive?
Brian the Barracuda & Mike the Marlin encourage you to always, forgive… quickly.
The longer you think about it, the more angry or upset you will become, FORGIVE QUICKLY!


She thought we forgot, but there’s no way we could!
Happy Birthday to our Miss Jennifer Cummings!
The Surfari Pals love you! ❤️


While you’re out of school…
Have you been working on trying new foods?
Our friend MissKay the Macaroni Penguin is here to remind you, this is great time to do that!
Try out some new foods that you may want to take for lunch, next school year. It will be here before you know it!


We want you to have a happy and safe time celebrating Independence Day!
Have fun with your Family & Friends!
We wouldn’t be The Surfari Pals if we didn’t ask you a fun challenge question, about the holiday!
So, here goes:
Exactly, what are we celebrating, when we celebrate “Independence Day”?
Here’s a hint: It’s not fireworks! 🧨


Hey Surfari Pals! 🌊
Want to keep up with & stay in on all the Surfari Pals action?
That’s Easy!
Download the Surfari Pals App in your App Store!
Do it NOW!


Hey, Surfari Pals! It’s almost time for Camp Surfari!
Here’s some things we’ve done at our previous Camp Surfari Sessions.
Check it out!

Our Camp, this year, will be Monday through Thursday, July 17-20 and July 24-27. 9am-noon.
We don’t want you to miss it, so have a parent or guardian use or QR code, below to sign up for camp!
Register Now!


The Surfari Pals are teaming up with 5 Loaves, 2 Fish, at 3966 Lakeshore Dr, to provide our FREE Camp Surfari 2023 for children who have completed K-5th grade. 📚📓✏️
‼️We also need volunteers, who love children, have a ton of energy, and can pass an extensive background check. Volunteers should be 13+ years old unless they are accompanied by their parent.

Camp will be Monday through Thursday, July 17-20 and July 24-27. 9am-noon.

Campers & Volunteers have you registered for Camp Surfari? Here are the registration QR Codes, for both!
Register Now!


It’s likely you’re doing a bunch of playing & playing outside these days!
Be sure to hydrate! Drinking water helps your body function at its best and stay cooler!
You need water, everyday! And, you need even more water, on warmer days or in warmer situations.
If you’re new to drinking water, Misskay the Macaroni Penguin came along to challenge you to try it, with these Surfari Pals & celebrate National Hydration Day, Today!


Surfari Pals is teaming up with 5 Loaves, 2 Fish to provide a FREE Camp Surfari for children who have completed kindergarten through fifth grade.
Camp will be Monday through Thursday, July 17-20 and July 24-27. 9am - Noon.

We need volunteers, who love children, have a ton of energy, and can pass an extensive background check. Volunteers should be 13+ years old unless they are accompanied by their parent.
Camp will be held at 5 Loaves, 2 Fish located at 3966 Lakeshore Dr Shreveport.

For more information or to receive a volunteer question here, email [email protected]

To Volunteer: >>

To Sign Up Campers: >>


Surfari Pals is teaming up with 5 Loaves, 2 Fish to provide free Camp Surfari for children who have completed kindergarten through fifth grade.
Camp will be Monday through Thursday, July 17-20 and July 24-27. 9am -noon.

We need volunteers, who love children, have a ton of energy, and can pass an extensive background check. Volunteers should be 13+ years old unless they are accompanied by their parent.
Camp will be held at 5 Loaves, 2 Fish located at 3966 Lakeshore Dr Shreveport.

For more information or to receive a volunteer question here, email [email protected]


Hello Surfari Pals!
We know there’s been some interesting and different things happening this summer, for us locally.
Things like unexpected storms and power outages.
We know there are many people who are still without power and that is not making for the most pleasant summer, but we want you to keep looking on the bright side.
There is a lot to remain grateful for!


Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Happy Father’s Day!


When the going gets tough, Surfari Pals get tougher! 🦸‍♂️🦸🏿🦸‍♀️
We know most of our local Surfari Pals went through some tough storms last night.
Our hearts are with you and we hope you guys are ok!

We are thinking about you guys!
We know a lot of people are without power, too. Which means many of our convenience’s & electronics, we are used to, are not available.
That’s ok. Be encouraged!
We could all use less screen time & more fresh air, in the meantime.
While we wait, for power to be restored there is plenty we can do. Look

First: Look on the bright side.
Stay calm & be considerate.
It could get hotter, than usual. So, everyone could get irritated a little easier too. Remember, the professionals that fix electricity are working on the problems as fast as the can.
And, your family is likely doing everything they can, as well.
Next, there are probably limbs & trees down in your yard or neighbors yards.
Surfari Pals always help their family & neighbors. So, this is the perfect time to do that!
If it’s safe, see if you can help outside with cleanup. You can put limbs in bags & take branches to the curb. But, be careful!
You can also help clean out your fridge, if food needs to be thrown away that could go bad.
There will be lots to clean. So, if it’s safe, open a window or two and dig in, where you can.
Just like Jessi the Jumbo Shrimp, we can do big things!
Let’s see if we can help!


Hello, Surfari Pals!
What are you going to do to make this summer better than any other summer?
What are your summer goals?

Are you planning to read more?
Are you planning to help around the house more?
Are you planning on learning a new skill?
How do you plan to make this summer amazing?

We want to hear it!
Tell us in the comments!


Happy Monday, Surfari Pals!
Summer means more time at home with family & friends.
That means, lots of opportunities to show love and kindness!
Why: Kindness is Contagious. People feel kinder and they feel like they want to be kinder to others when they receive kindness.
That’s enough of a reason for any Surfari Pal to want to be kind!
This Monday, we want to encourage you to show kindness at home, with an easy one.
How: You can do a chore at home that would help a parent or guardian!
That will help your home run smoothly & you’re helping a parent!
Plus: You will get cool points at home!


On Wednesday’s we Walk it Out!
But, this Wednesday is Global Running Day!
So, move those legs, really fast…grab some friends & Run it Out! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃


What an amazing Summer Day! ☀️
Hope you guys are having lots of SUMMER fun!

Today is National Day of Thank You!
And, Surfari Pals know there a lots of ways to celebrate, that!
One way, is a favorite way of our friend Esther the Egret, and that is to be thankful!
What is one way you can show gratitude on this amazing Summer Day?
We will go first,
We are so grateful to have you guys as friends and to call you Surfari Pals!


Things are heating up and your city Spray grounds are open to help cool you off!

❗️❗️ UPDATE ❗️❗️
The Spray ground at Hattie Perry remains open, but parts are being ordered to replace three of the sprayers. They should be installed and everything back to full operation at the start of next week.


Surf’s Up, Surfari Pals! 🏄‍♀️
Happy National Donut Day! 🍩

Here’s some Do’s & Don’ts of Summer, to celebrate, we want to cover this Summer We’re gonna help you make it a great Summer!


What are you THINKING?

Kim the Kelp Perch encourages us to Stop & Think, before you act.
So, Stop & take a second to think about it: What kind of things have you been thinking?
Did you know that, whatever you think, the most about, is what you will become?
For example, If you think about yourself becoming a serious reader over the summer, you’re more likely to become that serious reader. Remember, that most great things start with a good idea, first!
This walk it out Wednesday, walk out good thoughts, about yourself and others!


Happy Memorial Day, Surfari Pals!
Remember our friend Briana the Bottle Nosed Dolphin? She teaches us to respect those in authority and law enforcement.
Memorial Day is a day of honor and respect. It’s honor for those who have given their lives, in service to our country, through our nation’s military.
Helping you understand what we are celebrating today, makes today that much more special!


Great Morning, Surfari Pals!
We hope you enjoyed your first week of your Summer Break!
Have a Happy Weekend!
Challenge Yourself: What would you paint on this piece of paper?
Go! ☀️


Surf’s Up, Surfari Pals!
The National Council for Skin Cancer Prevention calls the Friday before Memorial Day, ‘Don’t Fry Day’.
We want to remind you, as you’re spending more days in the sun, don’t forget about sun safety awareness!
This Sunny Friday Challenge is for everyone, Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen! ☀️


This is the first FULL week of Summer, for many of you.
No matter what you’re doing, this summer, be nice to each other!
Treat each other the Surfari Pals way!


It’s Friday, Surafri Pals and you know what that means…
Friday Challenge, Time!

Be honest, did you use any of the table manners suggested by Kennon the Krill or Ryan the Red Snapper, this week?
If not, you’ve likely just had dinner or you’re about to.
Don’t forget to push in your chair, when you get up to leave the table. And, if there’s still a chance to help clear the table, after dinner!
Don’t worry, if you forgot. Just start over fresh & try to remember tomorrow!


Hello Surafri Pals!
Since we’ve been talking about building healthy table habits this week, we’ve called in our friend Ryan the Red Snapper.
Monday, we reminded you to push in your chair when you leave a desk or table. Let’s keep that same energy, and go beyond!
Today, when you leave the dinner table, help whoever usually clears the dishes, clear away the dishes and wipe down the table, after dinner.
Walk it out this Wednesday and do the unexpected!


Hope you guys had a great day, Surfari Pals!
As we get ready for dinner, we thought a visit from Kennon the Krill would be great!
He teaches us to push in our chair when we leave any desk or table.
Do the unexpected & be a super star Surfari Pal! Push in your chair tonight after dinner!

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Our Story

Let us introduce ourselves.


Kip and Jennifer are just a California boy and a Texas girl looking to make a difference in this big ol' world.

Growing up in Bell Gardens, California, a small suburb of East Los Angeles, one of Kip’s main influences in his life was a childhood neighbor named Monty Heistand. Monty helped teach the neighborhood kids good character skills, and provided a place for everyone to call home. Monty continues to inspire Kip to look for ways to influence children in a positive way.
Jennifer grew up in a small East Texas community where she watched her parents model giving and sharing with others. Jennifer learned early on that being willing to give or help someone in need often had nothing to do with what was, or wasn't, in your wallet.

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Surfari Pals Show Honor on Memorial Day
May is Mental Health Awareness Month.•Here’s Stella the Starfish with some ways to support your child’s mental health, t...




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