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Lakas Katorse FMA - Well Rounded Filipino Fighting "Blade non- Bladed" and Cross Fitness

If inside the home is unsafe, it is more dangerous to walk out of the house because of the exploiters, thieves and addicts because of this LKFMA intensifies the training of bladed non-bladed weapons such as the Pangamut - Hand to hand combat , Panambuno - wrestling, grappling and locks, Arnis, and Sipa. The video shows defense and offense methods fundamental fight training but very effective, concise and short cut. Regular and intensive training is a way to protect yourself friends and love ones. Join the training now

My name is Katya Golberg and I'm a Casting Producer for History Channel's newest hit show Forged in Fire: Knife or Death. We're searching nationwide for people who know how to use blades/edged weapons and want to test their own ability, in addition to the ability of their blade, in a gauntlet-style competition for a chance to win $20,000. We’re inviting martial artists, weapons experts, swordsmen/women, bladesmiths, chefs, butchers, bladesports competitors, historical reenactors, stuntmen/women and survivalists to apply for our second season.

If you know how to work a blade and would like to apply, please email me at [email protected] with your name, age, phone number and a bit about yourself. For more information on the show, please visit
The late Antonio Tatang Illustrisimo (the man in the plaid pants) and one of his top guys the late Tony Diego. This is such a great video. It captures FMA in its rawest form of application. No drills, just application of some very basic striking principles and footwork. Tatang was the real deal having had used his skills in several life or death encounters. Beautiful to watch.
excellent video covering some neat things to incorporate into your FMA training.

Host of "The Sticks and Blades Podcast", Offering private training in Filipino martial arts (Kali) in southeast San Antonio Doug Marsh began his martial arts training in March of 1998 and studied Koju Ryu Aikijujitsu under the guidance of Professor Lee Goodridge in San Antonio, TX.

During Doug’s time training with Professor Lee he had several opportunities to train with many well-known and respected jujitsu Grandmasters like Dr. Moses Powell (Sanuces Ryu Jujitsu) & Soke Chaka Zulu (Zujitsu Ryu). Doug continued his jujitsu training with Professor Lee until 2006 when he decided to focus more on his Filipino Martial Arts training. In 2002 Doug met Tuhon Leslie Buck (Pekiti Tirsia Kali) in Austin, Texas and began his training in FMA & Pencak Silat Mande Muda. Doug trained with Tuhon Leslie for a little over a year before he moved back to San Antonio. In 2003 Doug began to train privately with Amo G**o Ricky Rillera & G**o Robert Slomkowski (pekiti tirsia kali & Silat Kuntau Tekpi). In October 2007 G**o Ricky awarded Doug with the rank of Lakan G**o in the Pekiti Tirsia Kali System and Doug shortly thereafter formed his first Filipino Martial Arts training group in San Antonio, Texas. Doug continued to train and be mentored by G**o Ricky Rillera until his untimely death in January of 2011. Since 2003 has had over a decade training under the head of the pekiti tirsia kali system Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr. in seminars that Doug attended. Doug continues his FMA training by teaching his FMA Defensive Combatives class and by attending seminars in various Filipino Martial Arts systems as well as fi****ms training. Doug is always looking to improve and expand on his knowledge of the fighting arts.

Kali is the indigenous combat art of the Philippines. This is our main focus and the foundation of our training methodology. Our personal expression of Kali is a blend of several fighting systems of the Philippines such as Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Kali Illustrisimo to name a few. Our training methodology consist of :

Single and Double Stick
Sword & Dagger (Espada y Daga)
Empty Hands (Silat, Dumog, Pangamut)
Modern Fi****ms

Operating as usual

Allen Elishewitz by The Sticks and Blades Podcast • A podcast on Anchor 03/08/2021

Allen Elishewitz by The Sticks and Blades Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

A new Episode of the Sticks and Blades Podcast is available NOW on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and all podcast platforms. This month I welcome knife maker Allen Elishewitz. We discussed what makes a superior blade, the knife world/gun world disconnect and things to consider when using a blade for self defense.

Allen Elishewitz by The Sticks and Blades Podcast • A podcast on Anchor I welcome world famous knife maker Allen Elishewitz to the show. Allen discusses what makes a superior blade, the disconnect with the gun world, martial artist, and the knife world. We also discuss his 40 plus year journey in the martial arts. 02/01/2021

Guro Doug Pierre by The Sticks and Blades Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

The newest episode of the sticks and blades Podcast with Guro Doug Pierre is available now on Spotify and all podcast platforms For Black History Month 2021 I welcome Guro Doug Pierre to the show. We discuss his time in the Philippines with various legends in the Filipino martial arts and more specifically the time he spent training with Antonio "Tatang" Illustrisimo. There's a ton of knowledge on this episode and alot of tr...


Sports Desk

Sen. Migz Zubiri shows off his arnis skills #CNNPHSportsDesk 01/12/2021

Guro Dean Franco by The Sticks and Blades Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

The newest episode of my show “The Sticks and Blades Podcast” is available now. This month I welcome the host of FMA Discussion Dean Franco. We kick off 2021 with Guro Dean Franco. Guro Dean is the host of the popular Youtube show FMA Discussion and is an accomplished Filipino martial arts stylist with a background in AMOK, Abenier Kalis, Kali Illustrisimo and Burton Richardson's Battlefield Kali.


Very interesting. When you get these grandmasters by themselves they will tell you the truth.

The one and only Tuhon

I will NEVER call any one in Pekiti Tirsia Kali a tuhon! To me there is ONLY one Tuhon and that is Leo T. Gaje, my teacher. In my opinion, every "tuhon" was titled out of needs and necessity instead of actual skill in the art. Tuhon Gaje told me that he does not promote people out of what they have accomplished, but rather, for what they have the potential to do (become). I then asked him, who's the closest to becoming an actual Tuhon. He said, no one, they all have yet to prove they understood the art in its entirety. My reply was to ask: how could they when you give different pieces to each one and yet promote them to tuhon? His reply was: well... they have to figure that out. He added, if they truly understood it they will figure it out and if not they will simply come out with their own versions up to the point of their understanding. He further stated: In truth, I have already given out the art in its entirety. They just don't recognize it and I will not spoon feed it to them. They have to figure it out and show me, not me show them everything, that is the way. I followed up with this question: what if nobody figures it out and you passed away and all these tuhons are only half-baked. He said: that is no longer my problem. It seems to me that he's burying that sword in the stone! The crown goes to no one and true heir of Pekiti Tirsia Kali will have to pull that sword out. Good luck to all the tuhons. Remember, your skill is not your rank. Your rank only signifies a possibility that you may be the one to have the skill worthy of a Tuhon. Suffice it to say, you are no Tuhon to me (with the capital "T"). I will gladly pledge my allegiance to anyone who can pull that sword out of that stone.


[09/26/20]   Tomorrow afternoon at 4pm central standard time I will be going LIVE for a free training session. I will be covering my take on the 5 attacks sub system of Pekiti Tirsia Kali. You will need 1 rattan stick and if you have a training partner it will be even better. I will also answer any questions towards the end of the session.

[09/24/20]   Sunday at 4pm central standard time I’m teaching a zoom class. Who’s down to train?

[09/07/20]   After attending a few, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing Zoom training sessions. Who would be interested in doing a few of these with me?


The newest episode of my show The Sticks and Blades Podcast is now available on Anchor, breaker, google podcast, Apple podcast, overcast, pocket casts, radio public, and Spotify. This month I welcome the LEGEND Punong Guro Tom Bolden to the show and his story is AMAZING! You can listen here: and #filipinomartialarts #modernarnis #escrima #arnis #kali #martialarts #legend


Back to the basics this morning. Felt great getting back to training after months away due to covid. 06/21/2020

‎The Sticks and Blades Podcast on Apple Podcasts ‎Health & Fitness · 2020


London Wing Chun Academy

Pre incident indicators. Learn them! Free advice, don’t look them in the eyes. Look at their chest. Eyes can lie, a persons body can’t hide their physical intentions

Bad Guy Looking for a Street Fight - CRITICAL Attack Cues

This week’s Street Fight Analysis (How to Fight Breakdown) looks at the problem of situational awareness and reading aggressive body language for self defence.

We also look at the Key Pre Contact or Assault Cues that give some indication of an impending attack. Everything you should know to understand simple body language for self defence.


My show the sticks and blades podcast is really picking up some steam and being heard in a lot of places. I’m humbled and excited that the stories of my guest are being heard giving them the proper recognition that they deserve for their contributions to the Filipino martial arts. Have you listened to any of the episodes yet? You can listen here: thanks for the support and hopefully more sooner than later I will be able to get back to teaching


Just released a BONUS episode of the sticks and blades podcast with the great and controversial Paulo Rubio of Funker Tactical. We take a DEEP dive into pekiti tirsia kali and common errors Instructors make when dealing with law enforcement and military clientele. I was gonna sit on this episode but it’s too damn good not to share with y’all right away. You can hear it here:


Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars for June 27th as I will be a guest on the popular Filipino martial arts show on YouTube “People Talking Kali.” We will be discussing pekiti tirsia kali, my journey in it over the past 18 years and my up and coming show “The Sticks and Blades Podcast”. It will be a fantastic episode. This show has had some heavy hitters on it and I’m honored to have been considered as a guest.


Episode 4 of the sticks and blades podcast is available now on Spotify and apple podcast. This month I sit down with Guro Alessandro Ashanti Bovoso of Serrada Escrima as we talk about our time with Grandmaster Chaka Zulu, how he discovered Serrada and NY martial arts in the 80s. This is by far the BEST work I’ve done thus far in my opinion. Listen here:


Episode 4 of the sticks and blades podcast is available now on Spotify and apple podcast. This month I talk to Guro Alessandro Ashanti of Serrada Escrima. You can listen here:


New month, new episode of my show the sticks and blades podcast. This month I talk with Guro Alessandro Ashanti we discuss our first time meeting, the HUGE influence that Grandmaster Chaka Zulu has on us and what led him to begin his journey into Serrada Escrima. Episode is available now on Spotify and apple podcast


Derobio Preservation Society

Wrist-Elbow-Wrist. In this video clip GGM Braulio Pedoy founder of Pedoy Style Derobio Escrima is demonstrating the correct defense and counter striking of his system for the wrist-elbow-wrist off the number 1-2 strikes. Some things to take note of: # 1 strike GGM Pedoys weapon engages Maestro Knut's weapon before his defense foot work (LF) is engaged (weapon precedes all else). When doing the W-E-W movements a few things to note: Meyor-Menor movements of the stick and check hand (one is up the other is down). Also note GGM's body rotation on the first downward strike of the w-e-w he does not give a lot of rotation (thus turning his back to his opponent). When GGM engages Knut's # 2 strike again his weapon engages before his footwork and from the # 1 position he returns to the neutral position then steps in (RF) and give the W-E-W on the (open side) so his check hand does not engage his opponent. The foot work demonstrated in the video clip is the Pedoy training footwork (always returning to neutral stance). In a combat situation, there is no reason to return to neutral so after taking the # 1 and stepping outside (LF) when the # 2 strike comes in his weapon would engage the strike (pa-yong) and then maybe step to the right. Remember in combat Pedoy-Derobio "do not give same movement 2x in a row" so the footwork off the # 1 could be avante or litridada or he could have chosed to Agaw and glide with the strike. Enjoy the video and if any question contact me, mahalo and aloha, Master Ron. (video capture by DPS). Oh yeah, you see Knut rubbing his wrist after the master walks away, yesl the master would make solid contact


A must see episode of people talking Kali. Leslie L. Buck Jr. was on fire.

The wisdom and experience shared in this interview must be heard by students, instructors, and passionate students of PTK. Tuhon Leslie L. Buck Jr. is a distinguished master teacher, yet humble, down to earth, and relatable. This was one of our more interactive interviews, and you the viewer helped make it so special. Saltue to all and thank you again to Tuhon Leslie! Watch here:

#ptk #ptkcop #ptkwf # ptta #kali #combat #combatfitness #liveblade #livebladeptk #combatscience #survival #tactical #urbancombatives #health #wellness #defensivetactics #lovephilly #philadelphia #womentraining #mma #womenempowerment #blackbusinessowners #peopletalkingkali


The newest episode of the sticks and blades podcast is now available. Download and listen now


I’ve been on a double stick kick lately for some reason. Starting to figure a few things out that have helped my overall coordination and weak side improve.


Episode 3 of my show “The Sticks and Blades Podcast” drop on Monday May 4th and it’s going to be epic. My guest will be the talented and powerful Mr. Da'Mon Stith. Me and this brotha go way back to the early 2000s and since then he has been a contestant on the wildly popular show Forged in Fire on the history channel and Man at Arms: Art of War on the El Rey Network. We will be talking about his experiences on the shows and also about his journey into the bladed arts of Africa. The show is available on apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you get your podcast.


Spent this morning doing a zoom session with the great and powerful Tuhon Brandon Jordan and he brought some pretty deep insight into espada y daga. Instead of stick and knife he took us through actually using the long blade and short blade and it was eye opening even over zoom.


Some espada y daga work for y’all. Use the star pattern footwork. Move offline and STRIKE! Every time your foot hits the ground you should be striking.


Go hard

Last time you were with your group or teacher did you go hard? I’ve never the current state of the world many of us find ourselves eager to get back to some degree of normalcy and that includes training with our groups. Question, last time you had class did you just show up or did you come ready to work? Going forward make sure you give your all.


Free training video. Use your umbrellas to move offline and counter attack high and low. All you need is a ladder, some sticks and an imagination. Go create! The system is the blueprint but the art is your own. Enjoy


Combative Knife

Solid advice here. Many folks in the knife world live in this fantasy land where duels and use of “.tactical” skills reign supreme. Weapons use is some serious sh*t and can result in going to prison. I always say that in addition to learning the knife you need to develop your unarmed skills as well. any instructor that won’t offer a fair balance of unarmed/armed skills is irresponsible.

A short tutorial on our slashing angles and sharing some opinions about the viability, legality and realities of relying on knives for self defense.


Episode 2 of The Sticks and Blades Podcast is live now on Spotify with Guro Jay Pugao of Visayan corto Kadena. Fun conversation where we talk about his time with the late Maestro Sunny Umpad, clean eating, and nerding out a bit talking about one of my favorite films The Last Dragon. It’s a fun episode.


In the past 7 days over 40 people have downloaded episode 1 of my new show the sticks and blades podcast. That’s no Joe Rohan numbers but it’s encouraging that 40 folks have tuned in so far and I want to say thank you for listening. The reason why I started this podcast was to highlight men who I feel are often overlooked in the martial arts in particular the Filipino Martial arts. Whether it’s due to jealousy or political reasons they get overlooked. These masters are some of the best kept secrets in the world and I wanted to help introduce them to you all. If you have yet to listen check it out. This is a way for all of you to not only be entertained but possibly learn more about the FMA. A new episode will be coming every month. Please share the show with your training partners and friends in the arts. You can find my show on Spotify, apple podcast, google podcast, breaker and radio public. The sticks and blades podcast is live. Stay safe and train hard.


Free workout here. Something to help you build on some basic striking and control of the weapon. This solo drill helps build accuracy and precision at close range. Try this out. Hit the wall, drop and give yourself 20. No class no problem. I’m here to help


There’s 500 folks on this page that means I should have 500 downloads....right? Lol Listen, I know y’all love martial arts and more specifically the FMA. If you love it, this show is for you. This month my guest is Tuhon Brandon Jordan. Take a break from the news and listen to the show. I’m on Spotify and Apple podcast under “The Sticks and Blades Podcast” thanks in advance for your support


Episode 1 of my podcast the sticks and blades podcast is available on Spotify. Take a break from all of the madness and escape for a while and listen to the story of Tuhon Brandon Jordan of Mandala Mandirigma Derobio. Here is the link:

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Go hard




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