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FM3IS Associates is committed to advancing the performance of an organization's three most valuable assets - the workforce, workplace and work process -- by providing solutions that increase individual competency and improve business continuity.

The associates who make FM3IS a service-offering organizational reality, earned reputations of excellence by providing tailored built innovative, integrative and inspirative solutions that enable clients to successfully achieve their business objectives. Our collective experience and expertise, refined during decades of support to commercial, not-for-profit, and federal clients, prepared us to add

Operating as usual


Contact us if interested in joining the 6-10 June live virtual training course provided by Thomas LeRoy Mitchell, Jr, CFM, IFMA Fellow for those preparing to be become a Certified Facility Manager.

#fm3is, #cfm, #fm, #facilitymanager

Contact us if interested in joining the 6-10 June live virtual training course provided by Thomas LeRoy Mitchell, Jr, CFM, IFMA Fellow for those preparing to be become a Certified Facility Manager.

#fm3is, #cfm, #fm, #facilitymanager

Thomas L. Mitchell, Jr., CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow on LinkedIn: #facilitymanagement #facman #builtenvironment 03/15/2021

Thomas L. Mitchell, Jr., CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow on LinkedIn: #facilitymanagement #facman #builtenvironment

Thomas L. Mitchell, Jr., CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow on LinkedIn: #facilitymanagement #facman #builtenvironment World Workplace 2021 moves to Florida 🌴 IFMA is excited to announce that this year’s World Workplace Conference and Expo will be held in Kissimmee, Florida... 12/19/2020

Online Facilities Management Masters Certificate | UTSA Online

According to the International Facility Management Association Foundation: (1) the average age of a facilities management profession is 52 yrs old; and (2) 50% of the existing facilities management workforce will retire within 5-15 years.

Consider an opportunity to fill the widening gap between professional competencies and ready availability by enrolling in the University of Texas San Antonio's new online Master of Science in Facility Management and Academic Certificate programs.

F The certificate in Facility Management is designed to educate and equip facility management students with advanced knowledge and skills. 10/30/2020

Refuge House receives loads of donations during Domestic Violence Awareness month

I’ve learned not only it is far better to give than it is to receive, but also doing so can lead to receiving other blessings. The one that comes to mind is knowing one’s generosity has indeed served to meet the needs of others.

So, on behalf of the men and women of our small business firm, thank you, Vanessa J. Moore, for who you are, how you’ve chosen to provide services in your local community, and providing us this opportunity to support those noble efforts. Advocates at Refuge House say the donations are crucial, since more domestic violence cases are happening amid the pandemic.


Very pleased to share Mr. Thomas Mitchell, Jr., Ph.D Student, CFM, IFMA Fellow, received an appointment to serve as an adjunct assistant professor for the new online Facility Management Master Degree and Graduate Certificate Program.


It is gratifying for us to know there are those who also recognize the challenges we face with limited mobility do not have to curtail our ability to increase our professional competencies.

#fm3is is very pleased to continue support this inaugural venture with LEORON PMI, and please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if what we're planning to offer below is of interest to you, too.

#tmitchjr #cfm #fm


WEBINAR- Emergency Preparedness for Facility Management with Expert Trainer Thomas Mitchell

Are you looking for ways to mitigate, prepare, response and recover from natural and man-made threats that can turn into an emergency situation or a disaster? This FREE live virtual training video will improve your ability to do so …

Built upon the strong experience in the manufacturing sector, which its founders developed in Sweden during the 90’s global expansion, LEORON evolved into th...


Taking our ongoing collaborative effort with LEORON Professional Development Institute to a new level, I’m very pleased to share we successfully delivered our first, online interactive facility management course.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has suspended the vast majority of international travel by foreigners. One of the impacts of this prudent decision was the inability of SVP Thomas Mitchell's to deliver the 5-day Facility Management Professional (FMP) Review Course in person from March 15-19 to the registered attendees based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, thanks to the advent of modern information technologies, the permission of IFMA, and the commitment of the students, Mr. Mitchell was able to interactively and collectively teach the course online, and in real time, to each student who joined the "virtual classroom" from various locations.

Distance Learning is not new, and many are now realizing its application value as a viable alternative during the current global pandemic crisis. We are thankful our recent inaugural effort worked out so well and remain ready to continue delivering this viable alternative to physical classroom training.



As you are no doubt aware, the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) situation across our state, nation, and world, is continuously changing. Experts expect that this will continue to be the case in the coming weeks, especially as local testing for the virus becomes available. Here is what you can do today to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

1. Stay home when you feel sick. Do not report to drill or any other TXSG-related activity if you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider or go to an urgent care center as soon as possible to get the appropriate treatment for your symptoms. Remember, we cannot serve our communities if we are not taking care of ourselves.

2. Protect yourself and your family by practicing good hand hygiene. Scrub your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, use hand sanitizer with at least a 60 percent alcohol content.

3. Avoid touching your face: eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

4. Protect others by covering your mouth and nose with your sleeve or into a tissue when you sneeze or cough. Do not cough or sneeze into your hand.

5. Disinfect surfaces you touch frequently, including your mobile phone, to limit COVID-19 spread by hand-to-surface contact.

6. Stay informed by trustworthy news sources! Social media is not always a valid source of information. Instead, use the following references:

7. The Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering has developed an online dashboard that helps track COVID-19 in near real-time:

The best way we can meet this challenge is to remain calm, and to continue to go about our daily lives, washing our hands thoroughly, often, and always before we eat.

Thank you for your commitment to the TXSG and the safety of your fellow Guardsmen.

Jonathan MacClements M.D.
TXSG Surgeon 03/09/2020

Coronavirus Preparedness Resource Center's-new-at-ifma/what's-new-at-ifma-details/2020/03/04/coronavirus-preparedness-resource-center

IFMA provided a webpage that is keeping the FM community updated with the latest news, resources and information to help with emergency preparedness against the spread of the Coronavirus, locally and globally ... As the new Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread globally, IFMA is working to keep the FM community updated with the latest news, resources and information to help with emergency preparedness. 02/20/2020

Valentine Edition2 Weis-Mitchell-Cabrera

Very pleased to have had another opportunity to join internet radio host, Grace Daly, for another "Valentine's Day" Edition of ShopTalk 360, serve as the represent for the associates of FM3IS, and express our love for serving as a members of the facility management global industry … The love continues with Industry leaders: Randy Weis, Thomas Mitchell and Isyol Cabrera sharing what inspires them to do what they love each and everyday! Get Ready, Get Inspired!


We are very pleased to have been a content researcher and contributing cohort in this 18-month effort to produce the recently-released peer-reviewed publication “Managing the NIH Bethesda Campus’s Capital Assets for Success in a Highly Competitive Global Biomedical Research Environment.”

Chartered and funded by the US Congress, the National Academy of Engineering accepted the task of identifying the facilities in greatest need of repair on the Bethesda campus and evaluates cost estimates to determine what investment is needed for the NIH to successfully accomplish its mission going forward.

This 189-pg report comprehensively captures our investigations, analysis, findings, and recommendations. You can learn more by visiting:



This year, we'll present and discuss an approach towards developing a facilities master plan that will help ensure a client's facility portfolio supports the organization's overall strategic goals.

Please contact us at 1-210-876-2656, or visit our website at, if you have any questions prior to the conference. Otherwise, look forward to seeing and sharing with those who can attend on Thursday, 14 Nov/8-9am, in the Orange County Convention Center.

Don't miss out! Join us November 13-14 in Orlando, Florida for this always FREE to attend, always rewarding conference and expo for facilities professionals.


According to a 2016 Global Facilities Management (FM) Market Sizing Study, the Middle East sector is the fastest growing region in the world, mainly because of increasing construction activities whereby FM services are well planned at the early/design phase of construction. I'm very pleased to affirm, yet again, one of the primary reasons for this phenomena -- having trained professionals who are willing, eager and available to engage when called.

Congratulations to these recent program graduates, and do wish them well as they strive to advance the principles and practices of FM among those they serve. Mission complete, enjoyed this first time visit to Jeddah, and look forward to returning soon to the city known as the main gateway to Mecca.


Despite an unexpected overnight stay in Frankfurt, Germany, I remain eager to teach facilities management fundamentals and share consultation service during my first-time visit to Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Time permitting, I’ll have the opportunity to get a close up view of what reputed to be the tallest skyscraper in the world.


FM3IS Associates, LLC


FM3IS Associates, LLC 06/24/2019

NFMT Orlando 2019 Submission Selection | FM3IS Associates, LLC

We are extremely pleased to accept another opportunity to make an educational session presentation during the annual National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) Orlando Conference and Exposition. This year's topic is "Building a Better Business Case for Your Facilities Master Plan", and the 60-minute session is scheduled for Thursday, 14 Nov from 8:00am to 9:00 am in Room 230 B at the Orange County Convention Center. We are very pleased to have received notification of another opportunity to make an educational session presentation during the annual National Facilities Mana


Very pleased to share our firm, in partnership with LEORON Professional Development Institute, successfully completed it's first business venture in the Gulf Coast Countries (GCC) region.

FM3IS personnel developed the instructional design content and delivered the Facility Management Foundation (FMF) course at the Jubail Technical Institute, located in the city of Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tailor-made, based on the competency development requirements defined by the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu, the focus of 4-day FMF course was to present authoritative research content, facilitate discussion on relevant examples, examine case studies, and engage in learning exercises, whereby participants demonstrated their comprehension of how the application of facility management operations and maintenance, planning and project management, finance and business, leadership and strategy, and technology can maintain and boost business operations in an enterprise.

Facility management truly is a global industry and it is particularly gratifying our associates consistently meet and greet others who have the same passion for developing their profession prowess, which goes beyond the confines of national, political and cultural boundaries.


One of the many things particularly enjoyable about engaging with members of our FM global community is receiving an opportunity to reconnect within their local community. It goes without saying it was a humbling honor to SVP Mitchell to accept the invitation providing his first-time visit to Malaysia and serving as a plenary speaker at NAFAM 2018, held 8-9 October at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

The main aim of NAFAM 2018 is to strengthen the asset and facilities management practices in Malaysia. The theme of the convention is High Performance Asset: Forging Ahead. Total Asset Management (TAM) and Integrated Facility Management (IFM) approaches are beginning to be widely accepted and this has led to a paradigm shift in the way businesses are operated today. This NAFAM will be its third series of the asset and facility management convention organized by Government of Malaysia which debut in 2007.

So please feel free to visit the Conference website at:, or watch the promotional video at: if interested in learning more about this national level platform for both public and private sectors to exchange ideas in setting new direction and policies of asset management best practices. 07/18/2018

Workplace Innovator Podcast

Very special appreciation goes to the Workplace Innovator himself, Mike Petrusky (, who tirelessly serves our FM community by providing a forum where those who also have a passion for our industry can engage in a dialogue where we can share expressions that help other communicate the FM value proposition.

Thank you very much for extending this first time opportunity to me, as well as for your inspirational advocacy to advance the application of FM best practices across the global community.

Mike Petrusky (, host of the Workplace Innovator Podcast posted the following ...

"I always get inspired when I have the chance to interview a passionate facility management leader like Thomas L. Mitchell, Jr., CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow! He has served our IFMA community for a long time and has a great perspective on where the profession has been and where it is going.

Thomas is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at FM3IS Associates, L.L.C ( in San Antonio, TX where he consults with organizations on facilities management, strategic planning, and workforce development. We talked about his FM story and how FM professionals have an opportunity to take the lead in their organizations by promoting innovation while meeting the needs of their employees. This is a story of inspiration that will encourage you to be a leader, a mentor, and a #WorkplaceInnovator!

#FacMan #FMinnovator #CRE #workplace #inspiration #workforce


iOFFICE, Inc. Workplace Innovator Podcast: Enhancing your employee experience 04/16/2018

FMLink News - 18-16 -- Top 10 security megatrends, environmental compliance audits, CRE workplace strategies,....

Find out the Top 10 security megatrends for 2018 in the 16 April 2018 edition of the FMLink newsletter … Find out how CRE executives are altering workplace strategies to meet the needs of today's hyper-connected, mobile workforce, in this CBRE report (Surveys and Trends)




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