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The Rady School of Management advances business by generating meaningful research and educating princ program, undergraduate and executive education courses.

Founded in 2003, the Rady School of Management was created as a shared vision by local science and technology leaders with the goal of enhancing the vitality of the strong regional economy. As part of the prestigious UC San Diego campus, the Rady School is surrounded by premier research institutions, accelerators and other top-ranked schools of excellence. The Rady School offers a full-time MBA pr

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Sunset views at the ! 😍🌅

Thanks for capturing and sharing these beautiful moments with us and

Sorry, Oxford and Yale. When it comes to influential scientists, you lag far behind UC San Diego, a relative newcomer 11/30/2023

New world rankings by London’s Clarivate shows that UC San Diego has 71 of the most widely-cited researchers in science, medicine, engineering and economics, ranking the school seventh globally!

For the tenth year in a row, Professor Uri Gneezy is a top cited researcher in the field of Economics and Business, and alumni Gene Yeo, MBA ’08 is a top cited researcher in the field of Cross-Field (various bio science subjects) for the fourth year in a row!

We are so proud of the impactful research conducted by our faculty and alumni, and the entire community!

Read more in the The San Diego Union-Tribune: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/science/story/2023-11-26/clarivate-says-that-ucsd-is-7th-most-influential-university

Sorry, Oxford and Yale. When it comes to influential scientists, you lag far behind UC San Diego, a relative newcomer New world rankings by London's Clarivate say UC San Diego has 71 so-called highly-cited researchers, the seventh highest number of any institution in the world

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to the groundbreaking of the UC San Diego Rady School of Management!

In this season of gratitude and our 20th anniversary celebration, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to our donors, faculty, students, staff, alumni, and the entire Rady community. Your generosity has fueled two decades of success, and we're proud to celebrate the achievements of our extraordinary community!


A trip to Africa helped ignite Natalie Yahnke’s (FT MBA ‘23) interest in increasing women’s access to healthcare.

“I saw the difference small medical devices and advocacy can make there,” Yahnke said. “So now I’m interested in the scalability and accessibility of solutions for the general population and democratizing basic products and procedures.”

Yahnke began her post-college career in marketing with American Specialty Health. She soon started thinking about furthering her education so she could climb the corporate ranks to make a bigger difference in women’s healthcare, specifically in biotechnology.

That’s where UC San Diego came in.

“I looked at a lot of the different professors, and I spoke to some current students at the time who were able to speak to their experiences,” she said. “The (decision to attend) Rady was a lot about the curriculum and the professors.”

Yahnke encouraged prospective students to challenge themselves in their course selections and to take advantage of the opportunities outside the classroom to help them shape their post-Rady futures.

Read more about Natalie Yahnke’s experience: https://rady.ucsd.edu/why/students/life-at-rady/natalie-yahnke.html


The Rady Venture Fund, a student-assisted venture capital investment fund at the UC San Diego Rady School of Management, is proud to announce its newest investment: CARI Health Inc.!

The Rady Venture Fund provides a unique, hands-on learning experience for our students to learn the critical skills of venture investing. In a course taught by Kimberly Davis King, students learn by doing, gaining perspective and the competitive edge in understanding venture capital investments and the due diligence process.

“The main benefit of the class is real life experience. I believe teaching innovation and entrepreneurship should be experiential,” said King. “We use a VC-inspired process to conduct due diligence and selection of an investment.”

The Rady Venture Fund is made possible by private donors, most generously by Steve Prestrelski, a Rady MBA alum and chief scientific officer at MBX Biosciences.

Learn more: https://rady.ucsd.edu/why/news/2023/11-07-remote-medication-monitor-receives-funding-from-rady-venture-fund.html


Before embarking on his journey at the , Jesus Gonzalez, FlexMSBA ’24 started working at PlayStation after serving in the Air Force for over 7 years, most of which were spent at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Recognizing the need for a deeper understanding of data to advance his career, he chose to pursue the Master of Science in Business Analytics degree.

His decision was not just about technical knowledge but the valuable connections Rady offered. “Being originally from El Centro, California, and having spent 7 years in Germany, I wasn't well-connected in San Diego. Rady seemed valuable for connecting with people from San Diego or those coming to San Diego with a similar mindset of impacting the local community.”

Reflecting on the veteran-friendly atmosphere at Rady, he highlighted the financial assistance the school provides to the military community and the support he received from UC San Diego Veterans Affairs Officer, Jay Nelson. "Not worrying about costs and knowing that resources like the Yellow Ribbon Program would kick in if needed has been particularly helpful.”

During his free time, Jesus volunteers with Candorful, a non-profit providing free interview prep for transitioning service members and their spouses, where he has assisted over 40 people in the past year.

“Veterans bring a different level of grit and initiative. Most veterans, through exposure to challenging situations, have adapted an ability to prioritize the things that really matter.” He advises veterans to embrace uncertainty, find veteran mentors with similar interests, cherish the veteran network, and always be willing to pay it forward when it’s their turn to help the next young soldier. 🇺🇸


Congratulations to Will Lu, FlexEvening MBA '23 on being named one of San Diego Business Journal's Top 50 Veteran Business Leaders of Influence of 2023! 🎉

Will is currently the Project Manager at the Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific (NIWC PAC). He is a recipient of the Society of Asian Professionals and Engineers Promising Professional Award and the Jefferson Award. In addition to being an integral part of the Rady community, he serves as an advisory board member for the Armed Services YMCA San Diego and as a chapter lead for the San Diego Veterans Beer Club.

"It’s an honor to be recognized as a Veteran Business Leader of Influence by the San Diego Business Journal. I’m grateful to continue serving through my work at NIWC PAC and as a Board Member with the Armed Services YMCA. I look forward to taking the knowledge I’ve gained from the Rady School of Management to further my growth as a San Diego business leader." - Will Lu

Learn more:https://images.sdbj.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/SDBJ-Top-50-Veteran-Business-Leaders-of-Influence-2023-Honorees.pdf

Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR)al

Photos from Rady School of Management, UC San Diego's post 11/09/2023

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the 20th Anniversary Rady Talks event! 🎉

It was a wonderful evening celebrating and reminiscing our past 20 years as UC San Diego's business school and hearing about the impactful research that our faculty members Wendy Liu, Michael Meyer, Marta Serra-Garcia, Uri Gneezy, Vish Krishnan, and On Amir are doing to help shape the future of business.

We cannot wait to see what our brilliant community will accomplish in the many years to come! ✨


The Rady School of Management partnered with the San Diego Military Advisory Council (SDMAC) for the fourth time to craft the Military Economic Impact Report (MEIR).

Our MBA students William Lu, Josue Graciano-Arrendondo, Brett Jasionowski, and Nicole Leonard led by professor Michael Meyer completed the 2023 MEIR, finding that the military sector accounts for 22.9% of the region's workforce and 23.6% of the gross regional product in San Diego.

"This is a great learning experience for our students, and an opportunity for us to support the San Diego community in two distinct ways; we introduce people who may have little connection with the military to the breadth of activities and tangible benefits that brings us, and we provide the insights and evidence that policymakers and business leaders need in order to make the most of these benefits for the whole region." - Michael Meyer

Read the full report:https://sdmac.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/2023-SDMAC-Report-FINAL-Print.pdf

Photos from Rady School of Management, UC San Diego's post 11/02/2023

to Preview Day this past Spring! 📸 Join us for our upcoming Preview Day this Saturday, November 4th to experience what the is all about! 💡

During Preview Day you will have the chance to:
▪Network with students, alumni and staff
▪Ask advisors all of your questions
▪Meet future classmates
▪Experience a master class taught by one of our prestigious faculty members
▪Learn about our Career Management Center
▪Tour our state of the art facilities overlooking the Pacific Ocean
▪Take home some fun Rady swag

Register: https://bit.ly/3S9GLpx


Congratulations to Uma Karmarkar, associate professor at the UC San Diego Rady School of Management and the School of Global Policy and Strategy, on being elected President of the Society for NeuroEconomics!

Karmarkar will spend three years as part of the executive leadership team – one year as president-elect, one year as president, and the final year as past-president in a support and consulting role for the incoming leadership.

“The Society for Neuroeconomics represents an interdisciplinary community with expertise spanning biology to marketplace behavior centered around the goal of understanding human decision-making. I’m honored to have been chosen as president-elect, and look forward to creating resources and opportunities to support the continued growth of the field.” -Karmarkar

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Last week, the annual Rady School Alumni Family Picnic brought together alumni from all classes and their families for a fantastic day filled with good food and company, lawn games, face painting, and balloon creations. We hope everyone had a great time connecting with old and new friends!

Photos from Rady School of Management, UC San Diego's post 10/27/2023

The Rady School recently hosted our annual Rady Alumni Reunion, celebrating milestone classes of 2008, 2013, and 2018!

Joined by Rady Alumni Board members, Rady Student Association members, Dean Lisa Ordóñez, and special guests, attendees had the opportunity to reconnect with classmates, forge new relationships, and hear about the amazing things happening at Rady.

Financial Integrity Oaths Reduce Corporate Corruption 10/26/2023

New research co-authored by UC San Diego Rady School of Management Associate Professor of Accounting Gerardo Pérez Cavazos finds that companies with executives that swore oaths engaged in less earnings management.

“Our results indicated that oath-taking CFOs were not only avoiding earnings management that would be considered highly questionable and illegal in some cases, they were making all-around good decisions,” Pérez Cavazos said. “So, they were following the spirit of the law instead of simply the letter of the law. It was surprising and encouraging to see such a behaviorally-driven change.”

Learn more: https://rady.ucsd.edu/why/news/2023/10-26-financial-integrity-oaths-reduce-corporate-corruption.html

Financial Integrity Oaths Reduce Corporate Corruption Companies with executives that swore oaths engaged in less earnings management, reveals new UC San Diego Rady School of Management research


Considering business school or currently in the midst of the application process? We invite you to join us for Rady Preview Day on Saturday, November 4th, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to discover what sets Rady apart from other institutions!

Preview Day welcomes all prospective students, regardless of your program or application status. You'll have the opportunity to engage with program advisors, connect with current students and alumni, learn about our Career Management Center, participate in a master class led by Associate Professor of Business Analytics and Marketing Vincent Nijs, and more.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Register: https://bit.ly/3S9GLpx

Rady School Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation and Impact 10/25/2023

How do money and time affect people’s behavior? What is our human nature? And how do you use incentives to truly motivate people?

To mark our 20th anniversary, the UC San Diego Rady School of Management is hosting a series of TED-style talks from top faculty that delve into these questions and other research shaping the future of business.

Learn more: https://rady.ucsd.edu/why/news/2023/10-24-rady-school-celebrates-20-years-of-innovation-and-impact.html

Rady School Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation and Impact To mark its 20th anniversary, the Rady School of Management is hosting a series of TED-style talks from top faculty on Nov. 6.

Photos from Rady School of Management, UC San Diego's post 10/24/2023

Team Rady Assets led by Dean Lisa Ordóñez participated in UC San Diego's 27th Annual Triton 5K in support of student scholarships and the next generation of Tritons!

Photo 1 by Tatsuya Yoshida, MBA '24


Join us in celebration of our 20th anniversary with Rady Talks on November 6th, 2023 at the Beyster Auditorium! 🎉 The event includes inspiring TED-style talks from some of our top faculty about how their research is making an impact and helping to shape the future of business.

Speakers include faculty members On Amir, Uri Gneezy, Ayelet Gneezy, Vish Krishnan, Wendy Liu, Michael Meyer, and Marta Serra Garcia.

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/uc-san-diego-rady-school-of-management-20th-anniversary-event-tickets-731442392887

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Alan Tornel, FlexEvening MBA ’26, chose to attend the because he saw the STEM-focused curriculum as an opportunity to harness the strategies of top-tier businesses and adapt them to foster community programs that are more impactful and far-reaching.

Tornel is currently the Business Development Manager at San Ysidro Health. Growing up amidst the diverse cultures of South San Diego and a binational heritage, his parents instilled in him the values of hard work, resilience, and community engagement. “My Latinx roots have been the compass of my career, guiding decisions, and forging connections, allowing me to celebrate the past while continuously striving for a brighter, united future.”

Tornel was also recently named one of San Diego Business Journal’s 2023 Top 50 Latino Business Leaders of Influence for his work in the community.

“I'm deeply passionate about initiatives that resonate with our Latinx heritage and drive community upliftment. Currently, I'm championing two transformative initiatives. The first, in collaboration with the Burnham Center for Community Advancement, is the Behavioral and Mental Health Workforce development project. This endeavor focuses on increasing the availability of mental health professionals who can deeply connect with the communities they serve on both a linguistic and cultural level. Our vision is not just to provide care, but to ensure that the care is culturally relevant, holistic, and impactful. The lack of representation in this sector historically has meant many in our community haven't received the care they genuinely need, and we're determined to change this narrative.

Secondly, my involvement with the MANA de North County San Diego Board of Directors since 2022 has been incredibly rewarding. Working alongside a team of empowering Latinas, our mission transcends beyond representation. We are dedicated to lighting the path for middle school students, ensuring they not only dream but also have the tools and guidance to achieve their aspirations. We believe in the power of mentorship and have seen firsthand how one guiding hand can transform a young person's life trajectory. As the board works to bridge educational gaps and open doors of opportunity, I'm continuously inspired by the potential that lies ahead for our next generation.”

Read more about Alan Tornel’s story: https://rady.ucsd.edu/why/edi/voices-of-rady/alan-tornel.html

Unions Push Companies to Reduce Risky Debt, Help Safeguard US Workers 10/18/2023

Research coauthored by UC San Diego Rady School of Management Assistant Professor of Finance Carlos Fernando Avenancio-León shows that stronger unions improve the economy’s overall financial stability—reducing the risk of unemployment for unionized workers and the broader workforce.

“Passing right-to-work laws not only weakens unions, it can have a negative effect on all workers—increasing the chances that they will be impacted by restructuring or layoffs when companies experience economic headwinds,” Avenancio-León said.

Learn more: https://rady.ucsd.edu/why/news/2023/10-17-unions-push-companies-to-reduce-risky-debt-help-safeguard-us-workers.html

Unions Push Companies to Reduce Risky Debt, Help Safeguard US Workers Stronger unions can improve the economy’s financial stability, finds new research from UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management


Some moments from the Oktoberfest last week! 🍻 We hope everyone had a great time getting together and decompressing from the busy start of the school year!


Meet some of UC San Diego's Undergraduate Business Organizations!

▪Business Council of UC San Diego
▪The Investors Club
▪Cornerstone Community Consultants
▪UCSD UIS - Undergraduate Investment Society
▪Phi Beta Lambda at UC San Diego
▪Lumnus Consulting
▪Women in Business at UC San Diego
▪Student Foundation Investment Committee
▪Delta Sigma Pi (ΔΣΠ) - Omicron Sigma Chapter)
▪Triton Consulting Group
▪Sigma Eta Pi
▪Sustainable Investment Group
▪UCSD Alpha Kappa Psi - Nu Xi Chapter
▪UCSD Beta Alpha Psi - BAP
▪UCSD Undergraduate Economics Society


The UC San Diego Rady School of Management is excited to announce the integration of Generative AI (GenAI) tools into our Full-Time and Part-Time Masters in Business Analytics (MSBA) programs!

Integrating GenAI into our curriculum will accelerate how students learn both data science and business principles and allow them to develop a deeper understanding of the business problems they will solve during their capstone projects and after graduation. Our students will be able to harness GenAI to optimize existing business processes or design new ones, delivering increased value and operational efficiencies for their organizations.

“In the MSBA program at Rady we believe that GenAI won’t replace humans, but humans who leverage GenAI may replace those that do not,” said Vincent Nijs, associate professor of business analytics and marketing and faculty director of the MSBA programs.

Read the Q&A with Nijs and Ion Nemteanu, executive director of the MSBA programs to learn more: https://rady.ucsd.edu/why/news/2023/10-10-rady-school-leverages-ai.html


We are proud to congratulate Monique Casellas, Director of Development, on being named one of San Diego Business Journal’s 2023 Top 50 Latino Business Leaders of Influence!

“I am honored and humbled to be recognized as one of our region's top 50 Latino Business Leaders of Influence this year. I am grateful to the San Diego Business Journal for making a space for acknowledging ALL agents of change in our city.

Special thanks to Rady alum, UC San Diego Foundation Board Member, and dear friend, Bosco Lujan MBA '12, for having the generosity to nominate me, and to UC San Diego and the Rady School of Management for allowing me to bring my roots, my language, and the chance to learn and serve the Hispanic Community to everything we do.

I embrace my commitment to stand proud of who we are and where we come from. I feel even more inspired and encouraged to motivate our alumni, donors, and friends to make an impact, strive for success, and contribute positively to society. Muchas gracias!”

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In celebration of and , we are spotlighting Camille Cannon’s (MBA ’23) “Scratching the Record” podcast, which originated as part of her independent study project at the . During her MBA journey, she recognized her own nontraditional career path and aimed to normalize and bring visibility to illuminate similar success stories on how people succeeded in defining their own paths through her podcast.

“It was important to me to highlight diverse voices and perspectives, especially in the debut season. I was fortunate to connect with my guest Pabel Martinez after listening to his podcast, ¿Quién Tú Eres?, which aims to redefine professionalism. Pabel has been a featured speaker at companies including Google, Salesforce and Spotify.

Our conversation explored what it’s like being Latinx in corporate America, and the challenges of entering a workforce where you don’t see yourself represented around you. Sometimes we feel like we have to mold who we are to what we see, but the most powerful thing we can do is be ourselves and be an example for someone else.”

Camille is a first-generation college student, whose maternal great-grandparents came to the U.S. from Mexico in pursuit of a better life. Understanding the challenges of navigating academia and the professional world with limited guidance, Camille has been dedicated to supporting underrepresented and first-generation students in her own leadership journey through various activities such as participating in UC San Diego’s Hope Scholars program, speaking on an alumni panel with the UC San Diego Career Center, and delivering a TEDx talk at her alma mater high school.

“I want to help students know how to advocate for themselves and understand that they belong in a four-year university, in a graduate program, or anywhere else they want to go.

My family gave me the best advice they could when I was growing up, which was to work hard and let your work speak for itself. When you enter the workforce, it’s also incredibly important to connect with people and build a network. Start with your peers—create together, build together, share resources and opportunities. Actively check in with your network. Your work matters, but how you help and treat others will make the biggest difference.”

Listen to Scratching the Record: https://open.spotify.com/show/0d9MjGgjHzExplN3Xl1sxP?si=853852e668934a14

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Last week, our students had a fantastic time meeting employers at the Careers in Accountancy career fair. Don't miss out on these valuable networking opportunities to connect with employers looking to hire talent from the for full-time and internship roles.

Explore upcoming career workshops and events at career.rady.ucsd.edu.

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We present our new FlexEvening MBA, FlexWeekend MBA, Master of Professional Accountancy, and Master of Finance cohorts! We are excited to have you all here at the ! 🎉 💙


Rady Student Association and Rady Data Analytics Club President, Ashraf Mogal (FT MSBA ’23), welcomes new students and shares a few invaluable tips to make the most of your time at the Rady School of Management!

1️⃣ Engage Actively in Student Organizations:

Get involved! Join clubs aligned with your interests and career goals. Active participation not only expands your network but also hones your leadership skills and lets you put your classroom knowledge to practical use.

2️⃣ Maximize Networking and Career Resources:

Harness the power of networking both within and outside your cohort! Attend club events, workshops, and speaker series to make meaningful connections. And remember to reach out to our Career Management Center early on. They're here to help you define your career goals, develop job-search strategies, and land internships and full-time positions. Don't miss out on their career fairs, workshops, and personalized counseling sessions.

3️⃣ Balance Academics with Extracurricular Activities:

While academics are a primary focus, remember to find a balance with extracurricular activities and personal well-being. Managing time effectively is crucial. Strike a balance between coursework and activities that promote personal and professional growth.

Photos from Rady School of Management, UC San Diego's post 09/20/2023

A big welcome to the 520+ new MBA and speciality Masters students joining our vibrant community! 🎉

We hope you’ve had a fantastic time exploring Rady and building new connections during orientation. Your journey is just beginning, and we look forward to witnessing your continued growth and success.

Celebrating 20 years of Innovation and Impact at the Rady School of Management 09/14/2023

Celebrating 20 years of innovation and impact! The Rady School of Management proudly commemorates two decades as UC San Diego’s business school. 🎉🌟

Our incredible journey, guided by visionary leaders, generous donors, and the brilliance of our students, alumni, and distinguished faculty, showcases relentless growth and influential contributions to the global community. We look forward to continuing to educate future generations of business leaders for many years to come!

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-8Da0uBvRU
Learn more: https://rady.ucsd.edu/20

Celebrating 20 years of Innovation and Impact at the Rady School of Management The Rady School of Management Celebrates 20 years as UC San Diego’s Business SchoolWe Look Back on the Last 20 years with Pride and AweWe thank the donors an...


We are excited to announce that the UC San Diego Rady School of Management is now ranked 24th amongst public institutions in Bloomberg Businessweek's 2023-24 Best B-School ranking! We moved up 17 spots from the previous year with our overall ranking now at 53rd in the U.S.

Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/business-schools/uc-at-san-diego-rady/


We're thrilled to announce that the UC San Diego Rady School of Management has risen to the #2 spot in Entrepreneurship in Bloomberg Businessweek's 2023-24 Best B-Schools ranking!

This achievement, a two-spot leap from last year, marks our highest-ever Entrepreneurship ranking. With over 330 ventures launched and more than $3.5 billion raised in private funding for these startups, we're incredibly proud of our vibrant entrepreneurial community.

Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/business-schools

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Our Class of 2025 MBA students had a great time getting to know each other in a team building workshop hosted by the UCSD Craft Center!

The students got to explore their creative side in a block printing workshop, where they had the chance to design their own cards, learn about some of the resources available at the craft center that are especially useful for those interested in prototyping, and try something new before diving into the MBA core curriculum.

We can’t wait to welcome all our students next week at orientation!

Photos from Rady School of Management, UC San Diego's post 09/06/2023

Welcome Class of 2025 MBA students! 🎉

Pre-Term is here and we can't wait to see your Rady journey unfold. Make sure to share your experiences with us by tagging our account and using on social media!


Applications are now open for our one-year and two-year STEM designated specialty Masters and MBA programs! 🎉

Learn more and start your application: https://rady.ucsd.edu/connect/apply-now/index.html

Full-Time MBA: October 5, 2023
FlexEvening and FlexWeekend MBA: October 5, 2023
Full-Time MSBA: October 1, 2023
FlexMSBA: October 15, 2023
Master of Finance (MFin): October 15, 2023
Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc): October 15, 2023


Congratulations to Dr. Richard Lieber (MBA '14) on winning the Paul B. Magnuson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Rehabilitation Research and Development!

Well into his long and illustrious 30-year career as Professor and Vice Chairman of the UC San Diego Department of Orthopedic Surgery, he had a change of heart about the value of a business degree and enrolled in the Rady School of Management’s MBA program. He credits his Rady MBA with giving him the necessary tools to add to his skillset to help him confidently take the leap to new and exciting business and leadership challenges, such as his current role as the Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago, Illinois.

Read more about how his experience at the helped supercharge his efficiency on the business side of research and science: https://rady.ucsd.edu/why/news/2023/07-19-rady-alum-wins-the-paul-b-magnuson-award-for-outstanding-achievement-in-rehabilitation-research-and-development.html

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Our Story

The Rady School of Management is a leading business school educating ethical leaders to run innovation-driven organizations.

The Rady School of Management at UC San Diego is a professional school within one of the top-ranked institutions in the U.S. for higher education and research. The Rady School offers a Full-Time MBA program and FlexWeekend and FlexEvening MBA programs for working professionals. One-year degree programs available include a Master of Finance, Master of Science in Business Analytics and FlexWeekend Master of Science in Business Analytics, and a Master of Professional Accountancy. A Ph.D. program, undergraduate and executive education courses are also offered.

UC San Diego's lineage includes 16 Nobel Laureates (former and current faculty) and eight MacArthur Foundation award recipients. The Rady School is at the nexus of this research, development and innovation — it underlies our curriculum and our academic model.

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