Westside School (Seattle, WA)

Westside School is a preschool through eighth grade independent school located in West Seattle.

Westside School was founded in 1981 and has grown from 11 to 300+ students in grades preschool through 8th grade. With roots that started in West Seattle’s co-op community, Westside School offers a progressive, integrated, project based curriculum. Westside values small class size, collaboration, empathy, and is an inclusive, multi-age community where older students mentor younger students and eac

Operating as usual

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 02/06/2024

This week, leading up to the Lunar New Year this weekend, all middle school Mandarin students are visiting lower school Mandarin classes to exchange knowledge and read stories together. Students will be fully prepared for our TWO Lunar New Year assemblies on Friday.

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 02/05/2024

Westside's Got Talent 2024 was a spectacular evening filled with music, magic, spoken word, science, stand-up, and more.

Our dynamic emcee, Ashley Doran Northup, set the tone for the night with an electrifying dance routine that ignited the crowd's enthusiasm. The stage came alive with three sensational musical acts, captivating poetry, engaging short stories, and a delightful performance of a scene from The Princess Bride. The audience marveled at mesmerizing magic tricks and engaging science experiments featuring bubbles.

The laughter resonated as Head of School Steve de Beer shared a comical essay on the intricacies of making snow day decisions. Westside humanities teacher Sigrid Brunet had everyone in stitches with her witty stand-up routine, shedding light on the joys and challenges of being a parent and teacher. Closing the evening on a high note, Westside science teacher Scott Herman delivered a beautiful solo performance (be sure to check out his band Lookout Mountain Lookout).

In addition to the captivating performances, the event showcased stunning visual art, adding another layer of creativity to the evening.

**To the Westside Family Association for sponsoring the event.
**To Debi Kaplan for organizing all the details.
**To emcee Ashley Northup for keeping us entertained all evening.
**To Westside theater teacher David Koch for running AV.
**To our audience members who brought the energy.

Finally, a resounding round of applause and gratitude to all the talented individuals who shared their gifts and artistry with us. We can't wait to do it again next year!

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 02/02/2024

A HUGE thank you to Brother Rashad and Professor Tuncap from for leading our PK-8th grade students in a Black History Month assembly.

Today's assembly highlighted and celebrated the significant contributions of Black and African American figures to the United States. Students had an exciting time commemorating 50 years of hip-hop by engaging in dance battles and learning iconic moves like the Kid n' Play and the Snake.

As the founder of Relevant Engagement LLC and H.E.R.O. (Honor Education & Respect Others) Incarcerated Young Men Life and Health Coaching Mentoring Program, Rashad has extensive experience in working with teachers/administrators, non-profit organizations, community-led programs/initiatives, students from various backgrounds, incarcerated youth, and young adults.

As some of our middle schoolers said, "This was the best assembly we've ever had!" Thank you, Brother Rashad and Professor Tuncap, for making this experience unforgettable!

Find out more about their organization at www.relevantengagement.org

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 02/01/2024

Sixth grade science fair projects are now underway! In preparation for the 6th & 8th Grade Science Fair on March 5th, students are busy collaborating, questioning, hypothesizing, and exploring with experiments around chemical reactions, physics, biology, and more.

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/30/2024

Last week, sixth graders and their preschool friends started their weekly reading buddies.
Reading buddies foster positive academic and social development, enhancing the literacy skills of our young learners and also promoting empathy, leadership, and communication skills in older students. The reading buddy program exemplifies the power of peer-to-peer learning and happens in every grade level at Westside. 📚🐺

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/26/2024

Wolfpacks were a great way to end a full and busy week. Wolfpack buddies are preparing for the World of Westside event this spring. Some packs are still coming up with their names, some are hard at work decorating their pack flags, many are learning about everybody's cultures and traditions, and all are continuing to develop strong bonds with each other. At the upcoming World of Westside, a Spring Festival dedicated to multicultural celebrations, traditions, and customs, each Wolfpack will be represented with its own table, creating a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences.

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/25/2024

Today, pre-kindergarten students hopped on the Westside buses to venture across town to MoPop. They engaged in a captivating workshop centered around costumes and shapes, getting creative with felt and fabrics. After the workshop, there was still time to do a little exploring around the museum, which meant a visit to the sound lab was in order. Drumming, strumming guitars, tinkering with pianos, and experimenting with various instruments, students unleashed their musical energy before getting back on the buses to return to school. It was a fun day at the museum!


Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/24/2024

Today, 7th graders had the opportunity to show their alien animal projects to pre-kindergarten students. They explained their unique creatures, like "Nimbus," "Fang Valon," "Lingua Longa Stinger," and "Jerry the Snake," eliciting both awe and laughter from the PK students.

At Westside, the tradition of older students serving as role models remains strong, fostering enduring bonds within the school community through heartwarming moments like these.

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/23/2024

Today, eighth graders got to work on their science fair project experiments. The science fair serves as a platform for academic growth and fosters teamwork, critical thinking, and a passion for discovery. With much enthusiasm, eighth grade scientists are gearing up to present a diverse array of projects that reflect their unique interests and aspirations in the world of science. 🔬🥼🧫

Be sure to mark your calendars for the 6th & 8th Grade Science Fair on Tuesday, March 5.

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/23/2024

It was an exciting week in pre-k last week as students dived into the world of sushi-making! Students were inspired after reading "Yoko" by Rosemary Wells, which is about a student name Yoko who brings sushi to share to school. At first no one wants to try it, until one classmate does and they find out they really like sushi. Each student created their own sushi rolls by pressing rice onto nori seaweed and adding carrots, cucumber, and corn. 🥢🍚 Rolling with bamboo mats, our pre-k chefs felt proud of their delicious creations and enjoyed eating them for afternoon snack. 🍣🐺💙💚


Westside School is excited to partner with local independent schools to put on the Diversity Career Fair. Help us spread the word!
People of color who are interested in working at independent schools are invited to attend the 2024 Diversity Career Fair hosted by on Sunday, February 4, 2024, for the virtual fair and Saturday, March 9, 2024, for the in-person fair. This career fair is offered through the collaborative effort of 25+ regional schools.

Attendees of the career fairs will hear from diversity practitioners about working in independent schools, including Westside School, and learn about current career opportunities in teaching and staff positions. Registration is free of charge.

Click the link in our bio to find out more!

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/19/2024

Sixth graders were thrilled to have former WA State Supreme Court Justice Phil Talmadge visit their humanities class today! 🏛️Students held a semi-mock trial after learning about a real case between Gardner vs. Loomis Armored Inc. Learning about justice and the legal system firsthand was an inspiring experience for our future leaders!

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/18/2024

During the chilly and dark days of January, certain grades have been infusing hints of spring into their classrooms through the study of flowers. This exploration not only inspires students but also highlights the resilience of nature amid the seemingly gloomy winter days.

Pre-kindergarten students practiced their observational drawing skills with our newly bloomed giant amaryllis 🌺. They started by looking at the amaryllis and noticed what colors and shapes they saw. To create their observational art, students first drew the shapes of the amaryllis and then colored them in with liquid watercolor. They paid attention to the shapes, colors, and sizes relative to the rest of the art.

Kindergarten students began their investigation and observation of tulips 🌷 last week. They documented their observations of the tulip as it changed by creating detailed drawings, which they also used to practice labeling. Through this interactive experience, they learn about nature and develop crucial observation skills and an appreciation for the wonders of the plant kingdom.

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/16/2024

Westside preschoolers engage in interactive and creative learning experiences each day, including creative play, storytime, role-playing, outdoor exploration, and more. The light board, a class favorite, is an innovative educational tool that combines technology and hands-on activities to enhance early childhood development. As tiny fingers build structures or trace shapes and letters illuminated on the lightboard, children build fine motor skills and develop an understanding of basic concepts. The visual and tactile aspects of using a lightboard make learning engaging and fun for preschoolers, fostering a positive environment that stimulates their curiosity and cognitive growth. 💡🌈


Today, we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and his tireless pursuit of justice and equality. Let's reflect on the power of education to break down barriers and build bridges. Education is not just a tool for knowledge; it's a catalyst for change. Let's commit to learning, understanding, and working together to create a more just and inclusive world.

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/12/2024

Last night unfolded as a genuine celebration of creativity at our Middle School Arts Showcase! 🎭🎶🎨 From captivating performances to impromptu improv, powerful dance sequences celebrating 50 years of hip-hop, captivating music, and awe-inspiring visual art pieces – our students showed us how truly exceptional they are.

A huge shoutout and sincere gratitude to our phenomenal arts team - Carl (Music), Colleen (Visual Arts), David (Theater), and Jeffie Lou (Dance) - for their unwavering dedication and hard work that made this unforgettable night come to life!

Heartfelt congratulations to our extraordinary middle school students; your creativity and talents have left us in utter amazement.

This event served as a fantastic conclusion to Semester 1. Wishing all Wolves a fantastic long weekend! We look forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday to kick off Semester 2!

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/11/2024

Welcome to the Alien Animal Battle Royale! Our seventh graders are deeply engaged in one of the most innovative science projects this year. From fierce claws to mesmerizing wings, students have crafted creatures using unique adaptations acquired through an exciting auction. Today marked the pinnacle as these alien animals engaged in an epic showdown within randomly generated biomes.

The Battle Royale unfolded as a clash of survival, where these creations faced off in unpredictable terrains. The question loomed: Who could adapt to the frozen tundra or dominate the scorching deserts? Working in teams, students passionately debated why their animals would emerge as the longest survivors based on their unique adaptations. 🦔🦝🐗🦬🐺


🐺 LAST CALL FOR APPLICATIONS! The deadline to submit your application for Westside School's 2024-2025 school year is this Thursday, January 11.

Why choose Westside School?

🏫 Small class sizes so all students feel seen and heard
🌈 A caring and inclusive community
🔬 A rigorous academic curriculum and a robust experiential education program
💙A strong emphasis on social-emotional learning
🌟 Exceptional faculty and staff

Apply now by visiting westsideschool.org/applying!

Families for whom tuition looks initially out of reach are encouraged to apply. Our dedicated team will walk you through our need-based tuition assistance program and help you discover the best options for your family with this important investment.

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/09/2024

These are exciting times in fourth grade as they embark on their annual Washington State Map Project! Our young cartographers are putting on their explorer hats and diving into the fascinating world of maps. From decoding symbols to plotting coordinates, these 4th graders are learning all about the unique geography of Washington State. Stay tuned for more about this project in the coming weeks! 🔎🐺🗺️

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/08/2024

Westside 2nd grade students are diving into their studies of the salmon lifecycle as part of the Salmon in Schools program! Our salmon eggs have been delivered and students have been excited to make their first observations. For the next few months, our little scientists will explore the incredible journey of salmon, from egg to fry. 🥚➡️🐠

Stay tuned for updates along the way!

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/06/2024

And just like that, we’re back in the swing of things! It’s been a busy and fun week reconnecting with everyone. Let’s do it again on Monday! 🐺

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 01/03/2024

Welcome back, Wolves! It has been great to see so many smiling faces today. We hope everyone had an amazing break and is ready to tackle the new year together! 🐺🌟


A big thank you to the Westside Community for a great 2023! We can’t wait to spend 2024 with you. Happy New Year! 🎆🎇🐺


Sending warm wishes to everyone celebrating this Kwanzaa!


A merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today!

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 12/21/2023

Congratulations to our talented Middle School Drama Club for putting on three outstanding performances of The Greatest Showman last week.

From dazzling choreography to pitch-perfect vocals, our students brought the magic of the big top to life, capturing the story of P.T. Barnum's journey. The energy, enthusiasm, and talent on display were absolutely phenomenal.

A round of applause to our incredible cast, crew, and everyone who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make these shows a smashing success!

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 12/18/2023

There are many traditions and celebrations around Westside this time of year. In the lead-up to break, students spent time learning about different holidays and partaking in fun community activities with friends and family. Students learned about Hanukkah while making latkes and playing dreidel. Second graders celebrated St. Lucia Day by bringing their kindergarten friends pepparkaka, a thin, crispy, gingerbread cookie. Pre-kindergarteners created mkeka mats for Kwanzaa and learned to make Mochi (a Hawaiian New Year tradition). Kindergarteners and first graders received special gifts from their teachers: handmade scarves for first graders and crocheted Narwhals for kindergarteners. Kindergarteners and eighth graders enjoyed learning how to make tamales, a holiday tradition of teachers Jennifer and Mia. Fourth graders held their annual book exchange. Middle schoolers spent their week playing Secret Yetis, delivering gifts to their friends and teachers. And, of course, many grades invited their families into the classroom to make gingerbread houses.

What are your holiday traditions!? Let us know in the comments.

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 12/14/2023

This week saw two annual Westside traditions in middle school, the 6th grade Columbus Trial, and the 7th grade World Court Project.

The goal of a humanities and social studies teacher is to present an accurate, complex, and engaging understanding of history, one that is not always found in traditional textbooks and curricula. This means we must teach our students to analyze and evaluate sources, to think critically, and to suspend judgment until they have examined as many perspectives as possible. Looking at history with an honest and engaging approach equips students and grown-ups alike to make sense of our world and act to improve it.

The 6th grade Columbus Trial asks students to determine who is responsible for the death of millions of Taínos on the island of Hispaniola in the late 15th century. In groups, students portray the defendants (Columbus, Columbus’s men, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, The Taínos, and The System of Empire (the cultural beliefs of the time)), and Mary, their teacher, is the prosecutor. In the trial, the defendant groups defended themselves against the charges and explained who they think is guilty and why. The evidence they used comes from Columbus’ journal, excerpts from Bartolome de las Casas, and other secondary sources, including chapter 1 of A Young People's History of the United States, which is an adaptation of Howard Zinn’s book for young readers.

In 7th grade, the World Court Project sees students put into legal teams representing different groups fighting for control of the Pacific Northwest (Native Americans, Spain, Great Britain, and the USA). Students researched the evidence they needed to make their claim for the Pacific Northwest. Today, students participated in the courtroom showdown, presenting their evidence and offering rebuttals in front of a jury made up of teachers and staff. This activity sharpens skills in debate and evidence analysis.

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 12/13/2023

Westside third graders had the pleasure of hosting Earnie Bailey, a master guitar, bass, and pedal maker, who has worked with bands like Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Brandi Carlile, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

Earnie talked about the tools he uses and brought in a guitar he made, giving our young musicians a glimpse into the world of building guitars from scratch. Students asked questions like, "What is the tool you use the least/most?" "How do you paint the guitars?" and "What bands have you worked with?"

There was a buzz in the air as students proudly showed off their own instruments made from recycled materials, which they recently completed as part of their studies into the science of sound.

A heartfelt thank you to Earnie Bailey for taking the time to inspire our third graders! Your passion and craftsmanship have left an indelible mark on these young minds. 🎸🐺

Find out more about Earnie Bailey at www.wireinstruments.com

Photos from Westside School (Seattle, WA)'s post 12/12/2023

Our sixth grade visual arts class recently dove into a world of creativity with an exciting unit on Action Painting inspired by the iconic works of Jackson Po***ck, Lee Krasner, and Ushio Shinohara!

Action Painting is all about letting the energy flow onto the canvas with bold and dynamic movements. It's about the journey of exploration and self-expression. Our young artists are channeled the spirit of these trailblazing artists to create masterpieces that are a burst of color and movement. 🌀🎨

Sixth graders had a blast experimenting with objects like boxing gloves, sq**rt bottles, paint-covered balls, and even the human body.

You can check out their artwork at the middle school showcase on January 11!

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Our Story

Westside School was founded in 1981 and has grown from 11 to 350 students in grades preschool through 8th grade.

With roots that started in West Seattle’s co-op community, Westside School offers a progressive, integrated, project-based curriculum. Westside values small class size, collaboration, empathy, and is an inclusive, multi-age community where older students mentor younger students and each other. The walls of the building contain but don’t limit the program – teachers are empowered to take advantage of learning opportunities as they arise.

The parent community is integral to the success of Westside School – they share responsibility for making Westside the rich, special community that it is.

To learn more about Westside School, visit our website at www.westsideschool.org.

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