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Hi, I'm Kayla, Your Executive Director! 🌟

I'm thrilled to be a part of the La Jolla Learning family and to share a bit about myself with you!

👩‍🏫 My Professional Journey:

👉Licensed Educational Therapist – In Progress
👉 M.Ed from Southeastern University in Educational Therapy – Graduating June 2024
👉 B.S. from Slippery Rock University in Special Education and Elementary Education
👉 B.S. from Utah State University in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education
👉 Certified Teacher in PA and AZ
👉 Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant in Arizona

Before joining La Jolla Learning, I spent over a decade as a special education teacher. I've also worked as an SLP-A, Instructional Coach, Behavioral Coach, and Structured Literacy Coach.

💖 My Personal Passion:

My biggest accomplishment is understanding the strengths of my son, who was identified with dyslexia in 2nd grade.

I'm passionate about helping parents realize that a child’s reading or spelling ability doesn't determine their intelligence. Instead, our kids have incredible strengths that just need to be understood and nurtured!

I’m so excited to be part of this community and to support your child's learning journey!


🌟 Summer Accelerated Reading Skills Program! 📚

Is your child struggling with basic reading or spelling? 🤔💭

Our accelerated program is here to help students utilize the summer to catch up on the reading and spelling skills they're behind on.

✨ Program Highlights:

📘For All Ages: Whether your child is in elementary, middle, or high school, our program is tailored to support learners of any age.

📘 Orton-Gillingham Based Method: We use a proven method to strengthen foundational skills, ensuring lasting improvement.

📘 Free Consultation: Not sure if this program is right for your child? Book a free consultation to learn more!

Don't let reading challenges hold your child back. Invest in their future today!

To learn more about the summer literacy book camp, visit:


📝 Is your child struggling with writer’s block? Try this hack! 📝

When students struggle to get their thoughts on paper, it’s easy for us to feel just as stuck. Should we rephrase their words? Should we give them a keyword?

Discover the game-changing tool… writing templates…

Providing empty templates can be the key to helping students really find their own writing voice!

📚 Examples:

The story is about…
This book shows us that…
I believe that…

✍️ Using Prompts:

Favorite movie:
My favorite movie is __________ because…

Book opinion:
I liked/disliked this book because…

🎨 Why It Works:

Templates give a starting point, boosting confidence and creativity.

🌟 Learn More:

Interested in offering writing support for your child?

La Jolla Learning can help guide your students in learning these types of strategies.


📢📢 Calling Middle & High School Students

This summer ☀️we are offering a small group Executive Functioning Camp! 📝

4 Days 📅
2 Hours Each Day ⏰
Complete introduction to executive functioning skills and strategies. ✅
Students learn to read and understand their own MindPrint (how they learn best!) 🧠💪🏻

SEATS ARE LIMITED! Reserve your learner’s spot today!


Looking for a different environment for next school year or even to begin this summer?
➡️We have open spots for our 4th-5th grade virtual classroom.⬅️

At La Jolla Virtual Academy, we pride ourselves with the ability to provide individualized support while maintaining focus on state standards.

Click the link in the flyer or visit our website ( to book a free consultation to learn if LJVA is a right fit for your student.

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May the 4th Be With You - Syllable Edition

Interest-based learning offers a level of engagement that is unmatchable! Sorting words by syllable type is a great activity to utilize, but making the words themed-based or interest-based or even better, Star Wars-based guarantees a great lesson!

Want to know the answers to the questions within the reel?
Comment Jedi below!

May the Force Be With You!

Photos from La Jolla Learning's post 04/29/2024

Summer is just around the corner if you can believe it! At La Jolla Learning, we've been getting excited to launch some of our new summer programs this year. Take a look at our offerings to see if one of our programs is a good match for your child!
☀️ 🏖️ 📚

Photos from La Jolla Learning's post 04/29/2024

This weekend’s Executive Functioning skills is dedicated to “Paying Attention.” 🚨🚨

If your child struggles to attend, they are not alone!
You may be wondering how to help and we are here to tell you it begins with recognizing when you lose focus.

Simply telling a child to attend does not work, it takes explicit instruction on recognizing when it’s happening and how to help.


FREE Webinar Alert! Join our Executive Director, Kayla Flores, for a discussion on the most effective ways to keep your child engaged in learning over the summer break. Avoiding the "summer slide" can be a real challenge, but there are many ways to keep boosting academic skills during time off from school. In this webinar, Kayla will share tips on how to help your child continue to learn over the break as well as reinforce what they've learned during the school year. Register today using the QR code on this flyer!


Meet Stories of Survival, our third entry in the EXPLORE program! 🌎 🏕️

In Stories of Survival, students will delve into two remarkable tales of survival and have the chance to explore the essential aspects of surviving in the wilderness. Additionally, they can unleash their creativity by crafting a survival children's story, inventing their own survival tool, designing a survival board game, or composing a guide on how to survive in a specific region of the world. Let your child's imagination run wild as you embark on this exciting journey of exploration and creation!

Photos from La Jolla Learning's post 04/20/2024

Executive Function Friday is all about your child’s favorite past time - homework! 🤭🤭

Okay, not their most favorite thing to do at home, but let’s face it, sometimes it just needs to get done and the 2 main reasons this is a struggle are:
➡️ Time Management
➡️ Organization

📝📝📝Creating checklists is a great time management strategy. Maybe this checklist helps your student initiate homework or comes in clutch wrapping it up for the night.
Does your child have several things to complete for a specific content area? Create a checklist specifically for that.
🗂️🗂️🗂️ Organization starts with your physical space and reducing distractions. Do you know how to put your phone on Do Not Disturb? Is your desk clutter-free? The appropriate learning space will set the precedent for a successful homework session.

Learn more about Executive Function by visiting our blogs.


Is your child a history buff in the making? Do they enjoy learning about the secrets of civilizations of the past? We have an extra special course that we're offering through our EXPLORE! program that is tailor made for kiddos who want to learn about everything from pyramids to the Great Wall of China!

This course is geared toward 4th-8th grade but can be customized for any age. Learn more about our EXPLORE! Program on our website:

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🧠🧠 Flexible Thinking is the ability to adjust to unexpected circumstances. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️ It is also the Executive Functioning skill we are discussing this week.
Let’s look at some specific scenarios to dive a little deeper…

➡️ Does your child get “stuck”? They have a hard time moving forward if the direction or problem is different than what they expected or wanted?
➡️ Maybe your child handles unexpected change better than some adults you know. Helping them to realize this is a strength is super powerful! 💪🏻🌟They can use this strength to navigate social situations and can lead others to brainstorm solutions. ✅

Flexible Thinking can be strengthened with a growth mindset, strategies and practice!


Learning gaps can sometimes feel nearly impossible to fill -- the bar is raised throughout the school year and sometimes it seems our kids are constantly playing catch-up to keep up with the rising standards. While there should be plenty of fun and relaxation for children during the summer, research proves the later we wait to give students the support the need, the longer it will take to improve that given skill. Summer intervention allows your learner to progress towards that next rung on the ladder without the pressure of the rising expectations that occur during the school year. Skill improvement requires the right type of practice and consistent practice.

Dedicating several hours of research-based proven reading and spelling instruction over the summer will set your student up for success this upcoming school year. To learn more about our Structured Literacy Summer Boot Camp, book a free consultation with our director today!


Does your child have a curiosity about what lies beyond our atmosphere? Our new EXPLORE! program has a Space Exploration option that might be a good fit for them! This course allows students to go beyond just learning the planets and actually dig into how we explore space. Call us for more information today! (858) 456-4569

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➡️ Executive Function Friday ⬅️

👋🏻👋🏽Welcome to our new Friday series! We are excited to share with you not only some awesome strategies, but why and when you would use them.

FIRST UP - Memorizing for Efficiency ⏱️🧠
❓ Have an upcoming test where you need to memorize content? Why spend more time then you have to preparing for it? When you work with your natural strengths, memorizing information is easier.
🧠 To understand what strategy will work best for you, you need to first know which type of memory is your strength: verbal 🗣️or visual 👀 memory.

🗣️ Verbal Memory is your strength - saying the material outloud as you study is a strategy to try!
👀 Visual Memory is your strength - create flashcards with pictures.

Not sure which is your strength? We can help - message us!

Photos from La Jolla Learning's post 04/01/2024

Looking to help your child prepare for the rigor of private school, boost their academic performance, or just allow them to explore learning in a non-school setting?

La Jolla Learning’s EXPLORE! program provides students with the opportunity to delve into subjects of their interest that go beyond traditional curriculum with the goal of fostering a love for learning and promoting personal growth.

This program emphasizes exploration, critical thinking, and real-world application of knowledge. At the end of the program, your child will receive a letter of completion from their instructor.

Think this sounds like a good fit for your child? Reach out to us today to learn more!


Ramadan Mubarak! We are BACK with our holiday spelling word list tradition -- one of our favorite things to make here at La Jolla Learning! We work with so many students who struggle with reading so these types of wordlists are near and dear to our hearts.

There were so many other words that didn't quite fit into these categories that we wanted to include -- sunset, angel, gift, the list goes on!

Word list categories are a great tool to use to not only support students with reading and spelling but also to teach them about important cultural holidays. Try writing out these words and seeing if your students can categorize them independently!


If your learner continues to struggle with the automaticity needed to successfully and efficiently solve math problems, they most likely do not have a conceptual understanding of what is happening.

A very effective approach to teach math conceptually, as well as procedurally, is the CRA method.
CRA stands for:
➡️Concrete ➡️ Representational ➡️ Abstract.
This method allows for students to understand problems through doing (concrete), seeing (representational) and symbolizing (abstract).

Contact our office to book a free consultation with our director to learn more about how we can help your child build a strong mathematical foundation.

Timeline photos 02/19/2024

We are excited to announce we are launching a brand new enrichment program called EXPLORE! This program was inspired by the many students we've had who have come to us to guide them in learning about their interests and strengthening their academic skills in a non-school setting. It's so rewarding to see the progress students can make when we get them excited about learning - and that's what this program is all about!

Call us today to learn more!

Timeline photos 02/09/2024

"They are still young, you should wait to seek out additional help." How many of you have heard this when asking to get support for your child?

Research is showing us that this is the exact opposite of what you should do. It is never too early to give your learner the additional support they are needing.

Not sure if your child needs additional support? Or know they are struggling but not sure how to help? Schedule a free consultation today to speak with our director!

Photos from La Jolla Learning's post 02/06/2024

I know we aren't the only ones noticing the buzz around the NFL and its rising stars! The great thing about paying attention to these kinds of trends is we get ideas about how to make learning fun and accessible for our students! A post made by ESPN recently sparked our inspiration about how to use stories like Josh Allen's to teach goal setting and other executive functioning skills.

Have you done something similar with you child or student? Leave us a comment below!

Timeline photos 01/22/2024

Did you know that there are different types of dyslexia? Our director, Kayla, made this poster for her presentation on dyslexia to Liberty School District in Arizona to help illustrate this fact. Realizing that there are variations of this learning challenge helps us understand that dyslexia is not a "one size fits all" and that we should make extra efforts to individualize the instruction we provide to children with dyslexia to support their specific struggles.

While structured literacy programs usually guide reading and spelling instruction, there are many opportunities to switch things up and improvise when teaching these skills to cater to the type of dyslexia your child or student has. If you are teaching or parenting a dyslexic child (and with 1 in every 5 people having dyslexia, it's highly likely you do!), we recommend reading up on the types of dyslexia so that you can better support your child or student with their reading and writing skills. The more we know, the more we're able to support our young learners!

Timeline photos 01/09/2024

Thinking about goal-setting with your students for the new year? Read the caption for more info!

As educators, it is tempting to make goal conversations with students revolve solely around their academic achievements, (for us, this is the good stuff that we could talk about all day!) however, we recommend making sure to leave room for your students to discuss their own personal goals and interests. Attending to passions of their own not only helps students with the executive functioning skills required for goal-setting, but can also lead them to "learn" in a less traditional sense.

Wanting to bake more requires reading and measurement skills. It can also require research and internet fluency to find the right recipe!

Learning an instrument requires working memory to remember the chords while focusing on the position of the strings or keys. Learning to play music also enhance the logical faculties of the brain!

Regardless of how you approach it, the start of the year is a great time to check in with your students about their goals and congratulate them on their progress and effort thus far. For older students, this might mean explicit conversations about IEP goals and progress, and for younger students this might take the form of general conversations about skills being learned. These conversations can be incredible for boosting self-awareness and morale!

Timeline photos 01/05/2024

We are so excited to announce our NEW executive functioning program that comes from the brilliant minds at MindPrint Learning! This program can help your child gain a better understanding of HOW they learn, which strategies will best be suited to their learning style, and the importance of planning and time management. Go to our website to submit a request for more information or book a complimentary consultation!


Have you ever wondered what makes successful phonics instruction? There is a lot of research that demonstrates that phonics instruction is most successful when it's:
-systematic and sequential

What phonics teaching strategies do you think are an absolute must for phonics instruction? List your strategies in the comments below!

Timeline photos 12/20/2023

Students carry a level of excitement during this time of year, making it an ideal time to use the festivities to inspire your lessons! Incorporating holiday words into your instruction can help spark students' interest in learning reading and spelling skills, which is a win-win for everyone!

English is full of morphemes, which are units of language that contain meaning. When you connect the meaning to the morphemes, this offers an opportunity that will assist with retention. This not only helps students identify word patterns more easily, but also enhances their comprehension of the words they're reading!

A great example is that most words that begin with 'wr' carries the idea of twisting, such as wreath, wristwatch, wrestle, wrap, and write. Another example is the morpheme 'tw,' which usually signifies two of something or a splitting. See our example above of how to make this morpheme into a holiday themed lesson!

We hope that you can take advantage of this time of year to add to your student's excitement, not only around the Christmas tree, but also within your teaching. This time of year can be exhausting for students and teachers alike, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun and educational too!

Timeline photos 12/15/2023

Our instructor, Deanna, is deserving of a special shoutout for all of the hard work she's done with her students this semester! Deanna is inventive and always adapts her lessons to best suit her students' needs. She has the ability to be a calm, safe place for her students to engage in their schoolwork and bring their skills to the next level. The parents of her students sing her praises near weekly! Thank you for everything you do, Deanna!



The lowercase letters 'b' and 'd' are common sources of confusion. Reversing letters does not mean that your child has dyslexia, as reversals are developmentally-appropriate through 2nd grade.

However, when this is a source of confusion, we can use visual cues to help. Teaching children to hold up their index finger, while connecting their thumb to their 3 remaining digits serves as a visual representation of a 'b' and 'd'. Some educators use the bedpost or ball and bat pictures to help decipher which hand is 'b' and which hand is 'd'. But...students still do not know which hand is which letter. This is where Swifie and her friendship bracelets come in...

Stop teaching students to use their hands to create both letters - just teach the 'b'! Have your learner wear their bracelet (which begins with the letter b) on their left hand. When you tell them, show me your b hand - they will know it is the hand with their bracelet on it. Then they use that hand to create the letter visual with their fingers and if it matches what is on the paper, then it's a 'b'. If it doesn't match it, then guess what, that makes it a 'd'.

As cute as the bracelets are - you can also use a rubber band or a blue sticker. And within isolation, practice having the student show you their 'b' hand. This isolated practice is needed to rewire the brain to stop guessing and start looking.

Do you have a Swiftie teaching strategy you use? Share below!

Timeline photos 12/08/2023

Happy first (full) day of Hanukkah! We are back with another list of holiday words to help teach kids the fundamental word patterns of English - Hannukah style!

Coming up with a Hanukkah word list presented one challenge - avoiding words in Hebrew! Since Hebrew doesn't follow the same phonological rules as English, teaching Hebrew words may confuse students who are not fluent in that language.

Nonetheless, it wasn't too difficult to find a fun variety of English words that represent some of the Hanukkah traditions -- we think using these word lists could really *brighten* up a reading and spelling lesson! 🕎

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