WellDent Compliance

WellDent Compliance


With a professional relationship going back nearly a decade, we're thrilled to congratulate WellDent Compliance on celebrating their SIX YEAR company anniversary...and have proudly called this fine organization a client and valuable resource!

We intend to provide our clients with an educated team, accurate information and quick response times. Safeguarding healthcare providers is OUR business!

Operating as usual


Despite the old adage, "Use it or lose it," no matter HOW much you use your teeth, unless you also take CARE of them you could *still* lose them! So let serve as a reminder to schedule an oral check-up ASAP...or you may not have any teeth to use!


Despite the fact that the Dental profession has ALWAYS been predominantly female (95% of chairside assistants & hygienists), it used to be an anomaly to see women in Dental schools. However, as we celebrate , we're pleased to note they are increasingly taking on leadership roles, with 60% of all practicing Dentists under the age of 44 today, are women!


We're the first to acknowledge their Dentist *may* not be a favorite of most people. However, as a company who works with Dentists daily, we LOVE their dedication, professionalism, compassion and YES, even a sense of humor...so share a smile & some love with them on this !


As a Texas-born company, run by a loyal Native Son who's raising two li'l Texans, we could not be forgiven if we overlooked the humble start to our great republic 186 years ago on this !


Whether it's your business or your personal life, your opinion MATTERS! And the best way to make sure YOUR voice is heard, is to get out and in the Texas Primary today! It's YOUR life, and you should have a say in how it's governed!


It seems no one is immune from the impact of inflation, as even the Tooth Fairy has seen a SHARP rise in "operating costs" with a tooth originally going for 15 cents. However, THIS she will be paying an average of $5.36 PER TOOTH, with prices $2 HIGHER in the Northeast! So MAYBE moving to a token or reward system might be a bit more cost-effective for this "Smile Sprite!"


Although our teeth have remained relatively unchanged since we evolved, the SCIENCE we use in caring for our teeth has taken giant leaps forward...especially in the last decade! So for the advances we CONTINUE to discover, we salute !


For many, chewing tobacco or snuff serves as a substitute for smoking – assuming it is inherently "safer" since it does not involve their lungs. However, serves as a reminder that the oral (and overall) health dangers are JUST as real as those of smoking! So this is the perfect opportunity to "quit the spit!"


While some may be enjoying a day off for , we urge you to take a moment to appreciate that the early leaders of our nation never took a day off from their fight for our liberty, freedom & equality!


Did you know, there are 19 DIFFERENT types of smiles?!? However, only a handful express deep and sincere emotion...one specifically known as the Duchenne smile. Long and intense, this smile is associated with genuine feelings of pleasure & giddy happiness. So on this we hope your heart & life are FILLED with Duchenne smiles!


For their sheer determination, their hours of work day-in & day-out for years, their physically taxing careers, and their willingness to face peril, for OUR money we think Dentists are the toughest pros to walk into an operatory! But, in lieu of having a "Dental Bowl" today we will salute the competitors facing off in !


We GET it! Even the thought of voluntarily calling the Dentist can evoke panic in the most stalwart! However, living with the pain and ill effects of oral pain is just NOT worth it...so if you've got a tooth issue this , just suck it up & call your Dentist!


Not every child is as fortunate as our fearless leader's two cuties! So we sincerely appreciate EVERY Dentist who volunteers to make sure ALL kids have happy & healthy smiles...not just today, for , but EVERY day!


Let's get real...if someone pulled YOU out of a toasty warm bed and thrust you into a bright spotlight, you would probably be a bit grumpy, too! So on the cusp of another Arctic blast, this we're not at ALL surprised to hear Punxsutawney Phil chose to go back to bed!


The symbol of bravery, wisdom and strength, the tiger seems an apt antidote for us as we welcome the start of the today...and celebrate the ! Those born under the sign of the Asian "King of the Jungle" definitely demonstrate some of these characteristics, such as these famous luminaries: Queen Elizabeth II, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Harper Lee, Mel Brooks, David Attenborough & Tom Cruise.


There's really NO way to sugar-coat the concept of a Dentist drilling in your mouth...BUT, in observation of we CAN give you a basis for drill comparison, with the thought that Dental treatment COULD be a lot worse!


Today we applaud the discussion Dr. King sparked over 50 years ago, AND on this we vow to keep his dream alive and harbor optimism that despite the fact that HALF A CENTURY has passed since his death, there WILL be a time when people are judged solely by the content of their character!


As the rarest of hair colors – seen in only 1-2% of the world's population – redheads also require around 20% MORE ANESTHESIA for Dental & surgical procedures due to that same genetic mutation! And since the U.S. has between 6 to 18 million, for you should have no problem finding a redhead...who are definitely worthy of a little EXTRA love!


Go with us here, for a minute...YES, by this point everyone knows smoking is bad for your well-being, since not only do cigarettes ruin your health, they can destroy your SMILE! Now, smiles help us connect with friends & family which is PROVEN to improve our health. SOOOO without smiles, this shows the importance of as ANOTHER reason to rethink this habit!


Today we want to wish our fearless leader, Will McGowan, a VERY ! He's not only a devoted Dad, but dedicated to his profession and the very definition of an honorable & faithful man! We're proud to call you our friend...so enjoy your special day, Will!


Although we in the Compliance business preach the importance of preparing for (and AVOIDING) surprises, we DO happily embrace the lovely gift of this and the promise of all to come in the next 365 days!


For many, this day couldn't come quickly enough...and while 2021 did not offer the "fresh start" some may have hoped for, as we prepare for tonight's festivities we CHOOSE to remember and celebrate the gifts & blessings this year DID bring!


As a black-owned business, we're especially aware of the all-too-frequently overlooked major roles African-influenced culture, heritage & traditions have played in our country's history. And we actively promote the Seven Principles of , that help us to continue building and maintaining unified & empowered communities...and encourage you to learn more: http://ow.ly/gj9L30s5eJK


Of all the glitz & gifts surrounding the tree, the GREATEST gifts of all are the unconditional love of those dear to us, the unwavering loyalty of friends & associates, and the joy having so many blessings in our lives! Thank you for these lovely gifts & we wish you a VERY !


This evening, many will gather with their loved ones to celebrate – some in their homes, many at events and social gatherings, and others to attend the traditional Christmas Eve church service. So as we come together tonight, let's look to the stars and recall *another* family heralded by a long-ago star...and celebrate the peace & joy of this holy season!


Always remember: In life and nature, it's all about perspective. While those of us in the Northern Hemisphere mark the SHORTEST day of the year on this , the extreme south of our world begins 6 MONTHS of unending daylight!


Be honest, one thing can make almost anyone go, “AWWWWW…” is the picture of a little smile beaming with a missing tooth. But it’s funny how something so absolutely adorable can become SERIOUSLY “not-cute” in a span of six or seven decades. We explores recent legislation that fails to protect those smiles as they gain a few years' experience, in our latest blog: What's Cute When You're Little Is LESS So, Years Later! Check it out: http://ow.ly/w5al30s3wVZ


With the looming PERMANENT move to teledentistry, the importance of computer security has taken an immediate leap in priority for Dental offices. And seems like the perfect time to give this vital issue the attention it deserves!


As we herald the season of miracles, we can't imagine a better way to begin than by celebrating the miracle of the lights marked by ! So as we observe the first of eight nights at sunset this evening, we encourage YOU to be a light in this world!

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