Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Home Gourmet

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Home Gourmet


I made this recipe last Friday, and then when it came time to add "milk", there was no milk listed in ingredients. I added 1/2 cup. The dough was okay. The danish pastries very dry. How much milk are you suppposed to add?
with my copy of Ma Cuisine stolen I checked for the Master's Béchamel recipe and then for just 5 tablespoons it asks for 2 tablespoons salt!! Plus having 5 times recipe quantity and added 3 tablespoons of additional flour my roux was still quite liquid!! With all this I wonder if this a true Escoffier recipe let alone authenticity rest of the recipes on this site. Utter disgrace to Msr. Escoffier
Let’s go
Rent-free restaurant in Pena Blanca, New Mexico! We are looking for a self-starting person who wants to open their own restaurant. We just finished the commercial kitchen, and we want a tenant. There is a state park with camping and a boating lake 5 miles away, where 125,000 go annually. There is a National Monument were 240,000 people go...9 miles away. AND THERE IS NO OTHER RESTAURANT WITHIN 25 MILES! It is located midway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, just off the Interstate...30 miles from each city. There are communities around the restaurant that number around 7,000 people. The building is 4,000 sq ft and comes furnished with stainless steel equipment: sinks, prep tables, deep fryer and freezer and refrigerators. It has tables and chairs that seat 70. There are storage shelves, place settings for 300, other equipment, and even a programmable cash register. The rent is free for one year: you pay the utilities and property taxes only. If interested please PM me.
HORRIBLE SCHOOL- Recently my family and I are going through difficult financial times and can’t make a payment until I get a job. We even had to find free health care for my daughter who is having breathing problems. After sharing this with AMY PARCHOMENKO in Student Accounts she was incredibly rude, uncaring and disrespectful. Clearly ESCOFFIER only cares about MONEY and not their alumni. Disgusting.
A big thank you to Chef Graham Mitchell for being our guest Chef at the 44th annual Joint Culinary Training Exercise in Fort Lee, Virginia. Thanks again for supporting the Military Chefs!
What a joke! Very inconsistent, can’t spell words correct in research material, to instructors behind a black dark curtain and make ya think you are in kindergarten!!!! I had the worst opportunity through this, don’t fall for it!
S.y. Solo this ia the school
Has anyone who graduated from the online academy, been successful in getting a job?
When is the website for online courses going to be back up and running?? I cannot get a response from support to save my life, and my daughter has been unable to access her classes for over a week? And no one from Escoffier thought it was important to notify those that this issue affected? Can someone PLEASE give me straight answers?

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Home Gourmet and America’s Test Kitchen offer 230+ online cooking courses supported by professional chef advice.

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Home Gourmet powered by America’s Test Kitchen, is a new enthusiast program offered through the Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy. This new partnership is anchored in history and excellence within the gourmand community. As two of the industry’s leading sources for online culinary training, each organization prides itself on its commitment to helping today’s enthusiasts meet their greatest potential, whether they’re advanced in their craft or just starting out. We’ve joined forces to offer some of the most trusted recipes and technique content available online combined with additional support and guidance from Escoffier’s professional chefs.

Now you can learn to prepare restaurant-quality meals online in the comfort and convenience of your own home. The Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy offers you a professional chef's curriculum via richly detailed video tutorials and collaborative, interactive online cooking experiences with classically trained chefs and classmates. We are committed to providing a flexible, affordable way for you to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence to work in a variety of professional cooking environments, all in the comfort and convenience of your own home. When you enroll or subscribe in an Escoffier Online culinary program, you'll be joining a community of foodies who'll share your enthusiasm for discovering, mastering and preparing great recipes, completely online. Our Sister Schools: The Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts is the world’s premier school of culinary training. With schools located in Austin, Texas and Boulder, Colorado, we are committed to provide a culinary program consistent with the world-renowned Escoffier name.

Operating as usual

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.

Take The Guilt Out Of Dessert With These Tasty Recipes

Add a bit of restaurant quality to the first meal of your day with a breakfast parfait. You'll feel like your going out for a meal, when you make this at home. #NationalParfaitDay. Fortunately, with a few smart substitutions and the right techniques, there are endless possibilities for crafting a great dessert that isn't loaded with calories.

Easy Holiday Side Dishes - Escoffier Online

Need some last minute inspiration for your Thanksgiving meal this week? Sign up for your free trial of our online cooking classes and get great ideas to make your holiday easier with these side dish recipes and tutorials. In this online cooking course we tackle multiple elements regarding holiday side dishes and offer tasty solutions.

Oatmeal gems are packed with flavor | Times News Online

Looking for an easy vegan cookie recipe for the holidays? Sarah Schweitzer, Escoffier alum, Ateira's on First sous-chef and part-time blogger and foodie columnist for the Times News Lehighton shares a festive delight that has a classic holiday look, but perfect for any day. These easy vegan oatmeal cookies can be eaten any time of the day and during any season. I heard that Santa might really enjoy a good flavor-packed oatmeal cookie on Christmas Eve. Actually, oatmeal ...

How to Carve a Turkey - Escoffier Online

While formally carving a turkey may only happen once or twice a year you want to present a pretty platter. Start your free online cooking class trial today and learn to carve a turkey like a pro before your Thanksgiving feast. In this online cooking course, we will provide you with tips for creating picture perfect slices and proper plating suggestions.

"Rice is the best, the most nutritive and unquestionably the most widespread staple in the world." ~Auguste Escoffier

Last but certainly not least, in honor of our 10th anniversary, this is our 10th and final Auguste Escoffier Fact:

Escoffier created the menu and staffed the kitchen of the Titanic. 😲

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Home Gourmet's cover photo

Make authentic French baguettes at home wih this online cooking class

An authentic baguette is essentially a lean, yeast-leavened bakery product made with four basic ingredients: Flour, Water, Yeast, and Salt. Today is #HomemadeBreadDay, so lets get baking! Start your free cooking class trial today! We share preparation and baking techniques that we learned first hand from a trip to France, that truly make an authentic baguette.

Extra Crunchy Fried Chicken-Escoffier Online

It's probably no surprise that the U.S. has the largest fast food industry in the world. But in a world where we all are trying to eat a bit better, what are your favorite fast food copy-cats that you make at home? Could it be Extra Crunchy Fried Chicken? #NationalFastFoodDay In this online cooking class we share a quick buttermilk brine to season the meat, keep it moist, and tenderize it.

Auguste Escoffier Fact #9:
Two of his most notable culinary contributions are that of ‘veal stock’ and his theory of what is now called the flavor of ‘umami’.

Although today is celebrated as #WorldKindnessDay, every day should be World Kindness Day. So let's make a point of going forward and showing decency and good will to all we come in contact with; today and every day.

The Best Chicken Soups for Your Soul...or a Cold

Whether you’re making chicken soup for your soul or a cold, these simmering pots of goodness are hot, hearty and incredibly satisfying. #ChickenSoupForTheSoulDay In this online cooking class, you’ll learn our quick technique for making rich chicken stock that can be used to make a variety of soups.

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Christmas Cupcakes for the Family

HO HO HERE's a fun and whimsical way to dress up basic cupcakes for the holidays. #VanillaCupcakeDay Show off your baking and decorating skills by whipping up a batch of these Christmas pastries for your family.

Italian Pastries For Breakfast, Because Yum, That's Why

It's #CappuccinoDay, but we're not going to talk about the brew. We're going to talk about the perfect pastries to pair with this warm, frothy, eye-opener. Eat breakfast like an Italian with these pastries.

Auguste Escoffier Fact #8: He is considered a great influencer, not only of his time, but ever-lasting, creating the dried soup industry, helping to cultivate the mushroom industry, inventing the a la carte style of dining, and lobbied to make it legal for women to dine in public.

Prepare For Fall With These Autumnal Treats

Do we have you at 'maple-glazed, bacon-encrusted doughnut'?!

#NationalDoughnutDay Now that summer has ended, people everywhere are seeking out classic fall flavors.

Introduction to Candy Making - Escoffier Online

Hip Hip Hooray! It's #NationalCandyDay and we're celebrating with our Introduction to Candy Making course. In it we demystify a few techniques that many home candy makers struggle with; making caramel and melting chocolate. Start your free trial today. In this online cooking class we demystify a few techniques that many home candy makers struggle with; making caramel and melting chocolate.

How To Make Fig Chutney

Never heard of fig chutney? Well then, you're in for a treat. Use this Escoffier recipe for a great accompaniment from Indian food, to charcuterie boards, to ice cream....YES, ice cream! #NationalFigWeek If you’ve never heard of chutney-it’s OK. It’s not a super well-known dish for Western cuisine. But consider yourself lucky that you are now “in the know” of this amazing Indian treat. Similar to a jam, chutneys are often served with Indian cuisine as a way to sweeten and compliment the di...

Proper Ways To Clean Your Kitchen Utensils

Keeping your tools clean is an important skill for the home chef! Here’s how to keep bacteria at bay and ensure the longevity of your kitchen utensils. Keeping your tools clean is an important skill for the home chef! Here’s how to keep bacteria at bay and ensure the longevity of your kitchen utensils.

4 Unique Takes On The Ice Cream Sandwich

Probably not the first thing you think of when you hear the word sandwich, which is exactly why we're sharing some fun and unique ideas for a classic ice cream sandwich on #NationalSandwichDay. From donuts to pancakes, removing the cookies adds new life to the much beloved ice cream sandwich.

Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies

No need for store bought when you can make fresh oatmeal cream pies at home. Fresh is always best! #NationalOatmealDay If anyone could pick a childhood sweet they most fondly remember, somewhere between Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Spiderman popsicles lies one of Little Debbie’s best concoctions: the oatmeal cream pie. Every little (or big) bite of this sugary cookie combo was pure unadulterated joy. And no matter how...

How To Make Chocolate Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving is around the corner and so are classic holiday desserts. One popular sweet is pecan pie, but we're sharing a twist on this old favorite... this year try a decadent Chocolate Pecan Pie instead. #nationalchocolateday Have a classic pie you love but want to try something new? Just add chocolate! Well, maybe not all pies. Not sure how great a chocolate apple pie would taste. A chocolate pecan pie, on the other hand, now that’s a flavor combination we can get behind. The addition of cocoa to the classic caramel-y...

Auguste Escoffier Fact #7:

He knew approximately 600 ways to make eggs, Le Guide Culinaire, includes 256 of them.

Pumpkin Pie - Escoffier Online

Believe it or not today is #NationalPumpkinDay even though you would think it would fall on the 31st. Today kicks off an entire pumpkin season and we're jumping on the bandwagon with our classic Pumpkin Pie online cooking class. Take advantage of the free two week trial to get great tips and recipes for the upcoming holiday season. In this online baking course we will show you how to get rich, velvety pumpkin custard with spices, sugar, eggs and yes, canned a secret ingredient you won’t believe until you see it!

How To Cook Healthy Comfort Foods

#NationalFoodDay focuses on cutting back on overly processed foods and turns attention towards fruits, vegetables, whole grains and responsibly raised proteins. So today, we're highlighting favorite comfort foods that when made with a few tweaks make you think you're indulging! From mashed potatoes to mac and cheese, here's the way to make foods that are both comforting and healthy to eat.

Holy Mole!
Mole is one of the essential products of authentic, regional Mexican cooking. They are rich, thick, and ridiculously savory sauces. #NationalMoleDay

Nut Crescents - Escoffier Online

Get a head start on your holiday baking with our classic Nut Crescent online baking class. You may also know them as Viennese Crescents, Butterballs or Mexican Wedding Cakes, but make no mistake, what ever you call them, make sure to all them 'melt in your mouth delicious'. Start your free online cooking class trial today. #NationalNutDay We've tested many methods in making this classic cookie and share our results with you in this online baking class.

Auguste Escoffier Fact #6:
He is the inventor of many of our favorite dishes today: Peach Melba and Melba Toast in honor of the Australian singer Nellie Melba; Cherries Jubilee, for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee; and Dauphine Potatoes, for the French court of the Dauphine-which happened to include Marie Antoinette

Trick or Sweets – Recipes for a Different Kind of Halloween

Need an alternative for trick-or-treating this year? No worries, Escoffier Chef Instructors have you covered! This Halloween may look a lot different than in years past…as pretty much everything has so far this year with COVID-19 precautions. As some cities offer alternatives for trick-or-treating, others may just outright cancel this beggar’s paradise. So, what can you do to help create a fun and safe ...

Create Classic Pasta and Sauces with Escoffier Online

It's #NationalPastaDay and have we got the perfect #online #cookingclass for this: Pasta Classics. In it we share recipes & techniques for Baked Manicotti, Pasta with Peso alla Trapanese, and Pasta with Bolognese Sauce. Get started today with two weeks free and access to hundreds of other courses. Mangiare! In this lesson you will learn the basics of making classic pasta sauces and preparing perfect pasta every time.

October is #NationalAppleMonth. Tell us what some of your favorite apple recipes are. Could it include these amazing apple nachos! 😮 🍎 🍏

Create ultimate chocolate desserts with this Escoffier Online Cooking Class

#NationalDessertDay takes the cake for sure. We're hoping that maybe this day becomes something of a national holiday 😉 but in the meantime, let's sweeten this day with our Ultimate Chocolate Desserts online cooking class. You can start a monthly subscription with a free trial, including this course, today. In this online cooking course we review techniques involved in turning chocolate into showstopping sweets.

Auguste Escoffier Fact #5:
He published multiple books including his most famous, Le Guide Culinaire, which is still used today as a major reference work as a cookbook and a textbook for culinary schools. His works include many cookbooks and memoirs.

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Brought to you by the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Home Gourmet powered by America’s Test Kitchen, our expansive catalog covers over 230 online cooking classes with a diverse variety of recipes and subjects so you can expand your palette and grow your cooking and baking skills, all from the convenience of your own kitchen. Even better? We provide assistance from a professional chef educator so you can ask questions, troubleshoot recipes and join a vibrant community of other aspiring home chefs!

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