Schaumburg Oyanokai

An NFP that supports the Dooley Community with Japanese Cultural opportunities. What does "Schaumburg Oyanokai" (pronounced "O ya no ka e" and means "Parent Group") do?

SO offers Japanese education and cultural opportunities solely to the Dooley Community in Schaumburg. Some examples: *Annual Japanese Culture Night- this year's will be March 7, 2014 *Japan trip for 6th graders......first trip was June 2013! *Support Penpal Exchange with Japan Sister School in Namerikawa-shi *Tours/Community Events

SO meets once-a- month on Monday evenings at a local library (usually the 4th Monday of each month). Annual membership dues are just $5.00. Who can become an SO member? *A parent or guardian of a child currently enrolled at Dooley. *A staff or administrative personnel assocaited with Dooley or School Dist. 54. *Other leaders of the community, Dooley Alumni, or representatives of other organiations as approved by the current Board of Directors.

Mission: We strive to provide Japanese Cultural opportunities to the Dooley Community including Dooley Alumni.

Operating as usual

Schaumburg Oyanokai – シャンバーグ親の会

2020 JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Information:
We regret to announce that the 2020 JLPT in the U.S. HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

We hope to hold the next test in 2021, on the first Sunday of December.

Check out our website at: About Schaumburg Oyanokai Schaumburg Oyanokai offers support to Dooley parents/guardians and Japanese educational and cultural opportunities solely to the Dooley community. Below are just a few examples: Annual Japanese Cultural Night Penpal Exchange program with Namerikawa-shi and Dooley Students J...

We really enjoyed having Japanese Consulate General Okada at Schaumburg Oyanokai’s 12th Annual Japanese Culture Night at Dooley School!

Consul-General Okada had a wonderful time at Thomas DooleyElementarySchool's Japanese Culture Night watching the cultural activities and speaking with parents from the community. He also sampled delicious sushi and "melonpan" sweets. Thank you to principal Holly Schlicher, assistant principal Colleen Conway, and oyanokai president Akiko Okada for your hospitality!

12th Annual Japanese Culture Night

Schaumburg Oyanokai's Japanese Culture Night!
Fri. March 6th, 7-9pm

Please bring books (Japanese or English) to Dooley school! Box is set up at the school entrance. Please drop them off there before March 6th.

Please sign up to volunteer! High schoolers can get service hours as well.

Contact Akiko for any Q's at [email protected]



ご質問は会長まで[email protected] makes it easy to coordinate school events & classroom activities, fundraisers, snack schedules, potlucks & more!

OUR 12th Annual Japanese Culture Night is almost here!!!! DOOLEY COMMUNITY WELCOME!!!!

Learn to make sushi and have a blast! 🍣

12th Annual Japanese Culture Night

Dear SO members
SO Culture Night is a month away on Fri. 3/6/20 7-9pm.
* Used book donations needed!
Please bring and drop them off to the Donation box at the Dooley entrance or contact Hiroko at [email protected]. Japanese Kids books are most needed, but both English and Japanese as well as Adult books are good too.

*Volunteer Sign Ups!
Please sign up to volunteer for a half hour or more. Contact Eric Jeskey at [email protected] (日本語対応可能です) with questions.
All alumni must volunteer to get in to the school. And please indicate the grade level when signing up.

カルチャーナイト3月6日(金)7−9時 まで1ヶ月、

* 古本を集めています!
メンバーさんに購入頂けるよう、特に日本語の子供の本を集めています。英語・日本語の大人の本、英語の子供の本も歓迎です。Dooley入り口に設置の箱に入れていただくか、Hiroko( [email protected]) までご連絡下さい。


SignUp.comでサインアップをお願いします。 卒業生はボランティアとしてのみ来校できます。

質問等はいつでも会長(岡田:[email protected])までどうぞ。 makes it easy to coordinate school events & classroom activities, fundraisers, snack schedules, potlucks & more!

Send a New Year’s Card!

In Japan, we send each other New Year’s cards called “Nengajo” ☆彡

To send a New Year’s card to Kirarin and Picca , please use the following address!

Namerikawa City Office, 104 Jike-machi, Namerikawa, Toyama, 936-8601, Japan

Thank you to the Dooley Alumni who stopped by to answer questions Dual students had regarding the Japanese programs offered at Jane Addams and the high schools.

You're welcome Dooley School! (From District 54 Partnership Breakfast 2019)

Teens' Advanced Beginner Japanese II

Japanese language classes for TEENS on Sundays!

A new seven-week program of Japanese Language for teens (12-15 years of age). Classes will be taught by Samantha Chan Sensei on Sunday afternoons for Beginners, Advanced Beginners I, and Advanced Beginners II. **For students ages 12 - 15** Students will continue to build on basic grammar and everyday vocabulary while practicing speaking, listening and reading comprehension. A curriculum and workbook will be provided. Students should bring a notebook and pen to take notes. Lessons are consecutive. While th...

Taking the JLPT in the United States | American Association of Teachers of Japanese

Don't forget to register for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)! Deadline is Sept. 30th!!! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: September 10, 2019: THE NEW YORK TEST SITE IS NOW FULL. Please consider taking the JLPT in Newark or Philadelphia.

Chicago Matsuri – Chicago's Largest Japanese Festival

Check out the Matsuri this weekend!!!! Come join us at the 2nd Chicago Japanese Matsuri at NEWCITY Plaza hosted by Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya and Japanese Culture Center.

Come check out of this cool Origami Event
Where: Schaumburg Library 2nd Floor Rasmussen Room
When: Sat. 6/22/19 10-6pm and Sun. 6/23/19 12-5pm. Great exhibit and workshops!

Origami galore! Largest collection in one spot! Some comments from people: “We had no idea you could do this with paper.” “This is amazing!” The average time spent by people looking at the origami in this room has been 1 hour! Come see us tomorrow from 10am-6pm!
#origami #internationalorigami #origamiexhibition #schaumburg #schaumburglibrary

Japan Festival Chicago

Sunday, June 16th from 11am to 5:00pm.......LOCATION IS IN DOWNTOWN CHICAGO THIS YEAR!

2019 OMRON TOUR sponsored by Schaumburg Oyanokai and Pacific Advisory Service:
14 students from Jane Addams 7th/8th Grade Dual Japanese program went on a tour to Omron's Automotive Factory in St. Charles and to Shima's Sushi for lunch.

G20 Saudi Arabia

【Bunraku – Osaka’s Own Traditional Performing Art/大阪発祥の伝統芸能「文楽」】
#Bunraku, Japan’s traditional puppet theater, was first played in #Osaka. Three puppeteers skillfully manipulate puppets, some of which weigh over 10kg, in harmony with the chanter’s narration and shamisen music performance. A story full of human feeling in bunraku plays, which have also been adapted for kabuki, deeply impress audience timelessly.

日本を代表する伝統芸能「#文楽」は、#大阪 から発祥しました。太夫の語りと三味線の演奏に合わせて、3人の人形遣いが、時には10キロを超える人形を操ります。現代にも通じる心情が描かれている「文楽」の演目は、歌舞伎でも取り入れられています。

#G20 #G20Japan #G20OsakaSummit2019

Nice thank you card received from Dooley staff thanking SO for arrangements made for Sentoku-Sensei during her visit.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

#HEISEIandJapan vol.1

The name of Japan’s new era will be #REIWA #令和!

Japan has its own calendar linked to the reign of each Emperor. Today, a month ahead of the #abdication of the #Emperor of Japan on April 30, Japan - The Government of Japan announced REIWA as the name for the new era beginning on May 1.

The name “REIWA” comes from a passage of #Manyoshu, the oldest collection of Japanese poetry. As PM Abe explained, this name means that culture is born and nurtured when people harmonize their hearts. (Official English transcript of PM Abe’s explanation will come up on PM Office’s website shortly.)

The name of the current era “#HEISEI” “平成” (1989-present) has a variety of interpretations and English translations, but it is said to mean that peace will be achieved.

In the 30 years of HEISEI, Japan has sought a more active role as a responsible member of the international community in a wide range of fields including development, peacebuilding, culture and other global issues.

To mark this historic moment, we will begin a series of HEISEI and Japan posts to highlight topics related to the HEISEI era and Japan, which will help us contemplate how Japan’s diplomacy should be shaped in the coming era.

Interested in working the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo?

Please don’t miss the chance to sign up as a Games Volunteer! Registrations will be closing in 4 days.


Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago 在シカゴ日本国総領事館

On December 5th, the Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago held a reception to celebrate the 85th birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan on December 23rd. The Emperor will abdicate on April 30th after more than 3 decades on the Throne.

The reception featured a live koto performance by the Chicago Koto Group and a tea ceremony by Urasenke Tankokai Chicago. Guests enjoyed Japanese sake, green tea, and whisky as well as sushi and wagyu beef. Thank you to all who attended, and we are eager to do even more together next year!

WWII Japanese Battle Flag Found At New Trier Returned To Family

Ms. Suzuki is a former Dooley Japanese teacher! "During the 90 years of my life, I have never received letters that moved me so much," the brother of the flag's original owner said.

Ken Takemoto, Dooley Alumni, is starting a Japan Club at ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY and is selling t-shirts to help raise funds to get the club started. Shirts are $15.00 each.
They make great holiday gifts!! If you're interested then contact Robi at [email protected]. THANK YOU!!!!

Amazon Sign In

Nothing is different when you shop on AMAZON SMILE......same price, just that a portion of your purchase goes towards SO!

D211 Post: District 211 Adds Japanese Language Course Through Online Classroom             Students at James B. Conant and Schaumburg High School have been involved in a new style of classroom this semester.  They ga…

Thomas Dooley? Jane Addams? High Schools?

Now that the school year is in full swing, request a cultural presentation about Japan! We can travel to any school within 60 miles of our office in downtown Chicago or your class can take a field trip to our space and participate in various activities including a tea ceremony.

Looks like District 211 is offering the Japanese Biliteracy workshop again online to current District 211 High School students.

Registration and $50 payment due by Nov. 16th! Classes start Tuesday, Nov. 27th! Spread the word!!!

[09/12/18]   This Friday morning, Sept. 14th is the Japanese book sale at Chicago Futabakai School in Arlington Heights. Everyone welcome! A great place to get cheap Japanese books!

TIME: 10:30am to 2:00pm

Location: Chicago Futabakai Japanese School
2550 N. Arlington Heights Road
Arlington Heights, IL

Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago 在シカゴ日本国総領事館

Ninja are still in Japan! In Iga, Mie Prefecture there is a Ninja Museum where you can see live demonstrations by Japanese who learn and study ninja skills. Ninja from this Museum will be in St. Louis for the Japanese Festival over Labor Day weekend (September 1-3).

Watch this video to learn more about #ninja history and techniques, including weaponry, breathing, and running.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan - Japan Video Topics)

Japan America Society of Chicago (JASC)

Although the days are already starting to get shorter as autumn is approaching, there's plenty of time to begin learning Japanese or continue your studies! Autumn Japanese classes at JASC are now enrolling and we'd love for you to join us. Additional information and registration can be found at the following link:

Obon Festival today!

Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago 在シカゴ日本国総領事館

Students from Chicago Futabakai Japanese School are heading to Japan on the Kakehashi Project until July 31! This is the first time students who attend a Saturday School in America are participating in the program.

Japan America Society of Chicago (JASC)

Two New Trier High School students who won the Level 4 competition at the past 2018 Illinois Japan Bowl, had an opportunity to go to Japan through the 2018 Kakehashi Project. We wish them all the best!

仙台市・名取市の大人・子供英会話教室 シカゴイングリッシュスクール

LOOKING FOR HOST FAMILIES for students coming from Japan this summer! July 30th to August 8th, 2018.....$200 stipend provided to all host families.
Chicago English School, a private language school located in Miyagi, Japan, is looking for host families for Japanese students. The students age groups range from 6th graders through 12th graders. Their English abilities range from beginner to intermediate. The length of stay will be from July 30th to August 8th. There will be a $200 stipend to cover the cost of hosting the student. Have fun learning about a foreign culture and sharing your own.
Host families will have breakfast and dinner with their students, and bring them to and from designated locations on weekdays. The drop off/pick up times will be approximately 9am and 5-5:30pm. Students will spend one whole weekend with their host families.

This will be the 8th “homestay” trip for Chicago English School students. Each student and family that has participated has had a rewarding experience, and many have maintained their friendships for years. A few host family members have even visited us in Japan.
For more details contact us at [email protected] or call Eric or Satoko Berka at 224-764-2009 / 224-343-1790
We do have a website, but it is mostly in Japanese. 仙台市・名取市の大人・子供英会話教室。英会話スクール

[03/11/18]   Please Come!!!!

March Schaumburg Oyanokai Meeting!

Tomorrow, Monday, March 12th, at 6:00 pm in the Dooley Teachers Lounge.

All Schaumburg Oyanokai members are welcome and encouraged to attend!!!!!

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