The Clowvazar Academy

Year-Round Education for Gifted & Talented, Special Education The Clowvazar Academy is a school that focuses on individual achievement. Students are placed in classes by ability not age.

Small classroom sizes and dedicated teachers help our Gifted-and-Talented or Special Ed. students move at a pace that is right for them.

Operating as usual

[06/10/21]   The Clowvazar Academy is hiring part time positions.

Summer School 03/04/2021

Summer School

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°This program is only available to non-current Clowvazar Students.

Summer School Each summer, The Clowvazar Academy hosts a day camp summer program that enriches students academically. Students are welcomed to participate in most courses that are offered to our year-round students. Core Courses include: English, Anthropology, Science, and Mathematics. As for electives, we also o...


We need your support and contributions. The Clowvazar Academy has been open for 9 years! As we have grown and gained success, we have outgrown three spaces and have had to expand twice. It's now time that we build our own campus. Please consider making a contribution to our project at the link below.

[06/30/20]   Parents, for now on we will be making announcements through Asterion. Each parent should login to make sure that their primary e-mail is associated with their account. Your login e-mail is not automatically added as your primary e-mail. We encourage you to login to Asterion now to update your contact information. If your e-mail address is not properly associated, you will not receive updates, newsletters and alerts form us. Please login using a Desktop, Laptop or Tablet (not a phone).

[06/10/20]   TO CURRENT YEAR-ROUND PARENTS: The Clowvazar Academy campus is *fully* open (with precautions). If you are a current year-round customer, please login to Asterion to view your child's summer schedule placement under 'My Kids'. If you want to request a different summer placement, please use the Questionnaire located on the Asterion home screen. To renew for 2020-2021, please login to see if your enrollment documents are available. If they are not, please request them from the headmaster and they will be made available ASAP.

[05/25/20]   Current parents, if you have not yet scheduled your tutoring sessions for you students, please contact their English or Math teacher to get that arranged. We are providing FREE tutoring for all current students. Additionally, if you have not yet selected your students' June schedule, please go onto Asterion to do that now. We will be assigning all students to either an A or B schedule unless the parent specifies otherwise. Lastly, we have posted about half of the enrollment contracts for 2020-2021. Please take the time to complete those now. If you want your contract to be made available to you sooner, please contact the headmaster.

[05/19/20]   With Summer 2020 approaching quickly, The Clowvazar Academy is now opening up registration for Summer School! We have sessions in June, July and August. Give your student the opportunity to get caught up before the 2020-2021 school year begins! Our staff works with a wide range of student including general ed., special ed. and gifted-and-talented. Visit our website for more information . 05/13/2020

Apply - Year-Round and Summer School

The Clowvazar Academy is now again taking new applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Current parents do not need to re-apply online, instead you will simply need to sign your new contract once posted to your account on Asterion. To apply for new students, please visit . Please apply before June 25th to start on July 6th. If you have already applied, please check your e-mail inbox (and junk) for instructions. If you apply after June 25th, you might have a delay in your start date as our fall semester begins on July 6th. As the economy has slowly been opening up, we have had more applicants at once than than he past so we are trying to get to everyone as fast as possible and are doubling up our acceptance efforts. Thank you for your patience! 4. After the observation day, we will decide if we can accept or deny the student. Most students who make it to the observation day are accepted.


[04/20/20]   Parents, the headmaster has sent out a very lengthy e-mail regarding schooling, extending the school year, tutoring opportunities, online work and campus re-opening date. Please check your e-mail. Additionally a copy of the e-mail will be posted on Asterion.


[04/07/20]   Physically Attending School will now begin on Friday, May 1st. Our calendar will be adjusted in the coming days.

[03/24/20]   The Clowvazar Academy campus (not online schooling) will be closed through *at least* Friday May 1st (unless otherwise specified). We will no longer be following the various public school districts's closure schedules as they are no longer following public declarations and have each chosen different new start dates. We will open campus as early as public declaration allows. Please continue to check back here for updates. UPDATE: THIS IS NOW FRIDAY MAY 1ST

[03/19/20]   Education must continue! So we've moved things online. Instructions have been sent via e-mail. If you can, log into Asterion and check what we've posted. If you have not received an e-mail with instructions on how to log in or you have forgotten your password, please contact the headmaster via e-mail! Staff may be calling you to set up tutoring and one-on-one instruction opportunities.

[03/17/20]   As we will be closed for two more weeks. We will be moving curriculum online to Asterion (the same portal that you use to check your bill). Curriculum will be announced on Thursday. Do not expect anything to be posted now. You will get explicit and well documented instructions on everything that will available as we release those plans. Please be sure to check your e-mail, junk mail and main page of the website for instructions. Nobody will be left in the dark.

[03/17/20]   The Clowvazar Academy will be closed through April-5th. Education will NOT stop as all work will be moving online. The week of April-6th will become an ON week meaning we will have school. Online assignments will not be posted until Thursday. Instructions will come then.

[03/13/20]   Students & Parents, we will be temporarily closing the school for one week, extending spring break until Friday, March-20. We will resume on Monday, 2020-March-23. Please wait for messages either here or in your e-mail should there be any changes. As of now, we will not be adjusting the schedule in any other way.


"Although my older daughter goes to a public school, I soon realized that my other two didn't fit into that box. The Clowvazar Academy changed my kids' outlook, helped them believe in themselves and gave them the ability to know that all abilities are important. My kids now feel like they can accomplish anything, even the things they were once scared of. The energy at this school is invigorating."


The Clowvazar Academy's Culinary Arts Program is perfect for kids who want to go into the restaurant business.


The Clowvazar Academy: School of Fine Arts -- After School Program (For Non-Clowvazar Students)


The Clowvazar Academy's cover photo

[06/29/19]   Starting July 8th, The Clowvazar Academy will be open from 7AM to 5PM to accommodate parent pickup times. The last elective will end at 4:00PM. If you need extended hours please e-mail the headmaster. Thanks!

[02/09/19]   The Clowvazar Academy is officially announcing a new Young-Adult program for individuals ages 18 through 25 who have already graduated or aged out of a schooling program. This new program will focus on Job Readiness, Life Skills, Independent Living Skills, Culinary Arts and Academics. The full program will start in Fall 2019, with a preview program starting NOW during the Spring 2019 semester. Visit our website for more information and apply today!


New student, ready to learn.


Computer Science is an important skill for our students. It is said that software engineers are more important to companies than money. Below are our Computer Sciences students’ first independent projects!

[09/04/18]   The power was fully restored to the school around 1:00PM on Tuesday (Sept-4), we will have regular school on Wednesday (Sept-5). Thanks!



One more day of school and projects underway!


Ten minutes to graduation!


We are so excited for graduation 2018!

[04/26/18]   We love it when our students support each other. To hear our students turn to new students who are still anxious, with out any prompting, and say "Don't worry, you're a good guy. You'll get it." really demonstrates what a wonderful thing we have created here at The Clowvazar Academy. Instilling good camaraderie is as important as math.


On Tuesday, the Clowvazar Nobles fought with courage and determination in their first basketball game! We are so proud!


At The Clowvazar Academy, Job Readiness & Life Skills courses teach our students valuable skills for domestic life and the workforce. It's also yummy.




12746 Cimarron Path Ste 120
San Antonio, TX

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Monday 7am - 5pm
Tuesday 7am - 5pm
Wednesday 7am - 5pm
Thursday 7:30am - 4pm
Friday 7:30pm - 5pm
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