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Hardin County Education Association


Just got the phone message stating that schools will remain open. Extremely disappointed in this decision. I travel across this state every day and pick up my son from school occasionally. 2nd, how many parents do the same . The president’s highest doctor just stated that children can be carriers, so apparently we have to wait until some one in the county is diagnosed? This is a terrible choice by the leaders of this district. School board officials should be ashamed . Wake up and realize that children in schools pass viruses like wildfire and then on to their families that in turn pass to families. Why wait until it’s too late ??
Please be our guest at Bill Lee’s Hardin County Town hall.

We will be meeting at the Hardin County Public Library at 12:00 PM. See details attached.
As we have discovered, it appears that despite the law passed last week as a "hold harmless" bill there still an issue. The law did not address withholding the data from the flawed TCAP/TNReady in teacher evaluations. Currently, TVAAS data will account for 20% of a teachers overall evaluation score.

What can you do to help? We need you to call and email your local legislators asking them to work quickly to pass a bill that would take this year's TCAP/TNReady data out of our evaluation scores. You can find email address and phone numbers by clicking the link below.

Also, below is a template letter you can use to send to our legislators. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Dear _______________ (insert legislator name here):

First, I would like to begin by saying THANK YOU for your service as a legislator. Your continued support of our students and teachers in Tennessee’s public education system does not go unnoticed.

I am writing you in reference to the TCAP/TNReady assessments that are currently taking place across the state. As I am sure you are aware, there have been an incredible number of issues that have been reported including possible hacking of the Questar testing system, problems logging into the system, difficulties submitting answers, students being kicked off the test, teacher verbal instructions not matching the test, and the list goes on and on.

Last week, both houses of the Tennessee General Assembly passed a conference committee bill that will (1) give LEAs the option of counting student test scores from 0% - 15%, (2) not use this year’s TCAP/TNReady data in the new A-F school scoring system, and (3) not use this year’s TCAP/TNReady data in employment or compensation decisions. We applaud and thank you and your fellow legislators for rushing to the aide of our students, schools, and faculty members.

However, there was an area that seems to have been overlooked. While the test scores will not be used for school scores and student scores, the bill did not go far enough to stop the use of this year’s TCAP/TNReady data in teacher evaluation scores. Thanks to a law previously passed by the General Assembly, this year’s TVAAS data is supposed to count for 20% of an educator’s overall evaluation score.

While 20% of an overall evaluation score may not sound drastic, the effects of using the data from a severely flawed test rollout will affect overall effectiveness scores, number of observations required for the next school year, teacher placement/assignment for the next school year, etc.

We are simply asking that you and your fellow members of the General Assembly work quickly before the adjournment of this year’s legislative session to find a way and remove the use of this year’s TCAP/TNReady assessment data in teacher overall evaluation scores. If it is believed that the data could be flawed and should not be used for schools and students, then isn’t it fair to exclude the scores in the evaluation of our teachers?

I appreciate you taking the time to hear my concerns. We are counting on you to help us find resolution to this matter and make it fair for all.


Hardin County Education Association is our Professional Group for our local educators in Hardin Count

Operating as usual


The special TEA room rate at the beautiful Knoxville Hilton expires tonight, and will not be extended. All Tennessee educators are invited to attend TEA's 27th Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium, October 6 & 7. This year there will be a track for administrators seeking Tennessee Academy of School Leadership (TASL) credit, and great sessions for experienced classroom teachers, aspiring and early career educators, and education support professionals. Be sure to invite a colleague to join you in Knoxville for the 27th Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium. Sessions include: Becoming Literate: Strategies for Integrating Reading, Writing, Thinking, Listening, and Speaking in Elementary School; Reimagining School Discipline One Breath at a Time; Increasing Student Achievement Through Socially Just Leadership Practices; and many more. Administrators will be in a contained track with TASL-approved training (up to 6 TASL credits). They will explore topics including experiencing and responding to contentious issues in schools, examining teacher working conditions that influence teacher retention, and reducing inequities in access to educational leadership positions. Our presenter for the TASL credit is Rachel White, assistant professor at the Department of Education Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Tennessee.


Calling ALL ADMINS + TEACHERS! 📱 TEA Instructional Advocacy is hosting a panel discussion webinar with administrator members advising teachers on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 6p Central. A panel of current administrators will share their best advice for educators experiencing the evaluation process. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask the panelists questions.

Register here: bit.ly/TEA-webinar


Admins: This one is for you! TEA Instructional Advocacy is hosting a panel discussion webinar for our administrator members on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 6p Central. A panel of current administrators will share their best advice for educators experiencing the evaluation process. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask the panelists questions.

Register here: bit.ly/TEA-webinar


Great PD for those needing extra hours !!

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Please contact myself or your building AR if you any questions or assistance!

Paige Neill

The majority of members have made the switch to EZ Pay. Have you? Don't lose your representation, advocacy and benefits! Get it done today at TNEA.org/EZ-Pay.


Don't miss the next TEA After School Special! This is an exclusive benefit for TEA members to learn from the best education law experts in the state. Register: https://tnea.org/after-school


The TEA Teaching & Learning Symposium and Red for Ed Gala are headed to Knoxville! Save the date and watch for registration details soon!


We are so excited about this for our students!!

Now introducing the first ever Tiger Tutoring students! These 19 students were selected to represent HCHS in this new initiative. They will have the opportunity to go into our elementary schools to help our younger students with reading comprehension and math all while making some money! We are so excited to see the work that they will do! Congrats you guys!

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😂🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣This is what’s happens to Wendi and myself after 3 long days of being on the go and making sure everything is done and taken care!!! All we wanted was a picture 😂😂😂!!

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Hardin County Schools County -Wide Inservice today at Pickwick Inn.

Photos from Hardin County Education Association's post 08/02/2023

More pictures from the New Teacher Luncheon yesterday! Thank you to everyone that participated and helped to make it a success!!


HCEA officers welcomed TEA President Tanya T Coats yesterday as well as Jamye Merritt -TEA Uniserve Director, Tom Marchand-TEA , and NEA Floyd Cox to our New Teacher Luncheon . More pictures to come from from the luncheon!!


Strong Public Schools❤️

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August Menus and costs for extra food items.


Please come help us Fill The Bus again this year 🚌.
We love helping our Community & our Schools but what we love 😍 the most is the support you all give to make this possible.
Items needed to fill the bus...

▪️Clorox/Disinfectant Wipes
▪️Boxes of Kleenex/Tissues
▪️Lysol/Disinfectant Spray
▪️Paper Towels

Please feel free to drop by our office next Monday, July 24th ~ Friday, July 28th, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Thank you all in advance!
Let's show up and show out for Hardin County Schools.


TEA is 158 years strong! 🎂 Chartered on this day, July 21, in 1865 to ensure all of Tennessee’s school children have access to a high-quality, free public education, TEA's mission remains much the same nearly 160 years later. Our TEA was established to improve learning and teaching conditions in the public schools of Tennessee. We have operated continuously since 1865 through the Great Depression, world wars, shifting political winds and fighting increasing attacks on public education by out-of-state privatizers. Without fail, TEA has maintained its leading position in advocating for support of Tennessee's schools, improving the quality of education, promoting the success of public schools, and improving the professional lives of teachers and school staff members. As William Dunn Smith wrote in his doctoral thesis, History of the Tennessee Education Association, for the George Peabody School of Teaching at Vanderbilt University, “It is considered significant that most of Tennessee’s progress in public education has paralleled the growth of the Tennessee Education Association." 158 years since its inception, TEA's tens of thousands of talented and passionate members across Tennessee work hard every day to provide the best education for all of our great state's students. 📚

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Thank you !!!


This! 💯



📚What is Tiger Tutoring?📚
Hardin County Schools has partnered with the Frank K. Spain Foundation to offer more tutoring for our younger students. Students from the Hardin County High School will be employed by Hardin County Schools to provide tutoring hours during school and after school at each of the elementary schools within our school system.

📚How often will tutoring occur?📚
Tutoring will be offered 4 days per week for up to 2 hours per day.

📚What are the hours of tutoring?📚
The hours will be different for each high school student depending on their schedule. Tutoring hours can be: 8am-9:15am, 1:30pm-3:00pm, and/or 3:00pm-5:00pm.

📚Will the students be monitored?📚
Absolutely! Hardin County Schools top goal is to ensure student safety. There will be a designated employee at each elementary school to monitor the student interactions.

📚Will the students be trained?📚
Yes! HCHS students will go through a 2-wk paid training to be prepared to help our younger students in the best way possible.

📚Will the high school students be paid?📚
Yes! The current pay rate is $15/hour which will be paid every 2 weeks. HCHS students will be required to turn in timesheets. Social Security and Medicare taxes will be taken out of this amount.

📚What are the minimum requirements to be a tutor?📚
- HCHS Student with reliable transportation
- A/B Average
- Upper-level ELA and MATH Teacher Recommendation
- Good discipline record
- Good attendance record

📚How can I apply to be a tutor?📚
Complete the application & turn it in to Mrs. Bellis in the Vocational Building or send it via email to [email protected]



HCEA is looking for teachers willing to be Building AR’s to represent your school each month at HCEA meetings. Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 3:45 pm. They last about 1 hour or so. It’s important that each school is represented during our meetings and can take back information to members in their school. Please consider becoming a Building AR for the 2023-24 school year. Contact myself, Paige Neill or Wendi Nix if you able to help.

Thank you!!!


Don't forget!- we are 10 days away from our school supply drive! All supplies collected go to our local Hardin County Schools. We'll be outside of Hardin County High School on Saturday June 24th from 8AM to 4PM! See you there!


Through this training, participants will learn the value of putting the students center stage and putting them in the driver's seat. Participants will begin to develop an understanding of how student engagement and ownership naturally weave into high-quality lessons and impact evaluations and observations with the ultimate goal of student success.
https://fhu-edu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0qdO-rqD8jEtd1SBeczEtAz2X7OM9OUOhp #/registration


Our next distinguished service award is the Educator of the Year presented by, the Rotary Club of Savannah!

And the finalists are…
Margaret Moore
Cassie Seaton
Nitara Darrington
Leslie Thurman

Congratulations and we are excited to celebrate each of you on June 22, 2023!

For more information about the 27th Annual Distinguished Service Awards or to purchase tickets, please contact our office at 731-925-2363 or [email protected].


This is a reminder for all parents or guardians with a student in grades Kindergarten – 12 to register their student through our online registration process during the open enrollment period which extends until June 30, 2023.
Parents or guardians who wish to request a school other than the school for which they are zoned are highly encouraged to complete the registration during the open enrollment period because these students will receive a priority status for admission into the requested school.
It is very important for parents or guardians who currently have a student in the school system to complete the process as well. This ensures that your student’s school has an updated address, updated phone numbers, updated emergency contact information, updated information concerning who can and cannot check your student out of school, updated medical information as well as other important information.
To register your child, please visit the Hardin County Schools district website at hardincoschools.com. Click on the “Registration” link at the top of the page, and then follow the directions. You may also pick up printed directions at the Hardin County Board of Education. Please ask for the “Blue” registration form.
If you need assistance, please contact Mrs. Tammy Stricklin at the Hardin County Board of Education at (731) 925-3943.


For parents of last year's 3rd graders who would like to appeal based on the letter you were given on the re-take day, that window is now open. Please call the Central Office if you need help in completing it online. Your child's Easy CBM score was listed on the letter you were given. 😊



Dear Students,

Exams do not measure your intelligence, your worth or even your learning.
Exams simply measure your ability to digest and re-share information.
This information is often asked in trick-speak (to test the way your brain processes), in tense conditions and under pressure.
We can’t all do that.

Doesn’t mean you didn’t pay attention, study hard or try your very best.
Doesn’t mean your teachers have somehow failed you, nor have you failed them or let anyone down.

And it certainly doesn’t mean you are not amazing, wonderful humans with so much to offer this parched world.

Chances are you would be able to answer correctly on the same subjects in a relaxed environment with straight-shooting questions.

The exam system is flawed, but that’s okay, that’s life.
Life is flawed.
You tried your hardest and that has weight in this world of ours.
That matters.
Your time to shine will come.
And oh my, will you shine.

And no one will be able to measure that either.
What a wonderful thing.


Shared from the one and only Donna Ashworth
From her book - I Wish I Knew: https://amzn.to/3JVMJlZ

Art shared with permission from the WONDERFUL Lisa Aisato, from her amazing book ‘All the colours of life’ (link in comments, I adore this book)


A Student Is More Than a Test Score… and So Are Educators! Anxiety, confusion, and frustration abound as families across the state have received notices from their schools that their third graders are at risk of not being promoted to fourth grade based on a single test. As TEA continues to fight this bad policy, we remind educators and parents of the following ways to navigate the current environment.
For students who scored “approaching” on the ELA TCAP, there are currently four pathways to fourth grade.
* Retest and score proficient on the ELA TCAP, OR
* Maintain 90%+ attendance rate at summer camp and show improvement of at least five percentage points from the spring test to the summer posttest, OR
* Receive mandatory TN ALL Corps tutoring during fourth grade, OR
* Successfully appeal the retention decision within fourteen days of receiving the letter from the school (must demonstrate student growth via an approved benchmark assessment or an event that impacted students’ ability to perform).
** Note: The parent appeal form will be live from May 30-June 30 at https://www.tn.gov/education/top-links/learning-acceleration.html.

For students who scored “below” on the ELA TCAP, there are currently two pathways to fourth grade.
* Retest and score proficient on the ELA TCAP, OR
* Maintain 90%+ attendance rate at summer camp AND receive mandatory TN ALL Corps tutoring during fourth grade.

The following students are exempt from third-grade retention:
* English language learners with less than two years of ELA instruction
* Students who have previously been retained in grades K-3
* Students with a disability that impacts reading
* Students with a suspected disability that impacts reading

TEA has been telling legislators since this third-grade retention law was passed—without input from educators or families—that this is a flawed and potentially disastrous plan. TEA continues to advocate for improvements to the law as well as the implementation policies. Unfortunately, those improvements won’t go into effect until next year.

Like Tennessee families, TEA knows that students and educators are not defined by a single test on a single day, especially when that test assesses more than just reading proficiency. TEA will continue to advocate on behalf of our students, families, and educators for laws and policies that help students, not hurt them.

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Reminder to remember to convert by July 1,2023.

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