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Operating as usual 10/05/2016

NEW! Game for Beginning or Struggling Readers I'm thrilled to share with you a free game developed right here at Bay Tree Blog called Blending Bingo. Narrated by yours truly, this brand-new game is perfect for young students or kids with dyslexia who need to develop phonemic awareness. 10/05/2016

Free Game for Beginning or Struggling Readers I'm thrilled to share with you a brand new game developed right here at Bay Tree Blog called Blending Bingo. Narrated by yours truly, this free, interactive game is perfect for young students or kids with dyslexia who need to develop phonemic awareness. 08/26/2016

Two Simple Mindfulness Practices For Back-To-School - Mindful Great tips for managing back-to-school stress for kids with LD. Teachers and parents can help kids regulate, shift, and stabilize their energy and mood, allowing for a little more silence and a little more focus.

Bay Tree Blog 08/08/2016

Teaching Math to Students with LD and ADHD: Interview with Adena Young, Ph.D. - Bay Tree Blog

New Post: "Teaching Math to Students with LD and ADHD: Interview with Adena Young, Ph.D." on

Bay Tree Blog Introduction Earlier this year, our local group of educational therapists hosted Dr. Adena Young. Dr. Young is a school and educational psychologist with a private practice in Oakland, California. She works one-on-one with students, provides neuropsychological evaluations, and consults with teachers...

Bay Tree Blog 07/05/2016

How to End Number Switching - Bay Tree Blog

New Post: "How to End Number Switching" on

Bay Tree Blog Talk to any kindergarten teacher, and she’ll tell you about her students who transpose numbers. Two-digit numbers puzzle many younger students. It’s not unusual to hear students confusing the numbers “13” and “31” or writing the number “14” as “41.” This common mistake is sometimes called a transpos...

Bay Tree Blog 04/12/2016

Webinar: Help Kids Understand What They Read - Bay Tree Blog

New Post: "Webinar: Help Kids Understand What They Read" on

Bay Tree Blog I’m excited to share this free, 50-minute class on understanding and teaching reading comprehension. Originally recorded live for Learning Ally, we’ve rerecorded the webinar so you can watch anytime. In this dynamic, practical session, you’ll learn proven strategies to unlock children’s reading comprehension. Together, we’ll explore the best tools and strategies for helping children understand, …

Bay Tree Blog 03/17/2016

Reading Comprehension Round-Up: Top Educators Reveal Top Tools - Bay Tree Blog

New Post: "Reading Comprehension Round-Up: Top Educators Reveal Top Tools" on

Bay Tree Blog Comprehension is the pinnacle of reading success and essential for academic achievement. It’s also, arguably, one of the most difficult skills to teach. When I started teaching, I knew how to teach exactly one reading strategy. As you can imagine, only teaching kids to visualize didn’t work real well. Before long, most of my students … 12/15/2015

Top 10 Graphic Novels 2015

Top 10 Graphic Novels 2015 from @sljournal Selected by the Good Comics for Kids bloggers, these graphic novels published in 2015 are the cream of the crop. 11/17/2015

Italy presses forward in educating students with learning disabilities

How Italians educate kids with learning disabilities differently.

"The majority of students we consider “disabled” in the U.S. — those with relatively mild learning difficulties — are simply part of a wider range of what it means to be a “regular” student in Italy, albeit ones who may require some level of individualized support or accommodation." Italy has a long history of including students with disabilities in general education classes. Their efforts offer unique perspectives and... 11/10/2015

How to Raise a Voracious Reader

The dinner table as one of the best ways to build a young child's #vocabulary. from @UKnowHGSE Promoting literacy with dinnertime storytelling, family conversation, and books about food. 11/03/2015

Dyslexia requires early intervention, say UCD researchers

Start intervention early! Identifying children with dyslexia as early as first grade could narrow or even close the achievement gap with typical readers, according to a new...


Steven Spielberg - Dyslexia Interview

"I wish I had someone helping me to understand that there were many, many other just like me... I wish I had had somebody in my life to do intervention to get me through those rough years."

In September, Steven Spielberg gave this exclusive interview to "Friends of Quinn." I think a lot of people will find it motivational. Find more...

Bay Tree Blog 10/13/2015

Classroom Secrets for Kids with LD - Bay Tree Blog

New Post: "Classroom Secrets for Kids with LD" on

Bay Tree Blog You know those great teachers? The ones that a child remembers for life? I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of these virtuosic educators. Westy Litz is one of those teachers. In her fourth grade classroom, I’ve seen children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD flourish. I’ve always wondered, “How does she do it?” Over … 09/26/2015

Parents Can Learn How To Prevent Anxiety In Their Children

Parents Can Learn How To Prevent Anxiety In Their Children Parents with anxiety disorders can unintentionally teach their children anxious responses to life. But parents can learn how to teach children... 09/09/2015

When the Classroom Feels Hostile

"A big key to mitigating students’ feelings of stigma is really in that relationship between teacher and student. .... [H]aving a close and supportive relationship with a teacher can make all the difference for a student who feels undervalued or stigmatized. How stigma, stereotype, and labels can affect kids with learning disabilities.

[08/19/15]   I let all of my students in on a secret. The halo effect can make the ENTIRE year go well.

Bay Tree Blog 08/17/2015

5 Writing Hacks for Children with ADHD, Dyslexia, or Dysgraphia - Bay Tree Blog

New Post: "5 Writing Hacks for Children with ADHD, Dyslexia, or Dysgraphia" on

Bay Tree Blog Imagine seeing your child eager to write. Wouldn’t it be great to see him enjoying the challenges of composition? How thrilled would you be to see your child proudly turn in her book reports? Well, it’s absolutely possible. I recently taught a fourth grader whose writing didn’t reflect his thoughtful personality. His compositions were a … 07/30/2015

The Writing Assignment That Changes Lives

I'm excited to include reflective writing and goal setting at the beginning of the school year! Goal-setting closed achievement gaps in a recent experiment. The key element? Students put their thoughts in writing. 06/09/2015

Does It Have To Be So Complicated?

Simple solutions to problems in education from #harvard ed. Education, especially education reform, isn’t easy. Yet, does it always have to be so complex? With the help of members of the Ed School community,...

[05/26/15]   “[B]etter teaching doesn’t come from imitating what star teachers do. Better teaching is built by steady, relentless, continual improvement – one lesson and one unit at a time.” Bradley Ermeling, James Hiebert, and Ronald Gallimore [From the Marshall Memo] 05/18/2015

Adventures in Neurodiversity: Think and Teach Like an Educational...

How to support kids who learn differently? Fantastic free webinar @TeacherDBK does inspiring continuing ed! Educational therapy embraces neurodiversity as the most accurate and beneficial model to help all children fulfill their potential. As a partner in...

Bay Tree Blog 03/30/2015

How Phonological Awareness Can Transform Struggling Learners Into Successful Readers With Dr. C. Melanie Schuele (The Exceptional Educator, Ep. 5) - Bay Tree Blog

New Post: "How Phonological Awareness Can Transform Struggling Learners Into Successful Readers With Dr. C. Melanie Schuele (The Exceptional Educator, Ep. 5)" on

Bay Tree Blog Are you looking for teaching methods that will transform struggling learners into successful readers and spellers? I am delighted to feature Dr. C. Melanie Schuele on the Exceptional Educator podcast. She’s a speech-language pathologist, researcher, and associate professor at Vanderbilt University. Today, she shares with us how to supercharge student reading and spelling skills with … 03/18/2015

All About the Books

I just had to share this article. FULL of must-have information, benchmarks, and recommendations for raising a reader from birth to high school. How can parents and educators turn the page on kids who are reading less and computing more? 03/17/2015

How Did They Get Here?

Just ordered! How Did They Get Here? Book on students with #Disabilities @Harvard A book focusing on students with disabilities at Harvard challenges stereotypes and bias while highlighting the themes of their success.

Bay Tree Blog 03/16/2015

The Hidden Reason Why Some Kids Can’t Follow Your Directions - Bay Tree Blog

New Post: "The Hidden Reason Why Some Kids Can’t Follow Your Directions" on

Bay Tree Blog Preface by Anne-Marie I’m delighted to introduce you to Dr. Leilani Sáez. An educational researcher and former classroom teacher, Dr. Sáez knows how tough it can be to reach kids with working memory weaknesses. Leilani Sáez is an educational psychologist currently working as a research associate at Behavioral Research & Teaching (BRT), a research center …

[03/12/15]   Need More Inspiration to Read Aloud???


Upcoming Workshop On #NVLD. Another informative course from #AET. 03/05/2015

Sipe: Obituaries teach life’s lessons

How Could You Use Obituaries with Your Students? I've got to try this! I’ve always liked Fridays as much as the next guy, but this year I especially like them: every Friday, my students and I read an obituary together.... 02/16/2015

What's Worth Learning in School?

Why Do We Have To Learn This? Harvard Ed Weighs In We teach a lot that isn’t going to matter, in a significant way, in students’ lives, writes Professor David Perkins in his new book, "Future Wise."... 02/10/2015

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

"Let's all talk about what we struggled with today and learned from. I'll go first." How to help kids develop a growth-mindset. HINT: Don't tell your kids that they are. More than three decades of research shows that a focus on “process”—not on intelligence or ability—is key... 02/06/2015

The 8 Minutes That Matter Most

Can the writing process help you craft better lesson plans? Like a story, lessons deserve compelling beginnings and endings. From pop culture connections to finishing with a level-up, here are eight... 02/05/2015

Profile: Sian Beilock

Here's a 10-minute intervention to help kids who "choke" during tests. It's free. In Sian Beilock's research studies, students' average grade shifted from a B- to a B+. Great video! Sian Beilock says that even the smartest brains fail to perform well under pressure. 02/05/2015

Helping the Poor in Education: The Power of a Simple Nudge

Can you think of any $7 interventions that develop literacy and keep kids in school? Researchers have found that something as small as text message reminders can help children born into poor families close the gap with richer students.





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