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Silver Anniversary Alumni Luncheon 12/02/2020

Silver Anniversary Alumni Luncheon

Silver Anniversary Alumni Luncheon


Hillsdale High School Alumni Association

Reserve Your Space. Register here:
(Important! Complete a separate registration for each alum. Please do not "double up" on one form. Thanks!)

Our Silver Anniversary Virtual Alumni Luncheon will be a very special event. Don't miss it.

• 11:30 - 12:00 noon: Affinity Groups As has been our Knights' Luncheon tradition, come early at 11:30 and Zoom in to visit HHS Faculty (Past and Present) and Affinity Groups (e.g., dance, drama, football, and mock trial).
• 12:00 noon - 12:45: The Main Event Kick-off at noon with a Knights' Signature Cocktail for a virtual toast and a video tour of Hillsdale High School, including reflections on our past, cameo appearances by our distinguished faculty (retired and current) and narration by Principal Jeff Gilbert.
• 12:45 - 1:30 Zoom Reunions Time to visit with your classmates from around the U.S. and the world. To help us reach all our alumni with this message, please share it with your classmates and other alumni. Thanks.

See you on December 5th!

• Please consider donating to the Keith and Cecile Gordon Memorial Fund (K&CGMF) in support of Student Scholarships and Special
HHS Projects, You may donate when you register for the luncheon or by using this link if you aren't planning to attend the luncheon.
More information is available on the Alumni Website.

• For pictures and a history of the Alumni Luncheon, visit

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Stay healthy and wear those masks!

Your Hillsdale High School Alumni Association and Alumni Luncheon Committee


Hillsdale High School Alumni Association

We hope you can join us for this year’s Silver Anniversary Alumni Luncheon.

For 24 years we have been gathering at the San Mateo Elks’ Club on the first Saturday in December, first as Olde Knights (1957-1995), then as Olde and Mid-Knights (1996-2000). Now, freed from the physical limitations of the Elks’ Club, we can invite you Young Knights (2001-2020).

Our Silver Anniversary Alumni Luncheon always promised to be a very special event. Now, in keeping with all that is unique about 2020, this year’s Luncheon will be COVID Special!

More details and registration information will be sent soon, but for now you can begin anticipating these virtual events:

Faculty and Affinity Group get togethers (with a real drink in hand for a virtual toast?)
A video tour of Hillsdale High School, reflecting on our shared history and celebrating today’s Knights
Class Reunion Gatherings

You won’t want to miss it. Plan on joining other Knight alumni from around the U.S. and the world at this year’s Silver Anniversary Alumni Luncheon. To help us reach all our alumni with this message, please share this post with your classmates and other alumni. Thanks!

Stay healthy and wear those masks!

Your Hillsdale High School Alumni Association and Alumni Luncheon Committee

• For pictures and a history of the Alumni Luncheon, visit by clicking on the following links:

Alumni Luncheon History (

Alumni Luncheon Photos (

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Hillsdale High School Alumni Association

Anyone recognize this metal Knight? It is the center of an HHS mystery...can you help solve it?

Check out the article from the Daily Journal for more info: 11/03/2018

Alumni Association Membership

Hello Hillsdale Alumni (Members of the Classes of 1957 through 1998),

Have you heard of the Hillsdale HS Alumni Luncheon (formerly known as the Olde Knights’ Luncheon)? This year the Olde Knights (’57-’93) are inviting the MidKnights (’94-’98) to join them at the 23rd Annual Luncheon. This is an opportunity for you to join your classmates for a unique “mini-reunion” on Saturday, December 1st.

For more information and to register, go to the Hillsdale High School Alumni website at

To hear about future events, including next year’s luncheon, also register as a member of the HHS Alumni Association (It’s Free!).

Hope to see you at the Luncheon,
Your HHS Alumni Association ([email protected]) To better serve our alumni community, the Hillsdale High School Alumni Association (HHSAA), founded in the early 1990’s, has now reorganized with the institutional stability and under the 501(c)(3) umbrella of the Hillsdale High School Foundation. Our Mission is


Visual and Performing Arts Department at Hillsdale

Hillsdale’s Visual and Performing Arts Department collaborated on a brief, entertaining promotional video showcasing our dynamic arts departments to future students, as well as our current school community.


Drama Booster receives a $5000 grant from Foundation in the photo below. In addition, Music Booster, Dance Booster and the PTSO all received $5000 grants. Athletics Boosters received a $9000 grant this year. An additional $3000 is being set aside for clubs to use this year.


Hillsdale High School Foundation celebrates its 10th Anniversary with current and former board members and staff in Hillsdale's new Building. Summer 2017


Grand Opening celebration of HHS New Science and World Languages Building, February 27th, 2017


Kevin Skelly, DonnaKerri Hofstetter, Jeff Gilbert

Grand Opening of Hillsdale's New Science and World Language Building, February 27th, 2017


Hillsdale High School Alumni Association

All HHS alumni are invited to this weekend's production of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" presented by Hillsdale's Drama Department.

Tickets are available at


Knights United Benefit: First Annual Knight Out event in January 28th was a big hit and may likely become a new Hillsdale tradition!


Grab your friends and come on out for fun evening of dinner, dancing, games and auction while supporting Hillsdale!


Image of new Science and World Languages Building due to open January 28th 2017!


Hillsdale’s new classroom building is rising steadily off of Del Monte St. The new building will house 10 new science laboratories and classrooms, along with our World Language and Child Development classes. The new science facilities will accommodate a growing demand for advanced science classes: A.P. science sections have increased from 5 to 9 in just the past six years. The new rooms will include more open space, modern lab areas, improved technology and will be clustered around common storage and planning spaces for the Biology and Chemistry teams. As teachers move into the new building, construction will move to the current science classrooms which will be remodeled to house other courses. A Facilities Committee has been working hard to organize the move, which will result in the clustering of all SLCs so that teacher teams are side-by-side. We look forward to the opening of the new building and are planning a Grand Opening celebration on January 28th with guided tours and entertainment. Stay tuned! See images for what completed building will look like!


Knights United: A Benefit for Hillsdale on January 28th. Save the Date!


Frances Boscacci and Stuart Yoxsimer of 8Z Real Estate again held a shredding party at Hillsdale to benefit the school. They raised almost $600 in donations. Pictured below from left is Jennifer Russell, Executive Director of Hillsdale Foundation, Frances Boscacci, Norma Bower, Board Member HHSF, and Stuart Yoxsimer. We really appreciate their efforts to involve the community and bring in money for Hillsdale.


The Foundation is pleased to be able to support Athletics at HHS. This year, a $1500 grant is going to help pay for the first HHS Magazine. Last year's $9000 grant from the Foundation helped the Athletics Boosters to have an amazing year.

Clinch Fuentes, President of Athletic Boosters said: The team worked to push the programs forward while respecting the many accomplishments of the past. With our fundraising efforts as well as the generous grant from the foundation, we were able to support the following needed support for the Athletics program that the district does not support.

Freshman Sports- Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Swimming
JV Golf Team
Varsity Assistant Coaching Stipends
JV Assistant Coaching Stipends
Strength and Conditioning Trainer
Coaching Legacy Workshops for parents, player and coaches
Tony Cecil Athletic Award
Weight Room Equipment (Speed & Endurance)
Music Program stipend for Basketball Games
Baseball Tarp

This program would not exist without the support from all of our parents and volunteers. Thank you for all your support! --Clinch


"The Dance Boosters appreciate this generous $5000 gift! We hope to purchase more technical equipment for the theater. Thank you again to the HHS Foundation!"
Korey McKean, Dance Booster President


The Foundation gave $30,000 in grants to Athletics, Drama, Dance, Music booster groups and PTSO last school year. It will give about $25,000 this year to the same groups. Foundation dollars raised benefit the whole school.


Active Alumni Parents at Back To School Knight. Katie Korsmeyer, Doriel Nishioka, and LIsa Tsuruoka continue to support Hillsdale in many ways after their children have graduated. 09/19/2016

The 20 schools that won 2016 Schools of Opportunity awards — and why they were selected What does it really look like to create opportunities for all students to learn? These schools are doing it. 09/19/2016

A new way to honor high schools, without looking at test scores Instead of scores and factors often linked to affluence, new rankings use research-proven methods of helping students and faculty. 09/14/2016

Schools of Opportunity

Hillsdale one of only 8 Gold "Schools of Opportunity",

The public media “blitz” celebrating all Schools of Opportunity has officially begun! We are beginning to see lots of great attention—and want to share it with all of you. The official Schools of Opportunity Website featuring a summary and photo of each of the 20 schools is live at: The NEPC seeks to identify and recognize excellent public high schools that actively strive to close opportunity gaps by engaging in practices that build on students' strengths, thereby creating engaging and supported learning opportunities for all their students.


Hillsdale High School Receives National “Schools of Opportunity” Gold Recognition

Hillsdale High School, known for its Small Learning Community model, is one of only 20 schools from across the country to receive recognition as a “School of Opportunity"! This coveted national designation honors excellent public high schools that engage in practices that build on students’ strengths and create supported learning opportunities for all students. Read the complete press release.


Student Life at Hillsdale


Art Storybook Project at Hillsdale High School


HHS New Science Building due to open January 2017: Principal Jeff Gilbert at the ceremonial signing of the final beam


Hillsdale High School Foundation

SMALL LEARNING COMMUNITIES learn what it's all about here!

Hillsdale High School Foundation

[08/17/16]   Thank you and Best Wishes to Dedicated HHS FOUNDATION Board Members--We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to three departing Board Members for their years of service to the Foundation.

Todd Zucker (HHS '63). During his nine years on the Board, Todd has served as its co-founder, president, and treasurer. More importantly, Todd brought his commitment to Hillsdale High School, his business experience, and his selfless integrity to conceptualizing, developing, and supporting the Hillsdale High School Foundation.

Along with his wife Linda (former HHS math teacher), Todd has been a major donor to the Foundation and has served as a constant keeper of the Foundation's vision to act as the legal and structural fund-raising umbrella organization at Hillsdale, and to raise funds for identified needs in support of the students of Hillsdale High School and the school's Small Learning Communities (SLCs) programming.

Todd will be missed but not missing. He will continue to provide leadership to the HHSF's Alumni Association Committee as it pursues its mission to reach, serve and engage all Hillsdale alumni and their families; to foster a lifelong connection between the High School and its graduates; and to provide Hillsdale High School with goodwill and support.

Lisa Tsuruoka has been a Foundation Board member for the past 4 years. She has been a major supporter and contributor through being in charge of many fundraising activities. Lisa has sold many engraved bricks for the football field walkway, as well as engraved seat plaques for the auditorium and little theater. She has managed the sales of preferred seating for graduation, and ordered food in mass quantities for Foundation-sponsored events such as the Hall of Fame and Donor Appreciation. She shows up at every school event, urging attendees to contribute to the Foundation. In fact, Lisa continued on the Board even after her youngest child had already graduated! We have been truly fortunate and blessed to have Lisa with the Foundation.

Brett Dyer. It didn't matter that Brett had never served on a board or was new to Hillsdale High School. He stepped up to the plate and consistently hit homeruns by being willing to tackle tough tasks, being passionate for Small Learning Communities and being dedicated to sustaining the Foundation and its mission. He joined the board four years ago when he signed on as Treasurer. In his third year, he also took on the role of Vice President in preparation for his fourth year as President. During his tenure Brett oversaw the Foundation's finances and improved reporting methods, helped establish the Hillsdale Sustainability Council, participated in various board committees and led the Foundation to achieve an unprecedented fundraising goal. Brett's dry wit and strong work ethic will be missed. We wish him, his wife Anna and their children all the best in the coming year.

[08/17/16]   Good Bye to Beloved Faculty Members
We are sad to see the departure of a number of beloved faculty members following the 2015-16 school year.

Rebecca Bucher, Marrakech counselor, will stay in the district and oversee the implementation of a new Multi-Tiered Student Support program that will create a network of supports for students struggling with mental health issues. Rebecca's positive energy and incredible people skills benefitted hundreds of students and families during her nine years at Hillsdale and will ensure that this new program is truly special.

Karl Lindgren-Streicher, Florence World History teacher, is moving to British Columbia with his fiancée and taking his enthusiasm and dedication with him to another lucky school. Mr. L-S was known for his ability to connect with students and his passion for his work and team and students. Karl was a pioneer in the use of technology at Hillsdale and gave many hours to the support of the Hillsdale community-both our students and teachers.

Crystal Maglio, Kyoto World History teacher and advisor, has taken a new job as the director of curriculum and instruction at a charter high school in the East Bay in order to be closer to home. Crystal was an incredible force for positive change at Hillsdale after coming to our school from a small school in the Bronx. Crystal is a leader in literacy instruction and was Hillsdale's professional development coordinator for the past two years. She is an incredibly bright and thoughtful educator and her passion for equity in education has led her to a new opportunity in Hayward. We wish her all the best and will miss her greatly.

Mindy Trisko has been an amazing Health and Child Development teacher at Hillsdale since the retirement of Linda Duerson. Mindy was able to lead difficult discussions on the most sensitive and important health issues in her classes while inspiring our teenagers to care for dozens of pre-school students in our child development classes. Mindy was always positive and loved our kids and her programs. She has taken a new position in San Jose, teaching fashion design, which is her true love as a teacher. She will be a great addition to her new school.

Emma Ross, Marrakech Biology teacher, is moving to Washington State to enjoy the Douglas Firs and precipitation and to be near her family. Emma came to us from Lowell High School by way of Stanford and brought a deep vision for her curriculum that included labs, inquiry problems and group projects. Emma always had students discovering and finding answers and was positive and enthusiastic at every turn.

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Hillsdale High School Foundation celebrates its 10th Anniversary with current and former board members and staff in Hill...
Kevin Skelly, DonnaKerri Hofstetter, Jeff Gilbert
Knights United Benefit: First Annual Knight Out event in January 28th was a big hit and may likely become a new Hillsdal...





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General information

The Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) program at Hillsdale High has exceeded our expectations and has become a model for other schools in the nation and overseas. The Hillsdale Foundation, a parent- and alumni-led organization, was created in May 2007 with the mission of providing the funding required to meet the goals of Hillsdale’s SLCs. Maintaining rigorous personalized education requires the support of the entire community. Hillsdale High School Foundation facilitates that process.
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