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Lunch at Alario Plaza was lively and delicious, bringing together LSU leaders, members of the LSU Board of Supervisors, alumni and Louisiana legislators before the House and Senate honored LSU Health Shreveport faculty member Dr. Jeremy Kamil and LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine MS3 student Tunde Abubakar this afternoon. Sharing more details on these honorees soon!
Last Friday 140 outstanding LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine students learned where they attend their residency training during Match Day!

We are excited to share the graduating Class of 2022 had a successful Match Day with 99.3% of applicants matching. Of those future physicians, 31.2% will be staying at LSU Health Shreveport for their residency and 44.5% will be staying in Louisiana. These graduates are essential to relieving the healthcare shortage facing our state.

Join us in congratulating the Class of 2022!
Thank you to the students at LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine who spent time with our residents and painted their nails! đź’…
Congratulations to the LSUHS Center for Cardiovascular Diseases and Sciences on the ex*****on of the inaugural Bringing Stem to Life Event. Hosted by CCDS in partnership with the American Heart Association - Louisiana, a group of almost 50 students from Huntington High School were exposed to a variety of potential career paths offered by all three schools at LSU Health Shreveport. The full day of activities began with a welcome and moved straight into interactive breakout sessions where students got an up-close look at the technology and equipment used by healthcare professionals. Students enjoyed a lunch catered by Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe during the robust mentor panel. There were lots of great questions asked and answered by the panel comprised of student representatives from School of Allied Health Professions, School of Graduate Studies, School of Medicine, the President of Resident Council, and the Director of Institutional Wellness. Mentorship panels were also followed by a panel comprised of LSUHS administrators that gave the students insight on everything from financial aid and summer opportunities, to the admission process for each school. Thank you to Huntington High School for being part of this inaugural program!
We are that LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine 2nd level students came to do our residents nails and got us ready for Thanksgiving!
Shout-out to LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine Alumni and Assistant Professor, Dr. Jacquelyn Bowers, for a poignant presentation on Physician Wellness at the Louisiana Chapter Division of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Residents' Day and Annual Meeting. She lives out her presentation on “physician wellness” daily as the dedicated and inspirational Director of Emergency Services at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport.

Home to the only medical school in north Louisiana and 1 of only 3 in the state. We educate healthca

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LSUHS Student Interest Groups, AHM, LMSA, and Growing for Good, are hosting a Maui Fire and Disaster Relief Fundraiser from September 11-15th! Please come out and support this great causes while also buying some handmade crafts!

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The Office of Student Affairs and the Louisiana Addiction Research Center hosted a free NARCAN training session open to all medical students. The training was delivered by Lloyd Abney – who is a certified NARCAN outreach specialist at CADA. Thank you to everyone who attended!


Congratulations, Madison Catalanotto, Ross Dies, Taylor Gatson, Lauren Linquest and Kaitlyn Tholen!

Congratulations to LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine students Madison Catalanotto, Ross Dies, Taylor Gatson, Lauren Linquest and Kaitlyn Tholen for recently completing the Research Distinction Track (RDT)! The RDT is a student-motivated opportunity for medical students to pursue additional research experience while in school.
In order to complete the RDT, students must identify a mentor and project, conduct research for 8 weeks, present the research on at least 2 occasions, and submit a manuscript from the research to a publication. This program requires an added level of work and dedication from our students who already carry a heavy workload, so please join us in congratulating these five outstanding students on this accomplishment!

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Congratulations, Claudia Rodriguez, Ivan Alverez, and Liam Ordoyne!

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The Office of Diversity Affairs hosted a well attended Pride Month event with Dr. Ilonka Rincon Portas providing insight on the barriers of members of the LGBTQIA+ community accessing equitable healthcare.
Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to Dr. Portas for speaking to the LSUHS Community.

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Today, our MSIV class attended the annual Senior Award Ceremony where many students were honored for their hard work and accomplishments. Afterwards, the students gathered at East Ridge Country Club to celebrate their past four years of medical school. Dr. David Fajgenbaum made a special appearance to congratulate the class before giving the Commencement address at tomorrow’s ceremony.

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Congratulations, Tyler!

Congratulations to LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine student, Tyler Tran, for being invited to present at the National All of Us Researchers Convention! Tyler was one of three medical students from the NIH All of Us Research Scholar Program who qualified to present their research on a larger platform.
You can tune in to hear his presentation tomorrow at 12:15! Register here for free virtual access:

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Our Academic Societies hosted a Spring Social on Saturday for the medical students to come out and take a break from their studies!

Match Day 2023 03/21/2023

Congratulations to our MSIV students!! We are so proud of you all!

Match Day 2023 was full of excitement at LSU Health Shreveport as 98.6% of our School of Medicine students "matched" and revealed where they will begin the first step of their careers as physicians later this year. We're proud to report that almost 30% of the Class of 2023 will be completing their residency training at LSUHS and 45% of the soon-to-be graduates will be staying in Louisiana for their training!
Our BRI Atrium was full of excited friends, family and peers who joined us to celebrate these outstanding students' achievements. Congratulations to each of our students!

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The Office for Student Affairs hosted a “Come Together” event for medical students today. Activities included team building exercises and breakout sessions to discuss Student Affairs plans for students for the upcoming year.

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There will be a Spring Social on Saturday, March 25th! Take a break and come have some fun!
RSVP with the QR code.


Welcome Dr. Pagidas to LSU Health Shreveport!

Dr. Kelly Pagidas begins her tenure at LSU Health Shreveport tomorrow as the Associate Dean of Medical Education in the LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine. She will also serve as a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Pagidas joins LSUHS from Burnette School of Medicine, Texas Christian University (TCU), where she served as the Chair of Medical Education and Interim Associate Dean of Education Affairs, and brings with her extensive knowledge and experience in medical education, especially in the areas of active learning and contemporary medical education curricula.

She has been actively engaged in graduate medical education and clinical, translational and basic science research for over two decades. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Kelly Pagidas to LSU Health Shreveport!

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LSUHS medical students Tanner Ward and Landon Waite cut the ribbon yesterday to a new Teen Room at OLHS - St. Mary Medical Center. Tanner and Landon were the driving forces in creating Pars for Peds, a new golf tournament with all proceeds going to benefit pediatric patients.
With support from their classmates (Class of 2024) and the Pediatric Interest Group, $20,000 was raised to fund a Teen Room at St. Mary Medical Center.


Welcome Dr. David Guzick to the LSUHS Family!

We are excited to announce that Dr. David Guzick has been selected as Chancellor of LSU Health Shreveport and will begin his tenure on Monday, January 9.
Dr. Guzick is a renowned clinician, medical scientist and health economist with expertise in the field of reproductive medicine. Please join us in welcoming him to LSU Health Shreveport!
Learn more about Dr. Guzick here:


Two LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine students recently represented our campus at the 2022 American Medical Association Interim Meeting Medical Student Section. Heidi Ventresca is the current AMA-MSS Speaker for the entire assembly. As the speaker, Heidi led and oversaw all policy discussions from medical schools throughout the country. Maria Kerrigan Haupt attended as the LSUHS Chapter Delegate and also received an award for Outstanding Policy Involvement. We are so proud to have these two students represent LSUHS on a national platform!

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Congratulations to Ross Dies (MS3) who won 1st place at the Biomedical Research and Industry Day in October 2022 for his research on “Determination of Alif Cage Stability” under the guidance of Dr. Giovanni Solitro.
Congratulations to Jay Manuel (MS2) who won 2nd place at the Biomedical Research and Industry Day in October 2022 for his research on "Evaluation on Bone Surrogates of the Influence of Epiphysial Rim Contact on Construct Stiffness in Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion" under the guidance of Dr. Giovanni Solitro.


Attention all parents or loved ones of girls aged 9-14 in the Shreveport and surrounding areas!
The American Medical Women's Association Chapter at LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine is hosting their annual Girls Puberty Workshop on October 8th, 2022 from 8:30AM-12PM
Use the QR code to register and view our website. We are looking forward to seeing you all!
Any questions can be sent to: [email protected]


Today we are kicking off a 10-week series called ! We want to share with the community who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We hope you’ll follow along and join in on our hashtag to share your own LSUHS connections!

LSU Health Shreveport is comprised of 3 schools, 9 research centers, and over 50 graduate medical education (GME) programs. Not only does our institution make an invaluable educational impact in North Louisiana, we make a tremendous economic impact too! See below for highlights.
Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, you can learn more about us at:

LSU Health Shreveport School of Graduate Studies LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine LSU Health Shreveport School of Allied Health Professions

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We are so excited to welcome all of our new MSI students to the LSUHS Family!

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Saturday was a special time of celebrating 148 second year medical students receiving their white coats and 32 students, faculty and residents being inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Guest speaker, Dr Keith White, Chair of Surgery imparted pearls of wisdom gleaned through decades of experience as a physician. LSU Health Shreveport extends congratulations to all those honored today. So proud of you!!


The School of Medicine at LSU Health Shreveport recently hosted its annual Family Day. First-year students were able to invite a limited number of family and friends to tour the campus and even try their hands at some of the skills their students are learning.

Later in the afternoon, second-year students whose Family Day was canceled last year due to COVID-19 also had the opportunity to share these experiences with their loved ones.


SAGE Honor Society “STAR”
The Office of Academic Affairs and the SAGE Honor Society would like to introduce this month’s Superior Teaching Award and Recognition (STAR) recipient, David DeSha, PhD Professor of Cellular Biology and Anatomy.

“Dr. DeSha is an extraordinary professor who is always going above and beyond for his students. This year alone he has provided the MS1’s with Pathoma access, given numerous in depth and lectures ranging from embryology to histology, and has been available to students outside of normal hours, especially in anatomy lab. He is truly dedicated to his students and his work. He has been a source of wisdom and a guiding hand throughout this first year of medical school which many of us are incredibly grateful for.”

Each month, SAGE would like to honor the teaching excellence of LSUHS faculty and residents. This group sponsors the Superior Teaching Award and Recognition which acknowledges these individuals for their approachability, enthusiasm, and superior quality of instruction.

All students are encouraged to take a moment to nominate an outstanding LSUHSC faculty or resident. Nominations should be based on criteria such as consistent quality, attitude, compassion and going “above and beyond” what is reasonably expected. We want to recognize those that exemplify these qualities of excellence and positively impact student learning.


Gregor Dierks is compassionate, kind, and cares deeply about those around him. During an H&P exercise in first year, Gregor interviewed a patient who had been in the hospital for 3 weeks without a single visitor. Gregor took time to talk about their life experience, the patient’s family, and more for hours beyond what was expected for the assignment. He recognized the opportunity to serve this patient and took the time to go above and beyond to do so. On several occasions, Gregor has taken time to check on his critically sick patients multiple times during a shift, ensuring they were comfortable and obtaining updates for his team which resulted in the best care for the patient. Gregor Dierks is truly a huge asset to the LSU family.

Congratulations, Gregor!


The April Gold Humanism Honor Society Student of the Month is Zachary Palowsky, MSIII

Zach consistently goes above and beyond to make patients under his care feel comfortable and ease their anxieties about their hospital stay. He takes interest in what is important to them and who they are as a person, not just as a patient. He uses humor to brighten up interactions with patients and put them at ease while developing better relationships with them. When one of his patients told him he was excited to watch the Super Bowl but was disappointed he wasn't allowed to have any visitors to watch it with him, Zach decided to come to the hospital on Sunday afternoon to watch the big game and keep him company. He went room to room paying all his patients a visit to talk about something other than their illness. Zach did this after finishing the rotation where he met the patients. He had no obligation to be at the hospital on a Sunday afternoon and wasn't looking for anything in return. He simply did it because he cared about that patient enough to take time out of his weekend to make someone’s day. Compassion and selflessness are essential qualities to this profession, and Zach exemplifies this daily.

Congratulations, Zachary!

GHHS SOTM Committee


LSUHS medical school students associated with the Emergency Medicine Interest Group will be conducting a free safety course on May 1st, 2021 from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM at Betty Virginia Park in Shreveport. Their goal is to provide free safety education to local children in hopes of lowering the incidence of bicycle-vehicle collisions. Please bring your own bicycle to practice new safety knowledge. The event is open to the public and parents are encouraged to sign up their children for the event.

To sign up for this event, please use the following link:

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2021 White Coat Ceremony! Congratulations to all the students in their accomplishments!

Photos from LSU Health Shreveport's post 03/22/2021

Match Day 2021 was a success! Thank you to everyone who helped with this event and congratulations to the students for matching!


LSUS Rec Sports is excited to announce that we will be having a Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee season this semester! We are looking at a quick turnaround, so get your teams together and register TODAY!!!


The Office of Student Affairs would like to wish you all a very joyful holiday season!

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