Kate Whitfield I Mindset & Manifestation Coach & Hypnotherapist

Kate Whitfield I Mindset & Manifestation Coach & Hypnotherapist

Cert. Hypnotherapist I Mindset + Manifestation Coach


Imagine the transformation you could experience in the next three months by committing to your business, investing in yourself, and BECOMING your next level, 6 figure CEO self… She’s in there, I know you feel it!⁣

Journal Prompts:⁣

👉🏼 How would my daily habits and routines change if I treated my business like a full-time endeavor rather than a hobby?⁣

👉🏼 What areas of my life and business do I need to invest in to align with my 6-figure CEO vision?⁣

👉🏼 What fears or limiting beliefs are holding me back from stepping out of my comfort zone and taking inspired action?⁣

👉🏼 Who is the version of me making six figures a year? How do I feel about myself? How do I show up? What do I believe is true about myself?⁣

👉🏼 How can I start embodying and showing up as my next-level self every day to manifest my desired success?⁣

👉🏼 What milestones do I hope to achieve in the next three months by committing to my business and embracing my inner CEO?⁣


👉🏼 I am MAGNETIC to my ideal clients and customers. I attract new, incredible people into my world every single day that can’t wait to work with me!⁣

👉🏼 People love to pay me for my programs and services. It’s so much fun to make money every single day!⁣

👉🏼 Everything is always working out for me, and I can’t help but attract everything I desire.⁣

I’m working on a little something for my early stage entrepreneur babes that will blow your mind… DM me what emoji best represents your next level self and you’ll be the first to know! xo⁣


That feeling when you go all in on your dreams, invest in yourself, step out of your comfort zone and manifest some magic in your life and biz! ⁣

DM me ASCEND if you’re ready to do the same!⁣

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Let’s talking about establishing authority as an early-stage entrepreneur. This is something so many of my clients struggle with and I get it. I did too. ⁣

The truth is, it’s not just mindset or strategy or energetics. It’s a mix of all those things that ultimately comes down to you taking action from a place of alignment, and embodying the version of you that truly believes in your inner and outer authority. ⁣

Basically, you have to believe you are an authority before anyone else will. And it has nothing to do with how long you have been in biz. ⁣

I'd love to know which tip resonates with you the most! Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let's support each other as we manifest our dream businesses together. xo⁣

P.S. Don't forget to save this post for future reference and tag a fellow entrepreneur who needs to see this!🔖💕 ⁣

And, if you want some extra high vibe support to help you get clear on your Q2 goals, reprogram your subconscious for success and embody the next level version of yourself but aren’t ready for a long term container, DM me BREAKTHROUGH and I’ll tell you all about my brand new 90 minute 1:1 sessions! ⁣


Mood for the week: normalizing the unexpected, extraordinary, magic and miraculous. ⁣

Our old ways of thinking, feeling and believing sets us up for more of the same. But quantum leaping into a new version of reality requires that we are open to the unpredictable, that we let go of the familiar cause and effect and open ourselves up to the magic of the universe, our ability to powerfully co-create our reality and step fully into our power.

So, happy Monday my loves - let’s create some magic! 🪄✨⁣ And if you want to make magic together, DM me the word MAGIC and I’ll take it from there. xo


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For my girls going through an uplevel in their lives and/or businesses, this is for you..⁣ [👉🏻swipe for journal prompts + affirmations!]

And if you want support in becoming (and integrating) your next level self, DM me the word TRANSFORM and I’ll take it from there! xo⁣


What if you stopped worrying so much about HOW everything would happen for you and began to BELIEVE that your success was inevitable?⁣

Let’s talk about it…⁣

⁣Trying to micromanage our manifestations is exhausting, and it takes the magic flow of co-creation with the universe out of the equation. ⁣

Instead, lean into the certainty. BELIEVE that it is already here. SEE yourself now as the transformational coach, six or seven figure business owner, or whatever it is that you are calling in.⁣

And take inspired action from that place instead of the place of uncertainty and control, trying to figure out every little detail. All that does is cause us to doubt, worry and attract more of that stuck energy.⁣

Certainty opens up a million different possibilities for you, and you can begin to focus on the joy, magic and adventure of manifesting your dream life and start to fully embody the next level version of you that believes without a shadow of a doubt that your success is inevitable.⁣

Because, everything truly is working out for you. xo⁣

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Who doesn’t LOVE a freebie!⁣

Check them all out at the link in my bio!⁣

🦋 Your Highest Self Hypnosis Session⁣

Looking to connect with and begin to embody your highest self and start manifesting your dream life + biz from a place of clarity, certainty & worth? This is for you! Get a full hypnotherapy session + a 20 page journal/workbook.⁣

🦋 Pre Coaching Session Meditation⁣

5 minute meditation to help you get grounded, connect to universal guidance and hold a powerful & transformative space for your clients.⁣

🦋Money & Abundance Sleep Hypnosis⁣

Reprogram your subconscious while you sleep to call in more abundance, upgrade your money mindset and transform your self-worth. ⁣

🦋Your Next Level Walking Meditation⁣

Start your day with a 15 minute walk to step into your power and embody your next level self. ⁣

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Ready to manifest your next level life .+ business?⁣


Intuitive mindset and manifestation coaching + business strategy + subconscious reprogramming to help you become the next level version of yourself and manifest your wildest, juiciest dreams...because it's ALL possible. ⁣

Coaching Options:⁣

12 Week Transformation⁣
Perfect for someone looking to maximize their potential, dive deep into rewiring their subconscious and hitting their next level life and business.⁣

6 Week Accelerator⁣
Perfect for someone looking to gain clarity, develop a strategy and identify and reprogram limiting beliefs.⁣

Single Sessions  ⁣
Perfect for a quick breakthrough, to give a coaching session a try, to gain clarity on a specific area of your life or business, or to develop a custom action plan. ⁣


Hypnotherapy is all about tapping into our subconscious minds and reprogramming limiting beliefs, connecting to our highest selves and transforming our worth, confidence and deservingness. ⁣

Hypnotherapy Sessions Available:⁣

☾ Hypno-Manifestation (Uncovering limiting beliefs and clearing the way to receive your desires)⁣
☾ Business Clarity & Vision⁣
☾ Connecting to your Highest Self⁣
☾ Worth, Confidence & Self-Esteem⁣
☾ Abundant Money Mindset + money/abundance blocks⁣
☾ Overcoming the fear of success, being seen and/or putting yourself out there⁣
☾ Healing Your Inner Child⁣
☾ Past Life Regression Therapy⁣
☾ Connecting To Your Guides/Angels/Universe⁣


Launching Soon - join the waitlist at the link in my bio!⁣

A community to help you EXPAND into your next level self, grow your business, & manifest your wildest dreams.⁣


I’m always down to be a guest on your podcast, pop into your mastermind or create a training for your membership/group coaching babes! ⁣

My DM’s are always open - let’s connect and see what might be a good fit! xo⁣

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Hi my love, I’m Kate and I'm here to help female entrepreneurs eliminate limiting beliefs, get clear on their goals and fearlessly take action to manifest their most vibrant, fulfilling and successful businesses by combining coaching with the art, science and MAGIC of hypnotherapy + EFT.⁣

I knew at 16 I wanted to be a Hypnotherapist, and I headed straight to the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in California when I was 18 and opened my first hypnotherapy office without a clue what I was doing. I just knew that I wanted to help women tap into their incredible power to transform their lives and thought I'd just figure it out as I went. ⁣

And I did, but not in the way I thought! My in-person sessions led me to hosting events for teen girls, that eventually grew into one of the most successful girl-empowerment organizations - - impacting over 100,000 girls globally, and partnering with brands like HBO, Dove, Evian, Nike, Instagram and more.⁣

I've been so lucky to host massive events and share stages with superstars like Lindsey Vonn, Amy Purdy and Madison Keys and be featured in The New York Times, Vogue and Forbes. It's been an incredibly wild ride!⁣

And it's all lead me here, to following the passion the started it all to help other ambitious, passionate women manifest their most vibrant, exciting lives by sharing all the tools and strategies that have helped me and my clients do just that! This time though, I marry the mindset work with EXPERIENCE and RESULTS from over a decade spent growing, scaling and manifesting my own dream business! Such an incredible full circle moment and I can't wait to share all the tolls, techniques and practices so you can manifest your own dream life and business!⁣

Want to connect? My DM’s are always open - let’s chat! xo⁣


What’s the difference between where you are now and the version of you living your vision board reality?⁣

It’s your BELIEFS.⁣

What do you believe is possible for you? What do you believe you are worthy of? Do you believe you are capable of reaching your goals? Do you believe it is safe for you to be wealthy? Do you believe you are an authority in your space? Do you believe you are a transformational coach/service provider/ etc? Do you believe that everything is always working out for you? ⁣

The magic happens when your conscious beliefs align with your subconscious beliefs, making you magnetic and a vibrational match for everything you desire to call in.⁣

I know for me, my biggest, juiciest manifestations drop in right after I’ve had subconscious shifts allowing me to fully integrate and embody the upgraded belief system of my next level self, usually through a combination of coaching, hypnosis and EFT.⁣

So, if you’re a babe looking to quantum leap in your life and business, explore your belief systems and do a little subconscious upgrading and reprogramming where necessary. It truly has been a game changer for me and my clients. And if want to know how to get started DM me the word BELIEF and I’ll take it from there… xo

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Swipe for the 5 things you need to know about your next level life, plus some juicy little affirmations and journal prompts. ➡️ ⁣

[Save for later]⁣

Want to chat about your next level life and biz? My DM’s are always open! xo⁣


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When I look back, it was the simple shifts that made the biggest difference. ⁣[👉🏻Swipe for juicy journal prompts and affirmations!]

Which one vibes with you the most?⁣


Why am I so passionate about helping female entrepreneurs/biz owners identify + reprogram limiting beliefs?⁣

Because it was what transformed my confidence and self worth and what caused me to finally stop playing small, people pleasing and playing it safe.⁣

Let me explain.⁣

All my dreams with my first business () came true. Huge 6-figure brand deals, celebrity partnerships and massive events lived streamed to over 16,000 people. It was wild. But I got comfortable. And I played down my success to make others feel more comfortable. I stopped growing personally and professionally. ⁣

It was rinse and repeat for years.⁣

But, I kept feeling this pull from within to EXPAND. To step out of my comfort zone. To put myself out there in a whole new way. To embrace this calling to combine my business experience with the magic of manifestation and the science of mindset work to help other women transform their lives and businesses and become the next level version of themselves. ⁣

And that was SCARY. I had all the limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, the fear of being seen starting something new, and old money /scarcity wounds popping up… So, I went deep and did the work. I started doing hypnotherapy again, practicing EFT, diving into meditation and Breathwork, journaling and embodying the version of myself I needed to be to launch this new business and hold space for my client’s transformations.⁣

But most of all I had to see myself differently, believe in this new version of myself, and embody my next level self.⁣

It truly changed everything for me, and having to go through this process to come out the other side, I’m even more passionate about helping women have their own powerful transformations and become the version of themselves they KNOW is there waiting for them.⁣

So, if you feel like you are meant for more, are ready to go all in, and want to dive deep into your subconscious to reprogram your limiting beliefs and BECOME the next level version of yourself, let’s talk. My DM’s are always open!⁣

Your Next Level Coach⁣




I’m honestly obsessed with helping women up level their lives and businesses through subconscious reprogramming, mindset shifts and manifestation. ⁣

I also love having a business that works for me, supports my goals and gives me the freedom to work from anywhere, choose epic clients to work with and have FUN! (Why not design a business that works for you right from the start?)⁣

I have been a life long entrepreneur (as in I have never worked for anyone, ever) and incorporated my first biz at 16. And I love supporting women in starting and growing their businesses, especially in the early years, and helping them skyrocket their success by identifying and reprogramming limiting beliefs, increasing their confidence and worth, and working on money mindset right from the jump.⁣

It’s POWERFUL to align your subconscious beliefs with your conscious desires and have it working for you in the background. And sprinkling in manifestation techniques, energetic work and embodiment of your next level self…it’s pure MAGIC!⁣

So, if you’re looking for clarity, subconscious shifts, an upgraded money/success mindset and want to collapse time and quantum leap into your next level life and business, my DM’s are always open! Let’s chat. xo⁣

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Ready to transform your business from the inside out? Check out my three tips, journal prompts and affirmations to help you take your biz to the next level.⁣

[Save this post for later!]⁣


Can we manifest more confidence?⁣

The short answer is yes!⁣

Here’s the longer answer:⁣

Manifestation is simply turning an idea or desire into reality. So if your desire is to feel more confident in your life, business, showing up on social media or putting yourself out there as a coach or online service provider (for example) it’s absolutely possible to manifest it. ⁣

Here’s how:⁣

1. Get clear on how you want to feel⁣
2. Identify any limiting beliefs preventing you from feeling how you want to feel⁣
3. Do the inner work to re-program your subconscious mind (hypnosis + EFT are incredible for this)⁣
4. Visualize the version of you that feels wildly confident and start showing up as her every day ⁣
5. Go out into the world and take action, put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone!⁣

Confidence is KEY in business and not having it can hold us back in so many ways. For me when I got started it prevented me from selling my programs, undercharging (or not charging at all!) and not putting myself out there or showing up online. Investing in my confidence was a game changer for me, and now I LOVE working with other babes in biz to help them confidently show up and put themselves out there as well! Because it really changed everything for me. ⁣

Here are some journal prompts to help get you started:⁣

🪄 On a scale of 1-10 how do you currently rate your confidence? ⁣

🪄 Describe in detail what confidence looks and feels like to you.⁣

🪄 Describe how you currently feel when it comes to your confidence.⁣

🪄 What limiting beliefs or stories come up for you related to feeling confident?⁣

🪄 Describe a time in your life when you felt the most confident.⁣

🪄 What are some things you can do every day to feel more confident? ⁣

Want more? I hope you said YES! 🎉 I’m working on a brand new Masterclass that goes into way more depth on all the steps above AND includes hypnosis and EFT sessions, a workbook, journal prompts and a walking meditation! Can’t wait to share more soon, but until then if you want more info send me a DM! ⁣


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Besties - here are my 5 steps for manifesting your Q4 goals!⁣

I just did this, step by step, this weekend and I feel so energized to end this year in a super flowy, aligned and magical way.⁣

And I’m about to record a podcast on this exact topic that will be out tomorrow. Super excited to dive into more detail and share what I’m manifesting over these next 90 days in my business! Stay tuned…⁣

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