Jennifer Christine MA Transformational Coaching

Jennifer Christine MA Transformational Coaching

You are infinite possibility! What do you want to create in your life? Through the co-creative proce

Operating as usual


You create your reality with your thoughts & imagination & expectations. Our mind is a powerful place. 😉

What are you creating? ✨
I’m creating my dream business, working with conscious entrepreneurs. This stuff is so good! 🫶


That’s all. Just a reminder that you can do anything. It might not feel easy and that’s okay. Keep going.
Love to you♥️


Science shows that getting your hands dirty in the garden can actually increase your serotonin levels.
Mycobacterium vaccae is a soil-based organism that has shown to play a positive role in the gut and brain health. It can lighten mood and anxiety. 🌸🪴🍅

Will you try it? 😊


We have the power to choose. Productivity & happiness increase when we do what we love and release what does not bring us satisfaction anymore.
What are you releasing this week? 💓

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“I don’t know what to do” or “I don’t know how”😔
This is such a difficult feeling to be with. It doesn’t matter what the topic:
✔️Side hustle

There are critical steps you can take beyond the practical mind- centric ideas.

Engaging in Inspired Action helps to bring answers quickly. You’re inner knowing will guide you. Paying attention to your intuition is 🗝️.

Share this with someone who need a little inspiration today.


Worrying is a strategy to try to keep us safe. We might think it’s also problem solving but when we understand that our thoughts create our reality (we draw what we don’t want) then we need to…

RESET- time to use the tools. Bring up our energetic vibration and take action when it’s from an inspired place.

Type ✨Next Step✨ below for your guide to practice inspired action. Know what to do next. Save this reminder.


How will you spend your free time?
Plan A- Netflix, sofa and cocktails?
Plan B- fun, nature, movement, reading, creating?

This is your time to renew & get inspired for what’s next in your life. Enjoy the journey while being intentional.
Drop a note below-👇🏻
Plan A or B?


When we push against, it gets stronger. We come up with strategies to avoid and give it more power. The paradox is to allow it, invite it and it transforms. 🤯

Easier said then done sometimes because these strategies have been in place to help cope. But try to sit with the discomfort. Feel it move through and out.
You are powerful. You are courageous. You are love.



Being mindful with words is kind to yourself and others. I was reminded of this recently when I was should’ing on myself. Now I keep a post it on my desk-

I choose to…as a reminder. 💡

Follow for more tips & reminders. 🔗


Jack Canfield is an amazing mentor and presenter. I align with so many of his teachings and share his work with my coaching clients on the daily.

One of my favorites is the hour of power:
20 minutes meditation
20 minutes of moving
20 minutes of reading (positive & inspirational material).

These prime you for productivity and improved mood every day.
What’s your hour of power?How do you start your day?👇


How would you feel with out the negative thoughts? Usually relief, better, peace.

Sometimes our thoughts are there to try to keep us safe and we can thank those thoughts, release them and question the belief. Have compassion or yourself and consider a different thought.

Try this today by paying close attention to your thoughts. Ask the questions. 🙌🏻🤗💓


You want to join this powerful vision board workshop. It creates clarity, inspires ideas and motivates you to take inspired action. Join now and I’ll see you on Wednesday. 💫


Now is the time! Ready to make those shifts to get to the next level? Start here👇 Join me for a free vision board workshop!



Be intentional and with purpose. Just a loving reminder. Share with someone who might appreciate the message.💓

| FREE VISION BOARD WORKSHOP | Hello Community! 12/08/2022


It's that wonderful time of year to start dreaming, planning and committing to the best year yet! Join me in person or virtually for this powerful Vision Board Workshop. Learn new ways to use the vision board process through the year. Hurry, space is limited. I'll see you there!

| FREE VISION BOARD WORKSHOP | Hello Community! DECLARE a Vision to awaken your possibilities in 2023! This is my gift to you, a complimentary Vision Board experience to see the possibility become a reality. Use your imagination and inner wisdom as you create your future. What do you want to create? This is the first step of a process proven by s...


These tips are helpful throughout a busy day. Using these simple tools help to refresh the brain and body. Enjoy this grounding moment. Sharing with ♥️

Examples of when to practice:
Anxiety flairs, stress increase, watching an intense movie, having a difficult conversation, need a break from work or screens, intense focus on a project.
Try this every 2hours. What’s your favorite tool?👇


Being brave comes in many forms. Need examples? How will you be brave today?

Take the leap
Write the book, start the side hustle or social media post
Connect with someone
Say I love you
Express your true feelings
Start a program
Start a new habit or ritual
Set a boundary
Give yourself compassion
You are so brave!🙌🏻♥️



Share this with someone who might like a reminder today. ☀️
Where are you putting your attention right now? You will get more of that because you’re focused on it. Even if it’s sometime you don’t want.

You are in control of your thoughts and therefore your vibration. Focus on what you do want. Say a gratitude, affirm the good. Feel the good. Awareness is key. You are powerful! ✨


It feels so good to reset after a long weekend of social activities, food and drinks. I’ve been getting out on walks & runs. Stocked my fridge with veggies & healthy food. Reset my house after house guests and sinking back into work with my calendar mapped out and positive intentions.
Being mindful helps the body & mind reset. I hope this inspires positive choices. How are you resetting this week!👇

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Paying attention to my thoughts has changed my life.

I wondered how I could wake up feeling so refreshed and by 4 in the afternoon feel drained and grumpy.
I started to pay attention to my thoughts. I discovered what drained me, when I needed a break, when my thoughts weren’t serving me.

I changed my thoughts, what I expect, how I respond to others and how I treat myself.

Ever hear of a thought tracker??? I created one to help pay attention to my negativity bias. Jot down your thoughts, then use the tools listed here to shift to positive thinking 🙏🏼


I’m doing this right now out loud! Helping to shift my busy and slightly stressed mind midday to being present and positive. 🙏🏼

I am so grateful for my ocean view, my legs and feet that allow me to run, my husband who calms me, my kids who are so much fun, running water, the chirping birds, my snoring cat, my inspiring client, my job that really isn’t work but fun. 😍

Drop a gratitude below to play along.👇


Do you have rituals and routines? Leave a comment on the way you like to start your day.
Happy Friday. 💓


Change, it is happening now! It is a constant and can be exciting or uncomfortable.

We are biologically wired to be comforted by routine. It takes bravery to choose change sometimes.

If you’re going through a challenging change, here are some tools.
⚙️be gentle with yourself
⚙️don’t believe all of your thoughts
⚙️have a mindgulness practice
⚙️be grateful
⚙️ask for help
You can get more details at my blog:

Photos from Jennifer Christine MA Transformational Coaching's post 05/08/2022

Happy Mother’s Day to the bravest and most loving person I know.

What a journey we’ve had. Someday maybe we’ll put it on paper. I’m so grateful for you. 🌸


I AM…is a great way to declare, affirm and own a statement about yourself.

Even if you haven’t been an expression of the statement in the past, if you can see it in others or imagine it then it resides in you.

I AM an entrepreneur, coach and content creator. And I’m having so much fun!🤩

What do you declare below?👇


This one doesn’t usually like physical touch. Lola’s love language is quality time. She must know I love cuddles. 🐱

What’s your love language? 👇


This is a great tool when working towards goals. Or just to figure out where time is spent. Often times we feel like there isn’t much movement but if a list is kept, it’s easy to jot down accomplishments and then recognize yourself at the end of the week for all that was completed.

This list should include household tasks, workouts, kid tasks as well as work accomplishments. It all absorbs time and it all matters.

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the props you deserve. Reward yourself. 👏🤗


Being in a state of indecision is painful and time consuming. Once a decision is made, sit with the feelings that rise up. Then you will know if it brought you to where you want to be. It’s not about doing it right or wrong. It’s about being free of the discomfort of not knowing. Now you know. Now you have freedom.


This is a practice of mine. We become wired to have the same thoughts which lead to the same feelings. When we pay attention and question our thinking, we can begin to rewire the brain.
Keep a thought journal - it brings light to the places we’re not paying
attention. 💡
Give me a 🖐if you’ve practiced this.


Feeling lucky! It’s time for date night. This night is completely dedicated to my husband. No board meetings, no kids, no interruptions. Just connection time. Grab the one you love and find some space to connect. It is good for everyone!💗


Have you ever considered the idea that a mental or emotional block is a gift to increase self awareness? It holds wisdom for you to understand something about yourself.

Awareness of the block is the first step, then ask yourself what you’re afraid of and what do you value that can be taken away? Is it true?
When we understand these concepts then we can clear the limiting belief and try again or in a different way without the fear.

My block in business has been “I don’t know how”. That’s an excuse. Figure it out, ask for help, hire someone who knows. Playing it safe will keep me safe but I’d never reach my potential that way.

Ask yourself what your block wants you to know. And be kind to yourself in the discovery process.💫💗


Welcome to my living room. I have a short time to spend on Spruce up Saturday today so I decided to share a tip that helps for future organization and planning.

Take a photo of each room. As you look at the room and photo you will become more aware of what’s been left undone or needs attention. Add that to a list of incompletes, in the next column add how to fix it and if it can be delegated. Add a date.

For example:
Plant is dead- I’ll toss it and replace it.
Plant needs a larger pot since repotting. Me- shop for larger size pot
Photos leaning against the wall can be taken to the spare room by my husband and help from kids. ✅✅✅

Your turn! What needs to go in the incomplete list? Go through each room to clean up your environment. Then go have brunch!🍾😁


“You’re taking a big risk!” Said my teenage son when I came out in my new thrift store leggings. He may have even begged me not to do it. But I did it. Took a risk, didn’t care what others thought and even got some compliments along the way.

Are you willing to take a risk?
Follow through, be vulnerable, try it for the first time. Say what you’re thinking or feeling. Let my silly pants be your muse. 😜💗

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It feels so good to reset after a long weekend of social activities, food and drinks. I’ve been getting out on walks & r...
This is a practice of mine. We become wired to have the same thoughts which lead to the same feelings. When we pay atten...
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