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[03/13/20]   #coronavirus

Do you shut down your school until this blows over, do you add additional classes to take advantage of all the kids out of school? You gotta pay rent and make a living. You need to be responsible. You don’t want to spread hysteria, and you sure as hell don’t want to spread the virus.

As an occupational safety professional, I do my job daily knowing that there is no way to quantify prevention, making my position seem unnecessary. It can be summed up in this question: “Why do we have to comply with all these safety policies? We never have accidents.”

There’s no way to prove that adherence to the plan resulted in less accidents. So, pro-action, and appropriate reaction will always look like over-reaction to some.

The questions above are on a martial arts business forum. Whether the problem is the virus or the media-hype, things are shutting down for a month, so we can find out who to blame, or weather it.

The Tracy System is uniquely set apart in this regard. Our curriculum is based primarily on PRIVATE LESSONS. Most Tracy’s schools I know of charge students for privates and offer group training for free (no additional charge).

So, here are some suggestions to mitigate risk to students, staff and self, while continuing to operate.

Cancel all group classes and go to private lessons only.

Teach without contact, maintaining six feet of distance. I know, we are all about hands on, but we are not going to harm a student’s skill level and progression by having them do “air karate” and katas for a month. No focus mitts, no bag work. Teach, tweak, discuss, and get back to contact drilling and bag work later.

Consider Skype or FaceTime lessons. I know, they’re awkward, it’s hard to give a great, high quality lesson, but it’s temporary. And it keeps students “coming in.”

Accept payments via online transactions like PayPal ONLY. Don’t touch their money or credit cards or checks.

Feel free to discuss, add to this, disagree, etc.

Here’s the thing...when your student comes in and says they need to take a month off, how likely are they to come back a month later?

Right. They’re not.

So what’s gonna happen when your whole school takes a month off?

We can do this. Without much disruption because our system was uniquely designed by Al Tracy to cater to the individual.



It’s been 2 years since the passing of Al Tracy, the founder and grandmaster of the Tracy System of Kenpo.

I recall John DeLuca saying at the funeral, “most people will meet between 10,000-80,000 people in a lifetime, but a very few people will influence 80,000 people. Mr. Tracy was one of those.”



“When practicing with others, you reserve only the strength, not the skill.” - Ip Man 09/18/2019

What Percent Of Fights End Up On The Ground [2019 Research] | Rolling Around We analyzed 383 street fights to better understand the claim that most fights end up on the ground.Here's what we discovered.


35 years in the making! Shodan, Seiwakai Gojuryu, June 6, 2019. The kneeling picture is the same two people (me and Renshi Russ Costello) when I got my green belt 34 years ago.

Long journey.


Photos from Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, La's post

[07/22/19]   #keepersoftheflame2019

In 2002, I met Roger Greene at his Warrior Weekend II. At the cookout, I commented on the couple of things I had learned that weekend, and he was thrilled, because, as he put it, when you’re a beginner, it’s exciting and you learn new stuff all the time. That learning curve slows over time and when you are a 4th dan (as I was), those rare moments when you run across something new inspire that beginner’s excitement again.

He was, of course, correct. I attended Nick Chamberlain’s Keepers of the Flame this weekend and was fortunate enough to train with and attend a couple of seminars taught by Vance Murakami. Vance is Ted Sumner’s top student, and although I have known him nearly 20 years, I’ve never seen him teach as he is always assisting Ted.

Each instructor explains things and focuses on different things, and in my first seminar with Vance teaching, I watched him snake a correction on a student and explain it. I knew the correction, but there was a second part of his explanation that gave me something new, something that I need to plug back in to everything I know.

I will have to, now, not just automatically make the alignment correction, but intentionally focus on it and consider the effect on the movement at hand.

What I’s such a minor thing but it’s not. So at 7th dan, 35 years in, I get to back to the beginning with this one “little” thing.

Thank you, Vance. And thank you Hanshi Greene for reminding me to seek out the “micro-epiphanies.”


Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense: Headquarters

Keepers of the Flame 2019 Seminar Schedule!


Gojuryu 05/02/2019

Family Kenpo

[04/02/19]   As many of you know, I am currently training for my black belt in Gojuryu under the Seiwakai organization. The organization publishes a newsletter, and this issue contains an article written by Jim Pounds, the president of USA Seiwakai.

It is an excellent article on martial organizational structure, on what the organization is and is not. Most relevant to me was the following quote:

“The problem, as I see it, is when disgruntled members remain in an organization and opt to let everyone know they have been somehow victimized. They do this by refusing to acknowledge the chain of command, refusal to cooperate through passive-aggressive behavior, and through constant complaining. This serves no useful purpose and often leaves everyone with an unfavorable opinion of the disgruntled member and leads to further alienation. It is a self-fulfilling prophesy in which perception of being “short-changed” leads to actual alienation. Most people distance themselves from those who always complain yet offer few solutions to make it better.”

[03/19/19]   The following is a general overview of the nature and modality of the fighting styles of the Five Animals of Kenpo.

Most effective against: The Tiger
Most vulnerable against: The Panther

The Dragon is a primarily defensive animal and the strategy of the Dragon deals with the yielding to and redirecting of force used against it. The simplest application of Dragon strategy is to move out of the way as executed in the Total Evasion discipline. A War Art application of Dragon strategy would be judicious use of critical distance. That is to position just within the range of your opponent offering an apparent target. As the attack is committed the Dragon enjoins and directs or redirects the force in a different or merely exaggerated direction increasing the intensity, angle and speed of the movement.

Most effective against: The Crane
Most vulnerable against: The Dragon

The Tiger is an intelligent powerful animal that reacts to any threat with an offensive effort. The strategy of the Tiger is to skillfully apply a superlatively balanced attack consisting of powerful kicks, hand strikes and blocks. The Tiger will move relentlessly down the center attacking the opponents most vulnerable and vital parts and prefers to meet force with greater force. The Tiger might well embrace the Kenpo credo “every block a strike, every strike a block”.

Most effective against: The Serpent
Most vulnerable against: The Tiger

The Crane, like the Dragon, is a docile animal that uses force only in cause of self defense and applies the force in a very defensive modality. The Crane will rise up and open its wings to give an illusion of greater size and then strike with the beak to a vital target as soon as the opponent is within critical distance. The Crane uses its ability to strike long range to compensate for its lack of ability to overpower it’s opponent. The use of long range kicks, such as the rear kick, rear thrust and front thrust are examples of a Crane strategy. Once its critical distance has been compromised the Crane will respond with a fusillade of strikes with the wings, claws and beak. Much like what Kenpo stylists do with fists, fingers, elbow, knee and teeth. Once the opponent is disabled, injured or put on the defensive the Crane will reacquire its critical distance.

Most effective against: The Panther
Most vulnerable against: The Crane

The Serpent, like the Tiger moves down the center and targets the most vital areas in order to accomplish the most damage to the opponent with each strike. The Serpent will, however, take hold of it’s opponent and wrap around him in order to constrict and suffocate the opponent into unconsciousness or death. The Serpent is most vulnerable once it crosses into critical distance and must close quickly with it’s opponent in order to neutralize long-range defensive strikes. Once engaged with the opponent the Serpent is fully committed to that struggle and incapable of dealing with multiple attackers.

Strongest against: The Dragon
Most vulnerable against: The Serpent

The Panther, like the Serpent, employs an offensive strategy in combat. The Panther uses it’s apparently blinding speed coupled with a continuous recombination of complimentary lines and angles to mesmerize its opponent with continuous strikes that seem to come from everywhere. Much like the Kenpo “missile attack” strategy, the Panther never relies on a single strike to necessarily settle the matter. The Panther is both ambidextrous and highly mobile, moving in and out of critical distance while striking at will. The Panther however, lacking the strength of the Tiger, does not do well once it has been taken to the ground and it’s mobility, striking skill and speed has been compromised.

Ted Sumner


GSG Training

More and more awarding organisations are looking for trainers to have assessor and IQA qualifications.

But buyers should beware, not all providers are created equal and prices can vary from £250 per unit to £1000+

Some providers even charge extra for carrying out onsite observations while others even look to the learners to source and pay for external observers.

So check what is included in the price.

As a provider for the full range of TAQA qualifications, we hope this video will answer all your questions if not, please don't hesitate to conatct us.

Our advice is always free..

Hopefully we will see you on one of our courses soon..

[03/12/19]   There is a lot of talk/debate lately about “What would Al Tracy do?” Or “What should the Senior Council be doing?” Or “What should Pat and Mark be doing?”

These “discussions” all take the form of “here is my opinion of what they should NOT be doing,” or “I never met Al Tracy but he would have done…”

The questions, frankly, are vague. The answers are either equally as vague or do not address the questions. More often than not, they are not answers, they are opinions of why everyone else’s answers are right or wrong.

This is not my board, but I would like to pose a few questions, and I would prefer that people answer them rather than debate what I should have asked. I’m not asking for discussion here, just your own opinions.

First, a few points from the written words of GGM Al Tracy:

1. “To perpetuate the “Tracy System of Kenpo,” I am setting set up a Counsel of Tracy Kenpo Senior “Dan” Rank holders to take care of advanced promotions and handle things of a political nature or policies that affect the entire organization.” (Al Tracy, 2002)
2. “the everyday activities will still be conducted by my wife Pat and son Mark. They have already been doing this for years. When you call, Pat or Mark will still be there to answer the phone and continue to provide the services and products we offer.” (Al Tracy, 2002)
3. “As always, the individual instructors will do the teaching and actual promotion.” (Al Tracy, 2002)
4. “The only function of Tracy’s will be to issue the Dan Rank Diplomas from National Headquarters.” (Al Tracy, 2002)
5. “The structure and function of the system will remain true.” (Al Tracy, 2017)
6. “Mark will be the new face of Tracy Kenpo.” (Al Tracy, 2017)

So, questions:

1. Whose responsibility is it to make policy and policy based decisions regarding the Tracy System?
2. What were the “everyday activities” that Mark and Pat Tracy were handling when Al Tracy was alive? Who is handling that now?
3. As the “heads” or leaders of the system, what would Pat and Mark Tracy’s functions be?
4. As an individual instructor, what has changed regarding your everyday teaching and promoting of your students?
5. What does it mean to be the “face” of Tracy Kenpo?

Personally, I believe that the answers to 1-4 are very clear. Number 5, not so much, and in my opinion, it is this that is the likely sticking point for so many. To reiterate, I would really like it if you would answer the questions with your opinion, and not tell us why someone else’s opinion is wrong.

I have a follow up list, but I would like to know where “we” are on these, first.

[12/31/18]   “When practicing with others, you reserve only the strength, not the skill.” - Ip Man


Wild Dogs Productions

John Ozuna is a Tracy’s Kenpo master black belt.

Feast your eyes on our new action spy thriller, "The Infinity Project"!

(stay tuned for details)

[10/03/18]   24 years ago today, we opened up at 4408 Youree. Good times!

1st 3 to walk in the door, Jason Brook, Paul Robinson and Brandon Daniels.

Will Hudson, Steve Hudson, Chuck And Donna Breedlove, Tara Zwalesky, Paul Hand. Jeff McMahen, Paul (foot kata) Coxe. James Eakin. Steve London. Lee London. John London. Samuel Norton. Steve and Jason Reed.

Marina Sparks, Tommy Sparks, David Sparks. Guy Mackey, Kevin Holland.

Kathy Hopper, Little Charlie Caldwell, Chris Lyon, Josh Lyon. Skee Hughes.

Dave Bennett, David Lunger, Ryan Ariola. Joe Cooper, Earl Mass, Michael Megahan (now a 5th black)


Patricia and Gene Tseplaev, Joe Trione, Harper Woods, Billy Dalton and his son.

Nick Nicholson, Dave Hopper, Henry Childers and Stuart Gavin 09/23/2018

Roger W. Greene

The obituary for Hanshi Roger Greene is in the Tulsa World newspaper today. Roger W. Greene (Grand Master Greene) was larger than life! He departed this life on July 27, 2018 after losing a hard fought fight and it was one of the 08/16/2018

To register for the memorial, please follow the link to Hanshi Greene's website, navigate to "Celebration of Life," and follow the instructions to RSVP for the dinner and celebration. Dr. Roger Greene's fighting system encompassing Kang Duk Kwon karate and Kenpo and his club devoted to the study of martial arts. 08/15/2018

scottishbudo's Blog Taking Care of Business


Friends, I have been informed that Hanshi Roger Greene has passed away peacefully at his home about an hour ago.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family, his friends and his students. Roger Greene was truly bigger than life, and he will be missed.

[07/25/18]   Friends, I just spoke with Karen Greene. Hanshi Roger Greene is not doing well, and he may not make it through the night.

Words are failing me right now. He is unable to talk on the phone, but Karen put me on speaker and I tried to tell him what an enormous impact he has had on my life.

If there is anything you need to say, I am told that the time is now.

He is a great man, and I will continue to pray for his full recovery.


Naihanchi Shodan, Nidan and Sandan - Ryukyu Shorin Ryu Karate Do Tesshinkan

These are the three Naihanchi Kata as practiced in Shorin Ryu Tesshinkan, a Kobayashi-styled Karate founded by Tamayose Hidemi (9th Dan) on Okinawa. Tamayose...


Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, La


Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, La


#keepersoftheflame2018 hosted by Nick Chamberlain’s Studios of Self Defense.

Definitely an ohana event!


Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, La

[05/12/18]   Hanshi Roger Greene has announced that the Warrior Weekend, scheduled for June 8-10, is being postponed.

Please direct any questions to Kyoshi Karen Conley-Greene.




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