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SMSU Queer and Transgender Resource Center


📢 Mark your calendars! 🗓️ CSUSB will be celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month 2021 beginning October 1st 💙🐺🐾

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Today, March 31st, is International Trans Day of Visibility. It's is a time to celebrate transgender and non-binary people around the globe and acknowledge the determination it takes to live openly and authentically. 🏳️‍⚧

Today, advocates also bring awareness to the violence and discrimination that many transgender and non-binary people, especially trans women of color and Black trans women, still face.

One in two transgender individuals are sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives. Some reports estimate that transgender survivors may experience rates of sexual assault up to 66%, often coupled with physical assaults or abuse.

This indicates that the majority of transgender individuals are living with the aftermath of trauma and the fear of possible repeat victimization.

We at SBSAS/Partners Against Violence stand with the trans and non-binary community and will continue to support Survivors of gender-based violence while working towards a future without violence.

Here are some local resources for trans and non-binary folx:
∙ TransLatina Coalition
∙ Transgender Health and Wellness Center (760) 202-4308
∙ SMSU Q***r and Transgender Resource Center
∙ Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance
∙ PFLAG Riverside
Scenes from a very powerful Transgender Remmberance Week that included a townhall on transgender health and well being as well as very emotional candle light vigil. Special thanks to Equality California, SMSU Pride Center and First Congregational United Church of Christ, San Bernardino, Ca for making this week possible.
Hello everyone, I invite you all to take part in this event this Sunday at the Fox Theatre in Riverside . All Funds will be donated to those affected by the recent earthquake in Mexico.
Don’t Miss THE ONLY 2017 West Coast Offering

Onsite accommodations available for only $25/night
Register NOW at
When is the next drag show?
"The fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic is ongoing, but the more people and organizations who stand by those who've been diagnosed, the sooner the stigma around it will become a distant memory."

Be sure to stop by our SMSU Pride Center Q-Fest today for vendors, HIV Testing and live bands to rally against HIV/AIDS. It starts at 4PM in our Events Center.

Event coming up in Hollywood Hills, free for students with code word: Jose. Register at the link:
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Will there be free parking in Parking lot D for the event tomorrow?
Speaker training tomorrow in Costa Mesa! [email protected] to RSVP. Learn more about what the OC/LB speakers bureau does here:

The Q***r & Transgender Resource Center provides education and advocacy in order to develop more equ

Operating as usual


Hey QT’s! We return to our regular schedule with an update. We will be showcasing and playing Cuphead this coming up Thursday, Sept 29th. Hope to see you there! 💜


The QTRC will be closed for the remainder of the week. Staff will be working remotely! Please email [email protected] if you need assistance!


Hey QT’s! Don’t make deals with the devil as we showcase and play Cuphead this Thursday! Enjoy some couch co-op play as we play this fan favorite game! See you all there! 💜


Hey y’all! Due to the extensive flooding on campus, the Sept 13th session of our Gender and Sexuality Workshops will need to be rescheduled. More information to come!

Thank you!


Hey QT’s! Wanna learn how to better support the q***r and transgender communities? Wanna learn how to hold yourself and others accountable? Join us for our Gender & Sexuality Workshop! Located in SU North Conference Center E, we will be hosting these 2-Hour workshops in the months of September, October, and November. Check the flyer for the dates and times. Hope to see you all there!


Hey QT’s! Shatter All Expectations as we showcase and play King of Fighters 15 this Thursday in the QTRC! Fight in 3v3 or 1v1 matches! See you all there 💜


Hey QT’s! Hope you all enjoyed Late Night with Pride! Want more gayming? Join us for X-Gaymes every other Thursday in the QTRC as we play and showcase certain games. Hope to see you all there! 💜


Hey QT’s! Hope you all had an amazing summer break! Join us and our friends from , , , Tabletop Workshops, as we kick-off Fall Semester with Late Night with Pride. Join us on Sept 2nd from 4-7 pm for a night of socializing, playing games, and enjoying snacks and beverages with friends and colleagues.

ATTENDEES: Bring Your Own Xbox and Switch Controllers & MTG Decks

See y’all there 💜

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Thank you all for attending this year’s Lavender Graduation, 💜 Congrats to all our graduates, 🎉 and thank you for being our amazing keynote speaker 🎊🎉💜.

Photos from SMSU Q***r and Transgender Resource Center's post 05/03/2022

Hey QT’s, join us and tomorrow as we do our Be a Cookie Body Empowerment workshop for Mental Health May. See you all there 💜


Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Check your student email to see if you won! See you all on Friday! 💜


Hey QT’s! Join us for Bring Back My Yoties: Annual Drag Show on April 29th from 7-9 PM! Hosted by Drag Race Alum, , come celebrate with us with local and student performers! Pick up your tickets early at (SU North 3315) for a chance to meet our extra special host! Please bring valid ID or College ID. Face Masks required for all attending guests. Free HIV Testing provided by

Hope to see you all there! 💜

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Hey QT’s, Come support us and the as we invite for Support Your Sisters, Not Just Your Cis-ters. Come join us today at 12 PM in SU North Conference Center D. Hope to see you all there 💜


Hey QT’s! Join us as we invite q***r comic book artist & writer, Sina Grace (Iceman, Sensational Wonder Woman, Getting it Together), as he discusses his experience in the comic book industry & shares helpful insight, a Q/A with students & faculty, and an opportunity to receive autographed copies of his work.

See you all on Thursday, March 24th from 12-1:30 PM in the QTRC (SU North 3315) 💜


Hey Y’all! Join us as we welcome the return of What’s the X.
Stop, Think, and Reflect that our words matter. Learn the importance of inclusive language in our everyday use and how Latin American countries are responding to it
We will host this in the Latinx Center (SU North-3308) on Tuesday, March 15 from 2-3 PM.


Hey QTs! Join us on Friday, March 18th at 4 PM for Q***r Skies Ahead! This hiking trip is for CSUSB students only as we collaborate with
Register via***rSkies or the link in bio
Max Capacity is 10 students so register as soon as possible. Hope to see you all there!


Hey QTs! We extended our deadline for our auditions! Submit your video via link in the bio by midnight, March 6! Good luck y’all 💜

Photos from SMSU Q***r and Transgender Resource Center's post 03/01/2022

Hey QTs! Big updates for next week!

1). Join us on March 8th at 12 PM as we celebrate Womxn’s History Month with Embodied. This event will be a book discussion on the graphic novel, Embodied: Intersectional Feminist Poetry. Refreshments will be provided. The event will be held in the QTRC, SU North 3315. Pick up your copy of the graphic novel before the event date at the QTRC or

2). On Thursday, March 10th at 12, join us and for Pagkatao. This social event will have Filipino dishes while exploring q***r culture and having a fun time with your peers! This event will be in the the SU South Fourplex.

Hope to see you all there 💜🌈


come by the qtrc today for some games and meet some new people! we will also have button making and coloring

Photos from SMSU Q***r and Transgender Resource Center's post 02/16/2022

The QTRC is bringing you the oh ah ah sensation! That’s right Mo Heart is the host of the QTRC’s annual drag show on April 29th!


Hey QT’s! Steve here with an exciting announcement! Wanna be part of our upcoming drag show?! We are holding auditions for student performers! Staff and Faculty are welcome to audition! Submit your video of your number via link in the bio by Feb 20th by Midnight! Good luck y’all! 💜


Hey QT’s! Steve here with an event update! Join us and the as we invite the Golden Eagle Leather Guard of in the Inland Empire to discuss and explore different types of pleasure and the exciting world of the leather kink community. Join us on Feb 10th from 12-1:30 PM via Zoom. Link in the Bio!
Hope to see you all there!


hi everyone Tristan here :) I will be hosting a fun game night soon in the discord I hope to see a lot of you there


Hey loves! The QTRC is still providing I -person services! We are now located in Student Union North 3315!

Photos from SMSU Q***r and Transgender Resource Center's post 12/03/2021

Hey QT’s! We have clothes we are giving away! We also have 2 gc2b binders: one beige half binder in 2X and one grey full binder in L.
Stop by the QTRC if you are interested or DM us for more info!


Who doesn’t love a cute holiday photo? Make sure you check out Holiday Photos event! 💝


Hey QT’s! Back by popular demand! Join us Thursday, November 4, from 6-8PM for our annual Q***raoke! Hosted by , celebrate with a night of singing to your favorite jams in the SMSU Events Center B

We will also be partnering with to provide free HIV testing!

Hope to see you all there!


Hey y’all! Did you know this week is Ace Week! We celebrate asexual folks this week and all weeks!

Check out to see what is happening across the digital world to celebrate Ace Week!


Hey QT’s! Join us on October 28th for a conversation & Q/A with drag performers # # # & about being black in the goth scene. This even will be through zoom from 12 - 2 PM. Registration link in the bio.

Hope to see you all there!


Hey QT’s! On Tuesday, October 26th from 12 - 2 PM, join us and Dr. Megan Carroll, as we dispel myths about asexuality and celebrate the diversity of the “A” in the LGBTQIA+. Hope to see you all there!

(Re-Uploaded due to incorrect date on original flyer)


Hey QT’s! Join us and as we host a movie night featuring the documentary about transgender women & drag queens who fought police harassment at Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco’s Tenderloin in 1966, thee years before the famous riot at Stonewall Inn Barr in NYC. The event will be on Oct 20th from 5 to 7 PM in the SMSU Theater, with free refreshments and a movie discussion after the viewing. Hope to see you all there!


Hey QT’s! Join us and on Oct 19th from 12 - 1:30 PM, as we have an open discussion about the difference between body positivity and neutrality, how to better combat micro-aggressions, and decolonizing our perception of body image. Free refreshments will be provided! See you all there!


Hey QT’s! Join us on October 11th from 6 to 9 PM in the SMSU Theater for our annual Coming Out Monologues! Come join us as we create a safe space for people to share their experience(s) with coming out.

Wanna share your coming out experience? Register via or follow the link in our bio!

Hope to see you all there!

Photos from SMSU Q***r and Transgender Resource Center's post 09/16/2021

Hey QT’s! Blue Table Talk is Back! Join .avp.dos on September 16th at 7 PM in-person or virtually via Zoom with the BSU Co-Presidents and the Chair of the SMSU/Recreation and Wellness Center featured guests.


Welcome back Coyotes!

To celebrate our return to campus and to kick off the new year, your will be hosting the annual Fall mixer event. Out of an abundance of caution and in order to make sure all of the campus community feels safe attending, we will be hosting this virtually on September 1st at 5 PM.

Register at

If that wasn’t enough exciting news for you, it also T-Shirt give away time!!!

Each day, leading up to the event, we will be drawing from the list of those registered for t-shirts give aways. The sooner you register, the more chances you have.

Sign up NOW!


Welcome back QT’s! Join us on September 3rd at 4pm for our Late Night with Pride! Come visit for snacks, games, fun, and meeting your fellow QTs! Hope to see you all there!

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Check your student email to see if you won! See you all on Friday! 💜
Love, Simon




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