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My company was the very first to see the need, I had a vehicle, and I began writing papers for students, for if the teachers would not teach the students..

As the first ever of its kind in San Antonio, or anywhere else for that matter, I launched my company in the late '80's as a vehicle for university students to get their papers done quickly and a guaranteed "A" every time. Since the professors weren't teaching their students, I quit teaching at San Antonio College to do it for them and teach them how at the same time. When I put that humongous si

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[09/23/16]   OK OK it seems as if Face Book wants me to post something and it also seems that it wants people to respond. No, I haven't been writing papers of late, for I have been working with a Houston author, Neil Grant, on his book "Liberty Defined" set to come out at the end of the year and the editing is done by me. This book will prove to an 8th grader that we have not lived in a Constitutional Republic for years now, but a Socialist one and it is quickly evolving into a Marxist Fascist country. The Black Lives Matter "Movement" if you could call it that, is bought and paid for by George Soros, in order to more quickly turn this country into a Marxist Fascist country by using maneuvers like Black Lives Matter in order to begin a quicker transition through anarchy and violence in the streets than by the slower evolution into a Marxist Fascist country by the indoctrination of students at all of the Institutions of higher learning and by teaching the Islamist religion transgenderism and Common Core to students K-12. Grant has taught me a thing or two.You first have to so demoralize a country, then "normalization" takes place, you are born into a society the may, but mostly not, give any rights at all. So, I call myself a Strict Constitutionalist for the commies have high jacked the word "Liberal" into their lexicon, so I would have been called a Classical Liberal, but 95% of the people would think I was a liberal progressive, the most harmful political system we have ever seen and I do not believe the founders would have ever envisioned such a criminality in both houses and the President, and Comrade Brezhnev would have never believed in hist wildest dreams that it could happen in the United States with such rapidity that we will be ruled by these commies one of these bright blue mornings, Oh, I forgot, well nearly...NEVER TEXAS! P. Kathy Kleiman The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company


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Levin: I'm voting for Trump ... here's why

I will vote for Trump to keep Hillary from winning. I have a 24 yr old daughter. I have no illusions with Trump, But HILLARY? She has already promised access to the West to more than 600% of Syrian Refugees who are really FAKEUGEES. No women, no children, just men of the ages of 15-37. To me, that is an invasion. So, Trump I am endorsing and The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company deep in South Texas is endorsing fully and without reservation DONALD J. TRUMP for president. P. Kathy Kleiman The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company At the beginning of the program, Levin made sure his real feelings were known.


TrentoVision - 7.25.13 - CLARE LOPEZ - Muslim Brothers in the White House!

To understand why this Regime helped ISIS to overthrow Qaddafi, who was killing terrorists, in effect, Obama and Hillary want Sharia law to be instituted in the US to advance the agenda of criticism of Islam. "As the position of the United

States, Obama said as an official White House and an American policy, The Future must not belong to those who would slander the prophet of Mohammad." So, in essence, if you say anything that would offend a Muslim it is lawful for them to kill you as per Sharia." To have an American President side with the terrorists, is scary enough, but if we do not win this election, we all will die, for there is not another reason for a person to live if he is a Christian, a Jew or a non Muslim. Ya need anymore reasons to vote for Trump? I would guess not. This is a pretty long film, but I learned a lot and it would benefit you to learn what the enemy has in store for us. P. Kathy Kleiman The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company

Recently, The United West Savannah, GA operation sponsored a National Security Briefing featuring Clare Lopez, former CIA operations Officer and currently a ...


Freedom's Safest Place | Didn't Listen

Great ad NRA! Ya know, if you don't like the way this country was founded on and the principles some of us still closely adhere to today, I suggest Dubai, or Venezuela if you still want to stay on the Southern Continent. The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company

Every American deserves to be able to stand up and speak out when their freedoms are being threatened. Don't listen to those who say otherwise. We are the Na... 07/12/2016

Despite Having Been Severely Burned Texas Gov Abbott Made Appearance After Police Ambush [Video]

Don't know his name? You should. He has filed 34 lawsuits against Obama. As our longest serving Attorney General, he, with some help from Ted Cruz, wrote out our lawsuit against this FAKEUGEE FIASCO busing in millions of FAKEUGEE jihadists to a city or town near you..perhaps your own with no given notice. While tied up on the Dockets, he became Governor of TEXAS, and Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott is the first Hispanic 1st Lady ever! Is he out golfing? Nope, you say fire in Texas and a fireman in a wheelchair will put out that fire. WE WON OUR TEXAS v THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA because of this man. From the hospital to Dallas! Governor Greg Abbott: YOU ROCK TOTALLY! P. Kathy Kleiman The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company No one knew. He did not disclose his injuries at the appearance.


The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company


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