Early Masters

Painting and art history + appreciation of some of the world’s greatest artists for kids 12 & up in Seattle!


“With an apple, I will astonish Paris.” Paul Cézanne. #cézanne #afterschoolart #artsed @ Early Masters

“An art which is based on feeling isn’t art at all.” Paul Cézanne. #artseducation #cezanne #afterschool #afterschoolart

“With an apple, I will astonish Paris.” #artseducation #cezanne #afterschoolart

After eight super tense minutes, Claude Monet’s 1890 painting “Meules” sold for $110.7 million on Tuesday, an auction high for the artist and the most EVER for any Impressionist work, according to Sotheby’s. Naturally we tried it in class yesterday- the results were...priceless. #monet #sothebys #sothebysnewyork #artseducation

Rockin’ the Teacher’s smock. #feelingcute #studiostyle #studentfocused #afterschool #afterschoolart

Our student Eva went a little wild with her Air Force 1’s making them anything but basic. #individualstyle #creativekicks #kidsareawesome #nike #airforce1

An easy way to make students really observe the details of their subject when sketching? Make it delicious AND make it edible. #foodasart #afterschoolart #afterschool

Grisaille goin’ down. #grisaille #greyscale #afterschool #afterschoolart

Window inspiration at Early Masters. #spring #monet #flowersalways #afterschool #afterschoolart

Happy Earth Day! 🌲 Here, a student’s interpretation of Emily Carr’s “Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky” (1935), a badly shaped tree rejected by the woodcutter. The tree is surrounded by tree stumps Emily referred to as ‘screamers,’ - the cry of the tree’s heart. She was a rad environmentalist (before there was even a name for it) and expressed on canvas her love of the great forests and vast skies of her beloved British Columbia. #earthdayeverydamnday #emilycarr #earthday2019 #womenartists #canadianicon #aheadofhertime

It’s...well I couldn’t figure that one out but it was above the soy sauce and next to the nori. 🥴#modiglianionthegroceryshelf #artiseverywhere #modiglianineverwouldhaveguessed

Warhol Cats... all named Sam. #warhol #andywarhol #springart #catsofinstagram #kidsarthistory @ Early Masters

A little Franz Marc for our animals in art series this morning. (Some still works in progress). #seattlekids #springbreak #seattleartist #kidsloveart @ Early Masters

Kids love Queen and would listen to it ALL day long if they could. Funny, many have recently seen Bohemian Rhapsody and consider it their ‘discovery’. #queen #freddiemercuryforeverlives #seattlekids

Whether you’re 8, 12, (or in the case of David Hockney 82, or Alex Katz 92), when it comes to art, age is just a number dawg! #artisforeveryone #animalsinart #davidhockney #alexkatz #springcamp #artinadayswork @ Early Masters

Devouring this 800 page beast in preparation for our ‘Spanish Superstars’ summer camps. A few few spots left - and really, what child wouldn’t want to learn about the magic of these maestros? Sorry parents- FKO ;). (For kids only). #icons #summerartcamp #seattlekids

East coast teacher in her west coast studio getting caught up on work, sort of. Feeling a little too cozy in my Newfoundland handmade socks. #fogoisland #fogoislandarts #teacheronbreak

Kids are out the door and teacher faces the fallout. #matissemess #afterschoolart

This Fabulous Fauve has been painting with scissors. #afterschool #kidsartclass #matisse #vividcolor

Yesterday’s class (the great duos of art history) focused Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter. Kids were blown way by the intense colors of Münter’s palette. Love!!! #gabrielemünter #afterschool #kidsartclass #vividcolor arthistorystudent

🎵 Kandinsky’s got a giiiiirrrrrlfriend. 🎵 #gabrielemunter #kidsartclass #afterschool #kidsareawesome

Could this be the first Coachella flower crown?? Giuseppe Arcimboldo designed costumes for festivals he was requested to organize by Emperor Maximilian II of Vienna. He painted the original series, 'The Seasons’ in 1563 and put on a festival that focused on his representations of the four seasons. Old Max loved it so much that he asked Arcimboldo to paint reproductions. Rock on! #spring #arcimboldo #arthistoryforkids

Yup, it’s National Puppy Day. Frida Kahlo LOVED animals and had many pets including this little guy, El Señor Xolotl. Xoloitzcuintle also called Xolo dogs, are a rare and expensive breed and one of Frida’s favorite pets. (Apparently, these dogs bring the souls of dead people to the spirit world!) Perhaps the reason we find him represented in many of her paintings? #nationalpuppyday #frida #arthistorynerd

A Wayne Thiebaud pancake pile is a great way to start the day. This student gave her version a decidedly 💓pink 💓vibe. #waynethiebaud #artforbreakfast #arthistorystudent #foodart

Ok, who’s the wise guy who put the Andy Warhol wig on our ‘Paint Mountain’???
After 3 years, our acrylic paint pile is ready for a make over. Thin slices with band saw?? Suggestions? #paint #studiolife #schoolart

Early Masters's cover photo

Early Masters's cover photo

Have you seen this painting? If the answer is yes, there’s a swat team of art police who would be VERY interested in having coffee with you. 😬On the morning of March 18, 1990, the ‘Holy Grail’ of art crimes took place that, to this day, remains unsolved. Two thieves dressed as police officers walked out of @gardnermuseum in Boston with 13 pieces of art valued now at a half a billion dollars. Yes, billion. One of the pieces is the most Vermeeryist of all Vermeers. (35 paintings safely attributed to him today). The uncanny light puts a spotlight on the man and two women and surrounds them all with a mysterious stillness. And darn it all, we have a lot of young art lovers who are entitled to see this painting in their lifetimes!!! Perhaps there’s a Early Master in our midst who will solve the mystery?? #isabellastewartgardnermuseum #vermeer #vermeerlight #artisforeveryone #unsolvedmysteries

Happy 86th Birthday 🎂🎉 to a woman who has spent her entire life fighting for equality. Rock on RBG! #rbg #ruthbaderginsburg #rbg4life @ Early Masters

Une petite fille avec un petit Manet. #afterschool #arteducationmatters #manet

‘Yeah, I make this Monet guy look guuuud.’ 👉#kidsareawesome #arteducationmatters #arthistoryforkids #afterschool

Today, this sweet artist nailed her version of ‘Seattle’s Columbia Center at Night’—in spite of a couple cute distractions sitting behind her —watching her every move. Swipe 👉#columbiacenter #seattle #arteducationmatters @ Early Masters

Today we say goodbye to art historian, curator, artist, dealer, and the man who wrote the definitive multi-volume biography on Pablo Picasso. John Richardson who was 95, died at his home today in Manhattan, surrounded by his treasure trove collection of art and gifts that tell the tale of his remarkable life and friendships with the art world’s most pivotal figures. He certainly was as W magazine described him, “the man all New York wants to sit beside at dinner.” The art world will miss him. Photo: François Halard. #arthistorian #arthistoryicon #raconteur

"Starry Night Over the Rhone" (This version painted by our student Alice age 16). One of three paintings made by Van Gogh during April 1888 that incorporate the night sky and stars
It was actually part of the 1889 Society des Independents exhibition in Paris, and was one of only a few Van Gogh artworks shown publicly prior to his death. The gas lights and their reflections in the river were a relatively new phenomenon in Arles. Paris itself had only been lit at night since around 1853.
The thick brush strokes and texture in the painting were described by critic Georges Lecomte, a contemporary of Van Gogh, as a "ferocious impasto."
You can find the real one at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. See Alice’s version here at the studio! #longtimestudent #badassimpasto #vangogh #arthistory @ Early Masters

Some of the student artwork from our weekend exhibition- ages 9-14. 💥💥💥 #kidart #arthistory #seattleartists @ Fulcrum Coffee

Thank you to the amazing team Fulcrum Coffee for hosting the most joyful children’s art & music event EVER! What a turnout! 😉. Countless after school lessons, camps, and daily driving - (oh that Seattle traffic oof!) were rewarded with a reception these students will hopefully remember with pride. Boy did these young artists flex their artistic muscles!!💥💪Games, music, photo ops, and oh la la la those gorgeous Trophy Cupcakes (the Early Masters treat of choice! ) dazzled parents and kids alike. Honored to be in a community that places such a high value on arts education for kids. #seattlekids #celebratingkidscreativity #seattleartscene #cupcakes
@ Fulcrum Coffee

So excited to celebrate my amazing artists tomorrow. The talented kids from The International House of Strings also showing their stuff and it’s going to be da bomb. 💥Thanks @nicoleseattle for a wonderful write up in today’s paper! In bio. All happening Saturday 2-4pm Fulcrum Coffee 4660 Ohio ave South. Georgetown or Bust. #seattlekids #celebratingkidscreativity

New Early Masters student taking on Abbott Handerson Thayer this afternoon. She’s 7. #radartist #pickupapaintbrush

Meanwhile, back at the studio...waiting for the place to warm up for American Impressionism soooo borrowed my student’s amazing hat for the class. #coldstudio #nowitsmine #kidsart #afterschool

All installs should be this fun really. Little hard keep SOME people on task though. #exhibition #kidsartcelebration #community❤️ #fulcrumcoffeerocks @ Fulcrum Coffee

Getting ready for our big exhibition on March 2nd @fulcrumcoffeeroasters ! Masterpiece Loft is overflowing with the likes of Soutine, Picasso, Matisse, Léger, and Monet. Now I have the pleasant job of sorting these masterpieces. 💥#artteacherlife #studentartwork #ohitson

“Art is art, nature is nature, you cannot improve upon it. Pictures should be inspired by nature, but made in the soul of the artist; it is the soul of the individual that counts.” (E m i l y C a r r 1912)
Emily Carr was a Canadian painter and writer whose lifelong inspiration was the British Columbia coast. She was an environmentalist before it was cool (or even a word for it). Her paintings of big West coast skies, tall trees, and First Nations cultures were painted in a way that she felt was like the expansiveness of her majestic home. She was fiercely independent and her differences from the rest of the world evident in her art, writing, lifestyle, and appearance. She was a badass. Today, our student finished her last two Emily inspired paintings as an 8 year old. Happy Birthday H! And thank you Emily, for everything. 🇨🇦 #iconic #canadianicon #canadianart #britishcolumbia #westcoastart

Our little library is still open...😁but our studio (which incidentally looks JUST like this) is closed today. ❄️ ⛄️ Now get creative! #snowday #getcreative #littlefreelibrary #studiolife

Sunday morning snow day at the studio. Kids catching up on paintings for our March 2nd exhibition Fulcrum Coffee ! #artistatwork #studiolife #monet

So many of our students are touched by the life and work of Frida Kahlo. This portrait (done by one of our 12 year old students), was inspired by her famous Vogue cover shot. She and Diego will be featured in our new ‘Great Art Duos’ after school series starting Feb. 25th. #vivalafrida #fridakahlo #arthistoryforkids #afterschool

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