It’s not too late to register! The 25th annual Out in Space, Down to Earth STEM Educators Conference on March 2nd s open to all STEM educators preK-12, including preservice, aides and homeschoolers. This year’s keynote speaker astrophysicist and author of Max series of Story Time in Space, Jeffrey Bennett. Featured workshop by NASA educator Steven Smith. Earn 6 CPE's. For registration and more information go to our event page
Please help us spread the word! Nominations are now open for the 2019 Military Child of the Year® awards where recipients will receive $10,000 and a trip to DC for our special awards gala. Our prestigious award will recognize 7 outstanding young people ages 13 to 18. Six of them will represent a branch of the armed forces — the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard — for their achievements while facing the challenges of military family life. The 7th award is the Military Child of the Year® Award for Innovation presented by Booz Allen Hamilton which will honor a young patriot who has designed a bold, creative solution to address a local, regional or global challenge. Nominate today at . Deadline to apply is Dec. 5, 2018. #MCOY2019
Congratulations to our first ever SA Smart finalists! Good luck to all the final teams...

SASTEMIC works to advance STEM education and economic development to bolster the connections between K-12, college, industry, and government in San Antonio

Building STEM for the good of San Antonio.

Operating as usual

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SAMSAT understands the importance of teaching and ensuring we all have the same opportunity. SAMSAT believes in its mission to of coming together, so every child and every adult has the opportunity to reach their goals. Thanks to the partnerships we have created in our communities, we as one force deliver and lead the way to success to San Antonio and communities worldwide.

Boeing STEM Academy is our newest story to share and the champions of tomorrow to lead.

find us here at

Photos from SASTEMIC's post 10/22/2020

Thank you again, Girl Scout, for inviting SAMSAT to be part of a wonderful experience. Together, we learned about robots and discussed some amazing ideas on how to make them better.

All here at

Photos from SASTEMIC's post 10/17/2020

SAMSAT had the opportunity to have amazing people visiting and providing the driving force to our newest center and the community of San Antonio.
We want to thank Mayor Ron Nirenberg, DR. Adriana Rocha Garcia City Council District 4, Workforce Solution Alamo, and many more for becoming part of our family.

Together, yes, we can! here at

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Girl Scouts of America are amazing! Thank you for becoming part of our SAMSAT family and learned about Video Game Design with us. SAMSAT is looking forward to continuing to inspire you to become the next innovating STEM designer.

if you like us to inspire YOU, check us out at

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SAMSAT is happy to be back in our community (social distancing, of course). We have started for the 4th time our fall Boeing STEM Academy. It is the newest version of Saturday STEM Clubs. In our program, students will attend 12 STEMS lessons to inspire them with "What's Next by exploring the past, present, and future of science, technology, engineering, and math." We want every child or person to see the amazing opportunities in STEM career fields.

If you want to learn more, check us out at


Thank you, Girl Scouts, for inviting SAMSAT to teach and have conversations about robots.
SAMSAT loves motivating and becoming part of our community and if you like us to be part of your programs, find us here at



THANK YOU, everyone, for attending the STEM City Global Summit 2020!
We had terrific panelists sharing ideas and providing proactive action and motivation to our future generations in the city of San Antonio TX, and all over the world.

If you want to know more about it and want to be part of a future one, you can reach out to us right here at


Attention all adventurers, NASA wants your talent. I want to invite you to join our next class and explore all the jobs NASA has to offer, and you don't have to have a degree.

if you curious will see you at


When was the last time you wrote a letter? I think I was a little boy and now I only text. if you are interested in the fantastic science of communication and what to know about its history, join our lesson here at

See you... 😎


Thank you, Boys & Girls, for inviting us to present (online) one of our camps to you. SAMSAT hopes we have inspired you to become more curious about the field and become the next scientist, teacher, or innovator in our San Antonio community.

If you want to know about us, find us at


If you like learning facts about the human body and how this excellent orchestra of organ systems works? SAMSAT wants to invite you to be part of our lesson, The Amazing Body.
Here at


Do you know how many stages of matter we have? If you do share your knowledge with us. However, if you want to learn about it, come and join our lesson on about types of matter.

all here at


Finger Prints, Blood, Fibers, Entomology, and more are essential elements for Forensics in the laboratory. If you want to learn about this exciting topic and what it takes to work in the field, come join us at

See you ...😎


Do you like learning about STEM? SAMSAT offers classes that focus on how life works. You can become part of our family and become the next, STEM lead educator.

SAMSAT is here to Inspiring minds to innovate through STEM

All at


Another week, and Picture This camp is back. Thank you to our campers for visiting us today, and let's get artistic and scientific this week. In this camp, we learn about the science of photography and how to used digital editing technology.

All happening at


SAMSAT wants to thank our visitors and students from different parts of the country and the world. We are also happy for the dedication to learn and share with us some of the activities we give them to do.

The first one is a drawing of bacteria from our epidemiology camp, and the second is a picture of the blue sky in New York.

Right here at


Do you know your blood type? What kind of jobs does forensics offer? If you like crimes and analyzing the evidence join our class on forensics at


Do you think math and geometry can help create art? If you didn't, join our next lesson, "What's in a picture?" We will teach basic math that can help you create a great masterpiece.

See you at


What a great way to start the week! Today we learned about Epidemiology, SAMSAT's newest camp for this week. We get to talk about how did all started and the development of the science of microbes. We are excited and ready to rock.

all here


How do we avoid COVID? One, we learn everything we can about it, and while we find a vaccine, let's follow simple measures to take care of each other. We can practice Social Distance and wear a Face mask and understand exponential growth.

All here at


Thank you, Palo Alto, for becoming part of our family this summer. We hope our lessons on COVID And Photography inspires you to continue to explorer and reach your dreams.

here at


Here are some of the classes we offered this week to our San Antonio Community. If you would like to be part of one of them, please visit us at

See you 😎


We did It! I want to thank all my campers for attending our Space Camp: Out of this World." We had the opportunity to explorer our curiosity about the start and listen to our inner heart to be explorers. SAMSAT hopes each and every one of you learned something new and realizes it is within your hands and heart to never stop dreaming and follow your goals.

SAMSAT is here to help transform our communities by inspiring young minds to innovate through STEM.

You know where to find us at


Do you why you like a picture when you look at it?

Let us know at Photography: What is in a Picture? at


Once we wondered about the stars, but our journey did not stop there. We continue to explore the stars, and one day we will travel across the universe. We love space and the places our future generations can take us.

Out of this world campers, thank you for visiting us today.


In SAMSAT, we want every child, and a person's visits to be a unique experience. We want them to learn something new and to be curious enough to want to study in one of the scientific fields and one day encourage others to do the same.

Thank you to our San Antonio community and to our camper for this fantastic week.

visit us at


When was the last time you sent a letter? How about an email or a text? Imagen waiting for a message for a whole year, and that message never comes to you? if you can hear me know and want to talk about the invention and evolution of communication, join us at


When was the last time you saw a dinosaur? You don't know? Well, today, our campers learned dinosaurs still exist ad they are all around us. Thank you to our campers, and see you tomorrow.


We have so much to learn and so little time, but we love every single one of you for visiting us. Today we learned about how cameras work and some of their functions (a bit of physics). Want to learn more and be part of our family, visit


Who is SAMSAT? We are the inspiration and the driving force committed to help transform our San Antonio Communities and beyond. Our youth is our inspiration, and the many thousands of reasons, we look forward to the next challenge. SAMSAT will continue Inspiring minds to innovate through STEM and lead the next generation toa better future.

Thank you for attending our summer camp, and becoming part of our family

We are here for you at


If you love learning about Space, Photography, Video Games or other STEM topics, check out our lesson at


How did you do today? Did you get them all correct? If you like trivia come and join us at

see you next week


Can you imagine people trying to communicate from far distances without our modern technology? Our creativity to invent technology capable of communicating important information has taken us as far as space. If you want to learn more or share your knowledge come visit us at


What planet you think you want to visit? How about Mars or maybe Venus? Do we have more planets? Check our lesson on space in our solar system and the amazing things we have discovered at


What is 3D printing? How does it work? Why is 3D printing so cool? If you want to learn more and how 3D has become the new cool, check us out at

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Here at SAMSAT (San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology), love to see our youth discovering new horizons through ST...
Yesterday at Core 4 STEM the Geekbus had the amazing girls working with robotics arms. Today, we had the boys learning a...
Cyber Day- Cyber Threat Defender Tournament
Mr. Upton is providing knowledge to SASTEMIC campers.
Campers working on learning cryptography under Booz Allen Hamilton inter's lesson
Our responsibility is to allow for our young scientists to learn and explore possibilities. Thank you Rodriguez ES, for ...
Programming EV3 at University of Incarnate Word with
TRIO Upward Bound Palo Alto College working on Video Game Design level 1
Engineering and Programming, How cool is that? 😎🤓🤩😁
Look at them working together... 😎💯🎥






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