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Shofar Blaster - B'nai Zion Congregation

We are coming to you for the High Holy Days, since we are still not gathering in person. L'shanah Tovah!
From Rabbi Jana: Choose a Shofar and Choose a Shofar Blast. My sons programmed this so that I can blow the shofar for you wherever you are:

Go to the B'nai Zion High Holy Day schedule and join us for online services. We are doing some Zoom gathering and blessings, and many YouTube wonderful, creative, inspiring services. Services will be shorter than usual, since they are online, but they will still be filled with surprises and inspirations. The B'nai Zion High Holy Day page has more High Holy Day Lagniappe.

bnaizioncongregation.org Kudu horn is a traditional Yemenite Shofar. Ram horn is a traditional Ashkenazic Shofar. Gemsbok is a traditional Moroccan Shofar.

Tonight at 7 PM Central. Go to BnaiZionCongregation.org for more details about how to join us. Hope to see you there. Let me know in a chat during the concert that you are enjoying the concert with me.

[08/27/20]   Praying that everyone is safe from Hurricane Laura. Please check in. Let us know if you need anything. Let us know if you are ok. The office is closed, but we can check Facebook and emails.

Go to the B'nai Zion Event Page for the Link to join us at this awesome event. TONIGHT (Aug 13) 7 PM Central.


Zoom Jewish Cultural Event: Joel Chasnoff (Jewish Comedian) - Event - B'nai Zion Congregation

7 Central. Jewish Comedian on Zoom:


bnaizioncongregation.org Jewish Comedian Joel Chasnoff will do a one hour Zoom show called: Jokes I Can't Tell in My Act. Joel has toured all over the world and in this performance, Joel shares his all-time favorited Jewish jokes and talks about tht role of humor in our people's history, from Genesis to Seinfeld, and beyond...

I am proud to be a part of the conversation.

The conversation continues. Join us on July 1 at 10:00 for The Impact of Social Injustice on Children 2.0: Your Questions Answered. Space is limited, so please pre-register at https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIrd-2sqzgpH9Zuuw8_4D4CfyftjiiUCu9J
Galilee Missionary Baptist Church Greater New Zion Full Gospel Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church, Shreveport B'nai Zion Congregation TheSimpleChurch.tv City of Shreveport Government Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins

Jewish Singer-Songwriter-Storyteller Batsheva will do a one hour Zoom show called: From Sinai to Statehood-How Did We Get Here. How did Eve and Adam, Sarah and Abraham, Miriam and Moses lead us across the millennia to the shores of the New World, and the modern State of Israel? The story - poignantly chronicled for all time - in songs.

Meeting ID: 858 8775 0761
Password: 050105


Hebrew Comic Book Club Trailer

Hebrew Comic Book Club on Zoom with Rabbi Jana:
Wednesdays 1:30-3:30 (Central)
Read the comic book adventures of "Og the Terrible" ("Og HaRasha"). The comic books in the series are a fun introduction to Prayerbook and synagogue Hebrew. Rabbi Jana will lead the Comic Book Club and include fun ways to read, understand and remember the vocabulary. Basic familiarity with the aleph-bet is helpful. All materials will be provided. No fee to attend. Club meets on Zoom. Invite friends or family wherever they live. Sign up to have access information sent to you for the BZ Hebrew Club Zoom Room. Go to BnaiZionCongregation.org to sign up and get access information.
Watch a trailer about the club and the comic book.

Rabbi Jana is starting a Hebrew Comic Book Club. We will begin by using "Og HaRasha" ("Og the Terrible"). If you have learned the Aleph Bet, this can be a fu...


Rabbi Jana Speaks at Clergy Unity Rally


Sunday June 7 2020 a Unity Rally was held in Shreveport, Louisiana and Rabbi Jana was on of the clergy who was asked to share a prayer.


B'nai Zion Congregation

Celebrate Shavuot and Shabbat with us. Services are on YouTube and Zoom. Go to www.BnaiZionCongregation.org for all times (in Central Time Zone) and links.
Hag Sameah and Shabbat Shalom!



Simcha & Mother's Day Shabbat Evening YouTube Service

Have you heard about how awesome the Mother's Day Shabbat was? Many surprise guests (people still in Shrevport, or people who have left people - but the mothers are still here) The surprise also included Rabbi Jana getting to "perform" with her siblings. Go to the B'nai Zion YouTube channel (where the individual musical pieces are also posted in addition to the complete service), or use this link to go straight to the service:

We celebrate Shabbat, and honor everyone with birthdays or anniversaries in May. We are also celebrating Mother's Day. Helping to lead the service are many s...


Memorial Service for Dr. David Saphier

Memorial Service for Dr. David Saphier is on YouTube beginning 11 AM

An opportunity to honor the life and memory of Dr. David Saphier


B'nai Zion Graduation Stay at Home Shabbat May 1, 2020

TGISh - Thank G-d it is Shabbat!
We have Graduation Shabbat tonight in a few minutes. Graduates help lead the service from their homes.
Service can be watched here (tonight at 6 Central, or any time after that):

Shabbat Shalom Y'all!

Shabbat Evening service totally led from home. This Shabbat we are honoring graduates, so they will be leading parts of the service, with Rabbi Jana and Adam...

North Louisiana Jewish Federation

Jewish Jokes from a Jewish Comedian in Israel. He was supposed to be here for Israel Independence Day, but we are working on rescheduling. For now, get to know Joel Chasnoff, laugh at his jokes, and get excited about seeing him when he makes it to Shreveport. And don't forget to thank the North Louisiana Jewish Federation for knowing that we want to hear a Jewish comedian in Shreveport.

The North Louisiana Jewish Federation is proud to be bringing Jewish Stand-up comedian Joel Chasnoff to Shreveport, LA! We were supposed to have him for Yom Ha'atzmaut in April, but due to the pandemic, his show has been delayed. We will be rescheduling his show as soon as health officials say it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, here is a short clip of Joel sharing some classic jokes for your enjoyment! To stay informed on Joel's performance and gain access to more online events and gatherings, like our page! You can find this video on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/j5bBVqJsso8 or see all of our event on our website: www.jewishnla.org.

Joel Chasnoff's website: http://joelchasnoff.com
#jeiwshcomedy #nljf #shreveport

We are proud that Rabbi Jana will once again be participating in the Mayor of Shreveport's Interfaith Community Prayer Service. Stay Safe, Stay at Home, we bring these awesome events to you via technology. Watch this on Facebook at Mayor Perkin's page.

🚨There will be a special guest that you WILL NOT want to miss🚨
📢 We are hosting our second Interfaith Prayer Service this Thursday at 6 PM. Local faith leaders will share words of encouragement from their respective traditions and offer prayers for our community. We invite everyone to join us right here on Mayor Adrian Perkins’ page.
👉 Please share to help spread the word.

Holocaust Remembrance Service

We honor the lives of those lost. We are grateful to all of the teachers and students who have submitted entries this year. See the winners here and at the www.HolocaustRemembranceService.org website, which includes the winning entries.
There is also a new Van Thyn website that is part of the Holocaust Remembrance Service website.

Congratulation to the 2020 winners of our annual Northwest Louisiana Holocaust Literary Competition! The music in the background of this video is the original composition by our 1st place winner in the Music category.

A huge thank you to every student who participated in this year's competition, to the teachers for encouraging and helping our student's with their entries, and to our judges for helping make this competition meaningful.

This competition and annual service helps us and our children remember the lives that were taken during one of humanity’s worst periods.

Through our remembering and active cooperation, we strive to obliterate injustice.

To read the winning essays and poems, see the artwork, and hear the music, please visit our website: https://holocaustremembranceservice.org/competition/

The 2020 Winners:

1st Place: "The Cyclist Who Saved Hundreds" by Jack Randall
Teacher Lydia J. Gunn, Caddo Middle Magnet

2nd Place: "Oskar Schindler:
The Hero Disguised as a Monster" by Vasu Arora
Teacher Lydia J. Gunn, Caddo Middle Magnet

3rd Place: "Bruce Teicholz - The Savior of Thousands" by Sophie Chen
Teacher Lydia J. Gunn, Caddo Middle Magnet

Category: High School ART (new this year)
1st Place: "Take the Darkness Away" by Ashini Modi
Teacher Deborah Morehead, Caddo Magnet High

2nd Place: "Sitting Shiva, Print of an Ink Piece" by Abigail Boykin
Teacher Shirlene, Caddo Magnet High

3rd Place: "Eternalism" by Elijah Boston
Teacher Shirlene Alexander, Caddo Magnet High

Honorable Mention: "Just Because You’re Saved, Doesn’t Mean It Goes Away" by Priscilla Guo
Teacher Deborah Morehead, Caddo Magnet High

Honorable Mention: "Mirror to the Past" by Bella Mainiero
Teacher Deborah Morehead, Caddo Magnet High

Honorable Mention: "The Girl" by Caroline Carberry
Teacher Mrs. Smith, C.E. Byrd

Category: High School ESSAY
1st Place: "Liberator of Life" by Abigail Owers
Teacher Christine Owers, Home Schooled

2nd Place: "Rising Legacy: Holocaust and Human Rights" by Taylor Rosen
Teacher Kimberly Handrop, Caddo Magnet High

3rd Place: "The Recovery" by Lauryn Henderson
Teacher Deborah Morehead, Caddo Magnet High

Honorable Mention: "The Truth of the Living" by Travis Lachole Wyatt
Teacher Nicole Ayres, Caddo Magnet High

Category: High School MUSIC (new this year)
1st Place: "Unforgotten" by Neelie Lim
Teacher Deborah Morehead, Caddo Magnet High

2nd Place: "Melancholy" by Emma Elkins
Teacher Deborah Morehead, Caddo Magnet High

Category: High School POETRY
1st Place: "Can You Hear It?" by Grace Anne Hodgson
Teacher Deborah Morehead, Caddo Magnet High

2nd Place: "Dark Days" by McKenzie Sullivan
Teacher Scarbrough, North Caddo High School

3rd Place: "Take Me Not Her" by Garrett Brainis
Teacher April Carberry, C.E. Byrd


Passover Final Morning and Yizkor Services OFFICE IS CLOSED - Event - B'nai Zion Congregation

Join Rabbi Jana for the Final Day of Passover and Yizkor service Wednesday morning April 15, 2020
Wednesday morning we will have two Yom Tov/Yizkor services:
10 AM on the B'nai Zion YouTube channel
11 AM on Zoom. Go to the B'nai Zion website for details about how to watch/join the services. You do not need a prayer book (words will be onscreen).
For details click here:
(Times shown are Central Zone)

bnaizioncongregation.org The Last Day of Passover is a Yom Tov (Holy Day) according to the Torah. It is also a day when we commemorate Yizkor, and remember all of our loved ones who have died. NOTE: THE OFFICE IS CLOSED ALL DAY IN OBSERVANCE OF THE YOM TOV.

Albertson’s (Kings Highway and Southfield)
already has some Passover items at 50% off! (The picture shows the Albertson’s Passover display from today - which is on the end of an aisle in the center of the store)

Other places in Shreveport which may still have some kosher for Passover food include: Kroger‘s on Youree Drive or Ellerbe Road, Whole Foods on 70th St., and drug Emporium on Kings Highway.


Stay at Home Shabbat (March 27, 2020)

Stay at Home Shabbat
https://youtu.be/vPlqDDl_OSw (corrected version)
Go to BnaiZionCongregation.org to find a way to read along.

A unique worship service for a unique time. The service has been recorded in a variety of congregants' homes. No one was in the sanctuary to record this (exc...


Shabbat Evening (Social Distance Shabbat) March 20 2020

Feeling isolated and want to ‘attend’ Shabbat service? ‘Join us’
Shabbat Shalom!


This week we have the new circumstance of having to share a service with no one in the sanctuary. Despite this Rabbi Jana is leading the service, Adam Phille...


Purim Resources from Rabbi Jana at B'nai Zion

This year - this Friday (March 6 at 6 PM) may have the greatest Purim Schpiel of all:
“Esther and the Wolf.” It is an original creative musical telling of the Esther story for Purim. Rabbi Jana, her brothers Erik and Scott, her sister Marya (and sister-in-law Paula) play the music, narrate and illustrate the story. If you can’t be at services in person, you can watch it on the B’nai Zion YouTube channel. You can also see it at the carnival.

There have been some great ones in the past: last year’s Beignet Zion Players and the Marvel-ous one by the students; previous year musicals, including Hunka Hunka Purim, Fiddler, Oldies, Show tunes, and the students’ LEGO, Star Wars, Puppet Pal, Hebrew Big Planet. You can watch them all here:


You still may love this year’s the most. Hope to see you this weekend. Happy Purim!

hebrewdoc.com Purim Links and Files from Rabbi Jana at B'nai Zion

Rabbi Jana welcomed Bishop Elect Malone on the eve of his Ordination as the third Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Shreveport.


Bulletin and News - B'nai Zion Congregation

The June BuzZ at BZ (B'nai Zion bulletin) is available online. In fact, bulletins from many years are online and can be read at the B'nai Zion website here:

bnaizioncongregation.org BuzZ at BZ The B'nai Zion bulletin


Photos - B'nai Zion Congregation

The BZ 2019 Congregation Photo. To see previous year photos, go to the BZ photos page on our website:

bnaizioncongregation.org Photos of people, places and events at B'nai Zion.

B'nai Zion Congregation's cover photo


Israel Shabbat May 10, 2019 - YouTube

In case you want to stay dry at home, you can watch the livestream (if the internet is working) of tonight's 6pm Shabbat service here:
Tonight we celebrate Israel Shabbat in honor of the Modern State of Israel's 71st birthday. We will count the 21st day of the Omer.

During Shabbat service tonight we will celebrate Israel's 71st birthday as a Modern State. We will be counting the 21st day of the Omer. Shabbat Evening wor...

The 36th Holocaust Remembrance Service will 3 PM Sunday 5/5/19 at Broadmoor United Methodist Church (3715 Youree Dr, Shreveport, LA 71105)
The LiveStream of the service can be watched here: https://www.facebook.com/BroadmoorUMCShreveportLA/
After Sunday it will be available at www.HolocaustRemembranceService.org


This Remembrance Service marks the 36th year that the Shreveport and Bossier City communities gather to learn about the Holocaust. We believe that by facing the reality of the inhumanity of that period, we learn to treat each other with humanity during our own slice of history. With this understanding we are better equipped to help put a stop to instances of our own... hatred, prejudice, and inhumanity."

This service is intended to represent all faiths and backgrounds.

The Remembrance Service will be live streamed on this page.

We had around 160 people at our Passover Seder. This was the big picture before anyone showed up while the tables were still being set. It was a wonderful Seder! Thank you so much to Bethany and all of the other volunteers!!


Erik Lawrence "Sound Sanctuary: Musically Guided Meditations" - Event - B'nai Zion Congregation

Rabbi Jana's brother, Erik Lawrence, is doing special music workshops and participating in services this weekend at B'nai Zion. Join us or watch on youtube. (Details can be found through the links below or at www.BnaiZionCongregation.org)
- Event details for Thursday evening (2/21): https://www.bnaizioncongregation.org/event/erik-lawrence-sound-sanctuary-musically-guided-meditations.html
- Jazzy Shabbat Service will be Friday evening 2/22:
- They can both be seen at our YouTube channel here:

bnaizioncongregation.org Erik Lawrence is a musician who has appeared on two Grammy winning Albums and two Platinum records. He has been studying the science and practice of sound and vibration and how it affects the body and mind. He creates musically guided meditations, which are intended to calm, uplift and respond to th...

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We promote awareness of STEM courses and careers for girls in an effort to spark interest, excitement, and exploration!

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Build video games, learn to code, have a blast! Coding classes for kids ages 7-14.

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Learn the alphabet, numbers and common phrases in American Sign Language!

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I am the King of kings to whom wish to keep this world from its utter destruction. Due to the enemies of my Father whom is GOD and my brother, the Lord.

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