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Thank you so much Edify Studios for a wonderful opportunity to promote Diamon-Fusion International at GlassBuild. We truly enjoyed it and look forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta! Thanks again Brad(s)!!!
Massive THANK YOU goes out to Brad Glauser and Brad Walker at Edify Studios for hosting their podcast at our booth at A'19! Check out their website for the podcast and follow the links below to find their social media outlets!

Website: www.edify-studios.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edifystudios/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/edify-studios/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edify_studios/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/edify_studios?lang=en

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Top notch building envelope specialists that can get you the right product and for your design and project scope.

Our ‘Why’ is to - Edify: “to instruct or improve (someone) in mind & character.”
Edify Studios is a fresh new perspective to the Building Products Market!

Operating as usual

podbean.com 09/23/2020

Part 2. Nicholas Bagatelos | Special Episode - GlassBuild Connect 2020

podbean.com Part 2 is here!!! What does "saying YES to Innovation" mean? Watch & listen to Nick Bagatelos share how this primary principle created and paved the way in laying the foundation in B.A.G.S! (Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems). In this episode, we dove deep in understanding how the tools of: REVI...


Part One of EP.1 is out now with Nicky Bags!! 👆🏼👆🏼YouTube Link in Bio👆🏼👆🏼
Enjoy your weekend and listen to his story of becoming the “Doctor of Walls”... @glassmagazinenga @bagatelos_glass @edify_studios @edify_bw


WE’RE BACK!!! GlassBuild Connect - Special Edition episodes of the Edify Studios Podcast.

We had the absolute pleasure of spending time, with a true driver of the Glass & Glazing Industry, the energetic Nicholas Bagatelos, at the 2019 GlassBuild America show. Now, we are so very excited to share those as exclusive content for GlassBuild Connect 2020. They will be released in three parts.

Part I - Sept. 17th
Part II - Sept. 22nd
Part III - Sept 24th

# @bagatelos_glass @glassmagazinenga @edify_bw


All this lack of human interaction makes me go back to Education Day with our vendor partner Vitrum Glass Group , as they hosted one of our top glazing subcontractors Goldfinch Brothers, Inc. about a month ago!!
Thanks so much Vitrum Glass Group for your amazing vision and efforts to constantly educate your customer base about the industry, innovation, and provide transparency within the glass world!
@edify_bw @ Vitrum Glass Group


Roses are red - Violets are blue - Our Vendor Partners are awesome - And we can help you!!!

We are ready to help you find solutions for your architectural projects! How can we help you? Contact us today!

AGS Architectrual Grilles & Sunshades
Americlad Quality Metal Crafts


Architects are amazing......but we still stand behind the folks who really make it happen.......the subcontractors!!
HUGE shout out to the amazing team AllStar Glass Company ... some of the best in the business!!

WSU Pullman ZGF Architects Clark Construction Group, LLC


The end of the year is a time of year for remembrance. We take stock of where we came from, and have a moment to think about where we are going, as we pursue the future with hope.
May your New Year be all that you hope for, and may it be sprinkled with love and friendship.
Happy Holidays!

Edify Studios | @edify_bw @edify_studios @jeffgleez

Vendor Partners:
EFCO Corporation
Safti First Fire Rated Glazing Solutions
Panda Windows & Doors
Vitrum Glass Group
Evergreen House
Paragon Architectual Products
Architectrual Grilles and Sunshades
Americlad by Quality Metalcrafts, LLC,
International Revolving Door
Luoma Design Solutions

@edify_bw @jeffgleez


Making some good connections today with the power of EFCO Corporation!


Set up and ready to go!! Safti First Fire Rated Glazing Solutions


May all of our friends, family and colleagues have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. We, at Edify Studios, are so sincerely grateful for each and every one of you.

Wishing you all the bright company of good friends, the joy of a
happy family, and the loving wonder this holiday season.
Brad Walker, Brad Glauser, & Jeff Glauser


Unmatched elegance, colossus panels, pure beauty.


@pandawindowsdoors @edify_studios @edify_bw


We’re thrilled with be a part of Facades+! It’s a destination that shares best practices within our industry and shows the practice of Building Envelope Science. Who’s coming?!?

@facadesplus @facade_envelope


True teamwork can be the most exhilarating, and most productive project activity possible, and too often, rare to find. Every business involved making up the 'project team' wants to harness this incredible energy, but achieving such a level of interaction is not always easy.

A team is not just a group of individuals who work at the same location or are on the same project. A real team is made up of people who may be unequal in experience, talent, or education, but who are equal in their commitment to working together to achieve the goals and good of the organization, each other and the final product.


We are truly excited to be partnered up with the incredible folks at EFCO Corporation for the Pacific Northwest!!!

Edify Studios offers a strategic blend of product selection and design support to architects, commercial contractors, glazing contractors and other professionals in the metal, glass and glazing industries. Our experience within the Glass and Glazing Industry, ranging from concept design through installation, will provide the high levels of service and expertise needed to help you meet the high performing thermal, acoustical, structural and other project specific requirements.

The Pacific Northwest territory includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.

EFCO Corporation


My Throwback Thursday is of a picture that “...doesn’t exist...” Here’s the story:

1962, above the World's Fair, now the Seattle Center. As a photographer for the Seattle Times, Roy Scully was taking pictures from the "jump" seat of jet number 5 of the @usnavyblueangels.
Note that I-5 is under construction in the distance (top left), and that what was and is usually the track in Memorial Stadium (bottom left) is instead filled with water for a water-ski show that was put on during the Fair.

[Side story]

Note how low they are flying, and how close to the Space Needle. This photo ran in the paper on that same Sunday in August in 1962.

Monday morning, the phone ☎️ rang:

Roy: "Seattle Times, News Photo, Roy Scully speaking."

Caller: "This is Joe Blow of the Seattle office of the Federal Aviation Administration. [Note the wording on the next sentence] You don't have a photo of the Blue Angels flying near the Space Needle, do you?"

Roy: [not yet getting the hint]: "Well, as a matter of fact, there is a shot -"

Caller: "No, you don't understand my question. *You don't have* a photo of the Blue Angels flying near the Space Needle."

Roy: [catching on]: "Oh, no. No photos like that."

Caller: "Thank you." [Click]

The FAA guy did not want to pick a fight with the US Navy!

@seattlearchitecture @seattle.city @spaceneedle @edify_bw


At Edify Studios we offer a deep spectrum of products and services including collaboration, technical consultation, and expertise from concept sketch to project completion.

With our combined years of practical design assist experience and early pre-construction involvement................we have seen it all.

Let us partner with you today on your most elusive envelope challenges.

@edify_studios @edify_bw
- EFCO Corporation
- Safti First Fire Rated Glazing Solutions
- Evergreen House
- Panda Windows & Doors
- Luoma Design Solutions
- Architectural Grilles & Sunshades, Inc.
- Quality Metalcrafts, LLC / Americlad
- Vitrum Glass Group
- International Revolving Doors
- @Paragon Archtiectrual
- Jordahl Deacon USA


Architecture awakens the senses and allows the story of space to be told. I love designing with large oversize pivot doors and bringing value to the clients that also appreciate such technical craftsmanship, thank you so much to our partner @pandawindowsdoors for being artisans of your trade!
@edify_bw @jeffgleez


The next generation of Architecture is on the cusp of seeing a TOTAL EVOLUTION! Thanks to Young Architect...via the talent of Grindstone Films.
Here’s is what I know is about to happen!

podbean.com 09/10/2019

Episode 007 - AR, VR, XR & MR | Jamie Fleming, Founder & CEO - Studio 216

This was an episode that stands out for both of us at Edify Studios in that it highlights our slogan: Disrupting the Status Quo, insomuch that we had such a good time that we ended up looking time and we realized that 1hr 50min + rolled by... & we thought to ourselves that we have to have Jamie back for a follow up episode. So we would invite you to sit back, relax, and join us on the subject of (AR) Augmented Reality, (VR) Virtual Reality, (XR) Cross Reality, & (MR) Mixed Reality. This is one that just bleeds the 'cool', so don't miss it and share it with your fellow industry professional! So if you have a long commute, a good project to work on, or if you want to take it in chucks - I promise that this one is 100% worth your time as we introduce you to Mr. Jamie Fleming!
Jamie has taught courses in design and technology at the University of Washington and Seattle Pacific University. He is a frequent public speaker exploring the potential of emerging technologies. His love of learning, curiosity and humor are hallmarks of the Studio 216 ethos.
When Jamie isn’t working in the virtual world, he can be found on his farm on Bainbridge island building furniture, tending sheep and butchering blue ribbon market hogs.
Studio 216 LINKS:
Website: http://bit.ly/Studio216
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/Studio216LinkedIn
Jamie's LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/JamieLinkedIN
Instagram: http://bit.ly/Studio216INSTA
Twitter: http://bit.ly/Studio216Twitter
Opening Sponsor: http://bit.ly/Americlad
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Facebook: http://bit.ly/EdifyFB

NOTE: This description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. While this channel may earn minimal sums when the viewer uses the links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support! Brad Walker Jeff Glauser Edify Studios

podbean.com This was an episode that stands out for both of us at Edify Studios in that it highlights our slogan: Disrupting the Status Quo, insomuch that we had such a good time that we ended up looking time and we realized that 1hr 50min + rolled by... & we thought to ourselves that we have to have Jamie back...


As GlassBuild 2019 ambassadors we at Edify Studios are pleased continue to our Special Episodes, with a series of four (4) Podcasts, partnered by: National Glass Association (NGA)

Pikes Peak Glass, Inc w/ Chris Bole Pikes Peak Glass

Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI) w/ Syndi Sim Diamon-Fusion International

Walker Glass Company Ltd w/ Danik Dancause

Quanex Building Products Corporation w/ Erin Johnson


# @glassmagazinenga @glassarchitecture @vitrumglassgroup @vitro_glazings @fireratedglass @edify_bw


via Vitrum Glass Group
We often post pictures that demonstrate the beauty of digitally printed glass by looking from the outside in. But, digitally printed glass has the ability to embrace and empower the space's internal message too.

Pictured: Central Presbyterian Church designed by: @henriquezarch, glazier: Phoenix Glass Inc , Product: Guardian Industries SN68 Photo: Vitrum and @EmaPeter

podbean.com 08/16/2019

Special Episode - GlassBuild America 2019 | Quanex Building Products

As GlassBuild 2019 ambassadors we at Edify Studios are pleased continue to our Special Episode series of Podcasts, partnered by the National Glass Association.
We welcome Erin Johnson, Director of Marketing of Quanex Building Products - a very seasoned professional of the glass industry, to the Edify Studios Podcast. Erin shares her 25 year passion for technology & innovation at Quanex, & how GlassBuild has provided Quanex the opportunity to support their efforts to become the largest insulating glass product manufacture in the world. By being the leader in the warm edge spacer market with the Super Spacer & Dura Spacer. Quanex is celebrating 35 years of Super Spacer and 50 Years of there Vinyl Extrusion product - Mikron. We would like to invite you to come and celebrate with them at GlassBuild...and see their secret global give-a-way...and don't forget to get your Selfie with Erin and use the hashtag for a shout out on the show!
Links to Erin & Quanex: Quanex Building Products
Website: http://bit.ly/Quanex-Edify
GlassBuild Quanex: http://bit.ly/QuanexGlassBuild
Super Spacer: http://bit.ly/Quanex-Celebrate
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/ErinJohnson-LinkedIN
Glass Build America Links: National Glass Association Glass Magazine
REGISTER PAGE: http://bit.ly/GBA-REGISTER-EDF19 (remember the code EDF19)
TWITTER: http://bit.ly/GBATwitter
FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/GlassBuildFacebook
LINKEDIN: http://bit.ly/GlassBuildLinkedIn
iTunes: http://bit.ly/EDIFYITUNES
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Website/Podcast: http://bit.ly/EdifyStudiosPodcast
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Instagram: http://bit.ly/EdifyInstagram
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/EdifyLinkedIn
Facebook: http://bit.ly/EdifyFB
YouTube: http://bit.ly/EdifyYouTube

Here is the link to the entire playlist of the Special Episode Series on YouTube: http://bit.ly/GlassBuild-19-PodcastSeries

podbean.com As GlassBuild 2019 ambassadors we at Edify Studios are pleased continue to our Special Episode series of Podcasts, partnered by the National Glass Association. -We welcome Erin Johnson, Director of Marketing of Quanex Building Products - a very seasoned professional of the glass industry, to the Edi...

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The next generation of Architecture is on the cusp of seeing a TOTAL EVOLUTION! Thanks to Young Architect...via the tale...
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Episode 001 - Design Assist - The People is Here!! #linkinbio⠀-⠀Follow Along for More 👇🏼👇🏼⠀@edify_studios⠀@edify_bw⠀-⠀-⠀...





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The Museum of Flight The Museum of Flight
9404 E Marginal Way S
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The Museum of Flight is one of the largest non-profit air and space museums in the world.

Beam Reach Beam Reach
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Marine Science and Sustainability

Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts
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The Northwest's finest independent massage school. Campuses in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellingham, WA

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i4cp discovers the people practices that drive high performance. Learn more at www.i4cp.com

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Powerful Voices creates brave spaces with girls* of color, ages 14-19, through social justice programming in and after school, in the King County Juvenile Detention Center, and through case management. Sign up our newsletter: http://bit.ly/2ihmm2I

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The free online encyclopedia of Washington State History

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Japanese Acupuncture Institute Japanese Acupuncture Institute

Feel free to email japaneseacupuncture(at)iCloud.com for more information. We offer Manaka Yin Yang Channel Balancing Therapy (IPC) training, Shonishin, Meridian Therapy, Japanese acupuncture techniques and other professional acupuncture classes.

Page Ahead Page Ahead
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Guided by the fact that literacy is essential to lifelong success, Page Ahead provides new books and develops reading activities that empower at-risk children.

Technology Access Foundation Technology Access Foundation
605 SW 108th St
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Building collaborative relationships with public education to create equitable learning environments that empower students and teachers of color to eliminate race-based disparities in public schools.

Arts Corps Arts Corps
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We work toward a world where barriers to arts education no longer exist and all young people can creatively lead the transformation of schools, neighborhoods, and beyond.