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The Mathematics Department offers course work in all levels of mathematics from arithmetic through differential equations and linear algebra.

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Happy Pi Day Wolverines! With midterms coming in the next few weeks, grab a slice of your favorite pie and study the mathematical number π to celebrate this sweet day.

"Pi is not just a collection of random digits. pi is a journey; an experience; unless you try to see the natural poetry that exists in pi, you will find it very difficult to learn." - Antranig Basman.

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One of the most poetic equations, Euler's Identity is able to take special irrational numbers and fit them together in a logically sound identity. This is the type of poetry and beauty we can expect in math for !


Remember those math problems where one would buy 90 watermelons and 1300 gallons of milk and find the total?

We learned our basic mathematics skills with them, but can we actually picture that quantity?

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Can anything calculate how much joy this brings us?

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If you need help or want to get ahead in your math class visit for help. Get ahead, and pass your math classes.

Take a crack at the movie math quiz - Holy Kaw! 09/11/2016

Don't forget to keep your brain in top shape this weekend with these interesting puzzles that might solve the problem of what movie to watch next!

Take a crack at the movie math quiz - Holy Kaw! Think you know movies? Better question, think you know math, too? Kickstart your mind this weekend with this fun movie math quiz from Spiked Math. Full story at Spiked Math via Geeks are Sexy. Know... 09/09/2016

Happy !

Mathematicians are studying the fluid dynamics to better predict rates of erosion using the age old question: How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a lollipop?

See the full experiment here:


It all adds up!

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Beginner: A person just starting to learn a skill or take part in an activity.
Expert: A person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of a skill in a particular area.
Now let that sink in, and notice how they are not far from one another. The road to success awaits, and it starts here at San Bernardino Valley College.

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Plane Trigonometry is open, it must be a sine! Take this 4 unit class to meet the requirements for other math classes and learn about trigonometric functions!

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Taking your mathematics courses in between other responsibilities? This hybrid course only meets once a week on campus!

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According to, The Clay Mathematics Institute offers $1,000,000 to anyone who can solve these 7 unsolved problems in mathematics:
-P Versus NP Problem
-Hodge Conjecture
-Riemann Hypothesis
-Yang-Mills Existence and Mass Gap
-Navier-Stokes Existence and Smoothness
-Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture
-The Popular One
Can you solve any of these? Tag and share to all you mathematicians and friends who wouldn't mind $1,000,000 right now.

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In an online poll by Alex Bello's about 10% of the people asked what number was their favorite, 7 came out at number one. Seven also shows up a lot in human culture. For example, seven deadly sins, seven wonders of the world, seven colors of the rainbow,seven seas, seven dwarfs and seven days of the week, just to name a few. Now you may not believe in luck at all but you cant deny that the number seven for some reason has become a symbol of luck to human society. So may the 7th be with you in all your future goals and aspirations.

Career Ideas for Mathematics Majors 07/25/2016

Career paths for mathematics majors. Not only is math a fun subject to study, but there are many opportunities you have once you receive your degree. Indeed studying mathematics opens doors to a variety of jobs.

Career Ideas for Mathematics Majors Learning mathematics is akin to learning a language. Just as we speak and write using symbols imbued with meaning, math majors become fluent in the language of numbers, distilling complex, real-world problems into mathematical equations, concepts, and principles that can then be, well, solved. The s...

We Use Math 07/19/2016

Of course we do, math is a beautiful subject.

We Use Math Answers the questions "What is math good for?", "What career opportunities are available in math?", "How to succeed in math?"

Why Study Mathematics - Department of Mathematics 07/12/2016

Undergraduates not sure what to major in? Here is an article from the University of Arizona on why studying mathematics might just be for you. Not only is math fun, but it is language something that you could learn and teach others in the future. Studying math is part of the STEM program here on campus. Being a STEM student helps you with getting free text books for your math classes! So there is no reason to go pay for your textbooks. You can major in math, receive your books, and enter a field where you will always be needed here at San Bernardino Valley College!

Why Study Mathematics - Department of Mathematics Why Study Mathematics In many disciplines, the history of the twentieth century tells of the introduction of more and more mathematical techniques. Mathematics has been established as a universal ingredient in the understanding of the world, and is the language used in conveying this understanding.…

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Need a Calculus class? San Bernardino Valley College offers many classes in mathematics applicable to a variety of degrees.

Who Says Math Has to Be Boring? 07/01/2016

All your middle and high school teachers were right when they said you will use math someday. That day is the day you go to college or the day you begin your career in mathematics. Valley College offers many courses in mathematics. If math isn’t your strongest subject don’t you worry, our campus has tutors at the Student Success Center ready to help you with all the questions you may have. Summer session is in progress and there are still classes opened! Enroll today.

Who Says Math Has to Be Boring? It’s time to overhaul the way math and science are taught.

10 Mathematical Equations That Changed The World 06/27/2016

No doubt about it, Math is awesome!

10 Mathematical Equations That Changed The World 10 Mathematical Equations That Changed The World Nuclear weapons, space travel and TV are just some the things these 10 mathematical equations have made poss...

Audi quattro Snow Art 06/22/2016

"Nature grows according to the rules of mathematics." says Simon Beck, the artist who makes intricate patterns in the snowy Alps as a sort of 'backwards cartographer' using only his feet and a compass.

Audi quattro Snow Art British snow artist Simon Beck branded huge fields of snow in the Swiss Verbier region with the “quattro” logo by leaving careful, precise prints with…

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