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Bilingual Kids
Bilingual Kids
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Online and outdoor Music, movement, singing, playing, dancing, family fun! Classes are open to child

Offering Music Together, Canta y Baila Conmigo (in Spanish), Rhythm Kids and more music and movement classes for children ages 0-8 and the grownups who love them!

Operating as usual


Bring your loving grownups to class! We are all about families making music together!⁣

🏡 Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Nannies, Uncles, Aunties, we can’t wait to see you in class! ⁣

What other❓do you have?⁣


May Pop-up classes are here:⁣

☀️ Sunday, May 19th⁣

☀️ Sunday, May 31st⁣

9:30 AM -10:45 AM at Liberty Station in Point Loma ⁣

🎵 Classes open to children ages 0-5 and their loving grownups⁣

🎵 Class includes music class + play time after class! ⁣

Bring a friend or come meet new ones! ⁣


To all the moms, mamas, and those who mother, Happy Mother’s Day 💐💜


Supporting small local businesses makes their hearts go “wicky wicky “with joy! Your support, whether it’s a class enrollment, a referral, a positive review, a simple 💜 or comment truly makes a difference! ⁣

🎉 As a small business owner for the last 16 years, I’m joining in the Small Business Week celebration by spreading the love! I’ve collaborated with some special local businesses and I’ll be spotlighting them in my stories this week. ⁣

💓 Let’s keep those happy dance vibes flowing! Tag your favorite local business below and show some love! ⁣

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☀️ Sign up for summer session today!⁣

Enroll for the full 5 week session OR grab your unlimited summer class pass and come to as many classes as you want! ⁣

Is music class day your favorite day of the week too? 💜⁣


In additional to so much music, learning, smiles and giggles you’ll so much more at Songbirds Music. ⁣

Can’t wait to welcome you! ⁣


👋 Did you know that stimulating your child’s vestibular system can do wonders for their development? ⁣

🧠 From balance to spatial awareness, this system plays a crucial role in their overall growth and learning. ⁣

So, why is it important to give it some extra TLC?⁣

1️⃣ Boosts Balance: Activating the vestibular system through movement helps kids develop better balance skills, making activities like walking, running, and even sitting still easier for them.⁣

2️⃣ Enhances Spatial Awareness: By engaging in activities that challenge their vestibular system, children learn to understand their body’s position in space, which is essential for tasks like navigating crowded areas or participating in music class.⁣

3️⃣ Supports Cognitive Development: Believe it or not, the vestibular system is closely linked to cognitive functions like attention and memory. By stimulating it, you’re not only helping your child’s physical abilities but also giving their brain a workout! ⁣

So, how can you stimulate the vestibular system? 🤔 Activities like swinging, spinning, climbing, and jumping are fantastic ways to get those vestibular receptors firing! ⁣


There is nothing like seeing live music 🎵 I’ll be dropping an amazing giveaway later today. ⁣

Make sure to check my story later today. ⁣

Any guesses of what it might be? ⁣

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Melissa is celebrating 5 years of teaching and music making with Songbirds Music 🎉⁣

Did you know that she was a mom is music class for 6 years too? ⁣

Melissa teaches Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays. ⁣

🌸 Stroll on over to music class this spring (swipe to see the cutest stroller parking lot ever!)⁣

Share with a mom friend who needs a dance break!⁣

See you in class 🎶⁣

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🧠 Every little interaction in music class is shaping those amazing brains and bodies!⁣

💖 Building strong bonds and heartfelt connections with our littles is what it’s all about! Let’s create memories to cherish forever! 🤗⁣

We’re celebrating each unique learning style ensures every kiddo gets to shine in their own special way! 🌟⁣

We’re in this together -listening ears and comforting hugs whenever you and your baby need it most. 💕⁣


🌸 Spring session is here! ⁣

This session we’ll bring you brand new songs, epic dance moves, a new songbook to take home, zillions of smiles, and a whole lotta fun 💃🏻🕺🏻⁣

Still thinking about joining us? The link in the bio will take you directly to the up-to-the minute class schedule. Spots are going fast 💨⁣

While you’re enrolling, I’ll be picking out what silly socks I’m wearing to class 🧦⁣

See you in class this week!⁣

Ms. Diana and Melissa ⁣


I can’t make Daylight Savings go away. I can’t guarantee uninterrupted sleep but I can promise a rockin’ good time at our Daylight Savings Pop-up Music Class!⁣

You can come in your pajamas and bring your coffee!⁣

Here’s the details:⁣

8:50 - 9:00 AM - Doors open⁣
9:00 - 9:10 AM - Introductions⁣
9:10 - 9:45 AM - Music Class⁣
9:45 - 10:45 AM - Open Play⁣
10:45 - 11:00 AM - Clean Up⁣

$20 One child | $5 Additional Sibling(s)⁣

Music makes everything better! Are you coming?⁣

Only 5 spots left! ⁣

Can’t make it on Sunday? We’ll have another pop up on Saturday, March 16 at 11:30 am ⁣


Friday morning with these incredible families was such a blast! Thank you .sandiego for organizing a musical morning.

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🌸 As a fellow mom, I understand the importance of choosing the right classes for our little ones. 🤔 ⁣

Still have questions? Please ask! We love chatting with you and can help you find the best class for your family. ⁣

Spring sessions dates:⁣
March 18 - May 24 (weekday classes)⁣
March 30 - June 8 (Saturday classes)⁣

🗓️ Enroll today and join us for a fun, safe, nurturing, and musical time every week with your baby. ⁣


Yes, we have class today! See you soon, Monday families 💜


🌷 Hit the right note this spring! 🎵 ⁣

Enrollment is LIVE for our music classes starting March 18th. ⁣

Don’t miss the chance to sing, dance, and create unforgettable memories with your little one! 🎉 Reserve your spot now!⁣


Reminder, no class today, Saturday Feb. 10th and Monday, Feb 12th. ⁣

I’m taking my teacher hat off this weekend to be with family 👒⁣

🏈 Anyone watching the Super Bowl this weekend? I love Usher and can’t wait for the halftime show! ⁣

What’s your favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday? 👇🏼⁣

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Whether we are drumming or strumming along, we are always smiling, actively learning, and laughing together! ⁣

Drop-in to a class this winter and join us! ⁣


Hey families! Quick reminder that there is no class today, 2/3. ⁣

Enjoy your music and songbook at home this weekend. Do you have a favorite song for the current session? I wanna know!⁣

Mine is in the comments! 👇🏼⁣

🎶Have a music-filled weekend! ⁣

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Hey, new parent! Congrats on your newest addition⁣

We have a special music class just for you🎶⁣

Come join us this Spring in our Babies Only class for 0-8 month olds and you, their loving grownups. ⁣

Spring Babies Classes are offered:⁣

Wednesday, 12:15pm -1:00pm⁣
Thursdays, 12:15pm - 1:00pm⁣
Fridays, 11:15am - 12:00pm ⁣


☔️ Thursday classes will be running as usual today! ⁣

Be safe on the roads 🚙 ⁣

Missing class and need to schedule a makeup? ⁣

Good news! We offer unlimited makeup classes. ➡️ Head to our website ➡️ Click on the “Enrolled Families” tab and the makeup scheduler will pop up for you! ⁣

Now I’m thinking of all the songs that mention the word “rain”. Pop yours in the comments! ⁣

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👀A sneak peek of our spring session schedule is about to drop this Sunday! ⁣

Our littles are loving their new songbooks for the current winter session and the grownups are excited that there’s fresh music to listen to! ⁣

Just when you think you’ve heard “Trot ol’ Joe” for the millionth time and you need something else to listen to, we’ll swoop in with new music this Spring! ⁣

Keep enjoying your music and songbooks at home ⁣

✅ Check back in on Sunday to view our spring class schedule and enrollment announcements. ⁣

What song is your family loving right now? Drop it in the comments ⬇️⁣

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Embark on a bilingual adventure this Winter with Canta y Baila Conmigo ® 🎶🌟 ⁣

Immerse your little ones in the joy of learning Spanish through music and movement! ✨ ⁣

Join us for a culturally rich experience that makes music and language learning super fun and easy! These classes are perfect for native and non-native speakers alike. ⁣

We still have some spots open in these classes:⁣
✨Mondays 10:30 AM⁣
✨Tuesdays 9:30 AM ⁣

Let's make bilingual musical moments memorable for your family! Tag a mama you’d love to bring to class.⁣


We talked about singing familiar songs in our private group class today!

Did you know? Singing familiar songs is also incredibly beneficial for elders with any type of memory loss. Neuroscience researchers and music therapists have long studied the role that music plays in the health and aging experiences of seniors suffering from memory and thought-processing issues, particularly associated with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. You can find more on the value of music on our Resources page:


🌟 Calling all new parents and grandparents! Embrace the joy of winter with our upcoming session starting Monday, January 8th! ⁣

Dive into a world of fun and learning with your little one. 🤗 Join us for a heartwarming experience filled with music, learning, and special connections. ⁣

Hurry, limited spots available! ❄️ ⁣


Hello and Hola 2024! 🎆⁣

Thanks to the rockstar families who came to our fabulous New Year’s music class. We had so much fun singing, dancing, taking pictures in the photo booth, and making our music resolutions for 2024. ⁣

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! ⁣

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Yes, we are all about family music making 🏠⁣

Little ones, bring your loving grownups to class and then take that harmony home 🎵⁣

New classes start in January 🗓️ Are you signed up? ⁣


🎉 We’re officially on the countdown to our winter session! ⁣

🗓️ Only 19 days left until the winter session kicks off. You’re a little one will love coming to music class with you! ⁣

💓 Watch those tiny toes tap and those sweet faces smiling and singing out with joy. ⁣

🚼 Your baby is never too young to make music and create lasting memories with you! ⁣

👉 Ready? ⁣

🎁 Grab your spot today! ⁣

💕 Tag a music-loving mom friend who deserves a dance break. ⁣


Wow! It has been quite a year🎵⁣

My heart is singing as I reflect back on another incredible year of making music with your family. ⁣

Is music class your family’s highlight of the week? Drop me a 🪇 if your are coming for more in 2024!⁣


❓Did you know that rhythmic activities and music class contribute to motor skill development?⁣

💜 Those adorable little movements your baby makes during music time aren’t just cute – they’re helping to strengthen their coordination and motor skills! ⁣

🚼 Get ready to witness your tiny dancer roll, crawl, or take their first steps with confidence in music class! ⁣

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Our Story

Family style music classes online and outdoors for young children and their loving grown ups!

Offering Music Together, Rhythm Kids, and Canta y Baila Conmigo (in Spanish) plus more music and movement classes for children ages 0-8 and the grownups who love them!

Our goal is to nurture each child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. We sing, dance, play rhythm games and instruments, and have fun in an non-formal setting that enriches children's musical environment and guides them toward a lifetime of musical enjoyment. We recognize that all children are musical and that every child needs a stimulating, supportive musical environment. Come share many delightful musical moments with your child.

In all of our classes you will see....

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