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Neighborhood Teacher
Neighborhood Teacher
Joyce Jackson

Sales Coaching with Brown
Yesterday the Neighborhood Teacher stopped by to pick up some of our new art supplies for her Kindergarten Students! We're happy to be able to assist in their mission to Empower and Educate Educators to comprehend the communities in which they teach!

If you're a teacher in the SBC Teacher and are in need of supplies for your students and classroom, send us a message or stop by the BAC anytime we're open! 🍎✏️
See you at 11! 💪🏽🤗 Everyone come support , enjoy, and SWEAT with Jess and Neighborhood Teacher!
I'm overly excited to be hosting a class collabing with Neighborhood Teacher tomorrow! Meet me at 11am 7633 Pines Road and allow me yo start your Saturday off right! 🤗💦💪🏽🔥
Neighborhood Teacher & Sweat with Jess has a workout session WITH GIVEAWAYS, tomorrow at 11am! Do me a favor and register here 👉🏽 and SHARE THIS POST 🙏🏽
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Then she, rocks that thang like she always does! She be killing the fashion game and if you haven’t already done so, you need to check out her consignment shop From Mother to Daughter 2438 East Texas Suite 4 Bossier City, La! Anddd she’s rocking her Neighborhood Teacher distressed hat! Babbby talking about ! She’s dope as everrr! Rocking local brands 💪🏾✊🏾 contact Joyce Jackson to order your hat now!!
Joyce Jackson
Neighborhood Teacher
, Today we welcome Neighborhood Teacher
Joyce Marie

Strategic Educational Services presents:
Theme: “Building a community of educators through knowledge”.
Coaching, training, consulting and speaking.

STRATEGIC Educational Services areas of focus

Foundational Learning skills (Reading, writing, grammar)
Differentiating instruction techniques
Culturally responsive strategies
Praxis preparation
Educational mentoring and motivational speaking

Purpose of this: is to “ Build a community of educators through knowledge and interactions to empower, encourage, motivate and inspire all educators.”

Our mission is to empower, educate educators to comprehend the communities in which they teach. We o

Operating as usual


Go on DND!
Turn phone reminders off!
Love you all….
Sincerely, Thee Neighborhoodteacher❤️


I am the Neighborhood Teacher!
I’m giving BTW vibes!
Got another text!
Another one of my mentees with high observation vibes! (Scores)
2023, God I see you setting things up.🙏🏾
When you’re growing such a versatile brand and business, that caters to so much….it is scary!
People will tell you to stick to one thing, BUT do YOU!
Be consistent in all you do, but take the limitations off!


To any educator, school employees that WINTER BREAK starts after Tuesday! Please every morning in your best Mr. Klump voice, look in the mirror, fist up, and say
“YES, I CAN!” I think it will work🥴😨🥺


Another one! ( in my DJ Khaled Voice🎤)
I’ve posted about me coaching other educators with different skill sets, classroom management tips, NIET rubric deep deep dives, and much more…..
This one right here, at first I was like 😳😨 I am a lil jealous BUT I do what I do…. Effortlessly, out of my heart, and it’s my purpose! To my lil mentee
(DO NOT REVEAL YOURSELF), but I told you this past summer I got you! We have been talking back and forth and the whole time this young lady was afraid to be a classroom teacher, I was praying I was giving her the right strategies!
Neighborhood Teacher is more than a brand it’s a 🌎wide MOVEMENT!👀🙏🏾


Have you ever had a God moment?
I teach at my son’s school so I hardly ever get to see their events as a parent. My administration made it possible for me to attend his 5th grade D.A.R.E. graduation. The D.A.R.E. Officer Lewis’ speech and energy was so amazing and touching. He spoke of how he enjoyed the children, he gave them special gifts, and he stated this was his first class ever.
I went straight into Neighborhood Teacher mode because we all know…. A Neighborhood teacher is NOT only someone in the classroom or Education. They’re all around us… from grandparents, neighbors, doctors, lawyers, business owners, beauticians, you, your homies, and even law enforcement. So from my son and I we gifted him with a Neighborhoodteacher distressed cap!
And I explained real quick what a Neighborhoodteacher was, and it seemed like a 💡 went off. He said, “I am a Neighborhoodteacher!”





👀 on the way to a bomb Neighborhood Teacher Hairdresser in the Lone Star State…..❤️🙏🏾💁🏽‍♀️
Wait on it💚
What type of Neighborhoodteacher are you?



“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me from grinding.” NO ONE✍🏾
Neighborhood Teacher🔥🔥🔥customized hoodie


The winner of the Neighborhoodteacher Christmas 🎄 giveaway goes to 🥁🥁 JESSICA MILLER from Forest Hill!!!! Tag Ms Jessica and let her know the Neighborhoodteachertribe says Merry Christmas and to inbox to claim her 💧 Distressed Khaki Embroidered 🧢! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎤KEEP BEING GREAT❤️


Neighborhood Teacher would like to 🎁 gift anyone in the Education arena!
- Teacher, Coach, Administrators, Paraprofessionals, etc. must work for Caddo Parish Public Schools.
- Provide a short description of their leadership qualities
- Provide their school name/ tag it (if applicable)
- Lastly, remember a Neighborhoodteacher can be anyone, but in Education they must inspire, empower, and understand the community in which they teach!
TAGS END: DECEMBER 13th @ 3pm….


Tis’ the week before Christmas Break!
Teach with fidelity, have a great week with all Christmas activities, but let your classroom management be a REAL MOOD!
Have a fantastic week to all my Neighborhoodteacher tribe members in classrooms and schools!💪🏾🎅🏽⏰


Photos from Neighborhood Teacher's post 12/08/2022

Outsiders just don’t get it. Listen pray for teachers, administrators, students, we go through it that last few days before Christmas break. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the longest or what? Yeah keep the Neighborhoodteacher tribe that’s educating children lifted 🙏🏾….. YAL HOLD ON!!!! It’s coming!
Oh and DM me for your secret Santa gift at work I got embroidered Neighborhoodteacher distressed caps 💧 for sale!!! You see it🤨👊🏾🅿️🤣


Yal betta come on and getchu one of these!!!
It’s a Neighborhoodteacher distressed 🧢!
- adjustable
- quality embroidery
- nice fit
- washable
- Great Christmas 🎄 stocking stuffer
GOING 💨 💨 💨
(Shipping applied when applicable)


Photos from Neighborhood Teacher's post 12/04/2022

Disclaimer: NO I do not know all the details of , but I do see the chatter.
I want to be mentally, spiritually, and physically ready when God elevates me and my brand. I want to be prepared to ignore the chatter, the new latchers, the hatred, the well “ Who she think she is?” (🅿️ressure) will be part of my response.
No one knows what any of us deal with on the backend of jobs, businesses, even more importantly life! So with that said, Congratulations Coach Prime from the Neighborhood Teacher tribe!


As Christmas approaches, I’ve been hearing little beefs during downtime in class 🥴😩if Santa is real. Then it never fails, “Teacher ain’t Santa real?” I go into blank stare, and say let’s not discuss this at school.
Listen, I’ve always told my children there’s no Santa, and Christmas is not about them. Some families have different beliefs, so just be cautious of the Santa topic. But if you do know Santa and he really a G like that tell him the tribe said send teachers across the world major pay raises for Christmas!🤷🏽‍♀️🤞🏾🎅🏽


Neighborhood Teacher
| ˈnābərˌho͝od ˈtēCHər|
- delivers instruction in a classroom
- diversified in his or her instructional techniques
- anyone that can bring knowledge to a table
- anyone that can make, inspire, and empower others
- hustlers of all types
- professionals of all types
- elderly full of wisdom
- certain musical artists
- you, your mother, your homeboy, your home girl
Basically a Neighborhoodteacher comes in all forms, shapes, and people.
Also many times most lessons learned that stick to build character in others, come from random individuals that many people discount!
RESPECTFULLY, Thee Neighborhood Teacher

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Here we are the Sunday after Thanksgiving break. I know it’s a mental challenge to prepare for these next few weeks until Christmas break, but you got this! Catch a good podcast to listen to, burn a candle, do something self care to ease your minds tonight.🤞🏾
Whoosah 🧘🏽 we can do this!💪🏾

Photos from Neighborhood Teacher's post 11/23/2022

We all know Thanksgiving we get together with our families, and some even just spend time alone. Regardless of how you celebrate, there’s a teacher somewhere panicking because they know the week of a break is nearing an end. So as a common courtesy 🥴, just chill with your family and eat your stuffing peacefully.
It’s all Love, but it’s real out here in these teacher break moments.
Respectfully, The Neighborhoodteachertribe🤞🏾🥹❤️


After being in Education for over 10 years, I never would’ve imagined how classroom teachers have to literally train their bladders.🥴Anyway, Neighborhoodteacher tribe please relax this week and enjoy your time off. WE DESERVE IT! Make sure to cut your alarms off, turn your teacher voice down, and listen to some old school music like Anita Baker or if you wanna😎! Just chill!






Yesterday, I received a text from one my tutoring students parents and I could do nothing….. I was numb, and God reassured me to destroy the “self doubt.”
When I got this student their grade was very low, and the situation given at school to the parent was heartbreaking.
Our initial meeting, I reassured this parent ( with not knowing) that together we are going to work with this child and get their grade up in Reading and Language Arts.
Fast forward we are from F to high C to B🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Private Tutoring for the Neighborhood Teacher:
✅Forms family one on one connections
✅Allows students to become so comfortable with trying which leads to success
✅It provides the tutor a road map to navigate
✅It is worth the investment for the family and tutor
January 2023
📍We will be accepting more students
📍We will have a Math tutor (highly recommended)
added to the team 🙌🏾


Teacher humor. Funny, but not funny!😰😒


At this point I don’t even want no greens, beans, dressing, ham, dressing, sweet potatoe pies, 7-UP cake….. WELL I do but you get the point…. I’m ready to SIT HOME!!!!


COVID, RSV, strep throat, common cold, Flu, stomach bugs, whooping cough, I mean 😭 let’s just face the facts.


Listen, my students don’t truly get to see my sweet soft spot for them.🤦🏽‍♀️But by golly I got one. Many students in my class, and in so many more won’t truly experience the unwrapping of gifts under their Christmas tree. I want to surprise my students this year with a class party, and gifts for each one of them. I’m 22 deep😰✍🏾. So visit my Amazon wishlist and purchase a gift for my lil scholars. NOW, some are Naughty and some are Nice, but it don’t matter. I love tha kids❤️🎁🧸
Click Link:


2020 I did a big 💇🏾‍♀️chop.
I dealt with big personal hurts.
I gave birth to Neighborhood Teacher.❤️
2022 doors opened, closed, yes’, nos’, haters, lovers.
Healing, friendships,self reflections took place.✍🏾
Listen, NEVER fold on your vision or purpose.
NEVER depend on people, focus on your journey.
Remain humble, move silently, keep your circle solid.
2023…… 🚀 ready or not here we come!!!!


Photos from Neighborhood Teacher's post 11/09/2022

What are your thoughts?


Neighborhoodteacher tribe.
Don’t just push buttons, make sure you’re making a conscience decision for your future, your children, and your community. 🗳

Photos from Neighborhood Teacher's post 11/07/2022

When you build in silence people don’t know what to attack.
As I continue to build Neighborhoodteacher, I’m preparing, studying, networking, and being patient. My circle I cover in prayer that God keeps it solid and true. The doors are opening, and I wanna run through them. My spiritual discernment is confirmed to just keep quiet, focused, and don’t fold under pressure.
2023 is our year!
Thee Neighborhoodteacher❤️


When your boys say let’s ANIME it out….
I say LETS GO!!!✊🏾🥴👻👻🎃



Met an amazing educator from Broadmoor STEM Academy Ms. Heitzman after seeing a video of her lyrically educating her students and I was very impressed. Not only because she nailed it, but how she absolutely understands the assignment of the community in which she teaches. She got bars too!!🎶🔥🔥🔥 So Neighborhoodteachertribevibe I had to get her gifted from us…❤️🤞🏾Keep being you!!

Photos from Neighborhood Teacher's post 10/27/2022

As I continuously observe silently the issues of the world, my country, my state, my city, and then our neighborhoods… I reflect, I journal, I manifest. Voting season is approaching and this time around I am burdened with why our students aren’t taught Core units on voting, their rights, and so much more that will guide them into adulthood. Why aren’t they taught to watch the character of individuals way before voting season approaches? Imagine an 18 year old voting thought process? Why are so many books being banned? Why are educational curriculums so washed and biased? Who are the authors behind the pens?
Whew! Anywho! I will impact the world through Neighborhoodteacher’s brand, events, curriculum, books, schools, and much more. You know why? In my Whitney Houston voice “ I believe in miracles, and I believe in you and me 🎶!”✍🏾✊🏾❤️#neighborhoodteachertribevibes#vote#teachchildrenathome#ireadbannedbooks

Photos from Neighborhood Teacher's post 10/26/2022

I read a post by a good brother , and I knew about the school shooting. Here’s the honest feeling I had- numbness. I the Neighborhoodteacher have become numb to hearing about school shootings. It’s like the world is numb and clearly overlooks time after time when a teacher and students loses their life to school shootings.
We are definitely more caught up with RICO indictments against rappers, rapper beefs, and more….. when it comes to teachers PAY, SAFETY, and MENTAL HEALTH…. The 🌎 is 🤫!
Pray for St. Louis🙏🏾💔
Slides 2 &3 repost from :

Photos from Neighborhood Teacher's post 10/24/2022

In order for children to develop into themselves, support has to start early from home. My sons are into Anime characters, but don’t understand why they hardly see any that look like them. A few years back they didn’t understand why WWE wrestlers that look like them are few and never win any real championships. As always we discuss, Google, and I let them reflect on their thoughts! So my boys say their Halloween party fixing to get this Black boy Anime vibe🔥🔥🔥and I’m ALL IN!
If you don’t support your children, they’ll never know or feel what true support is!!!!


No you’re not seeing double🤓
My first 😍!
Jaybaby repping Neighborhoodteacher around the 🌎!
What your hoodie collection looking like?💅🏽


So it’s officially Fall season, and even though I’m busy busy…
I won’t stop the hustle….
What you feel about this autumn orange🍁😏!!!
You know the drill inbox me…..


Mental Health is wealth.✍🏾💪🏾
Just a little reminder to educators, anyone really that taking care of your mental health is a real FLEX! And a much needed FLEX!


Get your rest on because Fall break is a wrap!!
Someone drop the weeks to Thanksgiving’s break🥴!
Happy Sunday!!!


hook the Neighborhoodteacher up!🤞🏾
Have your signed up? 🧐
We take chances daily I’ve come to the conclusion this one not a bad bet to bet on!

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👩🏽‍🏫🤦🏽‍♀️A teacher had to be honest…. And why not the Neighborhoodteacher?🥴
Back to School Teachers Sweat w/ Jess is a few days away. I’ve spoken to over 10 educators who are stressed at week 2-3....
Teacher beginning of year needs are just as crucial as students. Some of the Neighborhoodteacher tribe members have crea...
It’s giving Neighborhoodteacher tribe vibes in style that’s all!!!! DM to order!!!!!
🤣🤣😭😭😭I just know I’m going to experience some lil Jabria’s this year 🙃🥴It’s the church shoes for me!!!
NEW 🧢 ALERT!!!!🗣 NEW Neighborhood Teacher 🧢 🚨🚨🚨🚨🤞🏾$32 distressed/ embroidered stitching/ QUALITY📍To purchase: DM or text...
Video backstory of the Jack Harlow n Brandy post.
TICKET WINNERS!!!! Grab yours seats going💃🏽
May you hear TACO TUESDAY chants all day😝🤪
Taco Tuesday W Neighborhoodteachers! READY
So our first event with Love on Canvas was 🔥🔥, and then so many asked for a part 2…. Here’s a recap, now Part 2 we are a...




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